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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Celadon.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adri m Indian
Indian name meaning "stone, mountain", and by extension "cloud". Some ancient Hindu beliefs claimed that mountains were solidified clouds.
Aidė f Lithuanian (Rare)
Feminine form of Aidas.
Ajabnaz f Azerbaijani
Means "wonderful coquetry", from Arabic عَجَب "wonder, amazement" and Persian ناز naz "coquetry, affection".
Ampawn f & m Thai (Rare)
Alternate transcription of Amphorn.
Anasuya f Hinduism, Indian, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada
Means "without envy" or "without spite", from Sanskrit अ (a) meaning "not" and असूया (asūyā) "envy, jealousy". In Hindu mythology, Anasuya is the pious wife of the ancient rishi (sage) Atri.
Antranig m Armenian
Variant transcription of Andranik.
Arki m Hinduism
An Indian name meaning "descendent of the sun", which is an epithet for Yama, the Vedic god of death.
Artogrul m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani name of Turkic origins, derived from the name elements ar, "man", and togrul, "to justify oneself", with the intended meaning of "man who justifies himself". This was the name of an ancient Turkic leader, Artogrul bey, who was the father of Osman bey, founder of the Ottoman state.
Əsgər m Azerbaijani
Means "soldier" in Azerbaijani, ultimately from Arabic عَسْكَر (ʿaskar) meaning "army, soldiers".
Atapi m Indian
Means "zealous".
Aybəniz f Azerbaijani
From Turkic ay meaning "moon" and Persian بانو (banu) meaning "lady".
Caja f Cornish (Modern, Rare)
Derived from Cornish kaja "daisy".
Costina f Romanian
Contracted form of Constantina.
Drena f Croatian
Feminine form of Dren.
Erramona f Basque (Archaic)
Basque equivalent of Spanish Ramona.
Flyura f Russian, Tatar, Bashkir
Russian or Tatar name, possibly derived from the female name Flora.
Gala f Croatian
Derived from the world gala, an old Croatian adjective meaning "black, brown".
Kayane f Armenian
Variant transcription of Gayane.
Lehte f Estonian
19th-century coinage, possibly first used in August Kitzberg's 'Maimus' (1892). He likely derived the name from Estonian leht "leaf".
Luan f Chinese
Means "bells" in Chinese.
Movses m Armenian
Armenian form of Moses.
Niang f Chinese
Chinese name which, when written as means "lady"
Pathma f & m Sinhalese
Sinhalese form of Padma.
Sânziana f Romanian, Romanian Mythology, Theatre
Sânziana, also known as Iana Sânziana, is a fairy in Romanian mythology. Her name is a contraction of Romanian sfânt "holy" and zână "fairy" - but, according to Mircea Eliade, ultimately also influenced by the Latin phrase Sancta Diana "Holy Diana"... [more]
Sevag m Armenian
Means "black-eyed" or "one with black (coloured) eyes" in Armenian.
Sosi f Armenian
Means "palm tree" in Armenian.
Suchitra f Indian, Bengali, Odia, Marathi, Thai
Means "good illusion", from Sanskrit सु (su) meaning "good" combined with चित्रा (chitra) meaning "illusion, unreality".
Symbat f & m Kazakh
Means "posture, figure" in Kazakh.
Tahani f Arabic
Arabic name derived from the word تهاني (t·hāny), meaning "congratulations".
Tahiyat f Arabic
Derived from Arabic تحيات (tḩyāt) meaning "greetings".
Thara' f Arabic
Derived from Arabic ثروة (thrwh) meaning "wealth"
Ðurðevka f Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Serbo-Croatian ђурђевак (đurđevak) meaning "lily of the valley" (compare Đurđica).
Tursynbek m Kazakh
From Kazakh тұрсын (tursyn) meaning "remaining, staying, standing", from тұру (turu) meaning "to stand, to live", combined with the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
Udara f Basque (Rare)
Means "summer" in Basque.
Ülker f & m Turkish
Name referring to the Pleiades.
Uthai m & f Thai
Means "sunrise, dawn" in Thai.
Varteni f Armenian (Rare)
From Armenian վարդենի (vardeni) meaning "rosebush, rose shrub".
Wa'd f Arabic
Derived from Arabic وعد (w'd) meaning "promise".
Wadha f Arabic
From Arabic وَضَح (waḍaḥ) meaning "light, brightness, clarity".
Yamha f Arabic
Means "dove", from Arabic يمامة (ymāmh).
Yerem m Armenian
Armenian variant of Jeremiah.
Zelai f Basque
From Basque zelai meaning "field, meadow".
Zhanbolat m Kazakh
From Kazakh жан (zhan) meaning "soul" and болат (bolat) meaning "steel".
Zhumagul f & m Kazakh, Kyrgyz
From Kazakh жұма (zhuma) or Kyrgyz жума (zhuma) meaning "Friday" (both of Arabic origin) and Kazakh and Kyrgyz гүл (gul) meaning "flower". It is only used as a feminine name in Kazakhstan while it is unisex in Kyrgyzstan.