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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is JHK.
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Adolphina f Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese), Flemish
Variant of Adolfina, influenced by the French Adolphine.
Adrión m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Adrian.
Alèssia f Sardinian
Sardinian form of Alessia.
Amrei f Upper German, German (Austrian), German (Swiss), Luxembourgish
Upper German and Luxembourgish contracted form of Annemarie.
Analiza f English
A combination of Anna and Liza or variant of Annalisa.
Avalee f English
Combination of Ava 1 and Lee.
Candeloria f Galician (Rare)
Derived from Galician Candeloria "Candlemas" (compare Candelaria).
Delila f Biblical German, Dutch (Rare), English (Rare), Bosnian, Hungarian (Rare), Romani (Archaic)
Dutch, Hungarian, Bosnian and German form and English variant of Delilah.
Egid m German
Vernacular form of Egidius.
Fee f Dutch, German
As a full name it is derived directly from the German and Dutch word Fee meaning "fairy". It is also used as a nickname for Felicitas or Felicia... [more]
Jule f Basque (Modern, Rare), German (Modern)
As a Basque name, Jule was coined by Sabino Arana Goiri and Koldo Elizalde as a Basque equivalent of Julia, while as a German name, Jule is a short form and diminutive of both Julia and Juliane that has seen some usage as a given name in its own right in recent years.
Lieschen f German (Archaic)
Nickname for names containing lis, lies, lise, liese or lisa such as Elisabeth. Not used as a full first name in Germany.
Lioba f History, German
Short form of Liobgetha, Latinized form of Leofgyð. She was an 8th-century English saint active as a missionary in Germany.... [more]
Minchen f German (Rare)
German diminutive of Wilhelmina and other feminine names that contain -min- (such as Jasmin 1), as it has the German diminutive suffix -chen.... [more]
Pamina f German, Theatre
Pamina is a character in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte in German, 1791).
Rìcu m Emilian-Romagnol
Emilian-Romagnol form of Enrico.
Rieke f German
Short form of Friederike and other names ending in -rike or -rieke.
Sein m Romansh
Romansh form of Zeno.
Toom m Estonian
Short form of Toomas.
Vijessna f German
Ijekavian form of Vesna. Borne by Vijessna Ferkic (b. 1987), a German actress of Croatian descent.