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Subject: Meeting in the Middle (suggestions)
Author: Francesca   (Authenticated as Francesca)
Date: April 23, 2012 at 8:17:59 PM
Reply to: meeting in the middle by Shiply

Well... since I am typically not a fan of bold nature names (especially Juniper), I side toward your husband's preferences.

Below are some names that struck me as somewhat classic, unusual, but with a touch of Mother Earth.

• Female •
Aeronwy ("berry," "river.")
Albena (a peony,, a type of flowering plant.)
Alona ("oak tree.")
Anemone ("wind.")
Anfisa ("flower.")
Anne ("eagle.")
Anthea ("flower, blossom.")
Astra ("star.")
Astraea ("star.")
Belinda ("beautiful," "serpent, dragon," "soft, tender.")
Calanthe (an orchid; "beautiful flower.")
Camellia (a flowering shrub.)
Chantrea ("moonlight.")
Chrysanta (shortened from chrysanthemum, a flowering plant; "golden flower.")
Columbine (a variety of a flowering plant.)
Dahlia (a flower.)
Darya ("sea.")
Dawn ("dawn.")
Diantha (a flower; "heavenly flower.")
Eglantine (a flower, also known as sweetbrier.)
Elanor ("star sun.")
Eloise ("hale, healthy," "wide," "sun.")
Era ("wind.")
Esmeralda ("emerald.")
Estelle ("star.")
Esther ("star.")
Estrella ("star.")
Ethelinda ("noble," "snake.")
Euthalia ("flower, bloom.")
Fleur ("flower.")
Flora ("flower.")
Gemma ("gem, precious stone.")
Guadalupe ("Our Lady of Guadalupe," "river of the wolf.")
Hana ("flower.")
Heather (a variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers.)
Helen ("torch," "corposant," "moon.")
Hestia ("hearth, fireside.")
Hollis ("holly trees.")
Iris (a flower; "rainbow.")
Jessamine (a flowering plant.)
Kalina ("rowan tree.")
Kendall ("valley on the river Kent.")
Leilani ("heavenly flowers.")
Lily (a flower.)
Linnaea (a flower, also known as a twinflower.)
Linnea (a flower; twinflower.)
Linnet (a finch.)
Lorelei ("luring rock.")
Lusine ("moon.")
Magnolia (a flower.)
Manami ("love, affection," "beautiful," "sea, ocean.")
Marama ("moon.")
Margarida ("daisy flower.")
Margarita ("pearl," "daisy flower.")
Margherita ("daisy flower.")
Marigold (a flower.)
Maris ("of the sea.")
Maryam (a flower, the tuberose.)
May (the name of a month, and another title for the hawthorn flower.)
Meredith ("great lord," "sea lord.")
Millaray ("golden flower.")
Mina ("fish.")
Mira ("sea, ocean.")
Moana ("wide expanse of water," "sea.")
Muirenn ("sea," "fair, white.")
Myrtle (an evergreen shrub.)
Nephele ("cloudy.")
Nereida ("nymphs, sea sprites.")
Nerida ("water lily.")
Nerissa ("nymph, sea sprite.")
Noelani ("heavenly mist.")
Odessa (a Ukrainian city near the Black Sea.)
Oliva ("olive.")
Olive ("olive.")
Olivia ("olive.")
Ornella (from Italian ornello, meaning "flowering ash tree.")
Pearl ("pearl.")
Pomona ("fruit tree.")
Prunella (a flower; "plum.")
Purnima ("full moon.")
Randa ("scented tree.")
Rosalia ("rose.")
Rosalind ("horse," "soft, tender," "beautiful rose.")
Rosamund ("horse," "protection," "pure rose.")
Rose (a flower; "kind, sort, type.")
Rosemarie (see Rosemary.)
Rosemary ("rose," "beloved," "dew of the sea.")
Roxana ("bright," "dawn.")
Rubena ("like a ruby.")
Rubina ("ruby.")
Ruby ("ruby," "red.")
Samantha ("name of God," "flower.")
Sela ("rock.")
Selene ("moon.")
Siofra ("elf, sprite.")
Soleil ("sun.")
Sora ("sky.")
Suncana ("sunny," "sun.")
Sunniva ("sun gift.")
Susanna ("lily," "rose," "lotus.")
Tallulah ("leaping waters," "town.")
Terra ("land, earth.")
Thalia ("to blossom.")
Vega (a star in the constellation Lyra; also meaning "the swooping eagle.")
Violet (a purple flower.)

• Male •
Adam ("man," "to be red," "earth.")
Alan ("little rock," "handsome.")
Alfred ("elf," "counsel.")
Alon ("oak tree.")
Alton ("town at the source of the river.")
Andor ("eagle.")
Anthony (unknown meaning; associated with "a flower.")
Arnold ("eagle flower.")
Arnulf ("eagle," "wolf.")
Bertram ("bright raven.")
Boris ("short," "wolf.")
Brennus ("king, prince," "raven.")
Clinton ("settlement on the river Glyme.")
Conleth ("chaste fire.")
Conor ("dog lover," "wolf lover.")
Craig ("crag," "rocks.")
Douglas ("dark river.")
Draco (the name of a constellation; "dragon, serpent.")
Drake ("dragon.")
Ebenezer ("stone of help.")
Enlil ("lord of the wind.")
Fintan ("white fire," "white bull.")
Florus ("flower.")
George ("farmer, earthworker.")
Harlan ("hare land.")
Hollis ("holly tree.")
Ignatius ("fire.")
Irving ("green water.")
Jericho ("moon," "fragrant.")
Kelvin ("narrow water.")
Kendall ("valley on the river Kent.")
Kenton ("town on the river Kenn.")
Lachlan ("land of the lochs.")
Laird ("landowner.")
Lance ("land," "spear, lance.")
Leander ("lion of a man.")
Leland ("fallow land.")
Leon ("lion.")
Leonard ("brave lion.")
Leopold ("people," "bold," "lion.")
Lincoln ("lake, pool," "colony.")
Marinus ("of the sea.")
Meredith ("great lord," "sea lord.")
Merlin ("sea fortress.")
Nereus ("water.")
Mortimer ("still water.")
Oliver ("olive tree"; originally "elf," "army, warrior.")
Pantaleon ("all," "lion.")
Peter ("stone.")
Randolf ("rim of a shield," "wolf.")
Roland ("famous land.")
Ronan ("little seal.")
Ronne ("raven.")
Ruarc ("squall, rainstorm.")
Rudolf ("fame," "wolf.")
Samson ("sun.")
Silvanus ("wood, forest.")
Silvester ("of the forest," "wood, forest.")
Silvius ("wood, forest.")
Sorin ("sun.")
Stanley ("stone clearing.")
Sten ("stone.")
Ulric ("wolf power.")
Valko ("wolf.")
Wolfram ("wolf," "raven.")

Congratulations, and best of luck!
- Francesca

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