GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: rahk-SAN-ə (English), rok-SAHN-ah (Spanish)   [key]
Meaning & History
Latin form of Ρωξανη (Roxane), the Greek form of the Persian or Bactrian name روشنک (Roshanak) which meant "bright" or "dawn". This was the name of Alexander the Great's first wife, a daughter of the Bactrian nobleman Oxyartes. In the modern era it came into use during the 17th century. In the English-speaking world it was popularized by Daniel Defoe, who used it in his novel 'Roxana' (1724).
Related Names
VARIANTS: Roxane, Roxanna (English), Ruxandra (Romanian), Roxane (Ancient Greek)
DIMINUTIVES: Roxie, Roxy (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Roshanak (Ancient Persian), Roxane, Roxanne (French), Rossana (Italian), Roshanak (Persian), Roksana (Polish), Rosana (Portuguese), Roksana (Russian)
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