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Subject: Children of Max & Ludovika von Bayern
Author: Adenydd   (Authenticated as faelivrin)
Date: August 28, 2012 at 2:24:24 PM
When it comes to history, I'm usally not too interested in the workings of royal families alone ... with an exception to the 19th century and the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria. I thought I'd share the names of the children and grandchild of Duke Maximilian Joseph ("Max") and Princess Maria Ludovika Wilhelmine (called Ludovika) of Bavaria, because I think they are quite nice (and the nicknames are quite interesting). There are some you may have heard of, such as Elisabeth of Austria and the Last Queen of Naples -- but several of the others are less famous.

Their children, in birth order, were:

Ludwig Wilhelm ("Louis")
Wilhelm Karl - died in childhood
Helene Karoline Therese ("Néné")
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie ("Sisi", "Lisi")
Karl Theodor ("Gackel")
Maria Sophie Amalie ("Marie", "Madi")
Mathilde Ludovika ("Spatz")
Maximilian - stillborn
Sophie Charlotte Auguste ("Sopherl")
Maximilian Emanuel ("Mapperl")

There is a rather amusing anecdote in which Ludovika notified a train station that she would be bringing Gackel and Spatz on a trip. Misinterpreting the message, they provided birdcages for her.

Ludwig married actress Henriette Mendel. Their children were:
- Marie Louise Elisabeth (later Marie Larisch)
- Karl Emanuel (died in childhood)

Néné married Maximilian Anton Lamoral, Prince of Thurn and Taxis. Their children were:
- Luisa Mathilde Wilhelmine Marie Maximiliane
- Elisabeth Maria Maximiliana
- Maximilian Maria Karl Joseph Gabriel Lamoral
- Albert Maria Joseph Maximilian Lamoral

Sisi married Franz Joseph, Kaiser of Austria. Their children werre:
- Sophie Friederike Dorothea Maria Josepha (died in childhood)
- Gisela Louise Marie
- Rudolf Franz Karl Joseph
- Marie Valerie Mathilde Amalie (called Valerie)

Karl Theodor first married Sophie Maria Friederike Auguste Leopoldine Alexandrine Ernestine Albertine Elisabeth (!), princess of Saxony. They had one child:
- Amalie Maria

Karl Theodor married Maria José of Bragança after Sophie's death. Their children were:
- Sophie Adelheid Ludovika Maria
- Elisabeth Gabriele Valérie Marie
- Marie Gabrielle Mathilde Isabelle Therese Antoinette Sabine
- Ludwig Wilhelm Karl Norbert Theodor Johann
- Franz Joseph Michael Karl Maria Evaristus Quirinus Ottokar

Marie married Francesco II Maria Leopoldo, King of the two Sicilies. They had one child who died young:
- Maria Christina Pia

Mathilde married Ludwig Maria, Count of Trani and Prince of the Two Sicilies. They had one child:
- Maria Theresia Magdalena

Sophie married Ferdinand Philipp Marie, the Duke of Alençon. Their children were:
- Louise Victoire Marie Amelie Sophie
- Philippe Emmanuel Maximilien Marie

Maximilian married Marie Luise Franziska Amalie of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha ("Amalie"). Their children were:
- Siegfried August
- Christoph Joseph
- Luitpold Emanuel

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