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Subject: Thanks. And now for the suggestions
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: October 8, 2012 at 12:16:20 PM
Reply to: Re: Question by matneyt
That's a lot easier. Glad you liked Annabel Kris. Let's see:

Adeline Kris (nn Addie or Del?)(She could sing "Sweet Adeline" to her at bed time)
Verity Kris
Susannah Kris
Matilda Kris (nn Tillie or Tilda?)
Julia Kris
Kerensa Kris (nn Kiki? Kerensa / Kerenza means love in Cornish, fitting to be next to the name Kris, no?)
Gwendolen Kris
Josephine Kris (nn Sophie? All letters in Sophie are in Josephine)
Madeleine Kris (nn Del?)
Renata Kris (= reborn)
Anastasia Kris (= resurrection)(nn Annie, Stacey?)
Penelope Kris (nn Nell, Penny?)
Vanessa Kris
Amity Kris
Miranda Kris
Sarah Kris (nn Sadie?)
Elinor Kris (nn Ellie, Nora?)
Miriam Kris (nn Miri, Mimi, Mia, Mim?)
Jocelyn Kris
Evelyn Kris (nn Evie?)
Natalie Kris
Sylvie Kris (= forest)
Aurelia Kris (nn Rae?)
Desiree Kris (nn Rae?)(= desired child / wanted)
Linnea Kris ("li-NAY-uh," she could plant some linneas, climate permitting, in the child's honor)
Linden Kris (ditto on the linden tree planting)(nn Lucky Lindy?)
Juniper Kris (nn June, Juno, Junebug, Jujube?)
Junia Kris
Elodie Kris ("EL-uh-dee")
Melody Kris
Melanie Kris
Valerie Kris
Rosalie Kris
Leonie Kris ("LEE-uh-nee" or "LAY-uh-nee," = lion)
Jacinda Kris (nn Jacey, Jaye, Ace?)
Fiona / Finola Kris
Erin Kris
Jessamine Kris ("JES-uh-min" is another name for the jasmine plant)
Lydia Kris
Abigail Kris
Nicola Kris ("NIC-uh-luh")

I'd love to know if any of these tickle her fancy, or anyone else's suggestions. Thanks!

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