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Subject: Re: frustrated (have to create a name, having problems)
Author: Laura   (guest,
Date: November 4, 2001 at 4:18:13 PM
Reply to: Re: frustrated (have to create a name, having problems) by Nanaea
Well, it's not an etymology class, that's for sure, or I'd hopefully have a better idea of what I'm doing by now. ;-)

I definitely want to stick to the same language for each part of the name. Reading back through the old posts, I've been fascinated by the posts listing the male and female greek names - if only my name was as easy as finding a name that meant "gift of Athena" or "gift of Isis"!! And if only I could find *short* Greek words for owl (koukoubagia??) and thunderbolt (I found a lot of words for thunderbolt, and I'm sure they all have slightly different meanings that I will never know)... Keraunos Koukoubagia just doesn't flow well to me.

I love the anagrams, too - one post suggested the name Dayna Rain, and I think that is an absolutely beautiful name!

Maybe an anagram of owl and thunderbolt? Hmm.

But about names in general -

My late husband and I had all of our baby names picked out before we were even engaged. Unfortunately we never had kids, but we had personalities and professions assigned to each of them based on name and birth order. :-) Alexander Luke Kieth, Meghan Rhiannon Elaine, Sean Geoffrey Harrison, and Jasmine Belle Aurora (okay, I was in full Disney mode with that one). And then we added names for if we had a set of boy/girl twins - Delenn Narissa (or Nyssa, I don't remember) and Duncan Nathaniel - so their initials would be DNA. I think we were sleep deprived when we came up with that one. :-)

I now have many assorted names picked out for if I ever do have a child. I suppose if it comes down to it, I'll have to let the guy have some input, though. :-) I have at least four girl names picked out, but I think no matter the sex of the child or no matter what I name him/her, I'm just going to call her (or him) Max. Nice and simple, without the tens of thousands of meanings I have laced in each and every name I've ever picked out.

Laura, off to play with words a bit longer than the ten hours I've been online already

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