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PronouncedPron.FRED EnglishFrenchPortuguese
FRET DutchGerman

Meaning & History

Short form of FREDERICK or other names containing the same element. A famous bearer was the American actor and dancer Fred Astaire (1899-1987).
VariantsFreddie, Freddy English Freek, Frits, Rik Dutch Fiete, Fritz German
Feminine FormsFrederica English Friederike, Alfreda German Frédérique French Frederica Portuguese
Other Languages & CulturesFriduric, Meginfrid, Meino Ancient Germanic Ælfræd Anglo-Saxon Bedřich Czech Alfred, Frederik Danish Priidik, Priit Estonian Fredrik, Veeti Finnish Fedde, Meine, Minke Frisian Alfréd, Frigyes Hungarian Friðrik Icelandic Alfredo, Federico, Federigo, Manfredo, Fredo Italian Fricis, Frīdrihs Latvian Alfredas Lithuanian Alfred, Fredrik Norwegian Alfred, Fryderyk, Manfred Polish Alfréd Slovak Friderik Slovene Alfredo, Federico Spanish Alfred, Fredrik Swedish


Anne of Green Gables characters, Archie Comics characters, athletes, Charles Dickens characters, currently out of the US top 1000, D H Lawrence characters, dancers, directors, Discworld characters, Disney characters, Harry Potter characters, House of Cards US characters, I Love Lucy characters, Louisa May Alcott characters, Outlaw Star characters, peace, Philip K Dick characters, Quantico characters, Roseanne characters, short forms, song titles, Suikoden characters, television, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy characters, The Nanny characters, Thomas Hardy characters, virtues
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