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Given Name LEVI
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: לֵוִי (Hebrew)
PRONOUNCED: LEE-vie (English), LE:-vee (Dutch)   [key]
Meaning & History
Means "attached" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Levi is the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites (the tribe that eventually became the priests of the Israelites). In the New Testament this is another name for the apostle Matthew. As an English Christian name, Levi came into use after the Protestant Reformation.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Leui (Biblical Greek), Lewi (Biblical Hebrew), Leevi (Finnish)
United States  ranked #45 
England and Wales  ranked #152 
Canada (BC)  ranked #46 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #36 
Netherlands  ranked #8 
New Zealand  ranked #22 
Sweden  - 
Switzerland  ranked #76