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PronouncedPron.MAR-ko ItalianSpanishGerman
MAHR-ko Dutch

Meaning & History

Italian form of MARK. During the Middle Ages this name was common in Venice, where Saint Mark was supposedly buried. A famous bearer was the Venetian explorer Marco Polo, who travelled across Asia to China in the 13th century.
VariantsMarcos Spanish Marcos Portuguese Markus German Mark Dutch
Other Languages & CulturesMarkos Ancient Greek Marcus Ancient Roman Marko Basque Mark Biblical Markos Biblical Greek Marcus Biblical Latin Marko Bulgarian Marc Catalan Margh Cornish Marko Croatian Marek Czech Marcus, Mark, Markus Danish Marcus, Mark English Markku, Marko, Markus Finnish Marc French Markos Greek Maleko Hawaiian Márk Hungarian Marcas Irish Markuss Latvian Marko Macedonian Marcus, Mark, Markus Norwegian Marek Polish Mars Roman Mythology Mark Russian Marcas Scottish Marko Serbian Marek Slovak Marko Slovene Marcus, Mark, Markus Swedish Marko Ukrainian Marc Welsh


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