GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: MAHRHK (French)   [key]
Meaning & History
French, Catalan and Welsh form of MARK
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Markos (Ancient Greek), Marcellinus, Marcellus, Marcius, Marcus (Ancient Roman), Marko, Martzel (Basque), Mark (Biblical), Markos (Biblical Greek), Marcus (Biblical Latin), Marko (Bulgarian), Margh (Cornish), Marko (Croatian), Marcel, Marek (Czech), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Danish), Marcel, Marco, Mark (Dutch), Marcus, Mark (English), Markku, Marko, Markus (Finnish), Marcel, Marcellus, Marco, Markus, Marcell, Marzell (German), Markos (Greek), Maleko (Hawaiian), Marcell, Márk (Hungarian), Marcas (Irish), Marcello, Marco, Marzio (Italian), Markuss (Latvian), Marko (Macedonian), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Norwegian), Marcel, Marceli, Marek (Polish), Marcelo, Márcio, Marco, Marcos, Marcelinho, Marquinhos (Portuguese), Marcel (Romanian), Mark (Russian), Marcas (Scottish), Marko (Serbian), Marcel, Marek (Slovak), Marko (Slovene), Marcelo, Marcio, Marco, Marcos (Spanish), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Swedish), Marko (Ukrainian)
United States  ranked #600 
England/Wales  - 
Austria  - 
Catalonia  ranked #1 
France  ranked #277 
Netherlands  ranked #481 
Northern Ireland  - 
Scotland  - 
Spain  ranked #22