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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. MAHN-i-kə(English)
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Meaning & History

Meaning unknown, most likely of North African or Phoenician origin. In the 4th century this name was borne by the North African saint Monica of Hippo, the mother of Saint Augustine, whom she converted to Christianity. Since the Middle Ages it has been associated with Latin moneo "advisor" and Greek monos "one". As an English name, Monica has been in general use since the 18th century.
Other Languages & CulturesMònica(Catalan) Monika(Croatian) Monika(Czech) Monika, Mona(Danish) Monique(Dutch) Monique(French) Monika(German) Mónika(Hungarian) Monika(Latvian) Monika(Lithuanian) Monika, Mona(Norwegian) Monika(Polish) Mônica(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Mónica(Portuguese (European)) Monika(Slovak) Monika(Slovene) Mónica(Spanish) Monika, Mona(Swedish)
Same SpellingMónica, Mònica, Mônica


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