Given Name URSULA

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: UR-sə-lə (English), UR-syə-lə (English), UWR-zoo-la (German), OOR-soo-lah (Finnish)   [details]

Meaning & History

Means "little bear", derived from a diminutive form of the Latin word ursa "she-bear". Saint Ursula was a legendary virgin princess of the 4th century who was martyred by the Huns while returning from a pilgrimage. In England the saint was popular during the Middle Ages, and the name came into general use at that time.


animals, Disney characters, Final Fantasy characters, Fire Emblem characters, Friends characters, Hayao Miyazaki characters, Pokemon characters, Wii Sports Resort opponent Miis, witches, Xeno characters
VARIANT: Ursella (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Ulla, Ursel, Uschi (German)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Orsolya (Hungarian), Orsola (Italian), Urszula, Ula (Polish), Úrsula (Portuguese), Uršula, Urška (Slovene), Úrsula (Spanish)
SAME SPELLING: Úrsula, Uršula