French Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of French Presidents and Prime Ministers. The French Republic was first formed in 1792 after the French Revolution, though the office of President did not exist until the creation of the Second Republic in 1848. The Third (1870-1940), Fourth (1947-1959) and Fifth (1959-present) Republics have also been led by presidents.

The modern office of Prime Minister was created in 1815 (in French the title was Président du Conseil des Ministres until 1959, when it became Premier ministre). Unlike some other European democracies with both a president and a prime minister, the French Prime Minister has less actual power compared to the President.

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Adolphe1 president/prime minister/prime minister1
Alain1 president, 1 prime minister2
Albert1 president, 2 prime ministers3
Alexandre1 prime minister, 1 president/prime minister2
Alphonse1 prime minister1
André2 prime ministers2
Antoine1 prime minister1
Aristide1 prime minister1
Armand2 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister3
Baptiste2 prime ministers2
Bernard2 prime ministers2
Camille1 prime minister1
Casimir1 prime minister1
Charles7 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister8
Dominique1 prime minister1
Edgar1 prime minister1
Édith1 prime minister1
Édouard4 prime ministers4
Élie1 prime minister1
Émile2 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister3
Emmanuel1 prime minister1
Ernest2 prime ministers2
Étienne2 prime ministers2
Eugène1 prime minister1
Félix1 president, 1 prime minister2
Ferdinand1 prime minister1
Fernand1 prime minister1
François4 presidents, 3 prime ministers7
Frédéric1 prime minister1
Gaëtan1 prime minister1
Gaston1 president/prime minister/prime minister1
Gay1 prime minister1
Georges3 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister4
Guy1 prime minister1
Henri3 prime ministers3
Hugues1 prime minister1
Jacques3 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister/prime minister4
Jean6 prime ministers, 1 president/prime minister7
Joseph4 prime ministers4
Jules1 president, 6 prime ministers7
Laurent1 prime minister1
Léon4 prime ministers4
Lionel1 prime minister1
Louis1 president, 5 prime ministers6
Manuel1 prime minister1
Marc1 prime minister1
Marie1 president1
Mathieu1 prime minister1
Maurice5 prime ministers5
Michel2 prime ministers2
Napoléon1 president1
Nicolas1 president1
Odilon1 prime minister1
Patrice1 president1
Paul2 presidents, 3 prime ministers5
Philippe1 prime minister1
Pierre11 prime ministers11
Raymond1 prime minister, 1 president/prime minister/prime minister/prime minister2
René1 president, 4 prime ministers5
Robert1 prime minister1
Sadi1 president1
Théodore1 prime minister1
Valéry1 president1
Victor1 prime minister1
Vincent1 president1
William1 prime minister1
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