French Presidents

This list is comprised of French Presidents. The French Republic was first formed in 1792 after the French Revolution, though the office of president did not exist until the creation of the Second Republic in 1848. The Third (1870-1940), Fourth (1947-1959) and Fifth (1959-present) Republics have also been led by presidents.
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Adolphe1 president1
Alain1 president1
Albert1 president1
Alexandre1 president1
Armand1 president1
Charles1 president1
Émile1 president1
Félix1 president1
François4 presidents4
Gaston1 president1
Georges1 president1
Jacques1 president1
Jean1 president1
Jules1 president1
Louis1 president1
Marie1 president1
Napoléon1 president1
Nicolas1 president1
Patrice1 president1
Paul2 presidents2
Raymond1 president1
René1 president1
Sadi1 president1
Valéry1 president1
Vincent1 president1
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