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[Opinions] Norwegian top list 2015
These are the most popular names in Norway 2015. Girls:
1. Emma
2. Nora / Norah
3. Sara / Sahra / Sarah
4. Sofie / Sophie
5. Olivia
6. Sofia / Sophia
7. Emilie
8. Ella
9. Leah / Lea
10. Maja / Maia / MayaBoys:
1. William
2. Mathias
3. Oliver
4. Jakob / Jacob
5. Lucas / Lukas
6. Filip / Fillip / Philip / Phillip
7. Liam
8. Aksel / Axel
9. Emil
10. Oskar / OscarWhat do you think of the names? Any favourites? Any surprises?
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Both William and Liam seem very English, closely followed by Oliver (though Oliver seems quite well used in Germany, I think). That is a surprise.What would the Norwegian version of William be? I'm assuming there is one.
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I think William has been used for quite some time in the Nordic countries. I had a great uncle born in 1923 with the middle name William, for example.Vilhelm or Wilhelm (both pronounced like Vilhelm) would be the Nordic version of William.

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Vilhelm seems to be the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish form.
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Sarah, Emma, and Jacob are getting old. I hate Oscar. Liam, Emil and Sophie are really cute.

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I love Emma, Nora / Norah, William, and Liam. I'm not surprised by the Norwegian Top 10.

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I likeEmma
Sofie / Sophie
Sofia / Sophia
Jakob / Jacob
Lucas / Lukas
Filip / Philip
Aksel / Axel
Oskar / OscarThere are no big surprises in these lists to me, they're very similar to top 10 lists in other Scandinavian countries (and partly in Finland). I'm only wondering of Sahra and Fillip: are they traditional Norwegian variants of Sara(h) and Filip or are they more modern forms? Sahra seems to me like it's got influenced by Zahra.
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Yes, I was wondering on that myself, so I checked it. It isn't more than 497 women named Sahra in Norway, based on the numbers of 2015. I think they just count it as the same sound, because Sahra is basically the same name as Sara (which is the most common way to write it in Norway) by the sound. My sources is from
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Hi !!!!Yes...I 'm surprised.
There aren't so many names with Scandinavian origin...
It seems there are the same names all over the world.
It is quite sad.I DON'T like Nora because I read "A doll's house" but I didn't like this character.
I like a bit the spelling of Maja with a "J".For males I only like Axel and Oscar...but I love them.Byeeeeeeeeeee

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