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Subject: Year Game 1/24
Author: Lindsey   (guest)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 6:02:53 AM
Generate starting city using - use these to pick a location for your starting couple.
For names, use the random renamer: with whatever settings you feel are appropriate. When it comes to appearance, either choose something you think is fitting for each partner’s background, or roll the dice.

Hair texture:
1-4: Straight
5-8: Wavy
9-12: Curly

Hair colour:
1-3: Blonde
4-7: Brown
8-9: Red
10-12: Black

1-5: Brown
6-8: Blue
9-10: Grey/Hazel
11-12: Green

1: Something in education or children’s services
2: Something in medicine or social care
3: Something in science or engineering
4: Something in sports or fitness
5: Something in the culinary arts or hospitality
6: Something in public services or law
7: Something to do with animals
8: Something in media or journalism
9: Something in business or finance
10: Something in computer science or technology
11: Something in retail or services
12: Something in the creative arts


Each year you can choose to roll for child, family, or career events: you can roll for as many as you want each year! Or, if you prefer, roll d8:
1: Child event
2: Family event
3: Career event
4: Child event and family event
5: Child event and career event
6: Family event and career event
7: Child event, family event, and career event
8: Free choice


Child events: Any children can be biological, adopted, surrogates, or from any other method of having children. Adopted children’s ages are up to you. At any point after kids turn 18, you can roll to give them a partner/job/kids etc, if you like.

1-9: successfully pregnant/successful adoption, etc
10-12: no pregnancy/adoption/etc

1: Miscarriage
2-6: Boy
7-11: Girl
12: Multiples
- 1-2: Identical girls
- 3-4: Fraternal girls
- 5-6: 1 girl, 1 boy
- 7-8: Fraternal boys
- 9-10: Identical boys

Names: roll for each first and middle name
1: A or B
2: C or D
3: E or F
4: G or H
5: I or J
6: K or L
7: M or N
8: O, P, or Q
9: R or S
10: T, U, or V
11: W or X
12: Y or Z

Appearance: for non-biological children, use the appearance parameters above rather than below.

Hair texture:
1-5: like mum
6-10: like dad
11-12: random

Hair colour:
1-5: like mum
6-10: like dad
11-12: random

1-5: like mum
6-10: like dad
11-12: random


Family events:
1: Someone gets injured or sick (1-6: minor | 7-12: major)
2: A member of the family comes out as LGBTQ+
3: Someone moves in - you can choose who and why
4: Death in the immediate or extended family
5: Divorce or break-up (or remarriage if already single - if you like, you can remarry at any point without rolling this)
6: An argument between two or more family members (1-6: minor | 7-12: major)
7: Family moves to a new place (1-6: new city within current country | 7-12: new country, reroll country)
8: A child is having problems of some kind at school (or, if there are no school age children: someone is having issues at work)
9: Family reunion (with immediate or extended family)
10: Someone takes up a new hobby or begins practicing a new skill
11: A surprise child is born - see child events (or, if there is no one of an appropriate age: the family gets a pet)
12: The family gets a pet


Career events:
1-2: Pay rise
3-4: Promotion
5-6: Fired/laid off/quits
7-8: Pay cut/hours cut
9-10: New job within career field
11-12: New job & new career field

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