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Subject: Re: Year Game 1/24
Author: Gingersnap   (Authenticated as Ranchie)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 10:56:51 AM
Reply to: Year Game 1/24 by Lindsey
From: New York City, NY, USA
DH: Bryant Martin Sims (23)
Curly, brown hair and blue eyes
DW: Jessica Gabrielle Morris (22)
Straight, blonde hair and blue eyes
Social Worker

1. Fraternal twin boys
DS: Owen Grant
Curly, blonde hair, and blue eyes
DS: Evan Travis
wavy, blonde hair and blue eyes
Family moves to Albany, NY
Jessica quits her job to take care of the twins

2. DS: Caleb Zachariah
Straight, brown hair and brown eyes

3. DS: Vaughn Henry
Curly, red hair and green eyes

4. Family reunion and Bryant is promoted to head cardiologist
5. Jessica and her sister had a minor argument
6. DD: Zoey Rose
Wavy, brown hair and blue eyes
7. DS: Jacob Griffin
Wavy, blonde hair and blue eyes
8. Jessica starts pottery classes.
9. Family reunion
10. Jessica goes back into social work
11. Jessica gets a pay raise.
12. Jessica leaves social work and starts a pottery business
13. Bryant’s hours are cut
14. One of Jessica’s cousins passes away
15. DD: Alexandria Violet
Curly, brown hair and blue eyes

The Sims Family
Bryant Martin (38)
Jessica Gabrielle (37)
DS/DS: Owen Grant / Evan Travis (15)
DS: Caleb Zachariah (14)
DS: Vaughn Henry (13)
DD: Zoey Rose (10)
DS: Jacob Griffin (9)
DD: Alexandria Violet (1)

Bryant and Jessie with Owen, Evan, Caleb, Vaughn, Zoey, Jake and Alex

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