Also Albanian:
Boring name, seriously puts me to sleep -.-
Would be a good name if it wasn't so incredibly common.
A very strong, handsome and likable name. It ages well and it can fit anyone at any age.
Good name, bad associations.
A classic and unquestionable name with awesome history and meaning.
Great name. I know a few Daniels and they are all decent people.
I really like this name. It's very strong and classic. The only downside is a lot of people bear it.
Guys, trust me, Daniel is a very good name because we are in the bible and we got out of the lion's den and lived! Do not care about what other people think we are holy because we are in the bible and have a very special name and we can have cool nicknames like "Dan the Man" and "Danny Boy" and all very good nicknames.
My dad's name is Daniel and he goes by Donny.
This is my name, but I don’t like it cause it’s so common, I have 2 people in my family named Daniel and it’s so unfair for me, I don’t like Danny or Dan either. So I decided to go by Léo because my name ends with L.
One sort-of famous person with this name is Daniel Seavey. He is best known for being in the boy band "Why Don't We" and appearing on American Idol for season 14 in 2015.
I like this name! It is really popular, but it's cute. Dan and Daniel are cute nicknames.
I have always liked the name Daniel because it sounds lovely and handsome. A classmate in my elementary school also has this name. However, this name is too common.
As others have mentioned in the other comments, Daniel is what I would call an 'evergreen' name. Regardless of a man's age, the name Daniel will age gracefully with him. He could be a toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult or elderly gentleman and his name will always suit him.
Daniel is my father's name, but even without that association it has a good sound in my opinion.
Nice strong name with an even stronger biblical association. I love it.
Some middle names:
Daniel Derrick
Daniel Adrian
Daniel Ned
Daniel Ignacio
Daniel Eddy
Daniel Luke.
Plain, boring name. Why do people think that this is manly? It sounds awful on a man. Nothing special here. Move on.
Name of the day 6/12/21.
Forget about Daniel the tiger. DANIEL LARUSSO. Ya know, the Karate Kid.
Daniel, is another strong, classic, boys-to-men's name. Yet, modern enough to relax in the Top 20. Even though it's kinda popular right now... but, so what, that's further proof of how great the name is! It's multiracial, multicultural, pronounced/spelled the same in multiple languages, and it has cool nicknames, like Dan, Dani, Danny, Danilo. And, let's not forget the famous "Daniel in the lion's den". Your son will appreciate this amazing name!
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
There's nothing exciting about this name. It doesn't stand out at all.
I love it but it’s getting too common :(
It's plain, it's boring, there's nothing interesting about it! Daniel, like really? Doesn't sound charming, dry, just pure boring!
No waay! I hate it so much! Usually the name of thieves or attackers. Does NOT age well, is waaaaaay too common, and so on. I simply agree with DeeDeeRee.
I disagree with @DeeDeeRee and @Stars123. Daniel doesn't sound dry and boring, and certainly does not sound like the name of thieves/attackers. It ages very well; it sounds cute on a little boy, and strong on an adult man. I also like it as a middle name, and prefer this over David. And, the REASON that this name is so common is because parents all over the world LOVE this name, or else they wouldn't consider naming their son Daniel.
I 100% agree with @Crystal_Fox that "it sounds cute on a little boy and strong on an adult man". I pictured Daniel as a blond, handsome boy, and I find it also suits Asian guys and African guys well now. Maybe I just got used to it, lol, because there are so many Daniels from different cultures in our college. But they seem all satisfied with their names. However, it's obviously overused to an almost unusable extent. (I guess some rare, pretty names might go through those things a long time ago, lol. )
I most emphatically concur with MythicalCreature about this well known moniker. Daniel is a splendid name, in my humble opinion, that carries the rare international advantage of being able to bridge cultural gaps that other names might not or could not. Therefore, I personally rate this name as a 10/10 win.
I love it so much! It goes so well for a middle name and a first name! And I love the association with Daniel and the lion's den!
I hate it, it’s horrible and stupid, I hate my name.
It’s a classic.
Strong name - every time I've mentioned it for a potential child everyone seems to like it as well, it is very common though but obviously for good reason.
Beautiful worldwide name.
Ugh... danny_goodier on Instagram...
Check it out... he posts a load of stuff there.
Ugh... danny_goodier... my teacher who has become famous for being smelly.
I love the name Daniel and I love the name Danny, too. Great names for boys and men.
Handsome name for a boy.
A simple classic. Danny will surely be a hard worker.
Daniel from the early New Testament was thrown into a dungeon full of lions by King Darius of Persia but survived through intensive faith in God.
Daniel is also a catalan name. [noted -ed]
My teacher's name, he’s a heartthrob and everyone seems to have a crush on him, no matter if you're grade 7 to grade 10. He is obsessed with the crab from Moana though, which distracts me.
He has a horrid name though. I quite like his middle name ‘Craig’ but I absolutely hate this name, my teacher deserves a better name than this so we called him Shiny. Lol.
Strong, timeless name - love the nickname Danny.
Daniel is my favourite male name. I like the abbreviations to Danny and Dan as well. If I was ever to have a son, I’d use this name.
Dan Levy is a Canadian actor, writer, producer and director, best known as David Rose in the comedy Schitt’s Creek.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day December 11. [noted -ed]
Strong, masculine name this is, although I wouldn't use due to how popular it is.
My name is Daniel and I actually do like my name because it seems to transcend many language barriers that may pose a problem for other names as they might be different in other languages or don't have an equivalent.
Also used in Estonia: [noted -ed]
I really dislike this name. The combination of "d" and "a" really makes the whole name sound awkward, and it's very common (not that it's relevant, but it is very common).
I love this name, always have. It is timeless and the I like its meaning. I just hate how people always want to shorten it to Dan or Danny, etc.
A great, strong and timeless name which is unfortunately extremely popular here in England, with virtually every single age group. Most Daniel's that are younger all seem to be well behaved yet when I was growing up (born in 1981) it was seen as a 'naughty boy name' along with Darren, Stephen and Craig, the nickname Danny was always used, which I really like.
I don’t like my name Daniel, it’s so common and boring and people keep on naming their kids Daniel, that’s why I’m changing my name.
In a Spanish accent, sounds like Danielle. Other than that, not a bad name.
Daniel would be a good name for a guy. It means attractive and the ones I met were like a neutral person. They were both very smart people.
6ix9ines' real name.
Pretty mAsCULInE name.
Also Breton:
Usage: Finnish
Pronounced: DAH-nee-ehl (Finnish)
Daniel Richard Green Jr. (born June 22, 1987) is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014. Green also helped the Toronto Raptors reach the 2019 NBA Finals, where the team defeated the Golden State Warriors in six games, earning him his second NBA title.
It's okay I guess.
Also Catalan:
Daniel Stern was the male pen name of the novelist and political critic Marie d'Agoult, born Marie de Flavigny (1805-1876). She was a friend of French writer George Sand and she had three children with the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.
This is a nice, classic boy name. I also like how it's used in many parts of the world.
I would feel bad for any girl that was named Daniel.
Daniel is both for boys and girls in Israel. I know Daniel guys and girls, and I think it fits girls as well as boys.
Warren Daniel Graham is a supporting character in the game "Life is Strange" by DONTNOD Entertainment.
Strong, classic male name.
I'm sorry, but don't you have to put this name as male and female as in Israel, where this name originated, it is clearly unisex.
In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Daniel who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 12th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
For some strange reason, when I think of someone named Daniel, I think of a sweet, innocent person. I don't know why, but I just do. Also, if you plan to name your kid this be warned they might become the target of many "Damn, Daniel!" jokes so... Let's hope that joke finally dies by the time they get to elementary.
I heard Daniel is unisex. I hate it on a boy and love it on a girl. Just kidding!
Daniel Kang is a South Korean singer, best known for finishing first in Produce 101 Season 2. He is currently active as a member of the South Korean boy group, Wanna One.
A great name.
Daniel is a fine name, it works good for me, I guess. It’s pretty common and yeah, it may not be unique per say, but it’s a nice, classic name and I’m glad to have it. I think it’s too formal for common usage to me, so I go by Danny which is sweet and boyish to me, which fits who I am. It’s a great name, even if I may be a little biased since it’s my name, I still love it.
Okay, but too common. Go for a name with a similar sound like Danny or David.
Like Daniel Tiger.
It's a nice name and one of the most populous names on earth.
And to crown it all I am also one of the name bearers... Love ya!
Daniel is a handsome name, and Dan or Danny is a good nickname.
Can be related to the country name Denmark.
I love this name. It brings back so many good memories of me playing Tomodachi Life and having kids in that game. Ah, how time goes by...
@MarioDM02, I had that game too! Loved that lol.
If I had a child I would name him something more unique than Daniel. Danny is a great alternative as it is not sooo common, has a different meaning in Hebrew and is originally an independent Hebrew formal first name.
Names like Daniel, William, Michael, and James have always been popular and still are today.
For this reason, I believe Daniel would be best as a middle name so then you can name your kid something a little more unique for their first name. Daniel is actually my middle name :)
But if you really want to, go ahead and name your kid Daniel as a first name. It really is a nice name.
It's a strong name and I like the meaning so much- "GOD IS MY JUDGE". Also, it sounds good when you call Danny... I love it so much.
Daniel, a cult leader, is a character from Camp Camp.
If I had a child I would name him something more unique than Daniel. Danny is a great alternative as it is not sooo common, has a different meaning in Hebrew and is originally an independent Hebrew formal first name.
This is my brother's name. I like it, everyone calls him Dan, including myself, I sometimes call him Danny if I'm in a silly mood, I plan to use this as a middle name for future sons I have.
Daniel Anthony "Danny" Noriega, better known by his stage name Adore Delano, is an American drag queen, singer-songwriter, YouTuber, and actor. Delano first appeared as a contestant on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008 as Danny Noriega; Adore Delano competed in the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race making it into the final three and she released her debut studio album Till Death Do Us Party in 2014. Adore released her second studio album After Party in 2016.
Daniel Dae Kim is a South Korean born American actor, voice actor, producer, and director currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kim is known for his roles as Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost, Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0, and Johnny Gat in the Saints Row series of video games. He also played a recurring role on Angel.
Daniel Middleton is an English YouTube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM. His online video channels have covered video games, especially the popular game Minecraft. As of June 2017, his channel has over 10 billion views and 15 million subscribers, is the 4th most-subscribed YouTube channel based in the United Kingdom, and the 33rd channel overall. In 2014, Business Insider estimated Middleton's annual income to be somewhere between $213, 000 and $2.15 million. In July 2015, his channel was listed as one of the most popular YouTubers in the world by viewership. He has earned several Kids' Choice Awards as well as set Guinness World Records for his gaming and presenting.
Daniel Keauhou Matsu "Danny" Yamashiro survived a 400-foot fall from the famed ridge of the historic Nuuanu Pali in Honolulu, Hawaii at 18. On December 22, 1985, attempting to rescue his stranded girlfriend from a 20-foot mountain-climbing fall, Danny Yamashiro slipped and fell head first 300 feet and later another 100 feet. The second fall took place during an attempted rescue and was captured on film. It aired on newscasts throughout Hawaii. He suffered severe head injuries, skull fractures, multiple tears in his scalp, a shattered ankle, damaged organs, extensive lacerations, and being comatose. Further details are written in his autobiography entitled Paradise Calls: A Spellbinding Story of Survival and Hope from Hawaii's Evangelist endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada and New York Times best-selling author Stephen Mansfield. His dramatic story has been featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network across the United States and Asia introduced by Pat Robertson with the words, "Do you like adventure? I've got one for you!" Yamashiro shared his story at the Aloha Stadium upon the invitation of evangelist Greg Laurie who wrote, "If it were a baseball game, you would have it a homerun." On May 25, 2017, Danny Yamashiro delivered Harvard Extension School's commencement address on the Harvard University campus at Lowell Lecture Hall titled "Falling 400 Feet."
My name is Daniel and I was actually here to see how many other people where named that. I only know one other guy that has a name that sounds like mine. His name is Donnyho but it sounds exactly the same as mines. I also think it's cool cause my dad actually got my name from the bible and here I am. When I first heard the name, I thought it was boring and weird until I went to school and found out that there was a prophet named Daniel and the meaning of Daniel really surprised me. After learning all of that, I liked my name and liked anyone who had it. That does not mean I don't like people who don't have it either.
If I had a child I would name him something more unique than Daniel. Danny is a great alternative as it is not sooo common, has a different meaning in Hebrew and is originally an independent Hebrew formal first name.
Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland, is the husband of Crown Princess Victoria. Prior to his marriage to the heir apparent, Daniel was a personal trainer and gym owner and ran a company called Balance Training with three gyms in central Stockholm. His full name is Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte as registered with the Swedish Tax Authority's national census.
I love Daniel. It's classic and handsome, and Danny is super cute.
Daniel Stein, better known by his stage name DJ Fresh, is an English DJ, record producer and musician, best known for making electronic music. He was one of the principal members of the drum and bass group Bad Company, alongside Darren White, Jason Maldini, and Michael Wojcicki. He also owns and runs the pioneering drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos with Adam F.
Daniel Henney is an American actor and model, known for starring in films such as Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006), My Father (2007), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Shanghai Calling (2012), The Last Stand (2013), and Big Hero 6 (2014). In television, he is popular for starring in the Korean dramas Spring Waltz and My Lovely Sam Soon and the American television series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
Daniel Phillip Henney is an American actor and model, known for starring in films such as Seducing Mr. Perfect, My Father, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Shanghai Calling, The Last Stand, and Big Hero 6.
Daniel Dujshebaev is a Spanish handball player who plays for Atlético Valladolid. His mother is of Russian descent, and his father, Talant Duyshebaev who is a former handball player and current coach, is of Kyrgyz descent. His brother Alex Dujshebaev is also a handball player.
Daniel Écija was born in 1963 in Wittenoom, Western Australia, Australia as Daniel Écija Bernal. He is a producer and writer, known for El internado, Los Serrano and Médico de familia. He was previously married to Belén Rueda.
Daniel González Güiza is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Paraguayan club Cerro Porteño as a striker. A late bloomer, he made a name for himself at the age of 27, being crowned La Liga top scorer with Mallorca. Subsequently he helped the Spanish national team win Euro 2008, and signed with Fenerbahçe in Turkey shortly afterwards. Over the course of eight seasons Güiza amassed Spanish top division totals of 141 games and 52 goals, mainly with Mallorca and Getafe.
Daniel Martín García is a Spanish singer. He was the vocalist of the Spanish pop punk band El Canto del Loco. He was born in Alalpardo, a village in the outskirts of Madrid, with his parents and sister. When he was a child he used to imitate his favorite artists in the living room and started to dream about creating his own band. As he was not a really good student, he started to work with his father and, at the same time, he began to study at the Drama School William Layton. Later, Dani decided to attend prestigious Drama School Cristina Rota, where he got his first jobs as a stage actor. The first time he appeared on television was with Martes y 13 in a show prepared for New Year’s Eve. Then, he presented a program called Ponte las Pilas.
Daniel Kajmakoski is a Macedonian singer and songwriter. He is best known for having won the first series of X Factor Adria. He represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria with the song "Autumn Leaves" after winning the Skopje Festival 2014.
Daniel has always been my favorite name. It's handsome, strong, grows with you, can be Danny or Dan without sounding too boyish, and it's universal.
Dan and Danny are separate Hebrew names which are supposed to be used as professional legal names in their own right. Parents if you LOVE the name Dan or Danny please don't make the mistake of calling them Daniel on their birth certificate and thinking you can call them Dan or Danny because everyone will just call them Daniel and you will regret it. I know a lot of parents who have done this who have regretted it.
Danny is not originally a diminutive or nickname for Daniel. It is a Hebrew name that means 'My Judge' so parents, if you want to name your son Danny it should be used as a legal name in its own right. In Israel (where the names Daniel and Danny originated) they are two completely different popular names and Danny is never used as a diminutive or nickname of Daniel in Israel (the place where the two names originated).
Bryan Danielson is a retired professional wrestler who competed under the ring name "Daniel Bryan".
It's a very simple and common name, but it's a nice and timeless one nonetheless. I don't know that I would choose the nickname "Danny" so much though, as it reminds me too much of Danny Partridge from the Partridge Family.
Daniel Küblböck is a German pop-singer and actor who achieved short-lived celebrity in 2003, in the media-circus that surrounded the first season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of Pop Idol, in which he came third.
Great name, however it feels like everyone is naming their sons Daniel.
I would definitely name my future son Daniel though.
Boring, boring, boring. Even with the Daniel Radcliffe association, (he strikes me as a very fun, not-boring guy) the name is still boring.
This name is way too popular. Try and name your son something a bit more unique.
I love this name, but it's too popular :/
A famous bearer of this name is Daniel Smith, lead singer of the English Alternative band Bastille.
As someone named Daniel, I have to say I'm intrigued by those saying it's "very hot." That's not what I was expecting, but I won't argue against the confidence boost!Although honestly, I agree more with the boring/overused assesment. My dad's name is David, so I'm "Daniel" in order to be kind-of named after him. Everyone's dad is named David, so my theory is that lots of people have done that. It's the new David.And I'm not sure what to think about the "God is my judge" meaning, now that I'm agnostic. Huh...My favorite part is that it gives me "Leinad" as a cool alias.
Daniel Church. The name Daniel is a famous, strong & powerful name, to the extent that it is used as a name of churches.
Boring, overused name.
The chief of staff renamed them with these Babylonian names: Daniel was called Belteshazzar (Daniel 1:7 - Holy Scripture). We are in great need today of those like Daniel (a.k.a. - Belteshazzar), who excel in every field of wisdom, knowledge and integrity!
Daniel James Howell, an English YouTuber and radio DJ is another famous bearer.
Daniel Erlandsson, (Born May 22, 1976 in Malmö, Skåne, Sweden) drummer of Swedish metal band Arch Enemy.
A timeless name, really. It's been popular for ages.
A famous bearer would be Australian 90s Rock singer/guitarist Daniel Johns.
This name is the sweetest name, it has always been my favorite. I know someone by this name, he is kind, smart, loving, caring, creative and makes me laugh. I like the nickname Dan, I don't like Danny as much.
The Turkish form of this name is Danyal. [noted -ed]
Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty's childhood friend.
In Mandarin Chinese, the name is transliterated to Danni'er (DAN NEE ar), written as 丹尼尔.
Alternate translation, "Judge from God".
Daniel Purvis, a gymnast who took part in the Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games.
A lovely name for a boy. Has a pleasant meaning also and sounds great which is a bonus!
Daniel "Dan" Kuso is the main protagonist of the anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers.
ዳንኤል (Ethiopian languages - Ge'ez, Amharic, Guragigna, Tigrigna).
This name can fit any age. My 2 year old brother-in-law is named this and is so adorable with this name.
My brother-in-law is named Daniel. He refuses to go by anything but Daniel, and I have to agree, the name sounds better without nicknames (although Danny is pretty cute for a little boy). He refused to let my sister name their son after him, because he felt the name was way too common and overused. It is a nice strong, classic name, but very, very common. I'd suggest maybe using it as a middle name if you really love it.
Prince Daniel is the husband of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and the father of Princess Estelle.
Name of the Day: June 12, 2013.
The lead singer of the band Imagine Dragons is named Daniel, nicknamed "Dan".
The name Daniel is also used in Georgia.In Georgian, Daniel is written as: დანიელ. [noted -ed]
Daniel Mayfair, the protagonist from the horror game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent."
Neil So much can be done to this name.
Shortened. Made youthful. Then brought back to it's original state of simply "Daniel"Dan-Kneel Danny-boyDaniel the name of a boy. Daniel the name of a man.Daniel is honest.
Daniel is pure.
Daniel is kind. Daniel sounds like a wonderful name for a boy.What this boy becomes however is entirely up to him. Not just the name he was given.
In england it is pronounced dan-yul and nicknamed dan. It is a nice name but way too common. In my class there are 4 daniels/dans.
Daniel Larusso is the main character of the Karate Kid movies. He is played by actor Ralph Macchio.
Daniel Roche (born 1999) is a British child actor, best known for playing Ben Brockman in the series 'Outnumbered' alongside Tyger Drew-Honey and Ramona Marquez.
Currently my #1 favourite boys name. So classic and ages well, especially with many nickname possibilities.
Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726-1801) was a German painter, illustrator and printmaker of Polish ancestry.
I like the name, but I doubt I would ever use it. I've known so many guys named Daniel so I feel that it has been overused.
Adorable is one word to describe this name. I like the meaning as well, Yes, God is the only judge :)
Nice name in meaning and sound. Danny is a nicer diminutive and it's my favorite.
Swedish singer, rapper and fashion designer Daniel Adams-Ray is a famous bearer.
This may be my all-time favorite boy's name. It's beautiful, and strong, and gentle. This is what I want to name my future son. :)
Even though it's overused I still think it's a wonderful, gentle name.
Daniel Tosh, host of Tosh.O on Comedy Central.
Daniel Boone (born 1734 - died 1820) was a famous American pioneer, frontiersman, and explorer from Pennsylvania. He is considered to be one of the first folk heroes of the United States.
"Niel" could be an acceptable nickname.
When naming a son 'Daniel' parents must be aware of the insane popularity and, in some cases, negative opinions and results by some of this name. It is an otherwise very nice name, though. Danny/Dannie is a marvelous diminutive, in my opinion, as it is a nickname that one would be able to withhold even in adulthood being that it is not over-the-top childish.Overall, it is a wonderful name as I said before.
I know a lot of guys named Daniel they all have different personalities they aren't all the same. Some quiet, some funny, some athletic. I like this name a lot though. I like the nickname Danny or Dan.
I hate to say this, but I don't really like this name. It's overused, and I hate the babyish nickname Danny. I don't mind Dan, though. Daniel just sounds boring and bland after hearing it so many times.
I do not like this name. The first syllable just doesn't sound nice to me. I like Daniela and Danielle even less.
Used in Croatia as a variant of Danijel. [noted -ed]
This name just sounds like sexy! Hot name!
Daniel Albrecht is a Swiss skier.
I'm not too fond of calling a person "Daniel," but I absolutely love "Danny." So, I would most likely name my son Daniel and then call him Danny. Because Danny as a given name is kind of silly.
I think Danny is great as a full first name as I have known lots of people with this name (not short for anything and it really suits them. Don't feel forced to name your son Daniel just because Daniel is a more used form than Danny, especially if you are not fond of calling your son Daniel. This advice is for a lot of people as people ask me the same things with other names. Also I think the name Danny transitions very well into adulthood.
Um, hello? Daniel Faraday, the (slightly crazy) physicist from LOST. He even has his own online fanclub- appropriately named 'ADORKABLE'.
Daniel Dreiberg (the second "Nite Owl") is a character in the "Watchmen" graphic novel and movie.
Daniel Černý ("chur-nee"), actor, writer, director. He was born 11th December 1981, Los Angeles, California.
Daniel is my 1st born's name. I named him after his dad. There was no doubt in my mind that my 1st born son would be named Daniel, Jr. Because this name is so beautiful, it's strong, and it's biblical. I love the meaning of it as well. "God is my Judge".
Daniel Califf, footballer, 17th March 1980 in Montclair, California.
Daniel is also a hero in Ancient Phoenician mythology.
It's a bit too common I think.
I like this name very much, and I'd consider using it in the future, if it wasn't so overused. I mean- I'm probably not the first person to notice the beautiful sound and meaning of this name. That's probably why they're EVERYWHERE (I mean the Daniels)!
Number 7 for boys in 2005.
It is strong yet gentle. I have a younger brother with this name, it is still working for him! (HA HA)
It is I think nice for the person with this name when they get older because they can start going by Danny, or Dan - which sounds a bit more grown up.
Daniel Fenton, aka Danny Phantom, is the title character of the Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom.
Daniel Molloy - "Reporter Boy" turned "Devil's Minion" in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles; he is Armand's only fledging.
The name of the Messiah will be Daniel.
A famous bearer is British-born actor Daniel Day-Lewis (born 29 April 1957). He is well known for his award-winning film roles, as Christy Brown in "My Left Foot" (1989), for which he won an Academy and BAFTA Award, Bill the Butcher in "Gangs of New York" (2002), for which he won BAFTA and SAG Awards, and Daniel Plainview in "There Will Be Blood" (2007), for which he won BAFTA, SAG, and Academy Awards, as well as award nominated roles in "The Last of the Mohicans" (1992), "In the Name of the Father" (1993), and "The Boxer" (1997).
One famous bearer of this name was Daniel Cosío Villegas, a very famous Mexican historian.
"Daniel" is a great song by Elton John.
I don't think that the meaning of Daniel is "funny". Rather, I think it sounds both defiant - I don't care if people falsely condemn me, only God is my judge - and humble, God is up there judging me, I will try to be good. I prefer the Hebrew pronunciation, "DAH-nee-EL" or "Dah-NEE-el".
I love the name Daniel, I think it's strong and rolls off the tongue nicely. I quite like the abbreviation Dan as well.
I like the name Daniel but it wouldn't be my first pick. If I had ten children, the tenth would be Daniel.
This biblical name is one of my favorites, and it has such wonderful spiritual significance. The meaning of the name is "God is my Judge". This name also holds a very special place in my heart.
Also used in Slovenia, but not as popular as Danijel.
Danny Elfman, composer and friend of Tim Burton, is a famous bearer of this name.
I like this name a lot but I'm not a huge fan of the nickname Dan. I think Danny is very cute but it doesn't transition to adulthood very well.
In Portuguese it's pronounced dan-YEL.
I think this name is very nice and strong, even though it's extremely common. I understand why, though.
I really like the meaning of the name Daniel - "God is my judge."
Pronounced dah-nee-EHL. [noted -ed]
It sounds to me like a quiet person.
A famous bearer is British actor Danny John-Jules ("Red Dwarf", Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, "M. I. High").
This isn't my favourite name, but I don't mind it. It's really strong. It reminds me of one of my favourite Bible stories, about Daniel in the lion's den.
Daniel reminds me of a bald headed French man, happily surveying the world as he drinks his vin rouge (red wine). My dad.
Daniel's a hot name.
Meh, Daniel's a nice name, strong(ish). A bit nerdy though.
I have also heard Daniel to mean 'judged/loved by God'. Well, I'm no god[ess], but Daniel is still loved.
Daniel Smith was Anna Nicole Smith's son who died recently. :(
Listen to the German pronunciation of Daniel here:
I am yet to meet a person with the name "Daniel" who is not a good person. It's a good sounding name as well.
'Daniel Jackson' is a famous bearer of this name! In the 4th season, episode 3, he even says "I'm Daniel... It means 'God is my judge'. Does no one watch scifi anymore?
"Daniel Jackson" is a character on the sci-fi TV show "Stargate SG-1". Just if anyone wonders about who that fellow is. He is played by actor Michael Shanks.
There is an actor named Daniel Clark.
I love this name, and its female counterpart, Danielle. And the meaning is glorious--'God is my judge!'.
Daniel Quinn, author of "Ishmael," is a famous bearer of this name.
I like this name, but when I see it I associate it with one of my favorite authors, a gay man named Dan Savage who wrote a few memoirs and writes a weekly sex advice column called 'Savage Love'. You won't find it in your family friendly newspaper either. Of course, associating it with my favorite author, that just makes the name have more appeal.
Daniel Powter is a famous bearer.
Daniel Craig is the new James Bond.
Daniel of the Bible, American runner Daniel Lau, orator Daniel Webster.
Daniel is a very, very hot name.
This is my father's name. I really like it, and I would even if it wasn't his name.
Daniel Handler is Mr. Le~~ny Sn~~~et, please.
Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, is a bestselling author. Under the name Lemony Snicket, he wrote the book series "A Series of Unfortunate Events".
An Arabic version of the name is Danyal.
Famous bearer is Daniel O'Connell, who fought for Irish rights in the 18-19th century.
Famous bearer: Daniel Deronda, the protagonist of George Eliot's novel of the same name.
This name has a somewhat funny meaning. It means something along the lines of "God is my judge". The funny thing about it is that my step-dad's friend has this name and he has no problem about going around swearing and such.
The literal translation of the name Daniel is "Judged of God" (Judged by God).
The pronunciation of Daniel in Hebrew is "dan-ee-EL" - closely matching the root name. Shortened to dan-YEL in Romance languages, this pronunciation carries a feminine connotation in English.
Famous bearer: Daniel Alan Radcliffe (Born July 23rd 1989). Actor who plays Harry Potter in the films.
Daniel Radcliffe's middle name isn't Alan, it's Jacob. And I think it fits him well :) Both of his names are Biblical. Also, The Russian spelling of Daniel is Daniil "Dan-Yill".

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