My name is Emily, and I get EXTREMELY offended when people use it as a joke. I do not want to be perceived as someone I am not just because of my name. It really hurts. (People typically use the name as a “pick me girl” name, or a basic white girl name. I don’t understand why) also, people who are saying it's dated might be right (I don't really know) but, I don’t think that the fact that it's a little dated should stop anyone from liking the name. I personally think it's nice, cute, and it's a decently short name which I also like. Plus, there are so many nicknames I could go by! (Em, Emi/Emmy, Milly, or even “Emma” which I don’t really like). Also, don’t even hit me with the “but the name Emily is so overused!” You could say that about almost any name. For example, I know like 7 people named “Daniel”, though I don’t usually see that many people talking about how “overused” that name is. So, in conclusion, I think that if you want to name your child Emily, you should. It's short, (making it easy to write down), sounds cute, and also gives off positive vibes (not in a like, “aesthetic” way, just like, yk, positive!) though, I would maybe be prepared for some people to call your child a “pick me girl”, as there are a lot of idiots (no offense) who make fun of the name.
Emily is one of the most common names for someone of my generation. To be honest, I’ve still always loved it. I think that it has an enchanting, historical flair. However, it’s not completely out of date. It may have been a bit overused, but it’s still shiny in my eyes.
Way too popular, it's not even that pretty, I much prefer Emma.
Reminds me of the 90s.
Just can’t stand it, I also see comments now saying this is dated. I have no problem with names being dated myself honestly.
Dated! Used to be pretty 20 years ago, times have changed.
Reminds me of the 2000s, it probably used to be nice when it started getting used because it was a name that was never really that popular before the time but in the past 20 years it’s been one of the most overused names to date. Not really my cup of tea because it will become outdated because of its mega popularity years ago, also I would assume someone with the name Emily is no older than maybe 40 at a push and under. I never really understood why it was so popular, at least with a timeless biblical name like Hannah it won’t date because it’s from the bible, Emily hasn’t really got any history to back it up. Also don’t like names that end in ly it’s juvenile.
I associate this name with my generation so when I hear this name I assume Emily’s are in their early 20s, late teens. I wouldn’t personally pick it just because it’s a bit outdated nowadays but I don’t hate it. It just reminds me of the Y2k era.
Childish sounding name.
It used to be a trendy pick when it burst on the scene in the 90s but now it feels overused and dated. Amelia is much more classic and timeless.
It was the top name for 12 years, Emily is a cute name but it’s just another Jennifer, Jessica, Ashley to me. A once painfully popular name that is beginning to date.
It’s got a nice sound but I can’t imagine anyone older than 30 with this name.
Was very popular 15-20 years ago, it’s a bit outdated now in my opinion.
I’m not into all these 2000s names Emily (which will date the worst because it was the most popular), Kayla, Alexis, Ashley etc. I can’t help but cringe when I think of all the parents who searched up the top names of the year and chose them. They weren’t thinking about how they will become slightly outdated. They aren’t “Bad” names they just all sound forever young, especially Emily.
I remember when I first heard the name Emily in the late 80s when it started to gain attraction I thought it was kind of a weird sounding name even though now it’s one of the most common! Who would of thought years later it would of became the number 1 name from 1996-2007, it was probably new sounding when parents started naming their kids Emily but now it sounds dated unfortunately like a lot of names that were mega popular. It’s pretty I guess but it sounds forever juvenile to me like a lot of -ly names.
This is yet another Basic White Girl's name, and it's very dated to the 90s. You can pretty much figure out an Emily’s age because of its extreme popularity during a few years.
I was born in 2003 and I know sooo many Emily’s so I’ll always associate the name with people my age, I do personally think it will be forever dated to that time just because of its major popularity. It also sounds really childish to me so I’m not a fan.
How can anyone expect each name to be just recognizable, but never too popular? Who can keep control in order to stop names from becoming the most popular?
Emily Gibson Maynard Johnson was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelor, where she got engaged to Brad Womack. She was later chosen as the bachelorette for the 8th season of The bachelorette.
She was born on 1 February 1986 (age 36 years), Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.
It’s dated.
Every girl my age is called Emily it’s the name of the 2000s. It was probably revolutionary when everyone stared hearing the name and it started to gain popularity but know it's just a dated boring name, also Gen z has given the name the stereotype of a “blonde mean girl” so probably not the best name to give your child in 2022.
A graceful, classic name that evokes serenity. Emily will decrease and increase in popularity, but never go away.
Emily is just the 2000s version of Jessica, Ashley and Brittany, a basic name for a mean girl.
Emily is the most common name for my generation other than Madison or Hailey. I still find it nice, though.
Emily has had its day now! 20 years ago it was the “it” name, it’s dated now.
Such a 90s/2000s name. It also has a “basic white girl reputation” so will date very quickly.
Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds.
Gilda Radner played Emily Litella on Saturday Night Live.
"Emahleeigh" sounds way too extra, just spell it like a normal person would.
It's pretty but I wouldn't use it right now it has a bad reputation and it's basically the same situation as the name Karen, your kid might get teased if you use this name and it just has a bad rep in general.
Emily was the name of a chicken character from the Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon shorts. She was in two, to be exact: 1936’s Let It Be Me and 1938’s A Star Is Hatched. The latter was the first Warner Bros. cartoon with a female protagonist, and would be the last until Nelly’s Folly 23 years later.
I think Emily is really pretty! Emily Dobson is a famous bearer.
The name Emily defines the 2000s generation and was so popular at that specific time. It’s a bit dated now and will continue to drop in popularity because it’s associated with that time period.
Emily Sweeney is a character from the TV series The Big Bang Theory. She is a dermatologist at Huntington Hospital.
It's an okay name but I prefer Emmalee, and I prefer Emilỳ as well!
My name is Emily, honestly I do like my name, but in my birthyear it had a spike, causing it to have become a very common name to me. Growing up I only really met 1 other Emily, but as soon as I hit high school all the other Emily's from my birthyear appeared; all of a sudden I'd have 2,3, even 4 or 5 other Emily's in my ~30 person classes! And my highschool had less than 1000 kids! After that the name became a bit boring to me and I've grown the habit of not turning my head when someone calls out "Emily!" because more often than not they are calling to someone else. It's still a pretty cute name though and I think the name fits me well.
A classic but I've never liked it. It's a little childish.
The word family always comes to mind when I think of this name.
Tacky and ugly. Why not just Emahleeigh?
If you have a problem with the name “Emily”, just keep it to yourself don’t start sending hate on a name. Names don’t have personalities. Stay who you are never change your name! It’s beautiful just like you!
This name makes me think of white popular girls who always have Starbucks or Dunkin in school, chewing gum loudly, and say stuff like “OMG my hands are so small unlike Becky.” and “OMG guys stop!” No offense.
I don't like this name for 2 reasons:
1. VERYYYY overused and trendy
2. It seems and sounds old. Emma is young but Emily sounds like a 70yo lady...! (Emma is overused too but at least sounds cute)
I highly prefer Molly, Riley, Kylie. These names are modern and youthful quite the opposite of grandma Emily.
I think Emily is a pretty cute name. Beautiful, classy and timeless; lovely ingredients for a gorgeous name ;)
It's not that bad but it's really really dull...I think that everyone knows at least one Emily.
Hey, if your name is Emily, just know that name is beautiful! Don't think it's a bad name, or that you should change it, I think it's a lovely name :D If you are one of those people who make videos saying "You're such an Emily" or "Emily finds out what LGBTQ+ is" let me break it to you, names don't have personalities. People named Emily didn't choose their own name, and I've seen a lot of Emily's get upset that their name is being used as a "joke". Please stop using the name Emily as a joke, because it's quite a beautiful name, and no one named Emily deserves hate just because their parents picked that name for their child. Same goes with the names Karen, or Susan.
All names are beautiful, let's not hate on someone just because they have a certain name.
I, for one, really like the name Emily. It just sounds very flowy, frilly and graceful. I've loved the name Emily pretty much since I was a child, yet I never knew anybody who was named that. I guess I could say I liked names containing the L consonant, don't know why, they just sounded better to me than names without the letter L. Considering Emma was a super girly and popular name at the time that I also was fond of, Emily was just right. To this day I still think the name is beautiful.
The name Emily and its variants are really nice and beautiful, although the meaning is ‘rival’. I heard the name Emily is way too overused and like Olivia, Isabella and Ava, but to tell the truth, I’ve only know two Emilys. I know like five Isabella/Izabellas. By reading other comments on Behind the Name, common names like Amelia doesn’t get much hate, so I don’t get why some people hate Emily. People tend to judge a name by their own experiences, the name’s meaning or origin or the popularity of the name. Our name doesn’t define our personality and we don’t get to chose our names. If your name is Emily or one of it variants meaning ‘rival’, don’t be ashamed!
As an Emily, I think of my name as hated. As you see on social media, people think Emily as a boring and overused name. Or you see comments like “You're such an Emily”. However I like my name it’s a classic. I always get offended when people make these silly comments. Don’t think of the name Emily being someone annoying etc, your name doesn’t define your personality. If you're an Emily like me reading this, your name is beautiful, don’t listen to the hate. I loved reading these comments as most are positive. It’s made me feel better about myself, if you're here to hate on the name don’t say anything at all.Also, there’s many actresses and famous people with this name. E.g: Piper Rockelles' friend, Emily Dobson she’s only 13 years old, but since a few months ago I’ve really looked up to her. She’s such a kind person.
Emily has many variants. There are Emilie, Émilie, Emaly, Emelee, Emilee, Emely, Emelie and possibly more.
I much prefer Emma personally. However, Emily is also very much beautiful and I would use it in a heartbeat. Em and Emmy are such cute nicknames!
As a response to my other comment, I've changed my mind. I like both Emily and Emma.
This is my name. All through school, I was the only Emily in my classes, so I was never among the many Jessicas, Ashleys, Jennifers, etc. Nowadays, I'm surprised at how much more popular it has become. According to my mom, when I was born in 1987, there was a Hurricane Emily, so that apparently made my name a not so popular choice at the time, LOL! But I definitely do love my name and the simple nicknames "Em" and "Emmy" from family and friends. AND, I LOVE the Pink Floyd song "See Emily Play", so that's another plus of hearing my name in a song, LOL!
Classy and beautiful.
Hey there! Stop hating on this name just because it's common! Sure, it's very popular, but the fact so many people hate the name just because it's not their favorite is ridiculous and tacky. Emily is a beautiful name for a girl, and I have never considered it awful in any way. I love this name and it's one of the names for my future daughter.
Lovely name much better than some of the new made up names. I prefer a name that has stood the test of time.
My nana’s name, so has been around for a long time. It’s a classic.
Classic and classy it is strong and soft at the same time.
Decent name, but too boring and common.
Emily is a beautiful, classy and strong name. A timeless beauty and a name that transitions very well from infancy to childhood to adulthood!
To all the people saying "it's a terrible name", "too common", "boring", "all the Emilys are annoying". Like, I hate to break it to you but it's not like we got to choose our name. Our name does NOT define our personality so don't get our name and our personality confused. Thank you, have a nice day>
Timeless and beautiful to the ears.
A beautiful classic classy name goes well with any age.
Emily Dickinson is amazing, please read her poems if you haven’t.
Emily Catherine Fields is one of the Liars and main protagonists of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform.
Boring. Emily is basically the "Karen" of 90s. The classic name for a plain white girl.
Emily Jean "Emma" Stone is a famous actress.
Name of the day 5/6/2021!
A few people have pointed at this name’s meaning of “rival” and disliked the name for that reason. To me, a rival is someone to be taken seriously. Someone who is likely to do well in competition or in the face of adversity. I don’t see it as a negative, personally.
I personally have never met many Emily's, there's a certain flair to the name Emily probably because it is quite Victorian and I like old fashioned names it has some dignity and elegance to the name. Emily has a lot of namesakes from Emily Dickinson, Emily Bronte, to famous actresses named Emily etc. It's no wonder it's so popular. I prefer Emily to Emma, not that I dislike the name Emma, but there's something about Emily I like.
I hate this name it is a basic white girl name and it sucks.
Emily is a beautiful name, but it is very popular. Everyone has heard of the name Emily (which may be a good thing) but it may not be good to have 5 other Emilys in your class. Everyone knows how to spell it, and most people would spell it the traditional way instead of other spellings like Emilee. If you are planning to name your kid this, please use the correct spelling. It has been popular for a very long time. I know several adults and children called Emily. The name may no longer be the most popular girl’s name, but it is still very much a popular name that everyone is used to now. Parents are looking at other names like Ava, Emma, Isla, Amelia, Olivia and many others, as well as unusual and made-up names.
Beautiful name with strong literacy roots.
I love the name Emily, so classy and timeless.
Emily is a very popular name. I know atleast 6 Emily’s. I don’t understand why some people hate it that much, it’s just a name. C’mon, are y’all really gonna come at me just because of my name? I mean yeah, some Emily’s are problematic, but hating on a person because of their name? I’m sorry, what? If your name is Emily, look, your name is beautiful, don’t let anyone ruin the “god’s present” that you got! This name is super cute and I think it sounds cool! - with lots of positivity, from an Emily.
Pretty, and reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Emily Bronte. I read her novel Wuthering Heights and thought it was really cool. I just wish it wasn't so common. :(
Too common.
Boring and old fashioned name.
Name is not bad, but it feels too immature and boring. Also, really overused these days. Similar name like Emilia feels more mature and looks also better. Strange why Emily is so common now, because there are many better names than this.
I like it, but it's very overused and boring.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Emily Dobson, Piper Rockelle's best friend. She has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube!
I don't particularly like this name, but that might be partly because I have never met a nice Emily.
Very dated and overused.
I agree. Way overused and dated.
Emily Blunt.
A train from Thomas & Friends is named Emily.
Strongly dislike!
Strongly dislike!
Emily Perkins is a good namesake.
Emily Blunt is a good namesake.
Emily Dickinson is a good namesake.
I've always adored the name Emily and I am not quite sure why. I never knew any Emily's, and most people nowadays dislike the name, but it's been a favourite of mine for quite a long time. I find it gorgeous. The only problem I have with it, is that it's a tad bit juvenile. I'm definitely considering naming my daughter Emily, but I'm concerned she will grow out of it. I'd like Emily being incorporated into her name, but I'm not fond of "-y"/"-ie" ending middle names, and Emma is a bit too common for my liking. Overall, I think Emily is an adorable first name.
My aunt's name is Emily, and we call her Auntie Em because all of my aunt's names end in -ee and it gets confusing (they are Emily, Shelly, Ginny, Courtney, and my mom's name is Becky). I think it is a very pretty name that ages well, and it is popular for a reason!
I think that the name Emily is so pretty! However...I don't think I like the nickname "Emma".
My favorite teacher's name is Emily. She never actually taught me (she taught my sister), but we still spoke often and my mom is good friends with her. She impressed the image of a sweet and kind person on me when I hear Emily.
Crackhead Emily.
My name is Emily and I hate it. I prefer a name that no one else has. In all my classes there is another Emily and it is confusing and annoying.
My name is Emma But for years I really wanted my name to be Emily. Over time I have grown to like my name more but I still really love this name.
This name isn’t bad. Just way too common.
My name is Emily. For the most part, I like my name, but I just wish it wasn’t so common...
Beautiful and classic.
I love this name, it’s my favourite girls name.
A beautiful classic name - it’s used a lot because it’s so lovely.
My name is Emily. I think it's a good name, but it's far too common. I once had about three other people in my dance class named Emily and it was so annoying. I kinda wish my name had been at least spelt differently, like Emili maybe. I definitely like my middle name, Grace, more though.
Emma is better in my opinion. I love Emma Watson, Jane Austen's Emma, Emily is much too frivolous.
I much prefer Emma, essential, simple and classic. Emily is too 90s and "sugary".
Classic but boring and dull.
I feel like my name is good and it adds a good personality when mixed with the right combinations. I think this name has given me an impression of a weirdo. Thanks but no thanks.
This name really is quite pretty and delicate.
Far better than Emma.
MY name is Emily! Yes, it is very popular, but it has history and I love it!
It's cute, but to me it suits a girl more than a grown woman. Just something to think about, a person should be able to grow with their name.
This name's grown on me, therefore I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually quite pretty now that I think about it, despite it being really popular.
My name's Emily and I'm fiiiiiii-iive. I like playing Roblox, and going out-siiide. That little girl is so adorable, lol.Anyway, I love this name and get why it's popular.
I once read somewhere that Syd Barrett adored this name,,,,,, I used to think it was plain but now I think it sounds cute :)
(by the way, Syd Barrett was the original frontman of Pink Floyd)
Both names are boring and well...ya know, but Emily is WAYY better than Emma, Emma is just so overused and too popular, they are both “white girl names” but still I think this name is fun, has a nice ring to it, and is kinda cool. It’s just all the memes have ruined it. It’s not a bad name, just so generic and not very diverse. Overall I’d rate this name a 5/10 or maybe 6/10. Also I like the nicknames Emi, or Millie, Millie is a very pretty name and sounds just as cool and classic.
My cousin's name is Emily, we call her Mily or Emi as a nickname. I used to have a friend whose name was Emylee and the spelling confused a lot of people but I personally prefer this spelling because of its uniqueness.
I love this name, it suits all ages and is very classy.
Emily means to strive or excel, also some places state the meaning of this name as industrious / hardworking.
Ok, so, I've recently come back to Emily. This is my favorite name again, and it's good to like it again. Emily's, you are loved. Besides, Emily is way better than Emma.
Soo pretty!
I love love love Emily. But growing up I knew like 20 EMILY's. It now sounds bland. This is so sad because this was MY FAVORITE NAME for the longest time. Like it is so overused. Like, omg, I'm so sad. :'( :'( :'( :'("Waah".
I don't know what to think about this name. It's just so pretty and calm but then you think about it's meaning and it feels like an entirely different name.
Emily Savitri Haines (born 25th January 1974) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter of the Canadian indie rock band Metric.
Emily is my middle name and I love it. All my friends have middle names like Ann, Marie, Lynne, or Rose. And I like it because the -ily ending always reminds me of the internet abbreviation for ‘I love you’. It’s a great name.
PLEASE STOP SAYING IT'S A HORRIBLE NAME! My name is Emily and I love it so much and I love that it means rival because I do cheer which makes me a rival to others, but with positivity! It’s a beautiful name so please stop being so rude.
Put a fork in it-- let this name rest.
Although yes, the name has become overused with years past, I still find that this should not change our opinion of it. People should not be judged by their name in any way. This just happens to be my best friends name and regardless of what other people think about her name or herself, I love her like a sister.
If you’re thinking of naming your daughter Emily, please don’t do it. It was the number 1 girls’ name in the USA for many years, and as of 2018, is still number 12 on that list. It’s more common than you realize. Growing up, there were at least 7 other Emilys in my grade. At my current job, there are 3 including myself. I hear people calling out “Emily” all the time in public, and it’s almost never aimed at me. It’s overused, period. How about the much less common and much prettier “Emilia”? Do your kid a favor and don’t choose this name.
My parents ALMOST chose my name to be Emily-Rose... Boy am I glad they chose Chloe-Elizabeth instead... This name is way too overused, it's also really plain. It used to be cute, but it's lost its loveliness because of how many times it's been used.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Emily are female.
In 2013 I was really fond of this name but it got so overused that I started disliking it. I find it absolutely adorable but it's just far too common for my taste.
I really hate my name Emily! It is ugly and everyone has it and I'm so sick of hearing 'Oh, Emily is so pretty!' No it is ugly and I hate it!! Do not name your child Emily because everyone has this stupid name and so sick of it! It is ugly and annoying.
Means 'rival' just like its masculine counterpart Emil.
I think it's very boring.
At least my name can be pronounced right the first time a sub sees it (btw, my name is Emily).
Timothy Burton's famous zombie movie "Corpse Bride." It means "ambitious". Poor Emily's ambition was to be a bride even years after being stabbed to death. Thus marrying her true love would release her from her zombie curse. Please note that Victorian Europe didn't even know the word "zombie" as that's a West African word. An undead being like Emily would be called a "revenant". These European zombies have unfinished business such as getting married or punishing their murderer, both of which applies to Emily.
I hear the name "Emily", and I instantly think of my favorite zombie movie...not that I'm comparing any real Emilys to zombies, it just happens to be the title character's name.
My daughter is named Emily Rose Nevaeh. A little country with a little modern and she is a gift from God.
Emmy is what we call her mostly.
Despite it being the most popular name for a decade, and having a sister named Emily (who goes by Emma) I actually haven't met very many Emily's in my lifetime. I was born in 1988 so I could be a little too old to have fully been immersed in the popularity of Emily, but as a teacher now I don't get too many Emily's either, I think I've had just one student named Emily out of hundreds. Charlotte on the other hand I've been hearing a TON.
Having the name Emily or any other name for that matter does NOT change the nature of that person. I think it's so stupid that anyone would say that they don't like people with a certain name. I also think it's dumb to not like your name because you simply don't like the certain letters sounding out a word that people call you. I'm sorry if you disagree but his is just my opinion.
This name is really pretty, my best friend's name is Emily and she is an amazing person, and I sorry if a fellow Emily hurt you but that doesn't justify you raging out on every other Emily who has done nothing mean to you! Quit being selfish people!
I really think it means “God’s Gift” or something.PS my cousin thinks it means god’s gift too.
Surprised Emily Dickinson isn't listed in the writers section of the namesakes! She and Emily Brontë are my favourite same-name-havers. [noted -ed]Also, I'm nonbinary and still go by my birth name of Emily/Em. I know it's kinda assumed to be feminine but I still like it, and it feels kinda androgynous to me now, since it's mine.
It’s nice and all, but it seems a little bit plain-casual to me. Not boring or anything, but I feel as if there can be more in it.
Lots of cute nicknames Em Emmy Em&Em Ems Emmie Emi can grow with the person.
I love the name Emily it is classic and classy whilst being down to earth. I LOVE the name and every Emily I’ve known has been a ray of sunshine, never met an unkind one.
The name Emily is a common name but just because it's common doesn't mean it's bad or nothing, like even though a lot of people have the name every person is different and it's not who has the BEST name it's how you treat people, your personality etc etc.
I think Emily is a wonderful name and so is everyone else's name too. I like everyone's name equally.
No name should be better or cooler, everyone has a name it's not a big difference.
Okay, listen - to every Emily out there,
Your name is not "simple and sweet" and we are not "haters". We're people who are sick of this "Emily" bull. It needs to stop, it's an unoriginal, boring-sounding name gaining unreasonable amounts of popularity.
I would like to express at this time that the letters put together to create a name does not change the nature of the human. I believe that anyone who treats another differently solely for their title is a disgraceful and harmful practice. The fact that anybody has a negative comment on a name at all is very discouraging in my belief in mankind. If anybody needs a garbage can to spit out all their hate and malice I'm sure that Walmart has some on sale. Also to all the Emily's that read Anonymous User's comment published on 11/3/2019 you are special. And also to the person that posted that comment... I feel sorry that the name Emily fills you with rage and fury but maybe the reason that you think that they are not 'simple and sweet' is because anybody around you has to be very patient with you because you're a hater unlike what you said in your comment.
To the user’s comment below me, you do not have to be so rude and shut-minded. Just because a girl has a common name like Emily doesn’t mean she can’t be special. Emily is a very wonderful name for a girl. It’s very cute and elegant. It’s a popular name because it’s very sweet. If you hate the name, I respect your opinion, but you don’t have to be so rude. I like the name Emily.
I love the name, my name is Emily. The name is lovely. When I have a child I will consider naming a daughter Emily. Emily is a common name but, there is a reason! It’s beautiful and people who hate it are just jealous. My mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my great grandmother, and lots of distant cousins are named Emily. (It’s my aunt on the other side calm down). Emily is a great name! Love it.
Emily The Strange, Emily from The Corpse Bride...
I really love this name. I'm glad it's common. I've come to realize, with as many names as I've loved to varying degrees over the years, that I personally think Emily is the most beautiful name in the world and the most beautiful sound in the world. There's a reason that the name Emily is so common, it's very pretty, dainty, feminine, melodic and elegant to say. And it makes you smile. How can you not smile after saying the name "Emily"? It is the prettiest female name that I've ever heard. It shows how beautiful of a name it is that it's so common yet I think it's the most perfect name for a girl ever created. Girls named Emily are so lucky, they get to say their beautiful name every time they introduce themselves. That has to be the most amazing thing ever. Do any of you girls named Emily ever flaunt your name? As in you say your name a lot to flaunt how pretty it is? I wouldn't blame you if you did. Also if your name is Emily you should thank your parents for giving you your beautiful name.
Even though this is a very common name, I love it. I knew an Emily that was very nice and pretty. I love this name, it doesn't matter if it's popular or not.
Generic and plain sounding. I know at least 4 Emily's.
My name is Emily. I was named after my great-grandmother, Emily Ireland. My name was chosen since my mom was a girl. I feel like it fits me really well. I like that it is quite universal- people from all sorts of language backgrounds are able to pronounce it easily. I like that it can be shortened but I don't introduce myself as "Em". 99.99% of Emilies I have met are awesome people. I've met Emilies from South America, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe... I like that it is feminine but long enough to say that it holds space for me. I love my name and wouldn't change it.
I have loved Emily for a long time ever since I was little. (Along with Elizabeth, Eliza, and Liza but not as much) it's short and sweet and sounds great. It can be popular, but I believe it should be more popular because it's so sweet sounding.
Emma and Emily are both pretty and girly names, except that they sound like enema and enemy. Not so good.
I love the name Emily it’s my favourite name of all time. It is a beautiful classic name. Every Emily I have ever met has been a nice kind person. It is not as popular as it used to be and not as used now as all the Ella’s and Evie’s etc which are not classic names. I love the nickname Emmy and also Millie - beautiful.
Man I'm so tired of this name already!
Gender: Feminine & Masculine
Usage: English, Russian (Rare)
Pronounced: yi-MYEE-lyee (Russian), i-MYEE-lyee (Russian)
Meaning: English feminine and Russian masculine form of Aemilius (see EMIL). It is also a Russian masculine variant of Yemiliy, the Russian masculine form of Emil.
The classic name of a girl without personality. Really dull.
A boring name. Really dull.
An okay name that regains popularity every decade or so.
So what if it is a popular name? I like the name, Emily, even if I hadn't been given it to me as my name since birth, I'm sure I would still like it. I feel like it is a nice classic name, that any Emily should be proud to have.
Emily Summerspring is a character in the movie Bad Times at the El Royale. Portrayed by Dakota Johnson.
Emily Noelle Skinner is a model, dancer and actress known for Sam and Cat, Andi Mack, Total Eclipse and many others.
Emily is a basic white girl name. Don't trust anyone with this name! I'm warning you.
Emily is growing on me, even though I have bad associations I'm starting to like this name, it's really cute.
Pronounced in English as EHM-i-lee, not EHM-ə-lee.
Emily is a very very beautiful name and people should be happy with the name that they got. My name is Emily and I would never ever want a different name. Emily is a common name but it is common because the name is beautiful! If your name is Emily and people are saying they don't like your name, they are just saying that because they probably don't like their name and your name is better!
10000000000000000000000000000/10 for the name Emily.
I love the name Emily! So beautiful and elegant! The nicknames Emma, Milly, and Lee are adorable! I’ll admit it is a very popular name. It’s been #1 for most popular girl names from 1996 to 2017, but it’s probably overused because it might have a lovely meaning! It does sound a little old-fashioned in my opinion, but it will still age well on a little girl to a teenage girl to a grown woman to an old lady! I love it!
Nice name all around and not very common where I’m from, would use it in a heart beat.
Boring, generic, and way too popular. I really really don't like it.
Emily, a delightful ring to my ears that resonates with a song based on that sweet sounding name. I like it very much and wish anyone the best of luck in their lives and fortunes with this euphonious name.
Emily is a beautiful name, far better than Emma, but sometimes I wish it wasn't so popular. However, it's a great name, full of personality and smiles. It goes really well with Rose, although parents might want a more unique middle name. :)
Famous Bearer: Emily Bett Rickards (born July 24, 1991) is a Canadian actress. She is known for portraying Felicity Smoak on The CW television series Arrow as well as its spinoff series The Flash, Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.
Another Emily here, I have to say I'm shocked at so many Emily's that are upset with their name... I'm thinking they must be very young. I went through a phase during adolescence where I wished I had a more uncommon name, like my middle name is, for my first name- but even then I didn't HATE my name... I sort of nothing'd it. However, I have only met lovely Emily's in my 26 years (and there have been a lot: 20 off the top of my head). And I've used the "Your name is Emily? My name is Emily! We should definitely be friends." Ice breaker 3 times: at camp, at a new school, and at a work mixer and they all have become very good friends!
Furthermore, any Emily wearing a name tag that I meet out in the world (like my barista or bank teller or cashier) is always pleasant and I love to tell them that I'm also Emily because when I used to work a job with a name tag Emily's would always tell me that they are too called Emily: and there is always an extra little cheer to the smile both of us Emily's exchange like "I bet you're great!" and I truly believe they are! I have never met an Emily that I've disliked and all of them seem to share a genuine sweetness (and I hope I give off the same impression)!10/10 would recommend the name Emily! :)
This is my younger sister’s name. She’s nice, and I don’t think it’s too common at all. I know very few Emily’s. I think it will fit her now and when she grows up. Her middle name is James, after our grandfather (Mom thought Emily James sounded beautiful, and I agree) so she doesn’t have much choice of going by her middle name, unless she wants to be Jamie, which is kind of a leap and she would have to explain a lot to friends and family.
In 2018, 11 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emily who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 64th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Although it's a very cute name, it's a bit too common and I'm not sure it makes sense on an older woman. There are many variants to choose from, though. Why not give those a try?
My name is Emily and I really like it. I probably would have preferred to have been called something slightly less used but surprisingly I haven’t actually come across that many other people called Emily. I like it because it’s a classic name that has not gone out of fashion for a very long time and it’s a name that can suit pretty much anyone.
It's an okay name. Way too common for my taste though, I prefer Emmeline.
Pro tip: DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD EMILY. Just don't. There are already too many Emilies/Emilis/Emilys on this planet, and, as an Emily herself, I don't want more.
I see so many comments here saying that Emily is a terrible name. It makes me feel like I have to go by a different name so I won't be questioned. I personally love my name and I think it's actually quite fun getting together a bunch of different Emily's. It gives us a topic to talk about. My name is Emily and so is my best friend's. A lot of people are saying to not name your child this but you can name your baby whatever you want. It's a beautiful name and I'm proud to be a part of the Emily club.
We should add this page to "Let's Fly and Fight! Characters", because there is a character named Emily Heartman, who is the main protagonist of the show by me.
The name Emily is an amazing name. My girlfriend's name is Emily, and I really like it. It means industrious, which is a good meaning. She is fabulous, and so is her name.
Hi, my name is Emily and really I think Emily is a really amazing, peaceful name but I also love the name Amelia. There are many kids that make fun of me because of my name and really I feel that if they have a name I didn't like I wouldn't say anything, but they always do.
On the animated TV series Arthur, D.W. Read’s best friend is a rabbit named Emily. :)
I bear this name, and I agree, it is very common, and has been for awhile now... even when I was born- over fourteen years ago. And I mean no harm when I say that, it is fairly overused. It's shameful to think of the awful reputation it has, too... Though I cannot control its popularity, I have just accepted that it is the way it is. On the other hand- I like the name. And it is okay for a lot of you to not like it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Use it for a middle name! My middle name is Emily and I love it. So much better than having Anne or Marie or Nicole for your middle name. Just seeing it or saying it makes me happy. I also like it because the -ily in text speak is an acronym for I love you. It has more personality than Emma.
Okay, so my name is Emily. I love my name, it's sweet and beautiful. Although it's common, there's a reason for that. It's a beautiful name. People who say the parents who name their kids Emily are too lazy to think of another, that's preposterous. Emily is popular because it is considered dear and cute. Although I don't like that I have to use my last initial often, I wouldn't change my name. I think it's a good name to have, and obviously a lot of people like it too. So stop being haters, not every Emily is mean, or unoriginal. I honestly don't know why people have to backlash the name so much. It has a lot of meaning for some people especially. It could be their grandma's name, or they just like the old charm of it. I personally love the name, and I wouldn't change it.
I really like this name it is really pretty and I kind of want to name my girl this.
Words cannot describe how much I hate this name. We all have a name that we always associate with something negative. Emily is that name to me. It's so common and so uninspired and makes me visualize a girly blonde girl in a gaudy, pompous pink dress full of glitter and bows. Ugh!
This name is super common. I think I've met and seen thirty Emily's in my lifetime!
I honestly think the name Emily is perfectly okay. Sounds a bit classic. Someone might really like that name. We all have a difference in opinion, and that is just how life will always be. Whoever has this name, if this name is what you want, don't let anyone tell you to think differently.
It's a great name, cool.
Emily is veeerrryyy popular isn't it? I know an Emily. The only reason why I'm not too interested in this name is cause it's really simple & common. No offense to people who have this name!
I was born in 1951 and named Emily which was not common at all. Growing up the only women I knew with that name were elderly women. It amazed me when this name shot up in popularity from the 1970's on, to become the most common name. Growing up I wasn't fond of my name, but in time I learned to like it very much. I don't think I would like it as much if I had gone to school with so many Emily's, as younger women do today. To me the name reflects feminism, class, beauty and intellect.
My name is Emily, and yes it's popular, but personally I don't know any Emily's. I grew up in a small town and was the only Emily and even when I moved to the city I never knew any. I always liked my name and felt like it had a delicateness to it, almost childlike.Also, gosh I'm tired of seeing comments like "I hate this name cause this girl I know is named Emily and she's a horrible person" or "Never name your child this, it's so common, it's bland". Why contribute to the comment section then if you're going to spew on the name? Not every Emily is horrible. And though my name is Emily, I find it unique because it's my own and has a certain satisfying pronunciation to it. It's very dainty and light.
In the US the popularity has been decreasing and is down to the 8th spot in 2015. (It was number 1 in 2005, 2006, 2007).
I can not figure out why people choose this over Emma. The only thing Emily has going for it is that it's less popular (for good reason). Emma is much prettier and sophisticated.
My name is Emily And I don't like it one bit. Number one reason being it rhymes too much with my last name; Two, it's very popular; Three, I was betrayed for a girl also called Emily; Four, it's driven me crazy and suicidal; Five, My mum likes it; Six, I'm 13.
This name is nice, but common. The same can be said for many other names. It is not as common as Emma, but it still is overused and average. I prefer Emmeline or Emilia.
Emily is so common where I live it just sounds boring and predicable. I could think of lots of other names that would be a lot better than boring Emily!
My little sister is named Emily, and it's simple, sweet, and to the point like she was when she was growing up. I think it's much prettier and unique than that dreadful name Emma.
I think Emily is a simple, common, sweet sounding name.
I'm a 35 year old American named Emily, with dark hair and hazel eyes. And I'm the epitome of an industrious rival! I was named after the poet Emily Dickinson. I was one of two who bore the name throughout elementary school; call me Emily G. My nickname is Zem. Although Emily wouldn't be my first choice, I do get a lot of compliments on how old fashioned and beautiful a name it is. You can thank my basic, boring, ordinary parents.
This is my name and let me tell you, I HATE IT! It's extremely common and just... URGHHH! I hate having to be called "Emily O." in all of my classes at school because there's always at least one more Emily. It just makes me mad because I know that all these other Emily's don't have significance to their name, but I was named after my grandpa Emil. *Sigh*. Can't wait until I can get it legally changed.
Funny how some people change their name from Emily to Emma, lol. Lot of longer names get shortened, may as well call your Emily, Emma. Not fond of Emily but I like Emma.
Good name. I love Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars. I definitely think more of the name Emily because of that TV show, which has given me positive associations for the name, like the character. Emily Fields' middle name is Catherine and I think that's a good middle name for Emily.
This is my younger sister's name and although the name is common (certainly ranked high on the charts) I like it. I'm not just saying that from a biased standpoint because even if this wasn't her name, I'd still find it to be soft, classy, sophisticated, ageless & beautiful.
I can understand why this name was ranked as the #1 girls name in the past from 1997-2007 (if I have the dates correct) But seeing the charts, Emily has been declining in popularity and come 2016, I foresee this name dropping down from the top 10's. But no matter where this name ranks on the charts (or off) Emily will always be a great name.
Beautiful name for a little girl, my daughter will definitely be named Emily.
The name Emily is a very unique name.
Pretty and sweet, but I've met more Emilys than I can count on both hands. The name lacks personality and flavor, and it's as boring as watching paint dry. Combining it with a second name doesn't make it any better; Emily-Rose, Emily-Olive, Emily-May, Emily-Anne, I've heard them all and none of them help. I prefer it to Emma, I'll give it that, but I prefer the much less common Emmeline over both of them, as it still has a sense of originality to it.
Emily Dickinson, poet.
I've only met two other people in my life called Emily. If you don't like the name then okay, cool. But don't slag it off! For everyone saying it's too popular in the UK, have a look at some other names that are way more popular than Emily. Your name is unique because YOU are unique.
Beautiful! And Millie makes a beautiful and underused nickname!
This name is incredibly common, boring, and overused. There are plenty of more interesting, underused names out there. I know numerous people named Emily and it gets old fast.
My name is Emily and I completely disagree with some of the comments above. I love my name not only because it is beautiful but because of the fact that my parents thought it was beautiful. I know that it is a commonly used name but that is only because it is a beautiful name, not because the parents couldn't think of another name for their daughter but because they heard about the name and loved it. I don't think that the origin of any name actually matters as long as you like the name and it speaks to you. I have many reviews about my name and not even half of them are true, for example "Emily is always a beautiful girl with brown hair and hazel eyes" this is completely untrue.
Emily St. Aubert is the protagonist of Ann Radcliffe's influential Gothic novel, The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794).
Emily (Wilding) Davison (1872-1913), suffragette who threw herself under the King's horse in order to attract his attention to make a difference for women everywhere.
My name is Emily. I think it's boring.
At least it isn't a tarty name though, or a name with youneek spelling, so it could be a lot worse.
There weren't any other Emily's in my school growing up but there are a lot of people my age who have named their kids Emily.
My name is Emily and I do not think it is a bad name. Yes, it is quite overused however that doesn't mean that the actual name itself is bad or that anybody named Emily is bad. I don't see the point in hating a name, all names have a meaning. I bet that the majority of Emily's in the world were chosen to be called Emily for whatever special reason. A name is just a name, a way to identify a person. What does it matter that there is more than one Emily in your class? School isn't forever and I think it's beautiful that people have liked the name Emily so much that they use it a lot, it really makes me proud to be called Emily. People have also said that they dislike the name because they have known somebody called Emily who they didn't really get along with. Sadly, we don't get along with everybody and it's unfortunate that the person you didn't like was/is called Emily. This is still not a good reason to dislike all people with that name. Emily may have dropped somewhat in the current standings, but it was the most popular name for over a decade because it appeals as a girls' name on many levels: Emily is feminine, classic, simple, pretty, and strong. It also has those nice literary namesakes, like Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë. We are all unique and special in our own ways so never let a name change your opinion of someone.
I hate this name! I have used it for over 37 years. It is cursed. I have horrible luck. Every time I hear it, I just want to scream. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I think it was invented by satan worshippers to torture poor girls. Everyone knows that satan worshippers read the bible backwards. With this cloud glooming over my head I spelled it backwards. I was curious. There just seemed to be some kind of evil associated with the name. Ylime. K-eylime. There is no dang key! I am out, looking for another name. Thank you, B-bye.
Emily is alright. Amaly is much more beautiful.
Lovely classic feminine name. All you Emily's out there had better thank your parents for giving you such a beautiful name. Today's young parents are showing their ignorance when they give their babies some trendy, made-up, misspelled mess of a name... Brinzleigh, Kerrolynnia etc. Worse when they give their daughter a masculine name... James, Aubrey, Madison, Ryan. Still worse are the place names Brooklyn, Houston, Jaxson. Names that have been around since Biblical times are so much better than the trendy, time-stamped, teen mom names that parents come up with these days. They are not showing their creativity--they are showing their stupidity. Hooray for Emily & Elizabeth & Caroline & Rebecca & John & David & William &...!
My name is Emily and I really like my name. I think the name Emily is elegant and pretty. I just think people don't like the name because it's toooo popular and it is overused but that's because it's such a pretty name. It's very immature for people to hate the name because so many people like and use the name.
I like it, but it's far too common.
My name is Emily and I love it, I wouldn't have rather been called any other name in the whole wide world! I think it really suits me!
I think it's fairly popular, but not overly popular for my age group and country (teenagers in England and Australia). At primary school I was the only Emily in my year, at my first high school there was only one other Emily out of 120 girls in my year and at my current school there are two other Emilys out of 140 girls in my year. So it's not as bad as Emma or Hannah, there's about 7 of each in my year alone!
For the people who said "it's the worst name ever" and "the name disgusts me", how would you know? Obviously you don't have the name Emily, otherwise you would know that it's brilliant :)
I don't really mind its popularity, people can name their children whatever they want! It just means that lots of others like the name Emily too :)
Way too overused. Six Emily's (seven with the teacher) in my reading class this year. Not to mention that three of them had the exact same initials, so when someone came in and asked for Emily, it took a long while to figure out which exact Emily they were looking for.
Emily Davison (1872-1913), British militant suffragette accidentally killed when she stepped in front of the king's horse on Derby Day at Epsom - a famous, or infamous, incident.
Guys who do not like this name because it is "too popular" it is only too popular because it is such a cool name that loads of people love! That is why it is popular! :-)
I don't know about other countries, but in the United States, this is a very popular name for girls. I know several Emily's.
Lovely name. It plays a nice tune in your voice when you say it.
Johnny Depp is a John, and it didn't stop him. If an Emily is just another one from the bunch, that's because she is the one that's boring or incompetent, it must be sad when the only thing that makes you special is your name when that's not even your own "achievement" but your mom's/dad's. Give your child a name you love, don't think about popularity, a plain forgettable kid will be plain by any other name, and it's not the end of the world, my stepfather is super boring but he is a good man, nothing to do with him named Louis. Unless you hate your last name, because then I understand since they are used to differentiate kids not because they can't remember their face, (COME ON) just to know which one they are referring to. I love this name but I understand if someone doesn't, except when they are hating on it because of popularity, it must be a very boring world where they live that the most remarkable thing people have is their name.
My name is Emily, obviously. This is why I do not care for my name, but everyone's experience is different. In my experience of 11 public schools over a two year period, there were at least 3 Emily's in my classroom for every school except two. Just in my class room. Another thing to note is I eventually went to a catholic high school, all girls, and 15% of my class was named Emily, it was the most popular name in school. I have a step sister named Emily, and we are the same age, in the same class, the same small town, and as a result, rumors of her escapades heard by our parents, she could easily say it was about me instead of her. She started so many rumors about me, and it was miserable. Her mother called her: Emma, Emi, Em, and every obvious nickname for it, so I did not use any of those. But my parents and family had their own pet names for me such as Amelia Bedilia, Sweetie, and a few others. They never actually called me "Emily" unless they were mad at me, or mocking me. I have a passionate personality, and I was often mocked, and no one really realized that they never called me by my name unless angry or frustrated, and in turn they never could fully understand the lasting effect that has stemmed from it. I began going by Ellie, because my sister took all of the other nick names, I took out the 'M'. I was named after my grandmother though and this offended my entire family. I am now called by so many names that none feel like my own. My own name feels foreign and hideous to me and only reminds me of the mean way people would say my name when angry. So whatever you choose to call your child, remember to say the name that you give them both in POSITIVE, and negative situations, rather than only calling them by their nickname positively and real name negatively.
I really like this name! It's really classy! It's just one of the most popular names I know so I can't use it!
I think Emily is such an eloquent name. It's so classy and smart. Every time I think of EMILY as NINA Dobrev. Anyone Else?
Well, my name is Emily! Everyone calls me Milly. I happen to love love love the name. The downside is it's three syllables and takes so long to say. That's why I like Milly. My parents picked the name for me and I would like to thank them because I love having this name. One thing that is wrong is I am really ugly, so people like to call me uglymilly. I used to think it was just a joke but now I realize I actually am ugly.
Emily Atack (Born: December 18, 1989) is an English actress.
(new to this site, so you might see a lot of my comments near the bottom of the sections.)I looove this name! It has such a beautiful sound and spelling, and is better than Emma, imo. Just so elegant, I can see why it's so popular. It's not too long or too short and is perfect in length, but has such cute nn's like Em, Emmy, or my fav. Milly! Yes, it is really common, but there's a reason why! If it was a "terrible" name it wouldn't be on the list. Beautiful. :)
Gorgeous name! Xx
Many people have expressed that it doesn't matter if the name is common. It might not matter to people that don't have the name, but it does to people who do. It might have many nicknames, but lots of girls don't like people calling them "Em" or "Emmy". I am in seventh grade and am one of four Emily's in my grade, which I find ridiculous. I don't really like nicknames, but many of my classmates call me by my last name to avoid the question, "which one?". Though a name being common does not affect the way it sounds, pretty or otherwise, a name being too common can be a problem for the one with it. Also, Emma is not a nickname for Emily, it is a separate name.
There is a fictional character called Emily Elizabeth who is the owner of Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Stop hating on Emily! All the girls with bland names like Emily and Emma help girls with slightly more interesting names stand out.
I have always loved the name Emily. When my daughter was born I wanted that to be her first name; however, my mother's name was Joanne and my mother-in-law's name was Johanna. We decided to give her the first name of Joanna and used Emily as her middle name. I think her name sounds beautiful, and she has always liked her name, which is nice, too!
I really like the name Emily and I think that everyone saying it is a horrible name because it is rather common or they know someone called Emily and they are mean is a horrible person because the majority of people with that name are not mean and can't actually choose their name so go away :/ Also you can't say that because one person you know is called Emily and is mean doesn't mean that you can insult EVERYONE with that name because most people that search up the name Emily are called Emily themselves and read your comments about how everyone ever with that name is common and a terrible person with an awful personality so shut up ;)
Emily Scott is a famous model and dancer on Australia's Dancing with the Stars. She was married to Ritchie Neville from Five.
Beautiful. The reason its popular is because its so pretty, and that's fine. There is nothing worse than someone trying to name their kid an unusual, exotic name. Usual names actually sound the most dignified and real. No one wants to deal with someone named Melodina or Skylar.
Say all you want people, say all you want.
This name will never EVER get old.
Rare names will vanish and names like these
Will be passed on for generations. Because names that last for hundreds of years
Have history and depth. Names exist for a reason not to please
You haters. I love a lot of names and the name Emily means
A lot to me. Thank You VERY MUCH.
My sisters name is Emily rose, we call her em mostly.
Three words: Overused, plain, and boring.I never met a Emily or a mean one for that matter, but I really don't like this name. To me, Emily has a very ugly sound and looks childish and very immature. I can't really picture a grown woman who is thirty-five named Emily. Also, it looks downright silly written out on paper and said out loud but this is just my opinion. So, if I'm going to be bashed on for not loving this "beautiful" name, so be it. I think it's ridiculous people are telling us "Stop hating on Emily!" It's stupid. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.Not all names can be universally loved, can they?
This has to be the ugliest name outside of the 'hood. It looks and sounds like some unfortunate dog-killing disease.
"What happened to Old Yeller?"
"Heard he got Emily; up and died."
"So sad"Met a bunch of cool Emilys in my time, but I hate that name. Emma is almost as bad; it evokes toothlessness for me some how. Stay away from the "EM"s when naming your kids.
It sounds very pretty. However, it's so popular. I bet if you're an Emily, you would meet at least a hundred other Emily's before you die. I have yet to find another person with my name, which I'm glad about.
Emily Deschanel is the actress who plays Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan on the TV series 'Bones', and the sister of Zooey Deschanel. Both supremely talented actresses!
Boring name. Mix it with another name, like Emily-Rose, Emily-Anne, Emily-May etc.
Actress Emily Blunt is a famous bearer.
I don't really know why "Emily" is so popular. I thinks it's WAY too common, WAY too overused (I know four Emily's.) And way too preppy. When I think of "Emily" I envision a pretty, Abercrombie-clad blonde rich girl. If you like that, fine, but for me, it sounds kind of dumb.
Name of the Day: May 6, 2013.
Emily "Emma" Stone is an American actress.
If I am judging this solely on hearing it (and not on the name being overused), I love the name. It's really pretty and flows nicely.
I've read the comments and I don't know why people are judging the name on just how popular it might be where they live. Also, I've read how some people are disliking the name solely on an unpleasant experience on a girl named Emily.
I'm an Emily and there's only one other in my grade who's not even in my class. There's one two years older than me and another one younger. The other girls are really nice and aren't mean or stuck-up.
My mum chose my name just because she liked it. It was never a back-up name either. She never wanted any of us to have very popular names.
It is a boring name, everyone is called Emily! I know 8 Emily's. It doesn't mean enything! What's the point in being called Emily? It's not unique, and it is so dull. I hate it!
I hate this name! Very boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring...
Emma is better.
Emily is the most perfect name ever since it goes well with a lot of last names. It's sounds and looks way more elegant than Emma. It's also musical and literacy gold. There's a lot of songs name Emily and there's a band call Emily's army. So who cares this a common name having this name want to make you different which is a good name for your daughter. Anyway people are so discourage about using this name that pretty soon it's not going to be popular and yet again be usable once more. Either way someday I am going to use this name uncommon or not because my daughter is going to be too awesome to forget. If you think your daughter is awesome enough to not be forgotten by a crowd of Emily's then use this name and don't worry.
I do think it's a sweet name, but I also think it's beyond overused and stale, and has no originality left. An Emily will probably have to put up with at least two other Emilys at school, and that can be very annoying and confusing. Can you imagine going through school as "Emily B." or "Emily J."? It's not a name people are going to go "Wow! How pretty!" at. It's only going to produce an "Oh, another one?"If you still want to use this name, I beg you, do not try to spell it "Emalee", "Emma-Lee", "Emelie", or other stuff like that, because it's only going to make you look like you can't spell. Why not go instead for a similar name, like Amelia, Emilia, Emilienne, or Emmeline? All are much fresher, underused names.
Nicknames include: Em, Emi, Emmy, Emma, Ejay (my 2nd middle is Jane) and Milly.
This is my name and I love it. I go by Milly and I was named after my great-grandma, Mildred, who died 4 years before I was born. Her dying wish was to have a great-grandchild named Milly but not named Mildred or Millicent or Amelia. So Emily I became.
My name is Emily and it's an alright name. It's simple, not hard to say, and people remember it easily. Yeah there are times that I wish that my name was more exotic/original but I love it and it seems to suit me too.
My friend is called Emily so I'm probably biased but I like this name. I think it's a pretty, respectable name that earned its popularity. It suits a variety of personalities.Conversely, its popularity means someone is more likely to meet people they don't like with this name, which is why some commenters here have bad associations with it.
My name is Emily Kate and sometimes my family runs it together when talking to me. I do not understand why everyone is hating on the name Emily just because it is common or they know someone who they did not like that has this name. I personally love my name and I think it sounds very pretty and classic. I do not think it is modern at all... The reason it is so popular is because it truly is such a beautiful and classic name. Emily was not a very popular name when I was born and I only know two other Emilys. I like it much better than Emma and I think that it will last much longer than these other awful, strangely spelled names like Brayleigh and Kaylee and so on. I just think that it is a pretty timeless name and people need to stop hating.
Emily Jordan Osment is an American actress.
This reminds me of a spoiled brat.
I know a girl who spells her name Emmalee.
Emily Carr (1871-1945) was a Canadian painter of Expressionist landscapes.
Emily is a very beautiful name. A bit on the pink and girly side, but not excessively.
Yes, this name is WAY too overused, but I like it. What I don't like are the people who give their poor babies WAY too over-the-top spellings of the name, like Emmuhleiygh. Ick.
Okay, although two of my best friends and my cousin have this name, I'll say it - this name is pretty overused. It's a nice name, yes, but you can't really go anywhere without seeing an Emily. It is a really pretty name though.
Emily Rozek is an American stage actress. She is best known as Sutton Foster's cover as the titular character in the Broadway musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and for covering the role of Glinda in the first national touring and LA companies of "Wicked".
While, yes, this name is extremely popular... But my opinion is not swayed by that factor-- it is simply that "Emily" is a horrendously ugly name. I cannot fully explain the reason for my disgust, only that it possesses a hideous pronunciation and written spelling. Names that end in an "EE" sound typically are very childish... This is case is no different. It is manic senile and geriatric, to be honest.
Please stop bashing the name Emily! Just because it is popular, doesn't mean it is a name to be hated! There is a reason Emily is so popular - parents love the name Emily because it is so pretty and classic at the same time. I find Emily to be prettier than Emma, which I think is too "harsh" sounding.
This is my name, and while I like it a lot, it's EXTREMELY popular and wherever I go I'm bound to find someone else with this first name. I've gotten really used to going by Emily S., which I don't really like. However, I love the fact that the name ages well, it has a pretty sound, and no one has ever been able to derive an offensive or derogatory nickname from Emily. Overall, go ahead and use this name if you like it, but make sure you like your last name--she'll have to deal with being called "Emily Smith" or whatever quite a bit.
What's with all the rude comments!? :( My name is Emily and I like my name! :)
My niece's first name. I love this name for her, mostly because she's so cute. Wuthering Heights is also one of my sister's favorite books, so she loved this name very much.
Such a pretty name...
My name is Emily, and I hate this name sooooo much. I have so many friends with the same name. It's like talking to yourself.
To me Emily is a very rough name that doesn't slide off your tongue well. I slightly despise the name because it is my cousin's who is evil incarnated...
This is my little sister's name & it is so pretty! It fits her perfectly! I love this name:)
Until I came to this site I never realized how popular the name "Emily" was. I mean, growing up, I heard it everywhere. Like the character "Emily" in Little Bear. And as I got older, I got into more mature things, I became a big fan of the actress Emily Osment (from Hannah Montana and Dadnapped). And a few years back I had a friend called Emily. I never really had an opinion of this name, it was just something I heard a lot of. I wouldn't name my child this, but I can't hate it because all the Emilys I've known throughout my life are really amazing people and it made me love the name. Besides, it's pretty in and of itself!
I love the name Emily. It's cute and feminine. But I prefer it spelled Emilie.
This name has been sickeningly overused, but I still think it's lovely.
My sister's name!
Yea, it's popular, but have you thought of all the nicknames that come with this? Emmy, Emma, Emi, Em, Emem, I even call her M&M (not meant to be an insult, just a pet name for her.) Plus, now it's decreasing in popularity. It dropped from #1 to #3 in one year. And it only stayed #1 for about half a decade. My sister doesn't have many problems in class. In fact, I don't believe she's run into any other Emilys in her class. Plus, I had a relative named Emil, which makes it ten times better! So I see nothing wrong with this.
I think this is a beautiful name, but it's waaay too overused for me to ever consider giving it to a child.
Overused, plain, boring.
Emily Baines is the lead singer of metric.
Her name is Emily Haines, not Baines.
I know a girl called Emily and her middle name is Grace. Emily Grace. It sounds so elegant and pretty!
This is my name and I simply love it! I was born in 1988 and I've only even known one other person my age with this name. My parents gave me this name because of their love of Emmylou Harris and Emily Dickinson. There was one point in time where I thought it was really girly and I didn't like it but the fact that my parents gave me a name that really meant something to them is why I've grown to love it!
I like Emily but it is WAY too popular in England, every little girl is called this!
Emily is very elegant.
I think this is a lovely, charming name, but I don't think I'd use it just due to it being too common. If it were nowhere near as common, I would consider using it because it is a beautifully traditional name. :)
I love this name so much however I think it is too popular so I prefer the spelling Emmaleigh as this also incorporates another of my favourite names (Emma). I would also like to use the name Emma but it is also very popular and the name of my cousin so Emmaleigh is a way of having two of my favourite names in one without it being too popular. :)
My name is Emily. It took me a long time to like it because of the popularity, but now I think it's a rather classy name. I'm quite proud to have it. It sounds beautiful and it's not a name that's going to sound weird when anyone with it is in their eighties.
A long time ago, I posted that Emily (and some other names) was overused, and I left it at that. However, Emily has grown on me. I can at least see WHY it's popular, like another user stated. It's a beautiful name, with a beautiful sound. True, the face that it means "rival" may be off-putting to some people, but people like Emily Bronte are fantastic namesakes! (I'm not a big fan of Emily Dickinson.) And while Emma is pretty, too, it's (in my opinion) too short/simple for a first name. (For the same reason, I'm not keen on Ann/Anne, either.)
Now, about popularity, Emily is currently #3 in America for girls (behind Isabella and, of course, Emma). It's being encroached by Ava, which I don't mind, and Madison & Addison, both of which I can't STAND and think sound way too trendy and masculine (they end with "son")!
So, here's to hoping Emily stays more popular.
This is my name and I have hated it since I was 6. I'm close to 20 now and I'm going to get a name change. My dislike of Emily has nothing to do with its popularity either. I have always been a tomboy and the name Emily is just too frilly and delicate for me. It doesn't suit my personality at all.
I think the name Emily is cute but it is MUCH too common.
I have known four Emilys in my life. No offense to them, but this name is common and unoriginal. It's getting right up there with Ashley.
Emily is a very nice name.
Ugh, okay people, just because you know 2 Emilys does not mean the name is uncommon.
Ugh, I mean okay if you asked about 10 random women off the street what their name was I could promise you at least ONE would be named Emily, so common and not pretty at all. If you yelled out EMILY at Disneyland about 25 girls would turn around, I just really don't like this name. Just beware, don't name your kid this.
Guys, guys, give Emily a break! Just because it's popular doesn't make it a bad name. It's spelled correctly. It's not made up. It is (in my opinion), a pretty, sweet, feminine name. And it's not even the top name any more. It's not my favorite name, but I wouldn't groan with disappointment when I see a little Emily. If you're going to name your daughter Emily, I recommend giving her an uncommon middle name so she has an alternative if she really does have three other Emilys in her class. (Which is highly unlikely.)
I have also heard Emily be pronounced Ih mill' e. It is harder to pronounce but it sounds nicer than how it is regularly pronounced. It is a pretty name but it is overused now.
It would drive me crazy having to have to use my last name ALL the time just to be recognized. I would never put someone through that.
I don't hate it, but I don't like this name. It's a bit ugly, and it sounds snobbish or conceited. Emily is a good name for all ages, though.
One word YUCK!
I never really liked the name Emily, nor Emma (even though Emma is my name). I always thought it would be better if parents made up their child's name instead of using it over and over again. I don't want to destroy peoples' impression of the name Emily, but I recommend you DO NOT use that as a childs name.
Oh come on, it's a shame that this is a common name at all. It's really ugly, and it makes be think of a conceited girl. Don't name anybody this.
My gosh! Can this name get any more popular?!
Emily is no longer the #1 name for girls, being replaced by Emma. I doubt this will make a huge difference, though, as Emily at #1 still didn't make a full 1%!
My name is Emily, when I was younger I didn't like it but now I do. People usually call me Em. Even though Emily is a popular name, it's not like I run into twelve other Emily's daily. In my lifetime I've only met about three or four.
Although Emily is a very common feminine name, I like it very much. It's sweet and pleasing to the ear and unlike many names that are passing fads, will endure for centuries to come.
I like Emily very much as a feminine name, even though it is very common. Way nicer to the ear than Emma, which isn't a bad name but Emily to me is much sweeter.
Pretty with a good history and meaning behind it, but I would never, ever use it. Emma and Emily are the Ashley and Brittany of this generation. If you absolutely must use an Em name, use Emmeline. It's just as pretty and your daughter won't be turning her head every time someone shouts out Emily.
My name is Emily and I really like the name! I hate how people automatically hate the name because it's so common. Another thing that bugs me is when someone bases their opinion on some girl named Emily that was mean to them when they were young. I think this name is simple yet elegant.
I kinda like the spelling Emmaleigh.
Emily is the name of my sister. I think it is a wonderful name.
Emily Murphy was a journalist, writer and the first female judge in the British Empire in 1916. She was one of the women who led the fight to qualify women as "persons" under the eye of the law in Canada.
I like this name even though it's common. It sounds sweet. And I agree, it does sound much better than Emma.
Even though it's so popular, at least this one I can understand WHY it is. It's a lovely name (not my favorite, but still). I envision an Emily being anything from a quiet sophisticated girl with long black hair to a fun spunky girl with a curly bob. :D
A bit too common for my liking, but I love it spelled 'Emmalee' or 'EmmaLee'. :)
Emily has been ranked as the #1 girl name for 7 years. Now that is what you call overused. Pretty name, but so many girls have it!
I've never been fond of the name Emily. It's so common and plain. I teach at an elementary school, and there are no less than 7 Emily's (or variations of the spelling, which makes it all the more annoying and confusing) in the first grade alone. Three of them in my class. Be a little more creative, parents.
A name is merely a name, it is no reflection of the individual's personality. My name is Emily and I am content.
A very pretty name - it isn't surprising that it's been consistently popular for the past few years. One thing that bothers me, though, is altering its spelling. Not so much Emily's, but Emmalee's, Emaleigh's, Emiley's, etc. If you want your daughter to be Emily, stick with Emily. Butchering its beauty is just plain wrong - it's the name that's beautiful, that's special - adding another letter doesn't make it "unique". More so trying too hard.
While most people say emma-lee when they pronounce it, I know quite a few people who pronounce it Im-ill-e. I like the latter of the versions better as it sounds less like the overused name we have all come to know.
The title character in William Faulkner's famous short story "A Rose for Emily" bears this name. (Not a good association).
Although I don't like the meaning of this name - rival - I do like the flow of it. It's one of my favorites.
A classic novel by L. M. Montgomery is called Emily of New Moon. Its Sequels are Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest. They are actually pretty good.
I've had a few laughs reading people's opinions of the names Emma and Emily. I'm an Emma, but don't have a problem if people call me Emily. I like both names, even though I wish that they weren't so popular. No offense, but it annoys me when someone judges a name based off of knowing someone named a particular name.
Isn't it interesting that this name means "rival" when Charlotte Bronte eluded to her slight jealousy of her sister's writing in her postmortem introduction to Wuthering Heights? Just a thought.
I love this name. And the person who said people who name their children Emily have bad taste- How dare you? That is incredibly rude. This name is very pretty, despite its popularity, I love it. It's also my name. I find it a beautiful name, and I love when people call me Em. I love this name, but I don't like the fact I've been called Emily R my whole life.
Ashley, Emily, Hannah, Sarah, and Tiffany all have one thing in common: overused.
Emily means industrious from the Latin Amelius.
I've always liked this name, but it's getting too popular.
My real name is Emily but I hate it. I like to be called Emma but I would much rather be referred to by my middle of Confirmation names. I used to love Emily cause when I was a little girl nobody was named Emily but a lot of my friends always had to do a doubly take when names were called because of repeats. I hate being like the rest of everyone. That's probably why instead of having a boring Confirmation name I took a big one. I think that people should be different in naming their kids because otherwise it's all gonna be confusing. Unusual names may seem tough in the beginning for others but chances are nobody else will have that name and your kid will be unique. Of course everyone is unique but sometimes being just a little out there helps make lifelong friends who know your craziness but love you for it anyway. A name is important, don't let it be pulled from the top but let it come out from under the dust to be polished off on your child for their life.
I HATE this name. It's so ugly. My name is Emma and people are always calling me Emily and I'm like eww that's an ugly name. No offense to the Emilys out there. Your parents just have incredibly bad taste.
I really don't like this name, it's too commen and bland for me. But every Emily I ever met was very beautiful and when I think of 'Emily' I think of a little doll for some reason. I don't hate this name because it's common or anything I just don't like it. But a lot of pretty girls are named it.
Emily Catherine is my name! I think it is a very pretty name, although it's quite common (it wasn't when I was born in 1992). There were about 6 Emilys in my secondary school year but I am the only Emily starting my 6th form in September, so despite its popularity in America and everywhere else, it's not that common where I live. I have loads of nicknames for it. My family and close friends call me Em or Emmy or Embo. My little sisters call me Mem and Memly. And I still get called little Emmy by my grandma! Emily is a nice name!
A character from the comedy TV show Little Britain is called Emily Howard.
Seeing as this name has been the most commonly given name to girls in America for more than a decade, it is obviously very common and overused, and the name choice is thus hideously boring. It's not that it isn't a pretty name, but it's nauseatingly common. While the name is classical and doesn't have a trashy or ditzy sound to it, it has always sounded rather girly to me, that is, quite youthful, and when I hear the name, the first thing that pops to my mind is a little girl, not a woman.
This name has a matchless flow to it, both spry and gentle.
As an Emily from the mid-80s, I'm almost ready to believe this fluff about Emily being the most popular name for years is nonsense. I didn't meet a single Emily my age growing up (although there were never fewer than three Jessicas or Jennifers in any given classroom), and my mother runs a preschool/elementary private school in California, and has about three Emilys total. Lesson learned: In the old days, the top 10 names were given to a much larger percentage of the total kids born than today. I have yet to know someone well, my age or otherwise, named Emily.
When I hear this name I can’t help but think at how bland this name has become.
Emily, the sister of Hippolyta and sister-in-law to Theseus and with whom Arcite and Palamon fall in love with in the Knight's Tale in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
I love the name Emily. It may be way overused, but it's very beautiful.
Emily is my middle name. I'm from Russia and Emily is a rare name here. I like the way it sounds together with my first very overused name Anna.
I like this name, but it is VERY, VERY, VERY popular!
I get frightened when I hear this name. The Exorcism of Emily Rose movie pops into my head and I want to go up under the covers and hide.
Yes, it's number 1 with regard to popularity, but statistically, about one baby out of 100 born in 2006 is named Emily. That's not a lot. Plus, does it really matter if a lot of people share the same name? Middle names can be used if it gets to be a problem, e.g. E. Eloise Smith, instead of Emily E. Smith. I also am bothered by spellings such as "Emalee." Leave it Emily. 1/100 babies isn't a lot. This is a really pretty name, appropriate for a girl throughout her life. But only when spelled Emily.
My name is Emily, and although I dislike that it is so common, I wouldn't change my name. I love the way it sounds. But is it true that it means God's Promise? That would be nice. :)
Emily is Molly's - a World War II doll from American Girl - best friend who comes to America from England to escape the war.
So uhm, my name's Emily. I find it extremely rude, that people have "strongly advised" people to not name their kids Emily. I do believe it's not your business what they name their kids. Also, to the people who have said that Emily is very common, yeah, it is. Does that mean the people named Emily are just ordinary, they can't be unique? You know, maybe I'M the crazy one, but I think that someone's name could never restrict their creativity. I know I'm going off on this. However, people need some common sense. A name is just what you call someone. Does it define who they are? Not at all. You make your own definition. Whether Emily to some people means that rude kid who teased you? That may be true for them. Just don't go around saying that everyone named Emily will be like that. Everyone should have an opportunity to make their name their own. I know I have.
My name is Emily and I think it is a wonderful name! I do agree that it is over-used. However, that doesn't make me like the name any less. I enjoy famiy and friends calling me by shortened versions as well. Such as Em, Emmy and Emma. I find it quite rude when people say is is a disgraceful name and things of that nature.
Being a bearer of this name, I feel I must comment. It's extremely common and overused, and I don't like it. There are many Emilys in my grade level, and often I get confused when people yell out "Emily" in the hallways of my school. I would not suggest it as a name, but it's just my thought on it.
British actress Emily Mortimer bears this name. She has appeared in such movies as "Bright Young Things", "The Pink Panther", "Match Point", and "Lars and the Real Girl".
I've never liked Emily that much. I just don't see how it's so popular. At least there's a reason behind Jacob and Micheal being so popular but with Emily it's starting to become a name someone would pick if they can't find anything else. Also, I think it depends where you live, I don't know any Emilys and never have so that was probably why I don't get it.
It sounds okay at first but when you're a teenager it sounds really childish and I'm surprised it's in the top names, it's actually not that pretty, it's too boring.
My aunt (who is 70-something) changed her name from Emily to Barbara when she was 14, because she thought Emily was too old-fashioned and sounded prim. 50 years later, millions of babies are being called Emily. Funny how names drop in and out of fashion.
I like it. It's good, and personally (I'm going to get flames for this from the tradition-upholders) I think it's a nice boy's name as well.
My name is Emmeleigh Shane, and I love it although the spelling is a bit unique. I would say not to be afraid to give this name just because it's popular, there were only 8 "Emily's" in my class of 2100.
This is a lovely, feminine name, but it's way too overused. If you really like Emily but are afraid of its popularity, I suggest that you go with the similar `Amelie`. It seems like just another variant, but it's actually a real name. You could also go with Emilie, which isn't a variant either. Emilie and Amelie are ACTUAL names.
This is a lovely name, very feminine, but WAY too overused. It has been the top girls name for 10 YEARS! How much more overused can it get? Don't let your little girl become just another Jennifer, Lisa, Ashley, Brittany, Tiffany, etc.
It's a really pretty name.
I really like this name. Never knew it was so popular. I only know one Emily. I know a girl that's name is Emmalee and one that's Emilie and they all are pronounced pretty much the same but I only know one Emily in real life.
The actress that plays Lily Truscott on Hannah Montana is named Emily Osment.
I think it's a very feminine name and I think it's really pretty.
This is my youngest daughter's middle name (Piper Emily) and I think it's beautiful and much more sophisticated than Emma.
This is an ok name. It's got some background at least. It's too popular though. It also sounds just a tad too English, and thus too snooty, as if the parents want their kids to grow up to be a famous writer. Give it a rest mommies and daddies.
One name that is similar in sound and feel to Emily but not nearly as popular is Amelia. I think parents who like Emily but are put off by its popularity should definitely consider this old, lovely, but underused name.
A lot of people think Emily is a good name, but I strongly advise that you do not, under any circumstance, name your child this. It is way too short, way too overused, and will probably make your child somewhat confused about common things. If you really want to name your child Emily, try to find a name that includes or is related to the name Emily, and use Emily as a nickname. Your daughter will thank you one day.
I loved this name, and I agree it is very popular so I decided to try and search for another name. Alas I couldn't! So my daughter ended up being Emeleigh (pronounced Emi-lee) and it's amazing the attention she gets about her name and the spelling! So simple but yet so unique, I picked well, and gave it a flair! Love the name!
Emily means rival.
I know about 6 Emilies. It's ok, there are definitely more attractive. I wouldn't use it. Not to mention that it's getting to the point where any Emily could be "Emily C." or "Emily who goes to Calculus" or "Emily in the red shirt" "blond Emily" or any other thing that basically says "there are so many Emilies. Tough to pick one out of the crowd."
Popularity doesn't usually change my mind. Therefore I love this name!
Well, it's my name. It's not a bad name I guess, I've heard worse. There are way too many people who have it though.
Obscenely common, otherwise it has a nice ring to it.
A famous bearer is Emily Morrison - daughter of Keith Morrison, NBC newscaster and sister of Matthew Perry.
Ah, I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean offense. I just think it's wayyyy common and I dislike it for that. Just for the record, if it were below the top 10, I'd love it, but its' been #1 for 10 years, and any girl with it will have little or no sense of individuality. Sorry to write this essay but I just want to make sure that my little comment in the past isn't still making others angry. Peace out.
Hey! Don't say bad things about the name! Just because you hate someone with the name Emily is a pathetic reason to hate it. And not all girls with the name are stuck-up! I do believe I'm not. I'm quite possibly the biggest tomboy in existence. {well, not really, but close to it.} Although, I do hate someone named Emily who IS stuck-up. Mainly because she's stuck-up and shares my name.I was named about a year before it was popular, so nyah. *sticks tongue out* I only know 1 other Emily in my grade. And I even met her in junior high, which implies that I was the only Emily in my grade school classes. {and I was}
I think it's a lovely name. Especially when paired with a traditional name and if it's the middle name. By the way, it's my middle name and I go by it over my first name Sara.
Emily is MY name, and I actually like it a lot. It's pretty, and I'd much rather be named it than something else that's ugly. However, it wasn't as popular my year (1992, it was in seventh) so I don't run into other Emilys everywhere I turn at school. It's really not a bad name. It's a classic.
Emily is an okay name, but it is extremely overused. If you absolutely need to use this name, use it as a middle name.
I hate when people say Emily is overused and there's always 30 different people with that name. Just live with it. You can always change your name.
I don't really like #1 names much. My name is Natalia and I've been the only Natalia in my school up until this year, but it was spelt Natalya. If I were Emily, there would probably be at least 30 other Emily's.
I sort of like my name, Emily. I think it is pretty. But I HATE how popular it is. It gets annoying having 3 Emily's in one of my classes. I also hate when people call me Em.
My name is Emily, and while I do think that it is an exceedingly popular name, and sometimes overused, I am appalled and disgusted with some of the reviews people are leaving here. To hate all girls named Emily simply because you know a girl named Emily who is not very nice? That is superficial and childish. I hope to have many girls some day, and give each of them interesting and exotic names. (Probably Welsh.) Until then, suck it up, America, and get used to Emily!
It was such a pretty name until it became popular. I used to love that name, and now I hate it due to its new popularity.
My baby sister's name is Emily. She was born in 1999 before my mom realized it was the most popular name that year/decade. She did the same thing to me by naming me Amanda in 1985. I have to disagree with some of the comments about how "ugly" the name is and how all the "Emilys" are stuck up snobs. To those people maybe you need to expand your horizons. Though my sis can be a pain I love her and her name. She has a few different names Em, Emmy, Uddy, Meme.
Too drawn out and overused for my tastes. It's so common place nowaday that it's lost its charm.
As this is the most popular name in America right now, I don't think I'll use it for my daughter. It is still a pretty name and most of the Emilys I've met were nice, but is WAY too popular for my taste.
I hate the name Emily because it is way too common and I find it boring. I would not recommend using it whatsoever.
A lot of you have been saying you don't like the name Emily because someone with that name has picked on you.
I disagree with these statements: I too know people who annoy me with great names, but that's no excuse to not love a name. One of my favorite names is also the name of someone who has rubbed me the wrong way, but that doesn't stop me from liking it.Why do you think people name their daughters Emily, Emma, and Madison over and over again, despite the popularity? It's not necessarily because they feel like giving people boring names. They give them these names because they love them. Or maybe they were named after a relative or friend back when the name wasn't so popular. I got my middle name from being named after a parent's friend -- and my first name because the other parent simply loved the name. You don't name your children names you don't like. Obviously, there are many people in this world who love this name.
It's not just that people like the names. Names go through trends, like everything else. Emily is not a good example to use because it's been very popular for a very long time, and I personally like it very much myself--but a lot of popular names have been around for a very long time but were never incredibly common until recently. Few names have been steadily popular for generations, which means it has not so much to do with just liking the name.
Emily is Daniel Peggotty's niece in "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens.
Emily Robison plays the banjo in the Dixie Chicks.
I adore this name. Now that it's so very popular, I don't think I could ever use it. But it deserves all the popularity it has.
I adore the name Emily! I might use it as a middle name, due to its popularity as many have mentioned. Addison Emily? Bridget Emily? I also love Emilie. Emilia, nickname Emily, is a nice alternative.
Only recently did I realize what a truly lovely name this is. I never before noticed its gorgeous, sweet sound. Of course, it's practically unusable to name your daughter in this day and age, due to it's immense popularity in the U.S., Canada, and pretty much everywhere else in the world. Despite this, I think Emily would make a great middle name to an unusual first name such as Georgina/Georgiana, Liadan, Hadley, etc. I also like the nickname Emma. ;)
The name Emily is cute, but I think it is too popular. For some reason I think it sounds kind of old-fashioned too. I don't know.
Emily is really a beautiful name, it's too bad that it's getting so overused. But, eventually, the name will die down and then become popular again like the name Chloe.
This name is popular for a reason, because it's beautiful.
I'd like to say, I've heard a lot of people diss this name because it's soooo popular. Or they diss it because they knew someone who was mean who had that name. Neither of these are good reasons. My name is Emily, and I like it. It didn't hit number two until 1994 and it didn't hit number one until two years later. I was already on my way to walking by the time it hit numeral 2. When I was named, my parents knew of no Emilys but dead Emilys. But now I know scores, even one with the same last initial as me.The second reason, that you knew someone, we can't help that. It would be like hating all Brittney's because of Mrs. Spears. Or Jessicas because of Alba or Simpson. It's not fair, and everybody deserves a chance to make their own impresson. I would hate a lot of names if I went by one person with the name. There are pleanty of nice, unsnobish Emily's that hate being steryotyped, so please don't do this to us.
I really like this name, it's so sweet and cute!
Too many Emilys! Can't people think of different names!
It's a pity how popular it is. This name is so beautiful.
It is stupid trying to judge someone by their name, it is given to them by their parents as babies. In all honestly it is a better judge of the parents personality. Whether someone is called Emily, Mildred or Rain-blossom everyone has their own unique personality.
This is my mom's name, and I think it's such a pretty name. I would give my daughter this name, but I know how common it is. I don't want my child to go through life being known as "Emily S." I might consider giving it to my daughter as a middle name though.
Emily is a beautiful name, and all the Emilys I met were very nice. I love the definition too, Ireland. A nice Emily I knew was Irish.
1) The Latin family [gens] name -- Aemilius -- comes from the Latin word "aemulus", meaning "imitating, rivaling" [source:] -- So this "rival" challenges the opponent by first trying to imitate and EMULATE.
2) "Emily" comes "from the Latin word meaning 'industrious'” [source: < Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2006] -- So, after imitating/emulating, the "rival" then works hard to supercede their opponent = working to gain the upper hand by being "industrious".
3) It's interesting to note that there is a major region in Italy called Emilia-Romagna (it was the destination of a major road from Rome heading North called the "via Emilia," because it was built by the Aemilius family living in that region -- see also Wikipedia's citiation for the town, "Reggio Emilia".]) It just so happens to be the "second richest region" in Italy (according to Wikipedia), proving that the name still inspires people to be successfully industrious!
4) Under the name "Emily," you also may want to note that it has been the most popular girls name in the US for well over 10 years now.
I really don't understand why everyone says it's bad to have a common name. In my current high school of 1250 kids, there are, including myself, three other Emily's, one in grade 10, one in grade 11, and one in grade 12. In my last school of 700 kids, there was only one other Emily, and she wasn't in any of my classes. In my elementary school, of 500 kids, I was the only Emily. So maybe it's not as popular as people think. Personally, I love my name, Emily Anna, but everyone doesn't have to.
Actually, Emma can also be used in Emmaline.
My name is Emilly, although spelt with 2 L's.
I think it's a nice name and certainly not boring. Although when I was born there wasn't any other Emilly's or Emily's about, it is very popular now.
Emily is a really beautiful name. It's really overused though. It's a unique name but not anymore since it's like the #1 name! I wouldn't use it, unless it's not that popular in like 15 years!
There is a novelist named Emily Giffin.
Another famous Emly is Emily Fletcher of the series "AvALoN Web of Magic' by Rachel Roberts (awesome read - look it up! Really! It's about magic, and it's pretty cool in states of main characters' personalitites).I love this name. I dunno why. I just do. Really. I like the name Emily. It's pretty, if you stop and think about it. It's plain at first thought, but slowly the name entwines your tongue in a smooth action, and you start falling in love with it.
This name is lovely!
I like this name. It is my #2 favorite name, next to Emma. However, I would spell it Emmalee or Emma-Leigh, not this common spelling.
I think the name's meaning 'rival' makes it a not so delicate name, and it reduces its appeal. In addition to that, too common names are a huge turn off.
Emily has been used since the 1880's and the start of the boom of the name Emily began in the 1960's.
I think Emily is such a sweet name. Very dainty.
People say the name Emily is so popular, but I only know 2 girls named Emily. Maybe it's not very popular where I live.
Emily is a nice name, but I prefer Emma.
Emily does indeed mean 'industrious,' as it is derived from Emil of the same meaning.
Nicknames for Emily could be Em, Ems, Ema, Milly or Lily.
This name like its similarly spelled/sounding counterpart Emma, has become so overused that it has no major appeal anymore. A very boring name in my opinion.
I like Emily, I think it sounds pretty even though it's popular. I don't like it when people hate the name just because it's so popular. I like it because it's pretty. I don't hate it like others do just because it's popular. I think others should give it a chance.
Pretty name, but too popular!
Emily Byrd Starr was the enchanting main character in L.M. Montgomery's Emily trilogy. Personally, I have always liked Emily better than Anne Shirley.
A nice name but far too common and overused in this day and age.
Pink Floyd has a song called "See Emily Play." Good song.
Famous bearer: U.S. figure skater Emily Hughes, who competed in the 2006 winter Olympics. She is the younger sister of 2002 gold medalist Sarah Hughes.
I actually prefer Emily over the name Emma. Emily is more delicate and graceful. I don't care how popular the name is, it is still beautiful. My name Jennifer is very popular but that doesn't bother me any. I only know of a girl named Emma in my son's class but not any named Emily.
I used to have this name. I strongly suggest that you do not choose this name for a girl-it's too common at least in England anyway. I had 3 girls in my class that shared the same name and as previously said we had to call ach 'Emily W'/'Emily H' and 'Emily H2', it got a bit confusing. The nicknames are horrible, such as Em/"M" and Emmy or Emi-Wemi. There are only a few historical/literary people with this name so it hardly compensates there.
I personally like the name Emily, and Emma. But whether you like a name shouldn't be based on popularity, you should like or dislike a name for what it is; it shouldn't bother you that it's very popular. You also shouldn't dislike a name because of bad memories of a person who had it, it's the person who was horrible not the name. And I do like more unique names too.
Emily is a pretty sweet name. I don't like how common it is though.
British writer Emily Bronte bore this name.
I love this name. It is so beautiful. I just wish it weren't so common! One possible variation is Emma Leigh.
It sounds really cute and great for a girl, but my general impression is it's a name that parents use like a back-up when they can't think of any other names to give to their daughters, and I guess that's why it's so common.
This is a kind of boring name, in my opinion, and it is WAY too popular!
Emily Osment is the actress who played Gertie Giggles in "Spy Kids 2" and 3D. She is the younger sister of actor Haley Joel Osment.
I'm not really a fan of this name. It's too popular.
Apart from the fact that Emily is very popular, it is still a beautiful name.
This name is really ugly. All the Emilys I know are very stuck-up girls. And I don't want to base this info on everyone with this name but frankly I think it's quite ugly.
Another famous actress is Emily Watson. Emily Watson was born 1/14/67 in England.
A popular name but I have never been too fond of it, it's really girly.
Emily Symons is an Aussie actress.
This name is so overused! I don't think it's a special name because so many people have Emily as a name! It's a very good name but waaaaay overused!
My name is Emily, and I was named that because my parents couldn't decide between Emma and Lily. Despite the fact I do love my name (most of the time) there are just too many girls named it. I went to a course a couple of years ago and there were SEVEN girls called Emily out of 12. It's just too popular.
"Emily" - Manic Street Preachers
"Rose for Emily" - The Zombies
"For Emily, whenever I may find her" - Simon and Garfunkel
"Emily" - Bowling for Soup
"Emily" - Stephen Fretwell.
The protagonist of the graphic novels/brand "Emily the Strange".
While reading the comments, I must say, I got a good laugh. It seems as though some of you actually think people plan for their child to have the same name as, say, 7 other kids, not to mention the exact same age, grade, class. My name is Emily. I am named after my grandmother. I went to schools in different states and I was the only Emily in my grades. And it is okay for you to not like the name Emily. If it isn't your name, don't worry about it, you don't have to like it. If it is your name and you don't like it, change it. As for me, I like it just fine.
The main character in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" is Emily.
Emily is the worst name you could ever have.
I hate the name Emily, it's horrible.
Auntie Em from "The Wizard of Oz" was actually named Emily.
I know a girl named Emily. But here's the thing, Emily is a very popular name, and personally I'm not too fond of it. If only because I don't like that: one, it's popular; two, I don't like a girl named Emily; and three I find that it is annoying when people call their child what everyone else is calling their child. For instance, there are nearly ten Emily's in my grade alone, and we have about six Jessica's. There's something wrong with that. I believe that if you are going to name your child something, make it unique or something that means a lot to you. Have a reason for the name, not just you think it sounds pretty. Do your research.
I love the name Emily. It's such a pretty name.
I disagree with your statements about this name. I happen to know a lovely young lady who happens to be named Emily. She is neither snobby or unoriginal. She is very "unique." SO CHECK YOUR RESEARCH!
My middle name is actually Emily and I was very close to having it as a first name. There are actually only around 5 Emily's in my school out of 700. I guess it's not as popular in my area.
I don't think the name Emily is really bad but it is too ordinary for me.
Although I agree that yes, the name Emily is somewhat overused nowadays, especially having four Emilys in my own school, but it is still a classic and beautiful name.
I have always prefered Emily to Emma.
Emily is a song by From First To Last. It is also the name of the main character in "The Corpse Bride."
Famous bearer: actress Emily Procter.
Personally I don't like the name Emily. It's just too popular!
Emily's my sister's name, and while I think it's a beautiful name, I also think there are far too many Emilys.
I think some people think the name Emily is old. I guess it is like one of the greatest names because so many people have the name Emily. Also, my best friend's name is Emily-Rose so I just want to say love.
My name is Emily. Even though it was VERY unpopular when my mother gave me my name, I have always loved it. I was born in 1968 and the most popular girl names were Lisa, Melissa, Jennifer, Lori, etc. They were so common. I did not know one other girl named Emily growing up. Now when I hear mother's call for their daughters, I always turn my head. Emily is a popular name now and has been for the past 10+ years, but remains a beautiful and special name to me.
Emily is used for so many girls that I can't STAND it! It totally ruins it. Emily is so common and un-special, that no one likes it anymore.
The name Emily is a disgrace. The Emily I used to know made me cry and made fun of me every day of my life in the first or second grade. I think Emma or Ella is much better.
Wow, what's with the comment about the name Emily being a disgrace? This person obviously has issues if something that happened in childhood still causes you to harbor that much anger. Emily is a beautiful name that I used for my first daughter eleven years ago, right when it started becoming so popular! I still love it, it is an elegant, classic name!
This name is much better than Emma. Emma is so rough sounding compared to Emily.
Symbolically meaning "The one who's dangerous, rival".
It's a classy and exquisite name; even if it is #1 in America and Canada.
Actually the #1 name in Canada is Emma. Emily is #2. But who really cares?
Famous bearer is Emily Browning. She appears in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events as Violet Baudelaire. I think she's a good actress.
Even if the name 'Emily' is quite common, I think it's prettier and more elegant than Emma. Why would anyone name their girl that, anyway?
Contrary to what most baby name sites say, this name does not mean "industrious".
Means "God's Promise".
This name is wildly popular and has been the #1 for baby girls born in the US and Canada for several years! Do not use this name unless you want her to be Emily P. (or whatever) all throughout her life.

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