I think it's kind of snobbish in a way, like Sarah, it reminds me of girls who go to boarding school especially when referred to as someone's daughter, so to speak.
Emma Watson ofc...
Completely overused.
It is very overused, but has a sweet sound.
I don’t like Emma for an adult.
Ok all of you mean haters, shut up, because Emma is the most beautiful name, yes it might be used a lot, but be quiet because you (those mean ppl with rude comments) might be named an even worse name! So stop hating on a name that you call basic, ugly or overused because your name is special.
It’s ok, just too common.
Personally, I don't really like this name. First off, it's way too popular and I've had at least one Emma be in most of my classes. Second, I just don't care for the way it looks or sounds. It's ok but not my personal favourite. My middle name is Emma, and thank goodness that it's just my middle name, if my name was reversed (Emma Charlotte instead of Charlotte Emma) I would probably go by Charlotte because I like that name way more. Other names sort of similar to this that I prefer are Emily and Emmy. If your name is Emma or you like this name then that's cool, I hope this comment didn't offend anybody, it's just my personal opinion.
At first I thought this name was boring and overused, and not that special (I just thought of it as an okay name), until I met two very sweet Emmas. The name has since grown on me. I think it’s a very pretty name but it’s very popular. I’m also a fan of Emma Watson.
Emma is a very beautiful name and reminds me of a sweet joyful girl. It is a common name, but still sounds prettier than Ava.
Sorry but it's overrated.
The name Emma is okay. It shouldn’t be praised but it’s not worthy is being trashed on either. It’s a nice name.
Classic but dull.
This is a pretty name, not one of my favourite names but it's still nice, I used to hate it a few years ago when it was popular, but now it's not very common, Emma is a rare name!
Emma Stauffer is the older twin sister to Mila Stauffer. Emma and Mila have a clothing line.
Kinda boring...
Okay, I’ll admit now: Despite its intense popularity I like Emma. Granted it’s a lot better than some of the names I see these days. It’s cute, pretty, and it has a stunningly simple and sweet charm about it. I can see why it’s popular. I also like how classic and noble it is along with the history.
Possibly a nickname for Emily.
I’ve really come to like this name a lot. It has a great meaning, sounds lovely, looks pretty, and one of those names that suits any age. Quite fitting given its “universal” meaning. Popularity is never an issue for me either - I’d happily name a daughter this.A few people have said it sounds like enema. Yeah, I suppose it does a bit, but I suspect it really isn’t an issue to 99.9% of people and personally I struggle to care.
A graceful name. I mostly associate it with Jane Austen's character, Emma Woodhouse.
I love this name so much! I think that it is very beautiful. God bless anyone with this name, it doesn't deserve any of the hate it gets. It's popular because it deserves to be.
In positive opinion. It's okay. Emma is a good name, it's pretty and nice.
I don't get what's up with the hate! Emma is a very pretty name. Yes it's popular but it's because the name is so pretty that parents want to use it. To everyone named Emma: Your name is beautiful and don't let the haters lower your self esteem. You are perfect the way you are just like your name. Also Emma means universal. Emma stands for E- Energetic M- Mature M- Magnificent A- Adorable.
Such a stunning name. It’s like the perfect black dress- a classic that will never go out of style. It will always be one of my favorites.
The name Emma invokes images of generic, overweight, grade school children. Bad name.
Very overdone but I understand why. To any Emma’s out there consider it this way, there’s so many Emma’s because everyone loves this name. I love the nickname Emmie and if anyone likes Emma but thinks it’s too overused maybe consider Emmie?
This name is beautiful, classic, and popular for a reason. It won’t stay at the top of the charts forever, but it will always be a lovely name.
I love this name! But it sometimes reminds me of the Mandarin profanity word...
Emma Broyles is Miss America 2022.
Ok, I'm seeing all this hatred for Emma. It's my name and I'm really hurt by this, not gonna lie. I know it's basic and overrated but it's a beautiful short simple name I honestly love it so much and the other Emmas that are reading this I'm so sorry you have a wonderful name with your beautiful name it's amazingly beautiful and reminds me of a soft flower. Please stop sending hate about a name that could hurt people.
I've met a lot of Emmas in my life. I suggest giving your child/OC/etc a more original name such as Emery!
Nothing wrong with this name but I would never choose it. I prefer Gemma.
If you actually love your child don't name them Emma. Your child will have a forever sadness being named something so common. Although, it is short and sweet... I'd rather delete.
With much love,
- Someone named Emma.
Overrated, and all I can think of is an old lady.
Ugh, prefer Emahleeigh!
The "ma" makes it sound like an old lady name.
A chic classic. Like a Little Black Dress it never goes out of style!
I personally swing back and forth between loving my name and hating it. My parents gave it to me because they felt it would fit my character (it does more than you think). But it also is insanely overused, and it feels so basic and boring.
Popularity aside, Emma is such a beautiful name. It's always been on my list of girl names!
Emma has been growing on me these past 20 years. Going through spurts of liking the name to loving the name to hating the name with a fiery passion. Emma is an old Victorian name like Emily that gained popularity again. I do like old Victorian names even if they are hugely popular. Though I prefer the name Emmaline/Emmeline and use the nickname Emma.
It's a form of Emily.
I honestly don't care about popularity. Emma is an absolutely beautiful name. Cool and pretty. I recommend it.
This is such a pretty name! Although, because this name is so popular I would use a longer version it. For example, the name Emmaline/Emmeline is a very lovely name in my opinion and, you can use the nickname Emmy/Emma.
The name IS beautiful. Please just stop ruining the beauty by making it boring with overuse.
I know it can be pretty but it's just TOO OVERUSED! Stop using it if you want your kid to have an unique and special name like "Rita".
Sorry if I offended anyone, it's just my humble opinion :).
Although it's not my favorite, I do think Emma is a pretty cute name. It is definitely very popular, as it's currently ranked number 2 on the baby name charts for girls in the US. However, I don't think the popularity of this name has ruined it, necessarily. I mean, it still has a pretty sound and meaning: “universal”. I think this name would be especially pretty paired with a unique middle name, such as Emma River, Emma Sparrow or Emma Raine.
Another thing I like about this name is that I feel like it's a pretty good balance between feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I think it would suit a tomboy, girly-girl or a girl who has characteristics typical of both, which I think is important in a name.
Some middle names:
Emma Evelyn
Emma Maisy
Emma Maria
Emma Allison.
The sound is beautiful. The popularity is awful.
Really sweet sounding, I absolutely adore this name.
I love my name, except I kind of feel bad when my friend texts me an extension of my name whenever she gets impatient; example: Emmmmmmmmma. Well, anyways, I am happy with it and will go on for life with it. I only think it is common because moms around the world love it so much.
Emma is one of the 3 main protagonists from the show The Promised Neverland.
Guys, hating a name just because it's popular is silly. I mean, think about it, why is it popular in the first place? Because so many people love the name, that's why!
Anyways, I think Emma is a super pretty name, and I totally adore the nickname Emmy :) I kind of prefer Emmeline or Emily though.
The meaning "Universal" is very fitting for this name, since it's popular almost everywhere in the world.
There's nothing special about it. Just a common name.
Guys, stop hating this name! Do you hate it just because it's common? Then why do you THINK it's common in the first place? Because all the parents throughout the world think the name Emma is beautiful! It's just like all those wonderful names Daniel, Emily, etc. Everyone with the name Emma is very happy and lively! :)
Woah... I had no idea this name was so overused and common... I only know one Emma. I don't know any other Emma's but this name is very pretty.
I'm an Emma, and I really don't recommend naming someone Emma. It's so dang common, you'll end up having to go by something like Emma S or Emma L at school. There's going to be so much confusion, especially since there's going to be so many Emmas. It's also a boring name in general.
Hey! Is your name Emma? Do NOT listen to the mean comments. Your name is SOOO beautiful. Why do you think it's used soooo often?
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars -- his wife's name
Brought to England by the Normans; short form of compound given names beginning with a Frankish prototheme Ermin- or Irmin- "entire", from Proto-Germanic *ermunaz.
Quite pretty!
This name is quite pretty!
Hey, people! It's time to stop hating this name! Why do you hate it? Because it's so common? People shouldn't hate a name because it's common! The ONLY reason it's common is that mothers around the world love it so much! I like the name!
Boring. Nothing big or special about it.
NO, If you love your child don't give them a name that they will likely have to go by Emma S or Emma J or Emma B or Emma R. Just name them Erica, Ella, Ellie, Eve, Elsie, anything but Emma!
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Unexciting name.
It’s alright.
Emma is a lovely name. At least it was when I named my daughter Emma in 1994. It has become very popular, too popular for my taste, but still a beautiful, stylish name.
It's more bland than cardigans and polo shirts.
Listen up everyone! Emma is a WONDERFUL name! Please ignore everyone saying they hate it plz. You have to be so so special with this name! Just thank your mother on giving you this wonderful name :)
My name is Emma. I hate my name with such a passion. But the people commenting rude things- just because a person's name is dull or boring doesn’t mean their personality is. Not every Emma is basic. I never hated my name until people started using it to define me. It’s not our fault we’re named this. But just consider the fact that a name doesn’t define someone!
I really like this name I think it's really pretty it is used a lot now but I still think it's really pretty!
Also used in Poland, where it's pronounced EHM-ma.
Not bad, super overused. Really pretty, and reminds me of a happy person.
It's actually very pretty but wayyy too overused now! In my opinion naming your child Emma is kinda lazy nowadays...
I hear this name so much now that it seems like one of those names that parents use when they can't think of a name. It's actually a really pretty name though.
Beautiful name.
Emma is also Polish, Latvian, and Estonian. The name days for Emma in Poland are November 24 and December 28. The name day for Emma in Latvia is June 2. The name day for Emma in Estonia is May 19.
Like many said, yes, Emma is really popular name, gained a lot popularity in many countries all over the world. But, Emma is good quality name, it fits for young woman, old woman. Just because it is so popular, doesn't mean it should be less used.
There is a very great simplicity to Emma which I like. I think I favor Emma more than other popular names of this day and age probably because of its simpleness and because of its history as an old traditional name that wasn't a variant of another name, and was created in the 21st Century to distinguish their daughter from others. I can imagine the name Emma on any woman or girl, whether it be an old woman, tiny infant, white or black, or tall or short. I don't really know if Emma is popular here in the Philippines, but the only Emma I have met so far is my grandmother's good friend, an old nun from my local church. I also think Emma makes more sense as a nickname for names actually beginning in Emma- such as Emmanuelle or Emmeline rather than names beginning in Ermen- such as Ermentrude or Ermengarde.
Very dated and overly used.
I don't agree with you Anonymous user! I think it is beautiful.
The name Emma is actually still very much used. (Hell some people would even argue overused.) In some places in 2019, depending on where you are, Emma hasn’t even left the top 10 charts. Nothing wrong with not liking a name because it’s too popular.
Honestly, the name isn't actually used as much now. People are exaggerating. You'll probably find more girls with a name ending in 'lee' or 'lie' and 'ley'. Like Keelie.It's a pretty name. Just simple yet sweet.
It's beautiful ❤️.
Way too common and dated. Not a fan!
A bit predictable really, in the same way as names like Rachel or Sarah.
So popular.
In my opinion, the name Emma isn’t even bad but rather extremely overused. Why not go with something different like Emalyn, Emme, Emi, Emmeline, etc?
Emma Watson is a great namesake.
My friend is Emilia nicknamed Emma. She loves her name and doesn't really care about the popularity. There is a reason Emma is so popular! The name is gorgeous, elegant, and classic. If you love the name, I would definitely go for it!
Emma is a popular name but I think it's boring.
Emma is a wonderful name.
I can't stand the name Emma. There are way too many. Who would like a name that everyone else does? Who else agrees?
It’s cute. Recommended.
I think it's pretty.
This name is really popular, name your kid Ermen or Irma/Erma instead.
Basic basic basic basic basic basic basic basic basic basic basic basic sasic basic basic basic basic ughhhhhhh.
This name really needs to be retired for a while.
I just love this name. A classic.
I was going to name my daughter Emma but I went with Karana-Vyrus instead!
Ya all, this is a way too common name. I like it, but I knew like 20 people named Emma. It could get confusing. I do like it because it reminds me of my fav actress, Emma Watson (yes, I'm a huge Potterhead).
This name is getting repetitive.
Basic, and overused.
Emma Swan is the name of the protagonist in the TV show Once Upon a Time.
If you want to name your child Emma, honestly, go for it. But please be aware that this name is EXTREMELY common. The girl is probably gonna be 1/5 Emma’s in her school. I met met so many Emma’s in my life it’s not even funny, lol.
The name was popular at the beginning of the century, was forgotten for several decades, and now it's very popular yet again. I wonder what's next...
A sweet name. Soft, simple, friendly and lively. I don't really see why the popularity should have any bearing on it as a name. I think well-known names can be less of a burden for the child than longer, less common variations that people will have strong opinions over and get muddled sometimes. As someone who loves unusual names but happens to have one too, there's a lot to be said for a name that's easy for people to pronounce and spell. At the end of the day, the popularity only means a lot of people like it. :)
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
Also Sicilian:
Simplistic, sounds gummy.
Also Corsican:
The diminutive form of Emma in Icelandic is Emmý.
Emma Evangeline would be a cute name.
I think Emma is a nice name! We named our daughter Pandemyca Myckynzie, and we decided that we wanted her nickname to be Emma! She’s 6 months old, almost 7. But until then, her nickname is Emma :).
We all know an Emma...
Maybe stop naming your child that.
If you want to name your child Emma, but don't like how common this name is getting, try going with Gemma, Emery, Emily, Emilia, or Amelia. Be aware that, though not as common as Emma is, the names Emery, Emily, and Amelia are still fairly common. If you still want to use Emma, try going with Emmalyn, Emmelyn, Emmaline, Emmeline, Emelina, Emmelina, or Emmalina, but even Emmalyn is a little too popular, honestly.I feel like I need to repeat what I said on a comment on this name page I made on 5/20/2020: Just because this name is very, very popular and common, that does not make it an excuse to write rude, hostile, or even profane comments. You are allowed to have your own opinions, but try to communicate your opinions and ideas respectfully. :)
Also Estonian:
Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty nice name but SO over rated and just so many people have it.
If you want to name your child Emma, there are other similar sounding names that are less common. If you decide to go ahead and name her Emma, just be aware that she will have to specify which Emma she is. These names don’t sound exactly like Emma (because duh), but they sound similar and she likely won’t get confused with someone else.Emery
ImeldaSome of these are a bit of a stretch, but I believe they’re better choices than Emma. There won’t be five other girls with these names in her class or youth group, that’s for sure.
It’s a wonderful name. Easy to spell, easy to remember, looks good on any age, and tons of good nicknames.
Please though— I suggest going with something else if you’re looking to name your daughter this. There are other wonderful names that match the description above. Emma often has to specify which Emma she is, which can get frustrating.
Again, I’m not denying that it’s a good name. It’s beautiful and cute and amazing in every way, but the popularity of it is just too much.
I really dislike this name, probably because it used to be mine, it is extremely common.
I prefer Emily to Emma, but it's a nice name. I wouldn't be using it anyway, since I have a baby cousin named Emma. She is so cute, and she's a year old now. I may use Emily, I love it along with Amanda, Savannah, Audrey, and Vivian (my grandmother's name). But I can't use Emma anymore since it's my cousin's name.
Hey everyone, it's me again. I just wanted to say, I think this name is very sweet, but it's SO OVERUSED. In North America I'd say "Hi, what's your name?" when I went on a church trip, and I met 10 Emma's (there were 3 already who went to my church)! At my highschool there were 5 Emma's in one of my classes alone. I've also recently met a couple Emma's in Poland.
I know 20 Emma's, 20!
I'm not hating on this name, it's just really popular. I love the meaning and the sound, but it's just so popular. I think we should let this name rest a while.
Wonderful name in every aspect, just way, way, way too common.
1| Emma Roberts
2| Emma Chamberlin
3| Emma Stone
4| Emma Watson
I actually love this name! Sure, it is currently the most popular girl name in the US, but it's meaning, "whole" or "universal" is just fabulous! I'm surprised to hear that this name is common. I have only met 1 or 2 Emmas. Also, all of you are allowed to have your own opinions, but if you feel the need to bring all of your negativity here, go find something better to do than sit down and write comments on a name site with immediate hostility and general rude behavior.
There are so many Emmas and names that sound similar to Emma.
I think this name is SUPER overused. I also know a lot of entitled people with that name. No more Emmas please.
This is such a bad name. It is definitely German in origin. I always hate German names.
Short, easy to spell and pronounce, good nickname options, and very sweet. I'm just really not a fan of how popular it's gotten over the last 17 years :/. Even though I've only met like 2 Emma's in my entire life span.
I absolutely adore the name Emma! In fact I loved it so much that on January 9th, 2014 I named my first born child Emma!
Boring name for a boring person.
Emily is better in my opinion.
Super boring and unoriginal. PLEASE DON'T NAME YOUR CHILD EMMA.
I think it’s a very lovely name, easy to pronounce and spell, can go well with any middle name, but it’s been overused to the point where I just think that the parents of whoever named their child this are boring. Of course, that’s not always the case, but I don’t see the appeal behind naming your child something so popular. A name is meant to tell a person apart from others, though it does not necessarily define them, so I don’t see why you would want to name your child something that they’ll have to say which Emma they are almost every time.
There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the name Emma. It's short and sweet - like Anna, Leah, etc. - and works in many languages. That fits the aesthetic of many parents... clearly, because so many have chosen it for their daughters. *So many*. Combine the popularity of Emma with that of Emily (even more common in my generation), and as soon as you shout, "Hey, Em!" into a room there's almost a guarantee that at least five young women's heads will snap up, thinking you've called her.Em- names really should take a nice long break.
Okay, I love the name Emma. It has a great sound, and I feel like it fits all sorts of people. But it's super common. It's common. I know so many Emmas. I love the name - it sounds really fun and quirky, and works in a lot of languages. It means universal, which is really interesting. But there are just so many Emmas in the world, especially in America. The worst issue is that the variants aren't that great to me. I like Emily, but it feels slightly blander (strange, because my close friend Emily is awesome). Emmaline (Emma - leen) is the sort of name I'd like, but I just don't. Emalina/Emmalina is pretty, but I feel like it only works on certain people. Ema just looks a bit off, and I love the Japanese name Emi, but I feel like it'll just be Emmy, which is also nice, but I don't think as much. Emmalyn sounds made up (and is), Emilia is fine, I guess. Emiliana is beautiful, but I feel like would best be a middle name. So, I love Emma, but it just can't work as a name in this day and age anymore because of its popularity, which is disappointing.
Uh...I made a comment here earlier which for some reason is now anonymous saying I didn't have strong feelings on the variants of Emma. While these two aren't exactly variants, they have a similar structure, and I really like them. First off, Emila. I know, it looks like it's just Emilia without the i, but I really, really like it. It reminds me of Camila, and it's just a really nice sounding name. You could pronounce it Em - MEE - lah or Em - MILL - ah, both of which are beautiful. It also comes from the same root as Emily. The second name is Emira. I don't like this one as much, but it's still really, really cool. It has this sort of earthly feel, yet also sounds like the heroine of a steampunk book for some reason. Both of these names come with the nickname Emi, which is also an amazing Japanese name, in my opinion, so that's great. I also really love the name Ember, but I seem to be alone in that belief, so, uh, consider it? Anyway, that was my follow up.
Okay, first of all, I love my name. And I believe that everyone is special in their own way. Sure, maybe it is a common name. But it is a beautiful name in its own way. And "us Emma's" are special and we have an amazing name.
Also Polish: --- mention Emma as a variant
Okay, listen - to every Emma out there,
Your name is not "simple and sweet" and we are not "haters". We're people who are sick of this "Emma" bull. It needs to stop, it's an unoriginal, boring-sounding name gaining unreasonable amounts of popularity.
I believe that Emma is a beautiful name. And, actually sort of funny, because of the hate Emma has been getting, barely anyone uses it anymore. I have not met a single Emma in my school at all, and I've been to multiple schools throughout my life. Overall, its easy to say, its cute and simple, and there are a ton of good namesakes. I personally love the name Emma, and did even when it was more popular, so yeah! Go ahead and use it!P.S - To the person who made a rant on how Emma's aren't special, get a life.
The name Emma is very short but sweet and easy to spell and say, it will not be mispronounced. P.S Anonymous User who made a whole rant on how Emmas are not special, get a life.
I love this name. It's so pretty and simple, yet not as simple as like Bob or Sue. To all you jerks out there hating on this name and how popular it is, that's just rude and uncalled for. The reason so many people are named this is because their parents like the name.
I am named Emma but I go by my first name and middle name. I think it is a pretty name except I feel like Emma is way too common. I know several other Emmas so I wish I was named something else.
Emma is a beautiful name. I would like it if it weren't extremely common and basic.
Why would anyone name their child ‘blood’ and ‘grandmother’?
Personally, I am SO glad my mom didn’t name me Emma, my little sister’s name is Emma Grace and mine is Cassandra Jasmine.
No offense, but why would anyone name their daughter a name that basically means BLOOD? It’s a horrible name that’s absolutely dull and boring.
The name does NOT mean BLOOD. It means "whole", or "universal".
This was my great-grandmother's name. I personally think it's boring and only became popular because of Friends, a show lots of shallow women cling to. I think it sounds better on a girl than a fully grown woman.Emma has run its course. Move on.
My name IS Emma, and I DO in fact take offence to your horrible comments, and I thank those of you that complimented the name, and hope some of you learn that Emma is more than a dull, boring name. It is an elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated name, and I think anyone who has this name should be proud. Your mothers chose right!
This is very very VERY popular, but I'd rather have it more than my name.
Emma is so incredibly boring and unoriginal, I cringe to see an Emma. I know, harsh, but I hate the name. I've seen five Emmas in a class - for real, people, it's getting boring! The name isn't "simple yet sweet," it's boring crap that should lose popularity. I'm sorry if you're going to go to sleep crying tonight over this comment, but the name is horrible and a lot of the positive Emma comments are only from Emmas who want to feel good about their boring, unoriginal name.
Try Merle, or Constance, or Paige!
I’m Emma and this is the most common name in America. Luckily it’s common all around like sprinkles on a map and not chunked massively in certain areas! I only know one other Emma. I’m 13. And Emma is simple, sweet, and great!
Soooo pretty.
I like this name. It's cute. It's really popular though (even though I don't know any Emmas)I prefer this much more than Emily.
I like the name Emma. It's a beautiful name. It's very popular. I love the name. My mom has a friend that's named Ema. Have a great day.
I have this name which was given by my mom after the book "Emma". I honestly really dislike this name because you can't do anything creative with it, I get how it's simple yet beautiful but the name itself I don't think translates well in calligraphy and various art forms. This means more to me as an artist because I just really want to be able to do something creative with the name but there's nothing to work with. Something like Emily, you can do something with the Y and you have a combination of different letters, but for Emma you have two letters that are repeated which are pretty boring in cursive, the only style I see used for the name Emma is bubble letters which I don't think describes me at all.
It seems Like Emma and James are the two male and female names that will never drop in popularity.
An example is Emma Verde from PERFECT Dream Project.
Oh my God is this name becoming so common all over the world. But still, when the hell will the popularity of Emma as a baby name die out for good?!
This name also means "grandmother" in Greek.
The name is too common and kind of boring. I prefer Emily over Emma.
Emma means 'blood' in Greek.
Also Catalan: [noted -ed]
Well, Emma is a pretty name it is not dumb, it's my name and it's perfect. Mabye you are hating your name! Sure it's common but it's perfect. That's why it's common people, like the name better than your name HAHA! (if you're an Emma you're perfect and I am saying this to the haters, not you other people :) )
Emma Monden is a youtuber.
I do think Emma is a pretty name, but it is becoming fairly common. It is at the top of the list along with Olivia, Ava, Isabella, Sophia and Charlotte. If you name your kid this, they will probably at least have another Emma in their class.
Emma Marrone (real name Emmanuela Marrone) is an Italian singer who represented her country in 2014 Eurovision with the song "La Mia Citta". Being in the Big 5 (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and United Kingdom), she automatically qualified but did not crack the Top 10.
Dumb name and over-used.
I think "Emma" is a GREAT name. Plus, it's my name... :l Have a nice day everyone!
Emma is an elegant name, despite this name being so so common and high on the popularity charts. It’s simple yet sweet.
Also used in Poland. The Polish pronunciation is EM-ma.
It's a good name and all, but it's SO popular. There's like, 5 Emmas in my classes. I don't really like the sound of the name either because there's so many people named Emma, Emily, and Ellie that it's starting to sound plain.
Y'all can't be hating on the name Emma. It's my name and it's amazing. I was named for one of my relatives. This is a great name so stop being mean!
Hi! My name’s Emma and I really like my name! I think it really suits my persona.
I actually like it, it's cute. Current favorite.
*unpopular opinion*
Emma is basically Gemma and Emily, Gemily would be a funny combo.
I like the name Emmery sooo much better.
In my grade there's a girl named Emma. I'm sorry but her name just don't appeal to me. Emma sounds like a stupid baby came up with it. Emma is a very boring name. I would never name my child Emma because that would cost years of therapy for that poor child. *double eyeroll* *hair flip* *giant sigh*.
Don't get me started on the name "Emma" (double eye roll). Emma is the most unoriginal name I've ever heard. Some dummy most have came up with the name Emma. Disgusting.
This is a great name to all y'all mean people out there saying it's boring. It's a classic name and it's amazing!
My step-sister is named Emma. I like the name but it is way too overused in my opinion. Everyone calls her Ed because that's her initials and they have like four other Emmas in her school.
Emma is the most boring name I know. It doesn't sound great, more like what a baby would mumble. It is super overused. Emmaline is better by miles. And it has four letters which is unlucky for me.
A name that leaves me with a rather ambiguous impression. On one hand I like the simplicity and ease of saying “Emma”. On the other side of the figurative coin, it reminds me of a cold and jealous woman I had known during my tenure at an elementary school. I also think that its popularity might diminish the prospect of any future parent who might want
something that is not a bit too common. However, if you truly like this name and have your heart solely on it, then I say you should pick it and be happy.
My name is actually Emma, but I'm not from Europe. I know two or three people whose name is Emma, but I really like it. Maybe I've gotten used to it, I don't know, but I just think that it matches my personality perfectly. It's not as unique but if you like it, go for it! (i was named after my great grandmother, btw).
Not ugly, just WAY WAY too overused.
My name is Emma and I personally like my name. I was named after my great-grandmother and that is very special to me. I know many people named Emma so it is a little disappointing that my name is so popular, especially because a girl who bullied me in 7th grade and is very rude to everyone has the name, Emma. It's fine if you name your child Emma! It's an overall cute name!
I like Emma because of the meaning, but it’s become too popular. Try and go for a more unique name or go with a variant of Emma, like Emmalina!
Personally, I think the name Emma is blah. It just reminds me of my dead hamster. She was so ugly, but I liked her to be honest. In my opinion people could be a little more creative. For instance, name your children Chloe!
I love the name Emma and you are a big meanie head if you don't like it. I guarantee the name Emma is better than your basic name.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emma who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 143rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
People still naming their kid Emma? Yikes... It's nice and pretty but waaay too common and overused.
No offense if your name is Emma. I find this name is too popular, that it's not very creative as it's just overused. I wish this name wasn't this overused as it is a nice name.
Hello, my name is Emma. Not joking. I love my name, but find the description to be untrue. I get it's not true, but still. It's a fun, playful name, like me. I hope that everyone realizes that not everything is true. You don't have to judge everyone on their name. In my school, there is only one other Emma, so it's not that common, to me anyway. Anyway, I love my name and wouldn't change it.
High in the charts, boring, overused. Why not let this name die out slowly? It’s been high on the charts since 1880!
Always despised the word MA... it sounds like sheep. So I don't mind the name Emily, but hate the name Emma. I don't get it at all, but it seems people really ARE SHEEP. Have to name their kids after movie stars, TV characters, authors and even CARTOONS. Oh and songs, of course.Let's use our tiny minds and be more original!
Very ugly, in my humble opinion, and reminds me of ENEMA.
Geez, it's so high on the charts. Too popular for my liking.
I LOVE the name Emma! It's so classy and timeless. It's popular? Of course, because it's enchanting!
My grandma's name was Emma, so there will always be special place for this name in my heart. Strangely, despite how common it is, she is the only person I've ever known with the name. We always called her by the nickname "Emi". I wouldn't use it for my daughter as it's quite common, I'd rather go with Emily or Emilia.
I think Emma has a cute look to it, and I like the nicknames of "Em" and "Emmy" but I don't think I would choose this name. Emma makes a good middle name, though, so you could have a really exotic first name and "Emma" as the middle name.
My aunt is named Emilyn, pronounced Emma-Lynn (middle name: Rose). She's my dad's sister. I also have an aunt called Emily (no middle name), who is my mum's sister. And one of my friends is called Emma (middle name: De Pieri, her mum's maiden name). Emma is such a common name these days.
Unfortunately, my parents named me Emma Louise and there are 2 other girls in my year level that share the same first and middle name. It's terrible, I wish I had a more uncommon name!
Emma Bloom was a major character in Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children. In the book, she had the fire power, but in the movie, she could float and blow wind.
I have always loved the name Emma. When I was little, I would tell people my name was Emma instead of Olivia. I can see it on an adorable baby, a stuck up teenager, a beautiful young woman, anyone could have it, really. I probably think this because it's so popular. Although, I've only met 4 Emmas.
So common! There are so many Emmas!
My name is Emma and even though I know it's popular, I only know one other Emma and she's 2 years older than me. There are no other Emma's in my class, and I've only had an Emma in my class when I was in preschool. I think Emma Charlotte and Emma Lou are two very cute names. People who say that Emma Charlotte is a bad name are wrong. It's really pretty, and Charlotte makes the name Emma sound more complex. Emma is a really great name, and I don't think it's a bad name at all. I have never wanted to change my name and I never will. I think it's cool that it's number 1 in the US. I also like the name Emily and Emilia.Emma is a great name, so don't be rude about it! I LOVE THE NAME EMMA!
Not a bad name, but it is getting very common.
My best friend's name is Emma but she hates it and she is transgender so she goes by Adrian.
I love the name Emma. It is so pretty and it is just right for a girl's name but I like Emily more. I think I will change my name to Emily when I am older.
Emma is also used in Italy.
Infact it was #7 for girls (-1 than the previous year) in 2015 Ranking of Popular Names for Babies in Italy.
This name was given to 3690 babies that year.
Really overrated name, please be a little more original when you choose a name. This one is too popular, it's not even great.
My dad liked the name Emma but also liked the name Emily, so basically he split them. He used Emma as my first name but my middle name is Leigh. So I guess you could say my name is Emily. I think Emma is a beautiful name, even if that wasn't my name. My full name is Emma Leigh Thompson and I think that fits me and my personality just fine.
There was a time that I liked this name quite a lot and I still kind of like it, but not as much, probably because it's so popular. I know that some time ago I considered it very elegant, romantic and mysterious, but now I don't perceive it this way. I think it is a strong, yet feminine name, but not very refined, elegant or sophisticated. I tend to pronounce it EM-mah and this pronunciation appeals to me the most. When I think of Emma, I see a woman in late 20s-early or mid30s, tall, well built, with light blonde hair, grey eyes, quite sharp features, likes to wear dark clothes and is a sort of minimalist, is very strong, physically and mentally, firm, sensible, rational, intelligent, serious, dutiful, perfectionist, ironic, when in a bad mood, a good listener, doesn't talk a lot and is very calm, but when she's angry, it would be better to say she's enraged. She's a good listener and very responsible. Deep down, she's very sensitive and emotional, but she may appear pretty tough and rarely shows her affection for anyone. Or if she does, she does it by demanding a lot, being a little harsh to such person and showing something diverse. She is obsessed about her independence. Demands a lot from herself.
Emma is a British English speech synthesiser produced by Ivona Software as well as the Swedish one created by Acapela Group.
Emma is a Norwegian singer. Her famous song is "Diamond Heart".
Emma (with pronunciation EM-mah) is also sporadically used in Poland. I think its popularity is slowly rising due to popularity across the world, and the enormous popularity of such names as Amelia or Emilia, even though they're unrelated, people just seem to like names with this kind of sound. Nameday is on 24 November.
There are wayyyyy too many comments on this. I want to name my daughter Emma, but I´d rather go for Emily. (Emma as a nickname). I love how easy it is to say, yet I´m not too keen on names with only one syllable :/
Emma is cute, yet way too unoriginal. (I do love Emma Watson and Emma Stone).
I like short female names that end with an -a... Emma qualifies, therefore, I likes!
This is actually a variant of Emmanuel, which means "God with us". There's more to it than just "ermen". (Some random atheist probably reported that and got it removed.)
Emma is the name of WhispersRed, an ASMR channel on YouTube.
For me, it's been the most populer name and I liked it but now, I'm kinda getting bored of it. I find it probable that at my school there are loads of Emmas.
I believe the name Emma is a very feminine and delicate name. I think it is an absolutely beautiful name! The only major issue with this name is its popularity. There are so many Emmas at my school. Again, I love this name but it is just too popular.
I have always loved the name Emma. It is beautiful, classic and feminine. I can definitely understand why Emma is so popular.
Don't understand Emma's popularity, sounds too much like Enema to me.
Emma Morano (November 29, 1999-April 15, 2017) was an Italian supercentenarian. At the time of her death, she was the oldest known person in the world whose age had been verified. She was the last known person born in the 1800's, the oldest Italian ever, the second oldest European ever and one of the five verified oldest people ever.
Emma is a cute name. It's way to trendy, and I don't think it's a name I would use but it is super cute.
Emma Linnea Lundh is a Swedish footballer. She plays as a forward for English FA WSL club Liverpool and the Sweden women's national football team. Before joining Liverpool, Lundh played for several teams in Sweden and for Norwegian Toppserien club LSK Kvinner FK.
I don't understand all the Hype. That name for me has always been graceless and MEH, and now that it is at the top, it only has become worse for me.
Emma is the best name ever.
Emma Stone is an American actress. One of the world's highest-paid actresses in 2015, Stone has received a BATFA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. She appeared in Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2013, and is often described by the media as a talented actress of her generation.
Emma Lee Bunton is an English singer-songwriter, actress, and radio and television presenter. She is best known as a member of the girl group the Spice Girls formed in the 1990s. Bunton is known as Baby Spice as she was the youngest member of the group and also due to her youthful appearance. In 2009 she began as a radio presenter on the Heart Breakfast show in London with Jamie Theakston and presenting her own show on Saturday between 5 and 7 p.m.
THIS NAME IS SOOOOOOOO POPULAR! Don't name your child Emma, name her something that is not THAT common and is hard to forget, Emma is REALLY forgettable! I know a bunch of Emmas and it's so hard to remember if that person is Emma or not. NAME YOUR CHILD A UNIQUE NAME, A NAME THAT NO ONE WILL FORGET!
The actress Emma Watson's parents are both British and she has no "Turkish heritage". In addition, her mother's surname is Luesby, not Duerre. The unusual name comes from her father's side of the family and was originally an European surname.
My mother's name was Emma, and also my paternal Grandmother was named Emma who passed away before I was born. When I was born in 1951 she wanted to name me after my Grandmother, but didn't want to name me Emma since that was her name too. She named me Emily which she thought was related to Emma, however, the names are not related. It amazes me how Emma has shot up to #1, just after my name Emily had been #1 for years. Emma was a name that was used in prior generations and was considered old-fashioned until now, just like Emily was an old-fashioned name when I was born. I never went to school with any Emily's. I never would have thought Emma would become so popular, but it is a good name, especially since my angel of a mother had that name.
It's crazy how much this name has blown up in popularity. It wasn't even in the top 20 in 1998 (according to the social security administration website), but has consistently risen in popularity throughout the 21st century so far and was number 1 in 2015 (in the US).
PSA: stop asking people named Emma if it's short for something or calling them Emily. Emma has been more popular than Emily for years, so I'm not sure why it seems so exotic to people and that it couldn't possibly be anyone's full name. So annoying!
My name is Emma. I used to hate it because it was so short and plain. I wanted to be Elizabeth or Catherine, something regal and versatile. But I've come to appreciate Emma. It's short, but it's short and sweet. It's not extravagant or anything. Just nice. Plus, I'm named after a late relative, who was tough as nails and didn't take BS from anyone. I hope to live up to that reputation one day.
This is a very beautiful, sweet, and traditional name. Absolutely gorgeous.
Emma is a beautiful name, and it will age fine, but it is not special at all. It is no longer interesting as you meet more Emma's. Due to the fact that it was popular for so long, there are even more Emma's, and the name gets plainer.
Also used in Hungary. Pronunciation: EM-maw.
I find this name to be a bit plain and boring. Most all the Emmas I know are bland and don't have too much personality. The name Emily is an alternative that just sounds a bit better and has more charm. No offense towards any Emmas out there, it's just my opinion.
Emmanuela Marrone, also known as Emma or Emma Marrone (born May 25, 1984, in Florence, Italy) is an Italian pop singer.
A lot of people in here from the US of America where this name is very popular. In Australia and others where this name is not #1, I can understand if you live in America how very common a name is can make it less interesting. But let's be honest- it is popular for a reason. Emma is sweet on a little girl and grows well with age. To me it is the most adorable name in the world. Elegant, simple and feminine.
I was almost named Emma, and I'm so glad I wasn't. It's a pretty name, but way way way way way too common. Growing up, there were at least 10 Emmas in my grade at school. Hopefully, the popularity will die down. I just can't imagine naming my kid something so common. Also, don't use Leigh or Lee as a middle name, might as well just name her Emily.
Much too popular. Use something unique.
Emma Wiklund is a Swedish fashion model and actress. Emma was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is 175.5 cm tall blue-eyed blonde who has walked the runway for Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix and Lanvin.
Sadly, the name Emma has no connection to the Bible. I love names connected to the book, being the Christian I am, but sadly, unlike my siblings and father, my name has no connection. If you wanted the name connected I would suggest Emma with the middle name Faith or Hope, but if you wanted a name actually used in the Bible I would suggest Emma Jael.
Contrary to comments I saw, my name is Emma and my middle name is Marie. I think that Marie goes very well with the name, and contrary to many people I think Emma is a very pretty name. Some call it boring or ugly, but I believe it to be very flattering.Just because the name is used a lot does not make it ugly; it means that a lot of people like it. Any Emmas out there shouldn't take these nasty comments to heart. Emma is a beautiful name.
It's not a bad name, and I can associate it with the lovely Emma Watson. But it's so, SO boring. I get no personality, no individuality from the name Emma. Plus, it's so common that I would never use it for even a character, as I tend to dislike common names with a passion. I slightly prefer Emily, though not by much, and strongly prefer Emmeline, which is far more original and pretty to me than Emma will ever be.
My oldest daughter is called Emma and I chose the name because it was always a favourite of mine from when I was younger. I love the name, so to me it just made sense to name my first daughter Emma. She suits her name and is pretty, kind and honest. My grandmother also had a sister called Emma, so the name was already in the family a long time ago. It's never bothered me that it's a popular name, I don't care about things like that to be honest, all that matters is that I love the name!
What's so bad about being a popular name?
What if your name becomes so damn popular this year? Going to change your name just because of that stupid reason?
My name is Emma, and I love it. It's one of the few names which don't have any connection to the bible, and it is not Latin, or Greek... that fact makes me even more proud of my name!
The name is also used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
I never really liked my name. I used to always wish I had a different name. All my friends have such sophisticated or special names. I felt too typical. But I've learned to accept my name as it is. I really like how simple it is. I've realized it can be sophisticated in it's own way. 10/10 :)
I don't understand why do people think it is so plain and boring! Honestly? My fave since like, forever!
Emma Hewitt is a filmmaker and wife of sexy British actor Jason Isaacs.
The fact that it's simple, short, pretty and that it suits almost any surname makes me adore it so much!
I don't see the appeal in this name. At all. There's nothing special about it. Really don't see why it's so overused.
British TV Presenter, Emma Willis.
Kind of sickly and girly sounding. But still a nice name.
It's not a bad name, but, as others have said, it's a bit dull. Every other little girl I've met is named Emma. I just prefer more odd, less used names.
This name is pretty overused and simply dull at this point. I don't see the huge appeal with this name. It's not complex like Olivia, it doesn't have any cute nicknames like Elizabeth or Victoria, and the meaning isn't amazing. It just seems like it has no substance. Clearly there's something I'm missing, because it is currently the #1 name. It is really not my style.
This name is okay, it's really pretty but I used to be best friends with a girl named Emma and she was such a snob and a jerk! No offense to anyone with this name because it's just that girl but otherwise Emma is a great name. :D
Honestly, I really don't think this name is pretty. Not my type. Not attractive.
I love Emma because it sounds good and my favorite actress is named Emma (Emma Watson).
Emma is my name. I like this name. But I shall have preferred Emmanuelle. I think it's more attractive.
A spectacular feminine name but I also quite like it as a masculine name too.
EMMA Willis is a famous bearer.
My name is Emma. I don't necessarily mind the name itself; I mean, it's not my favorite, but it's tolerable. The only thing that really makes me hateful towards it is the popularity. I heavily dislike the amount of people who are named Emma/being named Emma, as it doesn't exactly make you feel unique when millions and millions of other people have your name. So if you are planning on naming your child this, please keep in mind the popularity and what feelings your child may have towards it.
My name is Emma. Emma Jane. Very classy and traditional, I know. I don't really like it. I wish my parents could have called me something a bit more hippy like, such as Autumn or Willow. But I guess I'll just have to live with it. Emma never used to be as popular as it is now, which is horrid cause I keep hearing "Emma! Over here sweetie" used by everybody talking to their child. I have brown hair, and brown eyes, and I guess it kind of suits me, but I like to think I am a little more outgoing than the name suggests. I much prefer the name Emilie, pronounced Emily.
I prefer Emily, but I guess this works, too. I have met so many Emma's that I don't really have a strong opinion on it. I hated the first Emma I met, but the most recent one is one of my best friends now. It's too confusing! Maybe use it when it's less popular.
It's a nice name but it's way too common at this point. I can't imagine how many 5-12 year old girls today are named Emma.
The name is also rather common in Iceland.
My friends named Emma (and yes I said friends, proves the overused theory) are all jerks. Who knows, it might not be with the name, I might just have rude friends. The name isn't pretty, it's kind of awkward and edgy.
In my previous comment about this name I said "the fact that it's so common makes me unsure if I'm going to use it. I hate that people would consider it 'boring'"- You know what, I'm not letting popularity waver me from using names that I love. I think the name Emma is beautiful and I'm definitely considering using this name if I have a daughter in the future. Screw what others think. :)
I'm an Emily, and most of my long-time friends call me Emma. Though, honestly, I encounter one or two Emilys/Emmas a day, and it's quite annoying.
Recently got the news this is the new number one name in the United States, taking Sophia's place. My opinion on the name itself? It seems kind of plain. It's one of those names that could really almost fit anyone, and seems feminine without being ultra frilly. As for nicknames, Em? I don't know. It's very short. A similar name to Emma is Claire, which I really love. Emmeline is another favorite of mine.
The Social Security Admission posted the top 10 baby names of 2014 and this is the new number one name. when I saw it, I cringed. I HATE THIS NAME SO MUCH! It's so overused and she will become 1/10 Emma's in her school! I prefer Emily, though I know Emily's also overused. I liked Sophia better as the number #1 spot. I'm sorry if your name is Emma, I just hate this name.
Classic but very common in many countries. It could be jazzed up with with a four-letter or three-letter middle name that could be used as a double like Emma Joy or Emma Rose - or Emmeline or Emelina or Emilia could be used instead with Emmy as a nick name. Emily is so common too but Emilia is gorgeous.
This is one of many names whose popularity I don't really understand, because to me it's quite bland. It's not that it has an ugly sound, but it simply does nothing for me.
My favorite names, on the other hand, tend to conjure up glorious images in my mind...
I believe that the people who say this name is plain and boring are completely misled, just on the fact of how many keep it as their own. It may be popular, but that doesn't mean it can't be special. Everyone's name is unique, not in the way it is spelt or pronounced, but in the way it is interpreted. Every person is different, and every person behind the name is different. You may meet 100 Emma's, but each one is her own individual person. With a simple name like this, something classy open to creativity, there is room. The thing that takes up that space is the incredible welcoming and accepting attitude of these girls, who are bound to try everything, to meet new people, and stay with a thousand stories to tell behind that name. Girls like this could not handle a more complex name, because they are so unique and original. They are their own person, despite the title in front of them. A name does not make a person, it is the actions that do. The actions of these girls just happen to be classy and embracing. In the end, while it may be something you hear a little too often, the person inside is always different. This is just my own experience with the Emmas I've met. I think it's sweet and simple. After all, it's my own name, so I'm bound to have some affection for it.
I like the name. Everyone knows how to pronounce it. It's simple, it's sweet, it's girly and it suits a wide range of personalities. If you think that the name is boring, why not just spell it a different way, like Eimayh or Emmah to make it more unique.
Just reminds me too much of the word "enema." Sorry.
My mom told me the other day (after I forced her to watch Emma with me) that she almost named me Emma but my dad didn't like how it flowed with our last name. I really wish they had named me Emma since I don't really like my name. Emma is easy to pronounce, simple and sweet. My name is the exact opposite, hard to pronounce and awkward. I really love this name, and hope that it will decrease in popularity by the time I have children. But even if it doesn't I find this name beautiful enough to use it despite the popularity.
This is my name and I hate how unoriginal my parents were in picking it. I HATE being called Emma L. More than anything! There are only 2 good things about this name 1. It's way better/prettier sounding/more feminine than Emily. 2. The nickname Emmie is very cute. However, this name is way too popular and won't allow your child to stand out and (hopefully) this plain, boring, unoriginal name won't fit your child's personality.
If you name your child this be prepared for people to think her name is (the worse) Emily. People think you said Emily, they think Emma is a nickname for Emily (IT'S NOT), and on the first day of school every year they will read Emily even though that's clearly not what the attendance says. Which is crazy because of how popular Emma has been for centuries!
It's actually very pretty, but the popularity makes it unusable in my opinion (it's my name along with 100,000 of my peers).
I LOVE this name! It sounds really pretty, feminine, and classic. I think a great middle name for this would be "Jane".
I really like this name! It's not a name you can go wrong with. I just can't use it because it's extremely popular- there were 14 Emmas in my yearbook the year I graduated!
I do like this name as it sounds very sweet and simple, however this name is way too overused. I've met several Emma's and even though this name sounds very classy and sweet, all these Emma's have been quite rude.
Emma is a pretty name, but a little plain.
I can't believe how nasty people are being about this name.. it IS common, but that's because it's a GREAT NAME and therefore lots of parents want their daughters to have it. That doesn't diminish it's greatness, in my opinion. It's my name, and while living in the U.S. for the past 8 years I've only encountered a handful of other girls named Emma, and it's only ever made me happy to be part of that sisterhood. I LOVE EMMA.
Emma is a pretty name but the fact that it's so common makes me unsure if I'm going to use it. I hate that people would consider it 'boring'. :/
Emma Barnett, a British journalist. She presented the TV series Gadget Geeks.
Don't name your kid this! It's my name and I would do anything to change it. It's WAY too common, plain, and boring. It's pretty sounding but was completely ruined by being called Emma first initial my whole life. I was also teased because my first and last name sounds like m&m (like the candy) or eminem (rapper). A lot of teachers call me Emily in the beginning of the year and people ask me too, which really bothers me bc I hate the name Emily and it doesn't say Emily on the attendance! I cringe every time someone mentions they know someone with my first+last name. I'd do anything to change it! I think it negatively affects kids self esteem when they can't feel like an individual.
I don't really like it at all. It feels incomplete, just two syllables and toothless. I usually like names with more than 6 letters and 3 syllables and Emma is just too short. It feels empty to me.
I have no idea why people have said that Emma is an 'old lady's name'. It's just an ordinary girls name!
I am named Emma as well, Emma elizabeth, but truthfully, I've never really liked it. People somehow hear it wrong and think I'm saying "emmo" or "emmit" or think its spelled with one m. I've been called "Emma dilemma" and been told in high school that it sounds like a "grandma name." I've become kind of embarrassed by it, but I've known many other Emmas who are just fine with it. So ultimately it depends. My parents liked the name because it was old and mature and timeless, as they put it. Unlike many think, Emma does come with some nicknames too! I've gotten "em" "emmers" "emski" and "emmy award"! It can be a nice name, but a bit dry. Part name, part sound squished togeather. "Emma".
Overused, far too overused.
I love the name Emma, mainly because I am best friends with a girl named Emma, and she is quite frankly the sweetest, most beautiful, and most considerate person I have ever met. I think the name Emma to be one of the most beautiful names ever, even if it happens to be the most popular.
I love it. Both Emma and Emily are so traditional, classic and pretty. There is not a thing wrong with names that are popular. It shows that the parent chose a name they loved, and was not trying to make up some silly, childish exotic name. Trying to be original is unoriginal.
It's really common but I LOVE IT! Emma it's a very classy and timeless name.
The popularity of this name is beyond me. I think of Emma (baby spice), Emma(Pride and Prejudice), Emma Watson, And Emma Stone.
Overused to the point of annoyance, which is sad because I have nothing against this name other than that.
Everyone these days names their daughter Emma. I know at least 15 people who have had a baby within the last 5 years and named their baby Emma. It doesn't even sound like a real word to me anymore.
Boring and overused. It's not even that cute anyway.
I have a neutral idea of "Emma". I think that it's kind of bland and boring, and it doesn't really leave an impression (and you can't go anywhere without running into at least ten Emmas), but it's a suitable and easy-to-pronounce name for a girl, so maybe I'd rate it 4/10.
Despite its popularity, I love this name. I have met many nice girls named Emma and I'm a Emma Watson fan. Emma sounds very sweet and natural.
I like Emma a lot. I used to hate it but now I realize why it's so popular! Emma suits any age and is very bold. It's classic and modern, too. I think the name Emma is far better then Emily for some reason. I haven't met too many Emma's at all! Cute name, I'd consider using it.
British actor Tom Hiddleston has a younger sister named Emma.
My sister’s name is Emma and I believe it’s beautiful. When she was born it was not a very common name and the only time we ever met anyone else with that name they where either younger or older by a large gap. Emma is a classy name that fits a woman at any age of her life; it is both strong and delicate. Emma is so popular right now because it is a good name and I find it very rude that so many people are giving it such bad reviews. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should ruin it for others.
Sooo ridiculously popular, but I don't see why that would be a reason to stop liking it. Emma is a very pretty name, and it's classic. But, I would say maybe save this for your dog or use it as a middle name, since it seems like every fifth little girl is named Emma.
Lord Nelson's mistress Lady Hamilton was an Emma - it's a very elegant name that's rich in history and is timeless. I love it in such combos as:
Emma Antonia
Emma Charlotte
Emma Isabella
Emma Juliet
Emma Katherine
Emma Lavinia
Emma Margaret
Emma Victoria.
Emma is so common it's dull. I really don't like the "ma" at the end. I'm sick of the name and it should really not be popular. To admit, Emma is okay when you prenounce it " Em - a" instead of " Em - ma "
While, yes, Emma is wildly popular, I don't mind one bit. A name being popular, especially one with such grace and heritage, is not a bad thing. I grew up as an Ashley in the 90s. Having the same name as every third girl didn't bother me at all though; I was always excited to meet other girls named Ashley, and I still love my name. I am strongly considering naming my little girl Emma, and I love Emma Grace. We would call her by both names, but the problem is, we have a four year old Emma Grace in our family already, named after my aunt Emma Grace. However, we may still use it as the other little girl is a somewhat distant cousin. We also love Emma Catherine and Emma Noelle though. In all, I think Emma is a hard name to go wrong with. It really is lovely.
I love the name Emma and would consider naming a daughter this despite the popularity of the name. I grew up with a very popular name (Jennifer) and don't feel as though having such a popular name hurt me in any way. I don't feel as though I should be deprived of using a name that I LOVE just because so many others have loved it as well.
I think that the name Emma is very pretty and classic. Also, while the name is indisputably popular, I've never actually met anyone named Emma.
Emma backwards in Spanish with one M Ame = I have loved.
Love it! Elegant, simple and feminine.
This name is overused. I think Emma is a nice name, but this name has gotten too popular. I would rather use Emily, which was less popular than Emma last year.
This is my name. I've never really liked it. It sounds a bit blunt, and can be extremely annoying when someone says it a certain way. I have the middle name Elizabeth, and the two sound nice together.
However, I have met countless Emmas, and sometimes, when someone calls my name, I and 3 other people turn around.
If you want to use this name, I'd suggest either waiting 100 years so it isn't so popular, or choosing Emmaline, Emmeline, Jenna, etc., or using Emma as a nickname.
Not the most well known but I found it worth mentioning: Emma from anime/manga series "Victorian Romance Emma".
Emma Caulfield (b. 1973 in San Diego, California) is an American actress.
My name is Emma, and I have the middle name Louise to top it off. Blech.
Unlike Louise, I don't think Emma is a bad sounding name, but I detest it.
It doesn't feel like the right name for me, and it's almost like I'm stuck being someone I'm not sometimes. There were also four other Emma's at my school, and it was really frustrating, having to be known by your last name, which I also dislike. But at least my last name isn't common...
Emma was the only daughter of King Henry I of France and his wife Anna of Kiev.
This name bores me. It's nice, I guess, but it lacks 'oomph.' I wouldn't use it.
Emma Rose Marie (b. 2001 in Los Angeles, California) is the daughter of American actress Cynthia Watros and her husband Curt Gilliland. Emma has a twin sister named Sadie Anna Marie.
Emma Yoshiko Hedican (b. 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina) is the daughter of American figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi and American hockey player Bret Hedican.
Emma Victoria Pichette (b. 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee) is the daughter of American musician David Pichette and his wife, Jill.
My name is Emma. When I was in elementary school, I was the only Emma. There were tons of Emilys, Katherines, Maddys, and Cheyennes (shyenne, Chyenne) Although there are definitely too many Emmas at my school now, I think it's still pretty, elegant, and simple.
I love this name, very elegant.
This name has a bit of snooty feel to it, mostly because of Emma Watson, and also because it derives from the German language (no offence, people!). I do use it for characters sometimes, but only because it's simple and basic.
Emma (played predominately by Alexia Fast, but also Madison Bell as a child) was the daughter of Dean Winchester and the Amazonian murderess, Lydia, introduced in "The Slice Girls" episode.
I'm really surprised to find out that Emma is third right now in popularity, or that other people think this is so common. I've never met ANYbody named Emma! It's one reason I like it so much. It's so pretty and sophisticated too, and I think it would fit well in all stages of life. I've met a million Ashleys or Brittanys or Jessicas, but never an Emma! I really hope it stays that way since I hope to one day name my daughter this! Maybe a longer variation of it though, to be unique... :-)
My name (Ashley) was popular the year I was born. It can be annoying since its popular, but it doesn't change the fact that I love my name, and it suits me. I did at one time think about staying away from popular names for my kid because I wanted something "unique." I loved the name Emma for my daughter and thought it was perfect when I was expecting. Then I found out how popular it was. I wrote it off and forgot about it. The day she was born her father said "She looks like an Emma," and I had never once mentioned it to him. She really does look like an Emma. Even though this name is popular, doesn't mean it's a bad name. Anyone could twist any name to make it seem "bad."
I LOVE this name! Very elegant and feminine.
Emma is my name. I think it is a name suitable for many different types of people. It is elegant and refined; youthful and bright; informal when it needs to be and looks reputable on paper; and, unlike several weird names that have come up out of the blue recently, it is a name one can be taken seriously by. It doesn't sound overly feminine or too masculine and stays with a girl easily over her entire life. Plus, it is super easy to spell!HOWEVER: as I said, I am an Emma, one of the FIVE in my year with FOUR of us in my English class, and possibly one of 20-50 in my school! In my group of friends there is another Emma and sometimes we might hang out with another group, who also have an Emma! It is so infuriating to hear someone yell out 'Emma!' and whip your head around to see someone you've never met. My friends think it's hilarious when two or three of us Emmas all turn around when our name is called. I am forever Emma G at school, although I prefer to write down my full last name. My middle name is Charlotte (yay, like Emma Watson!), and I can't believe some users have said Charlotte and Emma don't go together! I think they work brilliantly in combination, in either order. I'm Australian and was born in the mid-1990s, a time when Emma was overwhelmingly popular. One of my Emma friends was named Emma after the movie based on Jane Austen's novel. My parents just loved the name and didn't care about the popularity. As I was reading the comments above, I realised I was completely unaware that Louise was a common middle name for Emma, although one of the Emmas I know has this middle name. I can see why it is popular though, as Emma Louise sounds very lyrical when spoken. I don't really like short middle names with a short first name as the name tends to sound sort of cut off. This is why Emma Charlotte and Emma Louise sound so nice!Please, please consider the popularity of a name before giving it to your child. Emma is a nice name, but there are just too many! I am determined to give my children names that are not in the top 100 in my country. Sorry this is a really long comment, but I had lots to say.
My great-grandmother was an Emma (Emma Ann) and I always disliked the name, regarding it as fusty and dreary. However, lately I have come to like it, considering it historic and rather classy, and would even consider using it. I like the combo Emma Celeste.
I much prefer Emma to Emily.
I think one reason for its popularity from the 1960s, having fallen into comparative disuse since Victorian times, the character Emma Peel (played by Diana Rigg) in the 1960s British spy series "The Avengers". The character had shoulder length hair and wore a black leather jumpsuit. It's said that the writers chose the name Emma Peel because it was similar to "man appeal".
Emma Rose Roberts is an American actress. She is the niece of the famous actress, Julia Roberts.
Two of my friends are named Emma. I know it's a common name. But the weird part is that they both have the same middle name-Lee. Except one of the Emma's spells it Leigh. And they both have the same story-Their mom wanted to name them Emma, and their dad wanted to name them Emily. So they settled on Emma then the middle name "Lee - Leigh" because it would still sound like Emma when you say their full name. Personally, I think it's a way common name and you should name your child something original. No offense to people that like this name.
The main heroine of the new TV show "Once Upon a Time" is named this.
A famous bearer from history is Hemma of Mělník (b. before 950, d. 1005/1006) was the wife of Boleslav II of Bohemia and a Bohemian Duchess.
Actress Emma Stone is a famous bearer of this name. She starred in the movie Easy A. Her real name is Emily Jean Stone.
I don't agree with you! Emma isn't boring one bit! And it's not "tryndee" either. It's a beautiful, classy name. My best friend has this name and she's one of the nicest, most beautiful person I've ever met. Hurray for old-fashioned names making a comeback!
Emily is very sweet and delicate, but Emma is much funkier somehow.
Hmm, funny this is Behindthename's name of the day today, I've been thinking about this name a lot lately. I like it, it's very nice, and I've never met a not-so-nice Emma before, but I do prefer Emily or Emmaline. I think those options sound a little more mature and poised.Emma is still a nice, simple, and sweet name to be called though. I think it will age fine.
Emmarine is a variation of Emma. I think it's a nice alternative to Emma.
Ah, too plain. Too common. So many Emmas. You never ask about this name, you never ask the meaning to it because it's just so ordinary and overused. It doesn't matter if this name has a story to it, no one will care, no one will ask. It doesn't sound bad. It has a nice sound. It's just too many girls have this name.
I love this name! This is so cute and lovely. :D
"Emma," itself, is not a horrendously bad name. Would I name a child that? No, not necessarily, but I can respect it. Among the others (Emily, Emmaline, etc), I find this to be the most classically beautiful and mature. The problem of pairing arises, though... unfortunately there truly are not many middle names that are suitable (to the ear and otherwise). "Emma Mary"... the flow is off. "Emma Desiree"... horribly wrong. "Emma Caitlin"... truthfully, it sounds childish. "Emma Phillipa"... good attempt, but ultimately fails. If you are able to snoop the perfect middle name-- praise to you!
This is my name, and I'm proud of it. Even though there are millions out there now, according to my parents, it was a rather unique name when I was born (1997). Everyone thinks its short for Emmaline or Emily, it does however suit well with the name Katherine (mine, as a matter of fact). There are some annoying nicknames such as Emma-ture. But my dad calls me Emma-Lou-Who, which is immensely annoying, and Em is just annoying to me. I'm going to call myself Emma- Kate or something like that in high school, since I'm stuck with regular 'ol Emma.
This is my name. I've had the taunts of "Emma-ture" and stuff like that. I really like it "Irma", my nickname. Overall, I think it sounds like immature. I like it, but I don't at the same time. It's very girly-girl.
Hello! My name is Emma. Yeah, it stings a bit reading that people think my name is "plain" and too common. Honestly, I used to hate my name, but now I've come to like it. Screw you all for lowering my self esteem.
Something we Emmas abhor: BEING CALLED EMILY. God. I don't know any other Emmas (I'm the only one in my grade), but I know I hate it.
I like that it's simple, honestly. There is no way to screw up the spelling or pronunciation and it's a multicultural name. I also think it's a cute, shy girl kind of name, which describes me completely.
There's also an anime/manga called "Victorian Romance Emma" that I love. And Emma Watson is (was) pretty and was in the Harry Potter series, so.
I don't particularly like the sound of it. It's kind of blunt and not as "elegant" and "classy" as some make it out to be. I much prefer Emily over Emma.
This was the name my parents gave me. Unfortunately, I can't stand the name and I had it legally changed as soon as I was old enough. This was partly because I had an unpleasant childhood and I probably associate it with something of myself I have disowned. I agree with the poster who described it as 'infantile'. The bisyllabic sound of it lacks any sophistication and it's also phonetically too close to 'enema' as another poster commented. It was also as common as dirt when I was growing up, and the sort of girls who shared it were always unpleasant and stupid. Also, the character 'Emma' in the Jane Austin novel is a nasty piece of work. The shortened forms of it, the grunt-like 'em' and the awful 'ems' manage to be even uglier than the full name.
This girl named Emma in my high school was HORRIBLY mean to me, that's why when I hear this name I think of a shrew, terrible girl. I know that my impression is biased because of that, but I also just think Emma is far too popular and plain. My sister-in-law recently had a daughter and was going to name her Lola but opted for Emma, to which I do not understand.
It is very common in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark). In the past decade it's been among the most popular names, often the most popular. [noted -ed]
In Norway, before the late 80s/early 90s Emma was seen as quite an old-fashioned name, usually carried by an old woman or a long dead relative.
It's pronounced EM-a in Norwegian, Sweden and Denmark.
Please, understand, Emma is NOT the feminine of Emmanuel!
Nice but a little boring.
Despite it being the name of both Emma Thompson AND Emma Watson AND Emma Roberts, it has been spoiled for me. I've known about 17 Emmas, and the only one I've really talked to is not someone I like. And plus, its too popular.
Emma is such a nice pretty name, but it's very common. I still like it though.
Count me as another who doesn't get the appeal of Emma. It's so plain and overdone and it reminds me of enema! But to each his own. At least it's a classic and not a tryndee wonder.
In my opinion, this is the perfect name for a girl... it seems classy, intelligent, mature... I love this name! It is such a shame that it is so popular.
I'm kinda surprised this name is so popular. There is just not that much to it; 'Emma' is as plain as oatmeal. And now that it is not unique anymore, it loses it's appeal.
Emma Darwin (1808-1896) was the wife of scientist Charles Darwin. She and Charles were cousins, both being direct descendants of the wealthy potter and abolitionist, Josiah Wedgewood. Once Charles learned more about the science of genetics, he worried that the fact that he and Emma were cousins might be responsible for several of their children being born with inherited illnesses.
I'm sorry but this name is just so dire plain. Emma is such a boring common name, every other girl in England is called this. Emma has become the new Jane as they are both just as plain and boring.
"Emma" is the title is an eighteenth century novel by Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. It was written and published in 1773, when she was just sixteen. It tells of a young aristocratic woman, Emma Eggerton, who finds herself in love with a man but is forced to marry another. Few people know that the Duchess Georgiana was also an author. Georgiana wrote two novels ~ "Emma" and "The Sylph". However, her books are often forgotten about, partly because they were published anonymously, as to not damage her reputation (because she wrote about contentious subjects).
Emma Kirkby great English singer of baroque music.
Boring and common. It's not even pretty either. I don't get it.
This has to be one of the most popular names in the English language! So many Emmas at my school, and it is the name of one of my cousins. It is cute, but so over-used.
Emma Bardac (1862 – 1934) was the mistress of composer Gabriel Fauré and, later, the second wife of composer Claude Debussy. Each of these composers wrote a suite in honor of one of her daughters: Fauré, the "Dolly Suite" (for piano four hands) for her daughter Hélène, known as Dolly; and Debussy, the "Children's Corner" suite (for piano solo) for her (and his) daughter Claude-Emma, known as Chou-Chou.
I do love the meaning. But, it's boring, common, and short! I do not like nicknames too much but this name is really boring. It really just is M-A.
Emma is simple and cute. I don't hate the name but it is the most popular name in the US. When I meet someone named Emma all I think is "cute name" and take it for granted.
I don't know why this name is so popular, it's boring and too short.
Oh dear it's amazing how people react over a name, especially Emma, maybe I could understand the venom if we were talking a Frank Zappa name!
My name is Emma and like one of the posters above one of my middle names is Louise, yes both are quite popular in their own right and yes in my year at school there was an Emma in every class, but you know what, I'm not bothered, I like my name, I like it a lot, in fact if it wasn't my name, I would consider naming my daughter Emma. It's very unoffensive, yet charming, with tradition as well as being trendy now. It's a good all round very decent girlie name and I'm proud to be called it!
Emma Coolidge is a character on the Sci-Fi TV show Heroes (my favorite show of all time). Emma is an evolved human with the ability of enhanced synesthesia, the power to see and manipulate soundwaves. She is also deaf and is portrayed by deaf actress Deanne Bray. Emma is one of my favorite Heroes characters, and Emma is one of my favorite names! It is also my name. Emma is a beautiful name, and I highly recommend it!
I hate the name because I have been named it. I have the middle name of Louise, which makes my name even more trashy, and I'm stuck with it for life. Please people, don't call a kid Emma, for their sake! If you were called Emma, you might realize it's hard not to turn your head every time some shouts the name Emma. It's so common and overused and I don't see what's so great about it. The spelling is boring, the sound of it is boring. Choose a cooler name like Saffron or Serena or Janey, just don't chose Emma.
First off my name isn't Emma but I go by Emma in each class mostly. I mean I LOVE it. It's amazing, I don't care if my name isn't Emma, I really think I'm a good Emma.
Well, I'm reconsidering what I said above. It's a nice name, especially the English pronunciation. At first, I've found really odd because it's similar to an animal's name in my first language, but now I like it. But I wouldn't use it on a child.
Nice name.
Ugly, overused, and boring. No offense to any Emmas, but I hate this name.
Emma and Emily are not related, but Emily is much prettier and less common.
I used to like the name more, until it got so insanely popular and overused among the under-five set. It's like all of these parents liked Emily but knew it was too popular for them, so they used a similar name, not realizing that plenty of other parents were thinking the exact same thing. I'm afraid the same thing is going to happen to Amelia, Amalia, and Emilia eventually when Emma starts feeling played-out and overly popular too.
Pronounced E-mah in German. [noted -ed]
Eewww, I don't like this name, it's really ugly. I don't even know how this is in #1. Bad choice for name.
It's a lovely, simple name, and there are many famous bearers. However, it's very overused. Still, it's not that boring to me at least.
I personally hate the name Emma. It's popular and tacky. I like unusual names, or names unlikely to become popular.
Emma is supposedly very popular but I do not know one person named Emma. I love it and want to name my child Emma.
This name is a shortened version of the German name Ermintrude. The name Emma isn't a pet name of Emily, if anything it would be the other way round. Emma is more of a classic name than Emily. Emma is far prettier, because of its sound (eh-ma) than Emily (em-i-lee), and also its sound (of how grown up it sounds). Emily (as another person pointed out) is more of a child name.
Emma, Madison, Allison, Olivia, Mia. God, SO many babies are being named Emma, that it makes my head spin. I'm SO glad I'm going with something in the opposite direction.
Just read an article saying that "Emma" is the new #1 girl's name in America, ending the 12-yr streak for "Emily". To all those who say Emma is "too common": please let parents make their own decisions on what is important in a name. Sometimes beauty and meaning come before unique. I love both names!
Emma Denise Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts.
My name's Emma, but I can't decide if I like it or not, because I love complicated names and this one's a little too simple for me. But I'm kind of happy it was used in Victorian times, which is pretty cool. I'm named after my two great-grandmothers, Eleanora and Edith. They both start with "E", and this was the only one my parents could agree on.
And I haven't met very many Emmas, and when my parents named me, this name wasn't popular at all.
My name is Emma, and I love it! It's useful because it's pronounce-able in many languages. I'm Finnish, and nobody here has trouble pronouncing it (in Finnish, everything is pronounced exactly as it looks :)). When we lived in Barbados and England for a while, still no trouble! But it annoys me when British people say emm-er.Also, there are no Emmas in my class or even my year in school! Lastly, Emma can be nicknamed variously. My friends call me Ems, Emsie, Emppuliina or even Empskuliini :)
Olympic skater Kristi Yamaguchi has a daughter named Emma.
Emma is one of the main characters in the TV show "H2O: Just Add Water." She is a mermaid who has the power to freeze water with her mind. Emma is played by Claire Holt, and I don't actually like her much, although I love the name Emma, which is my name also.
Emma Goldman is a famous Anarchist who bore the name. She was also one of the first women who fought for women's liberties. She was said to be a "dangerous" woman.
I agree with the comments that say Emma is a classic name. My name is Emma and I think it is not only classic but romantic and beautiful. I find it funny, though, that I was given such a beautiful name even though I was named after my great-grandfather, who was named Elmer. I didn't really like my name when I was younger but now that I have grown up a bit and learned about myself, I realize what a good choice my parents made. I am a wholesome character and, well it just fits! I wouldn't change it for anything!
I have always liked Emma, but now that it has become so common I can't see myself using it. Why did everyone have to ruin it for me?!? Just kidding.
Emma is my name, I was named after Emma Thompson in Sense & Sensibility, a beloved movie of mine. I think Emma is a nice name, but it's too COMMON! I know a LOT of Emmas, and sometimes it gets a little annoying. I like the meaning of the name, and I think it sounds nice, but just a little boring and too common.
My name is Emma, and even though I know many other Emmas, I never get tired of it! I love the meaning, and the way it sounds- but I hate it when people pronounce it am-ma or em-ay. It's said like it looks- em-ma! There are so many middle names that can be used- mine's Catherine, and I do prefer a long middle name with it. It used to annoy me a LOT when people called me Emily, but I don't mind so much anymore. My mom wanted to name me Jane, but she heard the name Emma, and she immediately loved it. At the time, everyone said, "Emma? But that's so old-fasioned!" Now, it's everyone's name!
I think Emma is such a cute name. It goes well with basically every last name, and one of my favorite actresses, Emma Watson has the name. I'd like to use it one day, despite the popularity. It's popular for a reason, and besides, maybe it won't be popular by the time I get to use it.
In Italy Emma didn't exist till the middle of the 19th century. Then it became suddenly fashionable, probably due to the novel "Madame Bovary": it was the 2nd most popular name in Rome in 1876, behind Maria. In the 20th century it was rare and almost obsolete. At the present Emma has become fashionable again, especially in Northern Italy: in 2004 it was the 2nd most popular name in Venice behind Giulia, the 10th in Florence and the 15th in Milan, the 29th in all Italy. In 2006 it rises to the 16th nationwide.
Nice name if it weren't so popular.
There is a song by Hot Chocolate called Emma.
I agree with slight_night_shiver. Emma is a really boring name to me. Also, one reason I wouldn't name my daughter Emma is because it always reminds me of a trashy country girl. And it reminds me of a little girl rather than a grown woman. Very plain name. Though the simplicity of it is rather appealing. Better than an over complicated name that looks misspelled.
This is a very sweet, classic name. Our daughter was almost named Emma until we found out how popular the name is. I didn't want my daughter to be one of 3 or 4 girls named Emma in her class.
Emma Hale was wife to Joseph Smith, the Latter-day Saint prophet.
It's a nice name, but sooooo many people have the name Emma. It's crazy!
I like this name. It's cute without being overbearingly sweet, and I can see a young child to a mature woman using this name easily. But, it's a bit too popular. And it's not very unique, or special.
Emma Tallulah Behn (born September 29, 2008) is the third daughter of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and husband Ari Behn. She was born in their home in Lommedalen outside of the capital of Oslo at 12.53, weighing 3700 grams and measuring 53 cm.Emma, the fifth grandchild of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway, is 7th in line for the Norwegian throne.
I hate it when people think Emma is short for "Emma-Leigh" or "Emily" or whatever. :( MY NAME IS EMMA. JUST Emma. I can't believe how popular my name is, though!
The name, 'Emma' seems a tad too common for my taste. I have a sister named Emma, a girl in my History class named Emma, one of my distant friends is called Emma, my previous friend's older sister was named Emma. Need I continue?
I just saw how popular my name was, and it's pretty freakin' popular, alright!
My name is Emma Elizabeth. I despise my middle name but like my first. It suits me but I wish it wasn't so popular. Before I hardly ever heard anyone called it - that's how I liked it. Oh well. There surprisly are a ton of nicknames for it. My friends call me Em, Ems, Emmers, Mema, Emma Dilemma, and Emily is also a nickname. I can't stand being called Emmy though.
It's a cool name.
It's incredibly cute, but incredibly overused.
My name is Emma and I love it! I absolutely despise the name Emily because it's ugly. I think Emily is more popular than Emma. There is only one Emma in my entire town that I know of and like a billion Emilys. Maybe it's just the area I live but there are hardly any Emmas around here. When I was given the name it wasn't popular at all. It was like 100 something. I think it's a very classy name. Sort of like the female 'Edward'. Not that the names are alike but the fact that they are old, classy, beautiful names. And to all you other Emmas, those people being nasty about the name are just jealous of our AMAZING name even if they deny it!
What a horrible name! It makes me think of an ostrich.
Singer Angelo Kelly and Kira Harms have a daughter Emma Maria Kelly, born at year 2006.
The sound is irritating. Infantile. I've not had the pleasure of meeting nice Emmas either. This is a shame as it might heighten my opinion of this overused name.
Emma Rosenkowitz and her brothers and sisters David, Nicolette, Grant, Elizabeth, and Jason are the world's first surviving set of sextuplets, born on January 11, 1974 in SOuth Africa.
The good things about this name are that it is simple, it has a pleasant sound, it's quite pretty, and it doesn't sound trashy or anything, so the name shouldn't lead to the type of discrimination that girls named Jaylee, Nevaeh, Heaven Lee Skye, and the likes are headed for. The bad things are that it is hideously popular and common, and it's been overused for a long time. Plus, the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the name is a little girl as opposed to a woman. The name is also quite dull in the same way that Ella is. Both Emma and Ella are such boring names, and they would be boring even if they were rare. Besides, I knew an annoying and mean girl named Emma in elementary school, and I wouldn't want the name of my child to remind me of despicable, narrow-minded brats.
Emma Gilbert is the character played by Claire Holt in the Australian TV show "H2O: Just add water".
I had always thought that Emma was a short form of Emmanuella or Emmanuelle.
Emma Bolger - the younger sister of Sarah Bolger - (an Irish actress) was in "In America" and the children's film "Heidi".
I like this name but there are just too many people named Emma! I mean come on, think, Emma Degerstedt, Emma Roberts, Emma Watson. There's just too many people named Emma! I would name my kid this but I don't want her to go to school and there be 18 other Emmas there.
I like Emma as a nickname for Emmaleigh.
I liked this name a whole lot and was considering naming my daughter Emma, but then I saw how popular it was, then I drew back.
Emma Frost (sometimes known as "White Queen"), a Marvel Comics character and current member of the X-Men. She was originally a villainess and a member of the "Hellfire Club", but after seeing her students (the "Hellions") die, she reformed.
I love this name. It's classic and feminine but can also 'fit' a tomboy that gets into mischief. I recommend it! It's timeless and fits every age.*should be* Famous Bearer: Emma Cooper, from the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast. (which is AMAZING) And the Emma and Pete Show which is very entertaining as well.
I like this name, it sounds sweet and innocent.
My mother almost named me Emma, and I'm very glad she didn't. All the Emmas I've ever known were very sweet people. But maybe that's the reason I don't like it. It just seems too sugary to me.
Emma is a very pretty name. It is a classic since it was ranked #3 in 1880 and #2 currently in the United States. "Emma" by Jane Austen is great!
This name has become the "default" name of the United States, and it shows. There are millions and millions of little Emmas running around all over the world. It is a TOTAL misconception that Emma is less popular than Emily. They are almost exactly equal, and both are starting to sound very boring. It IS a lovely name, but there are just too many!
I like the name Emma o.k. but I have a friend named Emma and I don't like the name very much. I prefer Emily or Emilia.
Emma was almost my name, but they decided against it. I wish she hadn't, I like Emma a lot more than Amanda. I think it's an okay name, it became a bit overused after Rachel on "Friends" named her baby Emma. It's funny how TV shows influence naming patterns.
The most ungodly overused name ever! Don't think so? Walk in any elementary school and look at the lockers, there are at leat 3 in every grade. If original is what you're looking for this isn't the name. It's simple and boring. And in 10 years, it will be just another Brittany, Ashley, or any other name way too common for its era.
I don't like this much. Not only is it extremely trendy, but I really can only picture on a little girl. Cute, but it won't fit forever.
I especially love the E-double M-A spelling of this word.
I probably wouldn't like to be named Emma because of Emma Roberts and Emma Watson. I'd be horrified.
Another trendy, but traditional name. Like Emily though, it also has a bit of an English tinge, as if their over-achieving parents (you don't see lower-class parents naming their kids Emma) want their daughter to grow up to be an aristocrat or something.
I'm middle-lowerclass, and I'm named Emma. I think people have been influenced about the name because of television shows, the popularity of the name, and because of actresses. Also, for the people saying Emily would be better then Emma, (Emily Emma, doesn't sound too bad) Emily is the number 1 most popular name in America. In my choir class there are 4 Emma's including me, but there are 12 Emilys.
I don't like Emma at all (sorry if your name is Emma). I think it's too popular, there are loads of Emmas at my school. And I think the name Emily is so much prettier.
I don't get why so many people say it's a copy of Emily, it's not.
I used to like this name when I was really young. It's cute. BUT, now it reminds me of particular insult in Korean (imma) so I don't like Emma now.
I love my name, it's wholesome and sensible but can be cuty-fied at the same time. My mum chose it as she loves the story Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert - who happens to also share my birthday. Slightly freaky!
My name is also Emma. Honestly, when I was little (then it wasn't even in the top 150s) I hated it. But I've grown to love it. It fits any age, but it is a name made for certain people.I seriously cracked up when I read this one random comment that said a very common middle name for Emma is Louise, because that's my middle name and I've never heard anyone AT ALL having that middle name. HahaHonestly though, I don't see how some of ya'll would rather choose Emily than Emma. Yes, Emma has gotten popular, but guess what name is even more popular? To me Emily is just a generic name.Oh, and for expecting mothers. Emma is a great name, but if you aren't a fan of Emily don't make the child's middle name Leigh. Because when the name is said too fast her name ends up sounding like Emily and like she has no middle name. Haha my mom explained that to me because I had asked her why my sister got the good middle name (Leigh) and why I got Louise. =/
Also a girls name in Slovenia, though Ema is far more common.
I really like Emma, and it is a name a girl could grow up with too.
The name Emma may be popular but it is such a beautiful and classy name. I prefer it to Emily. I also think this name ages very well.
Emma Carew is Dr. Henry Jekyll's finacee in the musical Jekyll and Hyde.
Emma also makes a good second name as well.
My name's Emma Caitlin, and I think it rather suits me. I lucked out because my name didn't get popular until I was a few years old, which means that I don't encounter people my age with my name, and in my school there are only 2 other Emma's, both much younger.I would not recommend naming your child this, not because of the name itself but because of the popularity. (Or at least give them something to fall back on!)I'm named after Emma Thompson, btw. :D
I like Emma, but it's one of the most popular names not only in America but half of Europe as well. There will be millions of them, and I would personally discourage new parents from using it. If you're not dead set on it, find something else you like almost as much and use it instead, for your daughter's sake.
That's so weird that it means "whole" or "universal" because while I was typing the name into the search, I thought "Emma - everybody's favorite name (it seems)!"
I have two famous bearers:
Emma Nelson, Miriam McDonld's chracter on Degrassi.
Emma Hamilton - mistress to the English Admiral Nelson, a famous general in English history.
I have never liked this name - it is just too over-used. There were so many Emmas in my year at school that you had to refer to them with the initial of their surname, e.g. "Emma C", "Emma P" etc.! Also only one of those Emmas was actually a nice person. It's just one of those names that people choose when they can't think of anything else and want something reasonably normal and tasteful. I prefer Emmeline, Emily, etc. Or you could use the German form, "Imma".
Very cool name, I like it.
My name is Emma and I love it. It's fits me so well. However, I used to like it more before it became so popular. But that doesn't mean I totally disregard it. Yes, I don't think the name fits on some people. When my parents named me 'Emma' it wasn't even in the top 50. My last name is Thompson so teachers at my school always ask if I was named after the actress, which I was not. My parents simply loved the name for me. I think becuase Emma sounds a little delicate, it needs a strong middle name like Colleen or something.
Emma was fine at one point but now it is overused and too common. It's a shame because I used to like it before it was popular. Now I have a strong dislike for it.
My sister is called Emma and I think it is a really nice name. Her middle name is Jade and I think they go nicely together. Sometimes she gets called Em or Ems by family. Emma is a very common name now though.
The English singer Emma Bunton bears this name. She was "Baby Spice" in Spice Girls! I sometimes hear her song "Maybe" from "Free me".
I don't like the name Emma. Too short and simple, and it sounds incomplete, somehow.
Nevermind, I like it, after reading that book by Jane Austen.
There was "Emma Peel" from "The Avengers" in the 60s'. I still love to watch reruns of that show.
Not really famous, but in the 4th Harry Potter, there is an "Emma Dobbs" being sorted. Her house is unknown.
According to Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges in "Dictionary of First Names" Oxford University Press (1993)
Emma - (f.) English: of Germanic orgin, introduced to Britain by the Normans. It was the name of the mother of Edward the Confessor. It originated as a short form of the medieval versions of compound names such as ERMINTRUDE and IRMGARD, containing the element of ERM(EN), IRM(EN) entire (cf. IRMA). It is now sometimes used as a pet form of EMILY, but this is etymologically unjustified.
Emma is a beautiful name, thank you very much. I would consider giving one of my children this name.
My name is Emma and I think the name is O.K. and it suits me, but is too common. I asked my parents why they gave me such a common name and they said it wasn't common at the time. But my surname is unusual.
My name is Emma and I absolutely love it. It fits me so well, because when I think of the name Emma, I just think of a different, don't care what anyone thinks of me kind of person, and a pretty smart kind of tomboy. Whenever I see a ditsy kind of blond girl named Emma, like that Baby Spice, it just doesn't seem to fit. I like my name much more than Emily, because I don't like names that end with "ee" sounds, except Hermione. I think it's awesome that Emma is coming back in style. Also, I love Emma Watson. She's beautiful, and she plays Hermione Granger! Rock on!
The name Emma gets trashed more than most names if you ask me. Perhaps people think this name is absolutely tasteless based solely on its popularity. Well, that doesn't make much sense. I think this name is strong and delicate. Bringing forth images of a beautiful and outspoken girl. That is why it is so common. Just because a name is in the top 5 does not mean you should completely avoid it or give it bad reviews. Yes, the name Emma itself is a very common name but the person who bears the name Emma is what gives this indentity its unique value.
It's my name, and I'm attached to it, because I think it sounds sort of classy, but I wouldn't name my child this, mostly because there's a lot of us out there. (I'm one of the lucky ones, though - there are only 2 Emmas in my entire school, and I've never had another Emma in my class!)On a side note, I've always heard Emma was German for 'loving, fun', but I rather like the other meaning better.
Emma Goldman was a famous anarchist and feminist of the 19th century.
"Leigh" or "Lee" as possible middle names to Emma is rather offensive to the name. If you like Emma Lee, just name your kid Emily. This is my name, and growing up, many kids and elderly people mistakenly called me Emily. I hated it, because that is NOT my name. Emma is not short for Emily, nor are the two connected in any way.Unless you are naming a child after an "Emma" and a "Lee" don't use that combo. You would be spitting on the beautiful name.
Beautiful name but entirely overused. Do you really want your child to be one of eight Emmas in her class?
It's also the Catalan form.
I love the name Emma. I think it's simple, sweet and adorable, and I love it paired with Kate as a middle name. Even though I like my name, I would love to be named Emma.
Lee is a great middle name to go with Emma! Becuase then it's like Emily, but split between two names - Emma Lee.
Emma Fielding is a famous bearer. She is an English star who performs many plays, and is in the Inspector Lynn mysteries.
Back in 1880 to 1890 this name was very popular then too.
My name is Emma Elizabeth. I rather resent people saying nasty things about my name, I mean, do you see me going and saying how their names are boring or plain? I love my name and think it suits me well. I was named Emma by my mom, who thought it was a beautiful name and (at the time) uncommon. It bothers me a little to hear my name being called when ever I go to the store but I wouldn't change it.
It dosn't matter who or how many people have your name, make it uniqe to yourself!
I agree with the user above: who cares how popular a name is, if you like it, use it. My name, Jennifer, is also very popular but I don't care. It's a nice name and suits me fine. I know of 2 girls named Emma in my son's grade 2 class and I still think it is a pretty name.
This name is utterly plain, boring and charmless. I have no idea why this name is so popular, it boggles my mind.
I love Emma. It is popular, but it is a classic name. My Great-Grandmother was named Emma Elizabeth, and I used Emma as my screen and pen name. I wish it were my real, legal name. I love the nicknames, Em, Emmy, even Ems. I will probably name my daughter Emma.
*YAWN* This is a terribly overused, unoriginal and boring name for a girl. And it sounds like 'enema' to boot. It's not a bad name but it's become so ubiquituous and overused that it's lost any charm or major appeal. I suggest skipping it unless you want your daughter to be known as Emma P. or whatever her last name is throughout her entire life.
Princess Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont was married to King William III of the Netherlands and the first female head of state of the Netherlands. She is the great-grandmother of queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
I really like the name, it doesn't really matter if it is overused because it deserves to be.
Emma is one of the most beautiful, classy names you could give a girl, despite it's popularity. Also, this is one of those names that sounds good throughout life. Some names are beautiful baby names, but don't quite fit as the child grows up. Other names sound good on adults, but you can't imagine the name on a baby.
I don't know why Emma's so popular. It's two syllables, sounds like ah-mah! and is far too common. I'm probably gonna get bashed because of the armies of Emmas out there. They're freaking everywhere.
Emma has been the #1 name in Canada for 3 years in a row, but probably on the chart for WAY more. Emily, however, has not been able to be #1, but instead has held the #2 place.
I think a great middle name for Emma is Leigh! Then the girl's name sounds like Emily, but is different somehow. But I wish Emma weren't quite so common--even though I can understand why it is!
Well, I personally think the name is adorable. My niece is named Emma Mary, and I love it! It's one of the cutest names out there (though it IS very popular nowadays).
This name is so overused now it's getting ridiculous. This name has become the new 'Jennifer' in my opinion. I'm sick of seeing it bestowed on practically every baby girl born within the past few years. I don't see why it's become so popular either. It's rather ordinary and blah sounding in my opinion. There are far prettier and less common names for girls now. Name your daughter Emma and she'll be sharing it with at least half the girls in her class from elementary school all the way to university.
This is my name - in Ireland it is quite common. However my mother has told me when I was born, she knew only one girl in her school called Emma and the book by Jane Austen. My name is ok - sometimes I think it's quite plain but it's a classic and a name you can grow up with.
I think the name is boring even though it's my name! I prefer something tougher and cooler.
This is my name and I like it, but I think it is way too common. I know at least 15 other Emmas and most of them share my middle name, Louise, too. It is quite a simple, perhaps dull, name and personally I prefer more unusual and complicated names like Alastríona or Celandine because I think they sound more feminine.
My sister's name is Emma, and when she was named it was a very uncommon name.
Sweet, loving and pretty.
This is my name! :) I have to admit, it's a bit more common than I'd like, but I still think it's a pretty good name. (Though I am fortunate - I've only heard of 5 other Emmas, two being famous ones, two being babies, and one being about 5 when I met her) The one thing that's always driven me mad about is being called Emily. I have nothing against the name (I have a friend named Emily!), but I prefer my own name. Also, you people are forgetting the other Emma in the HP movies(who just happens to be my namesake!): Emma Thompson!
Also, and maybe it's just that they got the info wrong, but I always heard Emma meant 'loving & fun' in German. Either way, it's got a nice meaning.
On a side note, "Emma Caitlin" is not a bad combo, but "Emma Lynne" or "Emma Kate" is much better. ;)
Just wanted to comment again. My name is Emma, and I sort of like it, I just don't really think it suits me. I was named after my two great grandmothers, Edith and Eleanor. As you can see, their names weren't 'Emma', but my parents couldn't agree on any other name besides Emma, so they settled with that.
Emma is an okay name but I prefer Emily. Emily seems like a more graceful name.
Sorry, no offense to anyone, but when I hear this name, I think of "Dilemma". It would be terrible to name your twin boy and girl Dil and Emma!
Cannot stand this name - overrated, and hickish. Ugh!
I have always prefered Emma to Emily. I think Emma just sounds more elegant and Emily just sounds like a child's name. Emma can suit you all through your life.
If Emma should have a middle name, it should be Lynn. Those two names fit so perfectly with each other or why not just name your child Emmaline? Then you have both of the names and a great spelling for it! But of course, it should be pronounced em-a-LEEN in that case! =D.
Emma Woodhouse is the title character in English authoress Jane Austen's (1775-1816) novel 'Emma' (1815).
The main character of Flaubert's most famous novel, Madame Bovary, is also an Emma.
I love the name Emma, it is so lovely. My friend named her child Emma Jane, it sounds so beautiful.
Emma is of English origin. It means energetic.
I love the name Emma. Some names can seem wonderful and exotic when your child is young, in adolescence etc., but once they're into their thirties and beyond the name seems silly. Emma is one of those names that suits a woman at every time of her life; when she's a little girl it's cute, when she's a young woman it's a practical, sweet-souding name, and when she's older, it can sound very noble.
I love the name Emma. The Emma I know is so cute and sweet. I would like a middle name Jean. It would sound cool because I like Emma Jean but I don't like Imogene. So I just like the name.
Wow, so many middle names to go with Emma, everyone I know called Emma (including myself) has the middle name Louise. My mum called me Emma 'cause she said you can't shorten it. Tell that to the people that call me Em and Ems!
It's kind of funny to see that comment about Emma Louises, I was born in England and moved state-side very young. I always worry about my children not knowing or having much contact with my family and eventually losing their heritage, so when I had my daughter I wanted to give her a name that I felt sounded more traditionally English. I have a cousin back home in England named Emma Louise and my name is Rebekah Kate, so I named my daughter Emma Kate. It seems like Louise is a lot more common on that side of the pond, whereas over here all the middle names are like Marie, Nicole, Ann, and Lynn.
In the TV sitcom Friends, Rachel's daughter is named Emma.
American novelist Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (E.D.E.N. Southworth) bears this name.
I think Emma is much prettier than Emily.
I think Emmma by itself isn't a nice name. It's quite plain on its own. But I think combined with a second name it is wonderful. I will definitely name one of my daughters Emma-Rose or Emma-Mae.
Emma is very commonly used now. In my class at school, there are 4 girls named Emma. I feel sorry for them because they don't have a unique name and have to be called the same.
The name is cute, but personally I want to name my girl (that is, if I ever have a child, but not now!) something else, but of course no offense to you or anyone. :) The acronym for Emma is:
Pretty name but way too used. I bet you know someone named Emma!
I cannot believe how many nasty comments others have made about such a beautiful name. My daughter is named Emma Ray, after several Emmas including two great grandmothers, and two wonderful women who are wives of prominent men in our religion. She is proud to bear such a lovely name as you should be whether you were named after someone else or just because your parents recognized what a nice name it is. My father-in-law had an absolute fit that we would call her "an old lady's name", but we knew it would be beautiful for a little girl and would grow well wtih her. It is no longer just an "old lady's name", but the name for a rising generation. "Emma" is truly a classic, beautiful, yet simple, and would not have become so popular otherwise. It has been said to mean "universal" and "embracing everything", which fits my daughter perfectly as she is a child with that unique fearless nature and excitement for life. She truly embraces everything around her. So, all you Emmas, whether old or young, go embrace life and embrace your name as the truly beautiful name it is. Make it a name that others will love because they know you and like who you are.
I agree with all the people above about the middle names for Emma - it is a hard one! My name is Emma Joanne, (EJ for short) and I think that it suits me quite well! I think that Emma is a name which has come back in popularity since the 80s. What a great name!
Personally, I love the name Emma. Probably because I love the Harry Potter movies and I love Emma Watson, she is so pretty! That probably makes me like the name more but it seems like all the Emma's are gorgeous! I've known some Emma's and she is also really pretty!
Famous bearer is Emma Roberts, an American 14-year-old actress from "Unfabulous" and niece of Julia Roberts.
I love this name, seeing as it's mine ;). Alas, I wasn't named after the book or anything, I was named after Emma Peal on the Avengers. Romantic huh? I think it works well with my middle name though - Emma Rose.
Emma is a strong, wholesome name. Almost all the Emmas I know have been very big roles in my life and are great people.
I think Emma is a pretty name, but it is very common. I wouldn't call my daughter it.
The name Emma was also the name of Queen Elizabeth's great great grandmother.
I like the name Emma and I was going to be called this name, but on the day I was born my mum and dad decided on Jenna. But I think this is a very pretty name.
MY NAME IS EMMA! I don't really like the meaning of it, but I like who I am named after. I have the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe, so I can brag that I am in the Harry Potter movies! You know, because Emma Watson plays Hermione.
I had someone ask me if I named my daughter after the Jane Austin book. I also had some ask me if I named her after Ross and Rachel's baby on Friends, haha. I was surprised to find out that Emily and Emma were the #1 and #2 names in 2003, wow. I had named her after my Great Aunt (Marjorie Emma) and my grandmother (Joyce Adelle), also, it turns out Emma Adelle was their mother's name too. I think it's pretty, cute. She looks like a little Emma, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Emma is such a sweet name, when my mom suggested it, it seemed so right.
My name is Emma and it works great for me because I don't have a hot face, it's just cute. My middle name is Mae and I would recommend that middle name because it goes great with the name. My only problem is that so many people are named Emma after the movie Emma came out so now I always am hearing little girls' moms calling them Emma which bothers me because no one was named Emma when I was younger and now there are Emmas everywhere!
I was planning on naming my daughter Alisianna and call her Anna after my grandmother who passed away the year before. But when I looked at her I knew that she was not an Anna at all. They say that babies do not smile as soon as they are born but Emma Sunrise was unique. Her father and I were talking about what we should name her when I said "How about Emma?" I looked down at Emma as I said it and she smiled at me. I thought I was out of it and so I asked her "Do you want that to be your name? Do you like Emma?" and she smiled at me again. She definitely looks like an Emma.
Congrats! I love the name "Sunrise" with "Emma." That's so pretty together. And for those who want to name their little girl Emma, don't use "Charlotte" or "Diane" or "Marie", for her middle name, it wouldn't fit. Grace or Leigh would be much prettier. :)
Actress Emma Thompson bears this name.
I kind of like Emma... I prefer Emilia though.
Emma is OK for a character, but not for my child or anything. I don't think it's that pretty.
Emma is an OK name. But I'd rather hear Emily.
It's the name of the girl who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson.
Emma Charlotte Duerre-Watson (Duerre is mother's surname, Turkish heritage) was born in 1990 in England to lawyer parents of Turkish and British heritage. She has one younger brother Alex. Emma is currently 15 years old and in Grade 9 (as of September 2005) at Headington Girls School in England. Emma is officially 5'3" with brown eyes and matching hair. Emma is fluent in English and lived in France for 4 years but is unable to speak any other language except for English. Her measurements are 31-25-34.
I always thought that Emma was a pet form of Emily. They're pretty close in spelling, but I guess they're not related. Oh well!

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