Hannah wouldn't be my first choice, but it's an OK name I guess, it's pretty.
Hannah is a stupendous name because of its palindromic quality. It makes the name easy to spell and easy to remember due to the fact that it mirrors itself. Also, for writing it in script, you only need to know four letters (you’ll have to know an uppercase and lowercase H). The name Hannah reminds me of a red milkweed beetle. They’re persistent, unique, and energetic. They may be abundant (like people with the name Hannah), but they’re also enjoyable little gems to find in nature. If you’re considering the name Hannah for your pet or child, remember Nike’s wise words: “Just do it.” If you’re also considering Abigail or Meredith, just forget about them. If one of your parents wants the name to be Aurora, simply tell them seven words: “Absolutely not. I’m naming my child Hannah.” There you go! A little Hannah in your life! Congratulations!
I will always associate this name with Hannah Montana forever.
Hannah Xue Jia Dederick is an American Paralympic athlete of Chinese descent who competes in sprinting events in international level events.
Hannah is Anna, the name of Our Lady's mother, Saint Anne. It's an elaborated version of an important name that's particularly dear to me. Its presence in the Old Testament is also an interesting element. It's a delicate, heavenly name that sounds like a flower.
Also Swedish, Danish and Norwegian:
My true name is Han Liu from China, so I named myself Hannah. Because I think Hannah is a very elegant name and it looks like a true pretty girl.:D Additionally, it is a palindrome which fits so much to me, based on my nickname Hanhan haha.
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
It is a pretty name, although I prefer Savannah/Savanna.
This is a beautiful name. It sounds so peaceful and gentle, but strong as well. And it's so cool that it's a palindrome!
Hannah is a palindrome!
If you drop the second N and H, it would be Hana, which is Japanese language for "flower". The meaning and name are beautiful.
It's a very pretty name, I love it :)
I don't hate it completely but when it's Hannah Ann, ugh... legit no middle name is better than having Ann as a middle name just because and it has the same sound twice. I'm so tired of Hannah, and Anna though. Between the two, I'd say I'd rather hear Anna however, it's softer.
I just love the sound of this name, if that makes sense. It's so satisfying to say and hear.
While this name is very popular it’s not stopping me from loving it. I think this name is cute even if it’s too popular for me to use. I love the combination Hannah Quinn for a little girl.
Very sweet and beautiful.
Pretty, but sadly, too common.
Very pretty.
Pretty and gentle sounding.
My name is Hannah. I hated it when I was younger as it was quite popular when I was in school. However, as an adult I'm glad I have a timeless name with some history. It's also prevalent in many cultures, which is kind of cool. Much better than being named some trendy, made up name!
Incredibly dull, people with this name are destined to do bland things. To all my Hannahs, have fun shoveling garbage or being an accountant xx.
I really like this name. I know most people with this name probably want it changed, but I think this name is really good. It means elegance and grace. I would really like to meet somebody with this name!
Hannah is classic, but not too-too old-fashioned.
Hannah is Biblical, but that's not the only reference.
Hannah is a palindrome, but no one went out of their way to do it.
Hannah is popular, but not overused.
Hannah is beautiful without being over-the-top fancy.
Hannah is THE BEST NAME EVER! (One of them.)
If I ever have a little girl, mark my words, she'll be Hannah.
*This is also a family name for me.*
An OKAY name, but a little boring.
WAY overused. Boring.
Hannah Stern from the novel, The Devil's Arithmetic.
I used to like this name more than I do now. I prefer Anna, but this is still a wonderful name. Seems to be dying out though :/. What a shame.
YES your comment is just what I was gonna say! Completely agree with you!
Simple, but really nice name. Hannah is beautiful!
Hannah came from the Hebrew historical name, חַנָּה (Channah).
Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why.
I prefer Savannah.
I think Hannah is a beautiful name! I love the meaning, the sound of it and I especially love the biblical reference. I think it is altogether a wonderful name.
Much prefer Anna, it’s more classy. Hannah just sounds like a more immature version of it, and Hannah Montana is the first thing that springs to mind when I hear this name.
I prefer Anna but this is pretty too. I see it being paired with Elizabeth and Louise a lot.
Very plain and boring! Way too over done as of about 20 years ago!
In our small high school (average of 60 per grade), there were 3 other Hannah's in my class as well as a handful in each grade ahead and behind our class. Hannah A, Hannah C, Hannah G, Hannah K, Hannah Z, etc etc etc.
Nah, it's a overused name and to be honest, I know so many Hannahs it's not even funny anymore. I also met some Savannahs as well. What an overused name. It's pretty but I hear it way too much. I prefer Ann, Annie, Anna, and Ava.
Mmm...uhhhh, I always think of a blonde California girl when I think of this name...
So over this name. I know close to 100 Hannah’s in our area alone.. probably more if I thought about it. Way too overdone.
Very pretty, but I have a Hannah in my family, so I'm not able to use this name.
It may be among other overused names, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.
Honestly it's an overused bland name, I'm sure at one point when Jane, Mary and Anne were the most popular names, Hannah was creative and new, but now... think how many Hannah's you've met... and you can try to be creative by spelling it Hanna or Hanah but it's basically the same name.
French Pronunciation: AN-NADutch Pronunciation: HAH-na.
I love Hannah...always will. There is a special Hannah out there who I have in mind when saying this, but the name is just beautiful in itself...the symmetry & simplicity. In nature, they say symmetry lends beauty and this is exemplified by Hannah!
My name is Hannah and I love it. However, there were a lot of Hannahs born in the 90s and there was ALWAYS another Hannah in my class/on my sports team/at work. It was annoying always having to go by my first AND last name at school. I do overall love the name though. It's classic, easy to spell & pronounce, and comes with lots of fun nicknames! It's perfect for a little girl but also ages well. Definitely use the name Hannah (but not when it's super popular!)
Hannah Grace Colin, is a fifteen year old dancer, best known for starring on season eight of “Dance Moms” alongside her Mom, Ann.
Gag. This name is so annoying. Every drunk white girl squawking loudly outside of a bar is always named Hannah.
Hannah is simply a beautiful and classic name. So much prettier than Ann or Anna. I adore this name.
Hannah is Arabic, not Hebrew. Hebrews took our name.
Hannah is a nice name no matter what you say!
Kind of ugly and boring.
I love the name! It always reminds me of my cute girlfriend named Hannah. It is my favorite feminine name!
My name is Hannah and I personally love this name. I wouldn't change it even if I had the chance. I think my name is cute and matches my personality. When I hear the name Hannah I think of someone who is kind, shy, and artsy. Yea sure people do call me Hannah Banana a lot (including my parents) but I don't really mind and actually like that nickname (as you can probably tell by my username) I don't think my name is super common but it's also not super rare. I've only known like two other Hannahs in my life and both of them were under 20 years old. Have a nice day everyone! :)
When I think of the name Hannah, all I can picture is a child, or an adult who is extremely short.
I personally adore this name. My name is Hannah and yes, I deal with nicknames such as Hannah-Banana and Hannah Montana, but I still like my name. However, I hate the nicknames associated with it. Luckily, the once-popular show, Hannah Montana, has died out so I don't deal with it all that much. Even when I was younger, everyone pretty much called me Hannah-Banana. It was a terrible experience. It didn't help that I was quite shy and when I talked I had a combination of a mid-western and southern accent. Being from the north, I got made fun of a lot. Growing up, I managed to get rid of my shyness and talk more. I even earned nicknames for myself like, Texas Lady, Frenchie (I taught myself French), and Second-Place (I got second place in our school spelling bee, while my cousin got first). I actually like how the name's old-fashioned. My parents are really old-fashioned so this name worked perfectly for their eldest daughter. They gave me the middle name Marie, after my Parisian great-grandmother, and I believe it's lovely with the name Hannah. I think that even the name being a palindrome is cool. Sure, being told, "Hannah, if I spelled your name backwards I'd still call you Hannah", gets annoying, but I've gotten used to it. I don't even mind being called Palindrome, my best friend Jacob calls me that. It really is a nice name. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think it's a lovely name, and that it represents kindness and beauty.
Only English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Biblical, not French, German, or Swedish because they only have their own version called Hanna.
Pretty, however common.
Perfect symmetry.
I didn't know Hannah was still so popular here in the states. I haven't met or heard anyone with this name in so many years that I thought it took a nose dive in popularity. I think Hannah is an okay name, it sounds youthful and old-fashioned at the same time.
Hannah Grace Colin is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” with her Mom, Ann for the eighth season.
I like Hannah-Rose as a first name, but it's kind of stupid because Hannah means Rose.
Usage: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Biblical
I don’t think there’s anything Swedish about this name at all except its use there.
The name is nice and it ages well. I think I would like it better if it weren’t so overused.
The name Hannah is a nice name. It isn’t too old. The name Hannah isn’t very cutesy. It is very nice although not very unique. I have 2 friends named Hannah. They are both pretty sporty.
According to, there are five people in the U.S. named Hannah Hannah.
Hannah Joy Gosselin is the daughter of Jon and Kate from “Kate Plus Eight”.
The name Hannah is a terrible name for a child. My name is Hannah and since childhood EVERYONE calls me "Anna". Two friends I had once called me Anna for two weeks, forgetting that I corrected them every day. A name that is fun and not too old, not too cutesy yes, but I do not like my name. Even though it may mean "graceful battle maiden" in Greek.
Hannah is a beautiful, beautiful name. One of my best friends is called Hannah and she's kind and pretty and lovely. Her middle name is Cecilia and I think Hannah Cecilia is a very good combination. She doesn't like any nicknames though: not Hannah Banana, not Hannie, not Han-han, and especially not Banna. When we play games where we're all different characters, she never changes her name. She loves it so much. I love it too. It ages well — not too cutesy, not too grown-up. I would happily name my little daughter Hannah.
Extremely over used name! Boring and everyone knows at least one if not more Hannah’s.
I don't get why people think Hannah Montana ruined it for them- it is still a beautiful name. No matter what, I love the name!
I know one Hannah, and they pronounce it "Han-ah".
Personally I think the name Hannah is great and names such as Hana, Hanna and Anna are disgusting and are just a wannabe Hannah. Everyone writing hate about the name Hannah is just jealous.
I think Hannah is a nice name. It is spelled the same backwards and forewords and each letter occurs twice. I think it's a nice name for a quiet and intelligent girl. thinks Hannah can be a unisex name. That website thinks Hannah can be fitted as a masculine name. It’s a pretty girl's name, but I don’t like the name Hannah for a boy at all! It just sounds too feminine. Let’s not start giving boys girl names when we’ve just started giving girls boy names. I feel sorry for any male with this name, unless he’s tranny or he likes it. Hannah is a beautiful name for a girl and I don’t care if it’s popular. Hannah is the greatest twin name for her twin sister Sarah. Sarah Lynn and Sarah Rose.
My name is Hannah and I personally LOVE my name. It is a beautiful, unique name. My friends also give me funny nicknames such as Hammy, or Hamlet. And it is fine with me. I Love the name, Hannah. Don't you DARE HATE ON IT!
There are sooooo many people named Hannah; I know at least five in my grade... please don't name your child this, let its popularity dwindle before you even think about it.
An extremely boring, and way too overused name. It also has a blah sound to it that just isn't pretty.
My name is Hannah. I wish my name was something more unique or something unisex. I like cute short unique names and I hate the way my name is spelled HANNAH, I would rather be Hanna but overall this name doesn’t suck. I don’t hate the way it sounds like some names. Not bad but not my favourite. You also can’t have a nickname with this name and it’s pretty basic so...yuh.
I think Hannah is one of the prettiest biblical girl's names. While I do like Abigail, Elizabeth, Sarah, and many others, Hannah is definitely my favourite. It has everything I like in a name: Old Testament roots (she was the mother of the biblical Samiel), a soft; gentle sound, and being neither too "aristocratic" nor "common". Its only downside is its growing popularity: personally, I know six Hannah's, but I still think it's a wonderful name.
Sounds nasally in American English.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hannah who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 132nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
My name is Hannah, and I live in Quebec right now, people pronounce it An-na in French. I like my name, I've met one Hannah here, she is lovely.
My name is Hannah. I kind of like it, but I feel like it's really common and sort of old fashioned. Wish I could switch my name to my middle name!
Hannah is okay, but Anna is much prettier. I don't really like the Hannah Montana association.
Hannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannahhannah I AM SO SICK OF HEARING THIS NAME.
Neutral to this name. It sounds kind of girly, but also mature, depending on the bearer. I don't love it, but I don't hate it and it certainly isn't a bad name. I prefer the less common forms though.
I'm not a Hannah (I'm a male), but to any of you Hannah's that think their name isn't very interesting, here's a fun fact:
Hannah spelled backwards is still Hannah! Not much of a surprise, but it's pretty interesting. Nice name overall.
This is a beautiful name. If I had a child this would be her name! I LOVE IT...
Lucky for me I have an identical schedule with a girl named Anna and whenever the teacher calls on her I think they are saying "Hannah" Also... there's a boy named Montana and everyone's always like Hannah Montana!
Each letter is doubled.
Hannah is beautiful, timeless and feminine. I love this name so much.
Hannah Jeter is an American fashion model. She is best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including the cover of the 2015 edition. Hannah Davis was born and raised in Saint Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the daughter of Deborah L. "Debi" and Conn Jay Davis, Sr. She stated that the best part of growing up there was "the friendly people, great weather and waking up to the sound of the waves on the beach".
Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder. She is an Olympic champion, having won the gold medal in the halfpipe at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy and silver at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. She also won bronze at the 2005 FIS World Championships at Whistler, British Columbia, and has six World Cup victories in her career. In January 2010, Teter was named to the US Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She won the silver medal in women's halfpipe at the Vancouver Games. Teter came in fourth at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Used in Arabic, written "حنّة" and pronunced "HAHN-nah". [noted -ed]
There's a book called Love From Your Friend, Hannah by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky. It's a great read and I love the main character (Hannah Diamond). It kind of turned me on to the name Hannah, but it's also a super awesome book that I would recommend to anyone.
My big sister is named Hannah. It's pronounced like Hanukkah or Hans. It kind of annoys me that it's not pronounced like Hannah (like hand), because I think Hannah is a really pretty name and my sister's spelling is confusing. It's always mispronounced as Hannah the way that sounds like hand, and she hates that. I wonder why they didn't just spell it differently. I know another girl who pronounces her name the same way my sister does and she spells it Hana. Overall, I love the name Hannah. If it was my sister's name, I would be really jealous because I love the sound and spelling of it.
My older sister is named Hannah. I find it funny that the name means "favor", as she clearly is my mother's favorite of her six daughters. I personally don't have any real opinion on the name. It's kinda cute, but also kinda bland.
My name is Hannah and when I was born, my dad actually considered naming me Hannah Montana (this was before the show was created). I praise God my mom talked him out of it. If you want to keep Hannah as a friend, don't you dare call her Hannah Montana. Also, some of us Hannah's like being called Hannah Banana, but the vast majority of us HATE it. Therefore, if you don't want to come off as a jerk, it'd be wise to ask Hannah before you call her Hannah Banana. And yeah, I like my name. When I was a kid, I loved it because there were no other Hannah's and I always felt like it was more of a tomboyish name. Now that I'm older, I don't like Hannah as much. Sure, I like the name and it's a strong part of my identity, but it's also the identity of so many others. I know around 20 Hannah's. :P Also, (and I'm sorry to rant) but people misspell my name all the time. How hard can it be? It's one of the simplest-written names there is! So overall, Hannah is really a gorgeous name, but its popularity has sapped it of a lot of its uniqueness. If you are considering naming your daughter Hannah, go for it! But do them a favor: give them a way out with a middle name that's more unique (but not so unique that it's always misspelled or mispronounced). A name like Camille, or Eva.
Hannasan is my birth name but people call me by my nickname "Hanna, Hana or Hannah." It was not a popular name when I was growing up. Back then I would get annoyed because I would end up always spelling out my name or correcting the pronunciation or how it should be said. It was a very unique name that time but now I am happier that it's gotten to be a popular name. Now I rarely have to spell out my name or pronounce it correctly for others. What a relief on my part! It's a beautiful, elegant and sweet name. Being a catholic, I love the biblical meaning of it which is "grace of God." I love my name.
I really like this name. One of my favourite Old Testament names for girls!
I named my daughter Hannah because it was my maiden name. Figured this way she was named after everyone on my side of the family.
To be honest, I always found this name to be plain and a little immature sounding. There's nothing wrong with it, per say. It can work fine on many types of girls, from the cheerleader to the businesswoman to the scientist, but it sounds like the name of a young woman rather than an older one. It doesn't stand out over the multitude of prettier names out there for a girl; I'd try something like Helena or Hala instead.
My name is Hannah, and I have to honestly say that I dislike it very much. It's way too common, and I know some people think it's cool to have a palindrome name, but in my opinion, it's unoriginal and repetitive. My mom said that she named me this because she knew no "Hannahs", but I know enough to last me a lifetime. One of the most important decisions of my life and I don't get to decide on it. Sorry to all you other Hannahs and "Hannah" fans, but I just don't see anything good about my name. It's never appealed to me.
I was sleeping through a hurricane, in my small house at the time, in Kentucky.
Just me in the house, with my old dog Sue, keeping me company upstairs in my room. I didn't have a tv, nor radio and hadn't known this hurricane was on its way over.
Can you imagine my fright, when it came. Rooms shaking, bricks and mortar spraying, up in the wind, everything crashing round.
I was terrified.
I was unable to get out of that house, I knew my best hope was to go into the cellar, with Sue. Sue and I hid in that cellar for as long as we could, until we were sure that the hurricane was gone.
I was stuck in that cellar for two whole days. No food nor water.
It was an angel who came and saved me from that cellar. Taking away the rubble that was keeping me there, a person, and Angel, named Hannah. She heard me calling out when I was down there and she saved me. I owe so much to that person. I love that person, and the name Hannah to me is a symbol of great hope and love. I do hope you use it and God bless you if you do.
Hannah... such a beautiful name
I feel Hannah goes very well with Lauren
Like Hannah Lauren.
I am a Hannah. I think Hannah is a great name. It's unique, and only one other Hannah is in my school. I think it goes well with my VERY headstrong personality, and my tomboyish acts.
I am a Hannah and I honestly DESPISE my name. Every year I've been in school there is at least another Hannah in my class. Too common and EXTREMELY overused. (There are two other Hannah's in two of my classes this year). I've never had a year in which I could be simply called "Hannah" (since there are multiple "Hannah's" we all have to add our last initial to be distinguished). Also, I endured a lot of teasing throughout my elementary years, always being called "Hannah Banana", "Hannah Montana" or even "Hannah Fontana". When children come up to me they always ask me if I've heard of Hannah Montana which proves this hideous name is synonymous with Miley Cyrus. This name also sounds too feminine and soft (opposite of my tomboy-ish personality). I also dislike how it uses the same letters: h, a, and, n. It has become very dull and plain these days. So in general, I hate this name. I'd much rather have an exotic-sounding name.
I don't really see the appeal towards this name. One of my best friends is named Hannah, but it didn't help my impression of the name at all. I prefer rarer names, so this one just does not work for me.
I think Hannah is a wonderful name. I like it spelled Hannah rather than Hanna.
My favourite name! Soft yet strong. I love how it's biblical and spelled Hannah backwards. The craziest thing is I have only met one Hannah, my best friend's sweet step sister :P.
Hannah Is awesome.
I have the name Hannah, and although it's simple people usually spell my name wrong. To differentiate between the spelling Hanna or Hana I tell people it's spelled as it is in Hebrew. As a joke, my dad sometimes calls me Chanukkah.
This is my name, and I have never seen the appeal. I was born in 1998 when this name was huge, and I just don't get it... I think a lot of people only like it because of how it's spelled the same backwards.
Michelle Monaghan's character in Made of Honor (2008) was named Hannah.
Not a huge fan of this name. It was fine at first, but anybody could get tired of a name after hearing it for the billionth time. To anybody named Hannah, I'm sure you are all great people, and I wouldn't judge you by your name if I met you. If it makes you feel any better, my name is MacKenna, and people HATE that name.
This name became a wildly popular female name in the US during the second half of the 1990s. It's still popular, but not like it was 15+ years ago... I personally don't see the appeal. I find this name overrated.
Hannah is my real name, and I used too feel it was too plain, but now I like it. Whenever I look at my name, I get the impression of lace, and unlike other girls, don't mind being called banana, haha. In all seriousness, people become very sensitive when you talk about their name, but I feel a name only describes, annnddd... lesson over!
This name is horrible! I know many people named this and it's just too ugly sounding to be that popular! She's called Han as short sometimes like hand with no d. Anna is much prettier sounding, prettier looking, and less popular.
This is my name, however, it's spelled without the last H. It's Hanna... I personally have never been overly fond of my name, but it's not really a bad name. Just not my favorite.
It's also Norwegian.
Hannah is an angel on the television series "Supernatural."
I love this name. It's so beautiful and sweet. I like how this is the name of prophet Samuel's mother. :)
My name is Hannah. It is fairly common yes, but I find it's a rather gentle name. It also has a history and an actual meaning unlike a lot of names today that are mashed up and made up with strange spellings e.g. Kaiden, Brynlee, Baelynn, Blakelyn or whatever.
HANAN is the masculine form of this name.
It is an element in and nickname for the name JOHANNAH.
Marisa Kuers played Hannah on Barney & Friends from 1997 to 2000 (seasons 4, 5, and 6) before Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Debby Ryan and after Pia Manalo.
I love my name and I love the story behind it. My mother was praying for a baby and read the story of Samuel and Hannah in the Bible. When she got pregnant with me she decided that if I was a girl she'd name me Hannah.
Hannah Hooper is a member of the alternative band Grouplove.
I think the name is a little boring but very simple and sweet. I have a good friend named Hannah. :)
There is a song by the band Vampire Weekend called 'Hannah Hunt'.
My name is Melissa and my parents would have rather named me Hannah or Alicia. I adore this name Hannah, and it would be a lovely name to call a girl. It is really nice that sometimes I wish my parents would have named me it. It isn't very common where I live. And plus, the name Hannah and Anna may rhyme together, but have no relation, which makes it a silly comparison.
I absolutely hate the name Hannah. It's such a boring, common name, with nothing interesting about it and no nice nicknames. I've been to three different places within a couple weeks, and I heard the name "Hannah" each time. That's how dreadfully common my name is. It's disgusting. It's my own name, and I've almost always detested having it. It's a very pretty name and all, but it's only nice for other people to have. Me having it is rotten. I actually get depressed sometimes over the prospect of having such a name, but I'd just feel so weird changing it.Besides this, I already have a cousin named Hannah. I wasn't named after her. I was named after Hannah in the Bible, but the fact that she was a good and faithful women doesn't make me any happier. My family pronounces it HA-nah. With a harder beginning, such as "hand," or "man." If it was pronounced correctly, like Hah-na or kha-na, I'd probably like it better. Or maybe if it was spelled Jannah. (A spelling I made up for the name.)All in all, I can't stand having such a common name. I'm a very different and unique person, and it isn't me. I've never been able to relate to it. It's just my name. Not even a part of me.
Well, my name is Hannah. I know it's plain and all, but I really enjoy having this name! It is solid and timeless in my opinion :)
So, there're some mixed impressions of this name and some confused to-be-parents considering this name but still undecided. I figured it's kind of hard for people to guess what it would be like to grow up with this name so I'll tell you what I think of it, as someone whose had fifteen years living under the name HANNAH:First of all, in my age group it's annoyingly common. I know of about four or five others and am constantly turning around to someone calling 'Hannah' but not to me. In my reception class there was another girl with this name whose surname also started with the same letter as mine. So for an entire year I was known as 'Hannah Mi' as opposed to 'Hannah Mo'. Fortunately we were never in the same class again. However, according to the popularity graphs on this site, it does seem be decreasing in popularity so this may be no longer a problem for when your baby daughter grows up.Secondly, pronunciation. My parents called me Hannah with the original pronunciation. (HAH-na, Hah as in Chanukah. As BornOnRoshHashanah said- which is a nice way to think of it.) It is not meant to sound like 'Anna'. I pointedly say this to any new person I meet but somehow it still ends up with the hard 'HA' sound at the front. My friends also tease me about being too posh when I say this (admittedly, I guess I am a little). This is usually followed by "Say bath!" or "laugh" or "grass". All of which I pronounce with the same softer prolonged 'ah' sound instead of 'a' which makes me sound 'posh'.Thirdly, nicknames. In primary school all my friends called me 'Hannah-Bannana' or just 'Bannana'. STILL pronouncing it with the harsh sounding 'Ha' and making the word banana sound the same (hence the purposeful mis-spelling) despite the fact that if they just said it properly the poor fruit wouldn't have had to change it's name as well. I didn't mind the nick-name too much, in fact I encouraged it - liking how it made me sound quite silly, funny and care-free. Now, when my friends want to piss me of this it what they call me. Oh, if only I had known then!Fourthly: Yes, I know Hannah spelt backwards is the same! So is racecar or kayak. It's called a palindromic word. You do not need to keep pointing this out to me! However, having said this, before we started going out, my current boy-friend would teasingly call me 'Palindrome' so I guess I don't mind it. Honestly, I think it's kind of cool.Fifthly (I don't think I've ever had so much to say that I've had to use this word before!) Hannah Montana is the most annoying thing ever! Add to my first name that my surname is Miles, which sounds a lot like Miley (Hannah Montana's real name and the actresses name). I haven't heard the end of this since the program first became popular then stupidly childish. I live in hope that the program will die eventually.Finally, for those of you who believe that a name effects the child's personality (I don't particularly, although it's debatable) here's a little on what I'm like: Shy & quiet (but funny and opinionated around friends), smart, intellectual, artistic, not afraid to stick up for myself if absolutely necessary but I dislike violence (physical OR verbal) and generally find myself the peacemaker. I also dislike the most widely found meaning of my name, "grace; favour or the grace of god" I think this is a somewhat weak personality description and, being mostly atheist/agnostic, probably do not appreciate the name as much as my roman-catholic mother does. Overall, I guess Hannah is quite a pretty, feminine name but it doesn't make an impression on anyone. If I could have, I would've chosen something different, but I don't hate the name enough to consider changing it legally. I guess I grew into it. Hannah is who I am.Sorry for ranting, but I hoped that helped.
Hannah... A very plain name, but yet unique at the same time. Because of its many pronuciations, this name can be as elegant or as plain as you want it to be. It was vastly popular from '95 to 2000, but it still maintained its originality. If you wish to name your child this, give her a more unique middle name so it is not plain to them. Also, remember that many parents are naming their child this, so adding a unique middle name can help differenciate between Hannahs.
Hannah Gordon (b. 1941), an elegant and beautiful Scottish-born British actress and presenter of the popular TV series "Watercolour Challenge" is a famous bearer.
In her heyday this name was seldom heard.Hannah More (1745-1833) was a celebrated English religious writer and social reformer.
It's common and slightly boring, but it's still pretty! One of my best friends is called Hannah.
Hannah Marks (born 1993 in Santa Monica, California) is an American actress.
My name is Hannah, and I was born in 1985 (in the US). This was before the name really got popular, so while there aren't a lot of women my age with my name, there are a lot of little girls! I am constantly looking around in public because I hear people yelling out my name when they are calling their children. Growing up, there were a lot of anglicized, hyper feminine names that were popular, like Ashley, Danielle, etc. and I always felt that my name was plain and not feminine, and I hated that it didn't have any good nicknames. Also, the city where I grew up has a high Jewish population, and I always felt that my name was particularly Jewish- it isn't thought of that way now that it is so popular but back then it was. Now I am proud of my name as I realize what a great and strong biblical character Hannah is- and I read a novel called "the song of Hannah" that was great historical fiction about her. I like my name, but I think there are too many little girls named Hannah now. And one last thing- don't call Hannahs "Hannah banana!" We do not like it and you are not being original or clever!
My name is spelt Hannah on my birth certificate but I hate the spelling! It is far too common and because there was another Hannah in my class at primary and secondary I was known as Hannah H all through! There were about 10 other Hannah's at least in my school as well! So I changed my name to Hana, it's not official yet but has been this was y for 7 years and nobody spells it Hannah.
I think that my name is lovely but I just like to spell it slightly different so that people know its me and not the 100 other Hannah's that they know!
Hannah Van Buren was the wife of the 8th United States President, Martin Van Buren.
According to Islamic traditions, Hannah was the name of the mother of Mary (mother of Jesus).
I don't like how this name looks or sounds. I think of someone who has a dry personality.
English pronunciation is "HAH-nah".
In Meg and Dia's song "Monster," Dia exclaims that she is Hannah's regrets.
The name will forever remain bitter in my mouth. Not only does it sound horribly unprofessional, geriatric, and childish-- it is rather ugly. Whenever I hear "Hannah" being said... It resembles "Hand-A" incredibly too much. However, if you are dead-set on the cruel usage of naming your child this, may I suggest the slightly more professional "Hanna"? (Which I actually can tolerate.)
Hannah only sounds like "Hand-a" when someone has a bad cold. Yeah, wicked overused, but I love this name.
I think that Hannah is a lovely name. Granted, I didn't like the name until I knew someone that I admired with the name. :)
Well, this being my name, I don't have much of an opinion on it. I don't hate it, but I by no means love it. It's unfortunate that my parents weren't aware that nearly every other parents in the years 1990-1995 were naming their daughters Hannah in the U.S.
Nonetheless, it's okay. But I always like it better when it's attached to something (i.e. Hannah darling, Hannah Marie, Hannah dear). "Hannah" is just "Hannah." And as said before, there are WAAAAAAY too many of us.
It's always seemed a lumpy, frumpy hausfrau sort of name to me, completely lacking in feminine charm or youthful appeal.Even "Hannah Montana" hasn't been able to shake this image for me. It just made me wonder why they gave a teenage character the name of a plump middle-aged German housewife.
Anna is lovely. Hannah... not so much. Too much Hannah Monatana. But I do prefer the Hebrew pronunciation over the English one.
This name is cute, but unlike its counterpart Anna it doesn't age very well.
Hannah Baxter is the real name of Belle de Jour, played by Billie Piper, on ITV's Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
Hannah is a very pretty name. It is very popular, but it still is very pretty.
My name is Hannah, and I like it. Although everyone keeps saying it's so over used, I was born in '95, just before it started becoming popular, and I only know 3 other Hannah's in my grade. Now, after '95, there are TOO MANY of us. And since I go to a Jr/Sr high, more than 50 of the 7th-9th graders are named Hannah, and it's frustrating standing in the court yard and hearing my name. I like it, since no one else in my class's name is Hannah.
"Go Down, Old Hannah" is an African Americana folk tune. It will sometimes go by the title "No More Cane on the/this Brazos." It has been recorded by Leadbelly, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Sparky Rucker, and Harry Belafonte, just to name a few. In African American vernacular "Old Hannah" is the sun.
One of my best friends is named Hannah, she pronounces it HAN-ah. I personally think the name is overused though.
Hannah was the grandmother of Jesus Christ and the English form is of course Anne.
I like this name pronounced with a long A, though that pronunciation is more intuitive with the spelling Hanna or Hana. I'm tired of seeing and hearing the Hannah variation everywhere, and it also seems to have become a bit of downmarket name too. The name just seems devoid of all creativity and originality now, the type of name chosen just because it was popular or safe.
It's rather boring and overused. I prefer the foreign forms Hanna and Hana. This spelling also makes me think of the annoying show Hannah Montana.
If you come from Yorkshire where we don't pronounce our H properly Hannah is pronounced 'Anna' which can get confusing. :P
I don't know why, but I hate this name. Reminds me of some ugly stupid girl.
My name is obviously Hannah, & it's an okay name. It's neat that it's a pallindrome [can be spelled forwards & backwards] but Hannah Montana did ruin it. But before that I was content with my name, there's nothing super special about it & it's become fairly common.
I like it, but Hannah Montana ruined it for me.
I can't tell you how much I don't like this name. I think about Hannah Montana, maybe the worst series ever.
An absolutely gorgeous girls name. Sophistication and charm, beauty and grace. What a beautiful name :)
Too popular for my taste, but it's cute.
I think that this name is very cute and all, but I just cannot see a grown woman or a grandmother named Hannah! No offense to anyone with that name, I still think that it's pretty. :)
Also used in the Netherlands where it is pronounced HAH-nah.
From the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) which meant "beloved" or "dear".
I'm so using this name for a daughter! Hannah is so pretty! I used to like the name Anna, but now my new favourite is Hannah!
I like the name Hannah, but I don't know of any good nicknames that it has. I normally love names with nickname potential, but I do like Hannah (Only this spelling though. No Hanah or Hanna or Hana.) Any nickname suggestions?
In the 2008 film 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' (based on Jules Verne's book) there is a main character called Hannah. She is clever and adventurous and quite a cool character. As for the name itself, I think it's quite nice. Reminds me of Anna, which is one of my favourite names.
Hannah Montana ruined this name for me. A pretty name dumbed down by a Disney cookie-cutter pop star. Sorry to those who are named this or is a fan of her.
This name is well-used in the Middle Eastern world. I know so many Hannahs! And they are all like 5 or 6 years old.
Hannah is my name, and I like it. It's a bit too overused, but I was named at the very start of this trend. I think that it's feminine, but yet strong enough to make the bearer not sound weak. It's a much better name than Anna or Ann.
I do agree with some of the earlier points, it is a tad too common. I'm getting quite tired of having it called out in public and turn around, only to find that they're talking to someone else (Yes, this is my name.) It's starting to get rather tedious; for these reasons, I would never hold the desire to name a child, Hannah.
Ashley, Emily, Hannah, Sarah, and Tiffany all have one thing in common: overused.
I know about three people with this name and I think it's lovely. I can't imagine anyone over the age of fifty with that name.
This is my name and I think it's a little too common but I still like it.
Hannah is a bland boring name to me, I have 9 other Hannahs in my class out of 20 people, it's just so common.
The book itself isn't all that popular, but for what it's worth, in the book Frankenstein's Aunt, Hannah Frankenstein is, well, Frankenstein's aunt.
It's an overused, rather dull choice, but on a positive note, no one in their right minds would say that it's ugly, tacky, trashy, immature, or stripper-ish. It's not one of the most elegant and exquisite names out there, but it's got class, unlike some trendy and horribly spelled names like Nevaeh and Haylee. It's a pretty safe choice that shouldn't lead to prejudice and discrimination.
Although it is a popular name everyone called Hannah seems to be soooo unique and full of personality. It is a great name!
I like the name Hannah. It sounds like a really sweet girl. Not only does it sound pretty for a young child it will sound beautiful for an adult.
I like the name Hannah but I know too many people with this name. It does have a nice sound and isn't too hard to spell so I can see why it's popular.
Also used in Ireland.
I think it's an okay name. Yet I don't really understand why everyone loves it so much. There are many prettier names.
Hannah was the first wife of Elkanah, a man from the hill country of Ephraim, Hannah was mocked by her husband's second wife, Peninnah, because she had borne no children. Though her husband tried to comfort her, Hannah was mortified by her infertility and often wept or fasted in her distress. Finally, on one of her family's annual pilgrimages to the temple at Shiloh, she made a vow to God that if she was granted a son, she would dedicate him to the LORD for life. Hannah returned home and, in time, gave birth to a son. Whom she named Sammuel. When her son was weaned she took him back to the church at Shiloh and dedicated him to the LORD as she had promised.
Hannah is one of the cute little Asian girls on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
To the commenter who brought up "Jon and Kate Plus 8": The little girl isn't "Asian", my friend. She was born and raised in South Pennsylvania. Kim Jong-il is Asian. Takeshi Kaneshiro is Asian. However, that family is American, including the little girl. And before you or anyone says "the dad is Asian", no, he isn't. He's a born and raised American who's half French and Welsh.
Despite being slightly overused, Hannah sounds beautiful to me. I either picture a Hannah like a girl with multiple shades of blonde in her hair and a kind smile, or an auburn-haired beauty fraught with confidence and care. Love it.
My name is Hannah, and I have been followed by it for my whole life. I went to a school where my class had 10 girls, and three of us were named Hannah. Then I moved, and I still get confused with other Hannahs, Annas, and strangely enough, Amandas. It is an ok name I guess, but it is more fun to poke around with it: Channah, Hanna, Hana, it's fun to play with.
Hannah is my name and I think it is a beautiful name, although very plain. The nicknames and how common it is annoy me. Of the nicknames I've had about 3 people call me Hannah-Banana on a regular basis. I have gotten so that it is more of an insult than anything else when I am called Hannah-Montana or Hanni.
Apparently my parents thought about naming me this. I like this name but I don't think it fits me. And the meaning is grace which would NOT fit me.
Beautiful but sadly overused. So what's the problem if it sounds 'too' Jewish? And, um, 'Channah' is horrid.
This name is beautiful. I think it is more beautiful spelled "Channah".
Hannah isn't a name that I would ever have considered using. I don't particularly care for the sound of it. And for some reason (I have no idea why) whenever I hear the name Hannah I think of chicken soup. And I hate chicken soup.
Too Jewish. I also can't help but think of the Woody Allen movie when I hear this name.
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "HAH-nah".
Means "colorful" in Persian.
I used to absolutely love the name Anna, but it has recently started looking sort of masculine to me. I guess that's why Hannah is a new favorite of mine; it's very feminine.
One of the singers of the British pop group S Club 8/Juniors is named Hannah Riching.
This is my name! [Hannah (first name) Marie (middle name NOT connected with a ridiculous hyphen!)] I used to hate it because it seemed so plain, but it's pretty and I think very unique! I know only about 3 or 4 people named Hannah. On the other hand I've met countless Jessica's, Kayla's, Brooke's, Ashley's, Courtney's etc.People have called me Hannah Montana and I like that better than Banana or Banna. One thing I hate is people leaving off the last H. I also hate Hanna (pronounced HAW-nuh). It sounds like a crotchety old lady name.
Well, I don't really like the name Hannah that much. I think it sounds plain and simple.
Even though the name Hannah is common it is also unique. It's funny how when I tell people my name they think I'm saying Anna so I have to set them straight. I also love my name because it's a palindrome.
In Caroline Cooney's book "The Face on the Milk Carton" and its three sequels, Hannah Javensen is the cultist daughter of Frank and Miranda Johnson. It is assumed that Hannah kidnapped Janie, though the Johnsons were led to believe that Janie was Hannah's daughter.
Pronounced as "HAH-nah"
Elijah Wood has a sister named Hannah.
I think this name is pretty. I prefer it to Anna.
Hannah Abbot is a minor character in Harry Potter. She is a Hufflepuff who is in Harry's year at school.
I think this name is really pretty and it sounds nice.
I love this name, it's just WAY too common. I think it's really sweet and pretty.
I used to dislike this name, now I think it's really sweet and pretty.
I think Hannah is a gorgeous name! Hannah is my favorite spelling of the name. The only problem I have with it is it is way too common.
My name is Hannah Rachel Douglas. I love my name Hannah, it is such a beautiful name and it really is so special because I believe that there's something about the name Hannah that attracts you to it. Just a thought. I want to name my daughter Rachel Hannah, so that she's named after me. My nicknames are Han, Hanzie, Hanz, Hazza.
My name is Hannah, and many, MANY people do in fact call me Hannah Banana. It annoys me to no end. I really do wish that my name was just a tad more original(something like Aeri, or Rose, perhaps). I get annoyed when people spell it Hanna, because that last "h" makes it unique.
Kind of cute, I guess.
"Hannah" is a Ray Lamontagne song.
In Denmark Anna is much more common than Hannah. Instead many Danes have Hanne as their name.
I love this name. It's my name. I just hate being called Banana all the time, it's annoying, also it's cool because you can spell it backwards. Overall it's a beautiful name that means a beautiful thing.
I personally love the name Hannah (because it's my name mostly) but lately it has become very popular. When I was younger however, Hannah wasn't a very common name.
I like it, but it's getting up there in popularity.
Hannah (Hoes) van Buren was the wife of Martin van Buren, the 8th president of the United States of America. However, she died before he was ever elected president, so she was never the first lady.
Hannah is such a beautiful and elegant sounding name. It makes me think of a name for a little princess.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Hannah here:
British singer and actress Hannah Spearitt bears the name.
There is also a song in a beginner piano book titled "Hannah From Montana," and a city in Indiana called Hannah.
Theres a tv show called Hannah Montana on Disney Channel.
Nice name.
I love this name because it is elegant and is a sensible sort of name and I love it because my best mate has it.
Hannah is my name, and all my life I have had to protest every time someone called me "Hannah Banana." Oddly enough, in a convenience store recently I saw a Laffy Taffy that was called "Hannah Banana"!
Hannah is my name, Hannah Renee. I think that the name is really pretty, and although there are a lot of people named Hannah, it isn't a common big-name star name, like Jessica or Jennifer. I think as long as there's a pretty middle name, a hyphen just looks kind of silly I think, it's one of the best names a girl can have. Hannah by itself looks a bit plain, but look at all the nicknames! Han, Hannie (I can't stand it, but some can), and there are actually a few others. There may be a boost in people named Hannah, but I think that it's a good thing.
Hannah is my name and I don't really like it because it is too common and rather plain. My parents chose this name because it sounded like my Chinese name Han Qi.
I like the name Hannah. I have had around 5 friends named Hannah though and there are 4 Hannah's in my class and 2 of them are my friends, but I do like the fact that you can spell it backwards - HannaH - that's so cool!
Hannah is going to be my first child's name. Hannah Margaret. I will name her this because I knew this sweet friend in school named Hannah. She is so inspiring. Why not name my kid after her? ;) Plus, this is my favorite name EVER!
Kill Hannah is a rock band out of Chicago. Daryl Hannah played a mermaid in the movie "Splash."
I am called Hannah and I love the name because there are 500 people in my school and I think only 2 of them are called Hannah but all of my teachers call me Anna and it really annoys me! My full name is Hannah Robyn which I think goes well but I do like Hannah and it means grace or joy which is nice.
Dakota Fanning (actress) is actually named Hannah Dakota Fanning.
I've come to love this name, but I don't know why. It seems inexplicably soft, almost angelic, but strong at the same time. Far too common though.
If I had a girl her name would be Hannah. I just love this name. It is such a beautiful, graceful name.
Hannah is the main character in the book and film 'The Devil's Arithmetic'.
I like how Hannah is the same spelled backwards.
My name is Hannah. I hate my name - it's so unoriginal. I know six thouand other girls called Hannah. It's like being called John if you're a guy, so many other people are called it. I'd like to have a name that was original in some way, whether it was uncommon or invented. You get only one name to go through this life with and it really irritates me that mine's such a boring one.
Anna is a lot prettier and less common.
I don't like the name Hannah very much. I don't know why though. It reminds me of chav girls. I don't know why. Anyway, it has become very common recently. Four girls in my class are called Hannah. If you want to name your kid Hannah, I would suggest you give her another name to go with it, so she is unique. Like Hannah-Marie or Hannah-Houston. ^_^
Well, as you can see by my username - I'm called Hannah Marie. At first I didn't like my name but now I love it. I used to think it was a bit boring but when I team it up with Marie it sounds more interesting and I love that I'm called Hannah Marie.
I think Hannah is a beautiful and soft yet strong name. Though it is not a common name with adults I know a lot of girls under twenty that are called Hannah. I should know as I'm one!
Hannah and Her Sisters is the name of a Woody Allen film, where Hannah was played by Mia Farrow.
I think Hannah is a pretty name, but it makes me think of "Hannah-banana."
A famous bearer of this name is Hannah Taylor Gordon, Anne Frank in the 2001 ABC miniseries Anne Frank: The Whole Story.
In Chinese, Hannah means "Clever" and "Praiseworthy".
In Hebrew Hannah means grace of god.
I think that spelling this name withough the 'h' looks nice as well: Hanna.
This name is prononced khah-nah in Hebrew.
Hannah is not pronounced that way Miss Claire. The correct Hebrew pronunciation is Hah-nah. Hah as in Chanukah. Hannah is also spelled Channah, Hanah, or Chanah in Hebrew.
Hannah is the best name in the whole wide world. It's a very feminine name and I love it. I think everyone should be called Hannah!
To the first commenter: No, not everyone should be called Hannah. There are already enough of us, without every single person on the face of the planet being called Hannah!

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