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James Gatz, birth name of Jay Gatsby in the book The Great Gatsby.
In a positive opinion, it's so cool, a very nice and handsome name. It's okay for the middle and first name only.
In a negative opinion, it's so tired and boring to me. Sorry.
Stop trying to cover it up by saying this name is masculine, this name is TRULY feminine and for girls only! If it’s masculine why does it sound similar to the names Jane, and Jade?
Eh, pretty much like Michael, very overused. But I think it’s way worse on girls.
I’m telling you, a girl will be bullied for having the name James. Stop it with putting boy names on girls and name your child Jamie. I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t name a boy Isabella.
Not a horrible name, but so overrated.
I am against naming James on girls, I think this name only works on boys. It sounds handsome and simple. For girls you can use Jacqueline, Jamie-Lynn, or Jamesine/a. Jane and Jemima are the closest sound too!

For the people who named their daughter James might think this name "sounds strong and desirable for her, and the other girls' names are too soft and feminine", or like: "this name shows female empowerment" you subconsciously saying to your child that masculine things are better for her and feminine things are not. How do you think this name is showing female empowerment if you are using A MALE NAME?
James is a recurring character in American singer/songwriter Taylor Swift’s album folklore. He is part of a fictional love triangle that spans several of the tracks including August, Cardigan, and Betty (in which he is officially named).

His name was chosen by Swift as an homage to her friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter, James. The track Betty also uses the names of their other two daughters, Inez and Betty.
One of the most dignified names. A name for all seasons, and it will never get old. It's not for girls, by the way!
James Charles ruined this name!
Wow, look at the U.S. popularity chart for this name. Hopefully no male names like Ezra, Adrian and Julian will be unisex in the future...
Let's get this straight here and now...James is a MALE name and it always be! There is NO reason whatsoever for this name to be given to girls---PERIOD! It's KING JAMES...not "Queen James". This "boys names used on girls thing" has gone too far and a line needs to be crossed somewhere. For those who advocated for Jamie to be used as acceptable for girls...they need a reality check too! JAMIE is a form of JAMES too! Open your eyes...JAMIE was repurposed in America as a so-called "unisex name"/"feminine form of James", but in the UK & other Crown countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) it's not the case!
Although it's pretty common, James is one of those classic names that no matter who has it, it will always be one of the best. I can't believe people use this as a girl's name, James has always been for a boy. James is one of the most handsome names out there, and is definitely a good option.
Such a HANDSOME name!
James Rallison a.k.a. TheOdd1sout, is an American YouTuber.
Reminds me of James "Jem" Carstairs from Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series.
Adding on to what Anonymous User, yes. It also reminds me of James "Jem" Carstairs from Cassie's Infernal Devices series. And James "Jamie" Herondale (who was also named after Jem) from her Last Hours series as well.
James is not a girl's name at all. For a girl, please use Jamie instead. A girl named James will definitely be made fun off. You have to think about your daughter's feelings. And another thing. Please keep boy names for boys ONLY! Girls should stop having boy names!
James sounds like a really cool name. Any boy named James must be a super star.
This name is boring and overused, but it makes a great middle name for boys. This name is disgusting on a girl and should be kept for boys only. Use Jamie for the girls.
I hate it, it’s old and common and should not be used anymore.
The boy names on girls trend has to stop.
James is NOT a female name & it never will be a female name.
Fits way better on a girl!
Somehow despite the popularity, James never gets boring to me. It's simple and timelessly classic and effortlessly handsome on all genders. It can suit a plethora of different personalities as well as any age. The nicknames are difficult to dislike, even though I prefer just James. There's something really nice about Jay or Jimmy, though.
Honestly, seeing that everybody apparently hates this name as a girl's name makes me want to name my daughter that. Especially because to me it seems more like a diminutive of a longer name for both boys and girls. Like Jules is a cute nickname for people called Julia or Julius, James could be a short version of names like Jamson or Jamina.
If you love the name James, but are having a girl, here are some alternatives:


Yes, feminine forms of male names exist if you, say, have a man in your family who you want to name your daughter after. Just don't go around giving her a guys' name. It looks awful TRUST ME, and a girl will get so much s*** for having a name like 'James', 'Richard' or 'Andrew'. Names have genders just like people. On another note, I can't believe nobody has mentioned James Charles...
I am not a misogynist, so I don't mind unisex names and if people want to name their daughters James that's fine with me.
Morgan has always been unisex, James is not, it's male.
Well if people are naming their daughters James, ok let's name our sons Isabella, Rebecca and Rosie. Hate it huh? Isabella on boys that sounds illegal! Well this is how we feel when someone names his / her daughter James!
This is my name and I really don't like it not gonna lie. When I am 18 I'm gonna change my name to Jasper because it sounds and looks cool, thank you for all the complements on my name.
I really like James. It's a strong, timeless, masculine name that has so many great namesakes and can fit a male of any age, but it's just way too common.
It's currently #6 in the U.S, and has been no lower than #19 for AT LEAST 141 years.
James is such a classic, handsome name for a boy. There is NOTHING feminine about it.
Please stop giving your daughters random male names!
I ADORE this on a girl!
James is my middle name. I like it a lot.

I am surprised to hear that some girls have been called James, as I thought it was entirely masculine. I know that Jamie is a unisex name, but I didn't think James was.
I love this name! It's my middle name. James is a timeless, classic MALE name.
Captain James MacQuarrie was in charge of Pan Am flight 103, an ill-fated Boeing 747 involved in the Lockerbie Disaster. Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi claimed responsibility for the bombing.
I like this name! Honestly, it's ok on a girl in my opinion. Jaime is a cute nickname (or Jamie).
I think James is a nice name. A strong timeless classic.
Handsome, ancient, silky name. Like the name Katherine, it’s endlessly classy and shimmers like the night sky.
James is one of my absolute favorite names for boys. James Matthew and James Xavier are my favorite combinations.
My sister's name is James. She hates it because it's a boy's name. She goes by Rose and is going to legally change her name to Rose when she turns 18 next year.

James is for boys.
I definitely prefer James as a masculine name, but I don't see the issue of it being used for a girl. I think there are better names for girls, but it wouldn't be a problem at all.
James is not a female name and it never will be a female name. For girls, go with Jamie instead. The name James should be for boys only.
Alright, it's time for me to get this off my chest…
I've read a decent amount of complaints about girls with traditionally-male/male-dominated names... I can understand how, especially considering the rise in unisex names (specifically for girls), guys might feel as though, pretty soon, every name is going to become unisex, and guys won't be able to have “any names to themselves”. Although I understand where those people are coming from, it's honestly pretty selfish. I mean, say you're a dude, and your name is James, alright? If you meet a girl named James, that doesn't make you any less of a man, and it doesn't make your name any less of a masculine name. Nor does it make her name any less of a feminine name. Her name says a lot more about her than it does you. Her name has everything to do with her, and nothing to do with your masculinity. Besides, you need to take into consideration the reasoning that goes into these names for girls... If you're a guy, you don't really have to deal with sexism in the same way that women do. Parents (specifically mothers) might desire to give their daughter a predominately-masculine name in hopes of breaking the mold, bending gender rules/expectations, and encouraging female empowerment. For guys, I understand that it may be easy to overlook things like that, but if you really take time to think about it and take all of those important things into consideration, it'll give you a greater sense of empathy, and perhaps even a different opinion on traditionally/predominantly-masculine names for girls.
If you want your daughter to hate you, then go ahead and name her James.
A common name, but handsome and timeless. I just don't understand the comments that girls are named James. Jamie is good for either gender, but James... NO!
A classical, safe, and beautiful name.
In my opinion this name is unattractive.
Classy, handsome male name. I can see why it's so popular! I don't care for it on a girl, because Jaime is nicer, but hey, if you wanna name your daughter that, who's stopping you?
I'm not sure why I got downvoted for this comment. Anyways, I would just like to say I do not advocate for people to name their daughters James, to me it is masculine through and through and that's that. I hate names like Dylan, Asher, and others on girls.
One of the reasons I hate the US is because of people just turning all the good masculine name into feminine names!
First was Morgan. Then Ariel and now James.
I can see in future the US is going to let the parents name their daughters William, Andrew or Aaron.
Stop it please! James is a BOY'S NAME!
Jimin can be a diminutive of this name.
I think this is wonderful for a boy!
James is one of my absolute favorite names for a boy. It's so classy and sweet, and could fit just about any type of person. Plus, the nickname Jamie is just precious. And while it's not my favorite on a little girl, I think that if you want to name your daughter James, go for it! Use the names you love.
There're so many classic names which fell out of favor out there, like Walter and Francis, why do parents give their children names as OVERUSED as James and John? I just can't understand. For people having much too common surnames like Smith and Jones, using overused first names may be catastrophic.
Jimmy Stewart (born 20 May 1908 - 2 July 1997) was an American actor who also served in the United States Army from 1941 - 1968.
To all the parents out there. Please stop giving your daughters random male names. You have to think about what your children are going through in life otherwise you will pay the price.
The name James and other male names should be for boys only.
Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson is a football running back. He lost his daughter Aaren, in a drowning accident in 1979.
I love this name. It's a timeless classic that should never be altered or shortened. I knew a classy Englishman with this name. I love Jim from The Office but I just don't care for his name because it sounds trite and stupid and seems more suited to an old man. James should never be changed to Jamie because that sounds too girly and is usually said as a condescending remark.
Don't ever name your daughter James, please! Don't do this to your daughter! What did she ever do to you? NOTHING don't give your innocent daughter such a masculine boy's name, leave James for the boys please!
James Charles, born as James Charles Dickinson.
James Byron Dean (8 February 1931 - 30 September 1955) was an American actor.
This name is quite a classic that has been around for ages. No wonder most people refer to it as timeless.
As far as most commenters are concerned, I am inclined to concur with their sentiments on this name as an exclusively masculine one.

PS- I am a James myself and it is unheard of where I come from to give this name to girls.
My name is James, and as a James I feel I have the authority to decree that if parents want to name their daughters James then it's none of my business. Just like it's none of anyone else's business.
I love it. It is a timeless, classic name that suits all ages. James is my middle name.
When I was growing up my mom used to read, 'James and the Giant Peach', before I went to sleep. Therefore, I genuinely associate this name with the book and fictional character.
Very handsome name! It's common yeah but impressions could be blank because of that. The names are toss ups like you get James Acaster or James Corden, very big difference!
Even though this name is really common, I still like it! (not because of James Charles lol)
Definitely better as a middle name, but has biblical meaning to Christians.
James is and will always be a male name and I think it’s wrong to give a girl a name that is strictly for boys.
Love the combo James Charles. HEY SISTERS!
Everyone who is getting mad about James being used as a gender neutral name needs to calm down. You don't like the name James for a girl? Okay, don't name your daughter James and mind your own business.

I think it's a nice name for anyone and I have a nonbinary friend who named themself James. It's a classic name that works for anybody!
I only just found out that St James is the Patron saint of Spain and I love that country, I loved the name James already, it's common in Scotland and England too, great name.
Very common in England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain, As well as the United States - It's also the most common middle name in England and Scotland, 2nd most common middle name in Ireland and most common middle name for males in America.
I cannot believe some people are giving their daughters the name James. I understand Jamie, as it is a unisex name, but James? What's next, William? Nothing about it sounds feminine. Not every name needs to be unisex. There's not many options for nice masculine names, but SO many for feminine. Not saying you NEED to pick a strictly feminine name, but why not something actually unisex, like Riley? Heck, if we can make every male name unisex, why not female? From now on, my son is named Emma. James has been a masculine name, is a masculine name, and will stay a masculine name.
Really boring, there is really not that much good in it, just a another popular name, little bit annoying. Well, not that bad, but, just boring.
Please get your facts straight people! Boy names on girls is not cool. It’s ridiculous! It’s not unique to give a girl a male name at all! Please keep boy names for the boys only. The male-to-female trend should come to an end.
I agree. The female-to-male trend should end.
Hate it for girls. Love it for boys.
I can’t believe people are using boy names on girls because boys would look very awkward being named Jasmine or something.
But some parents think that it’s better for boys names on girls which makes me sick.
James is pretty common as a middle name for boys.
Feminine forms of James, in English, also include Jamesina and Jacqueline. The latter is also the feminine form of the French version of James i.e. Jacques.

Hamish, Jimmy and Jimmie are also to be found as forms of James in Scotland.

In Spain, Diego and Santiago are also forms of James; while, in Portugal, Tiago us another form of James.
James isn't a good girl's name. I know that some people are like "Boy names on girls is a popular trend, stop being so close minded.", but why would you use a name that's been used on men for CENTURIES, when there are so many beautiful girl's names out there to choose from?
James is the protagonist from Roald Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach".
Classic! James can work on a child but I think most people see it as an adult name. That might soon change however!
The name James fits on a handsome, intelligent man with class.
James is a bright red engine in the children’s animated show Thomas and Friends.
Captain James Hook is the villainous pirate in the Disney’s film Peter Pan.
Good solid name. Best nicknames are Jimmy and Jamie.
James McCloud is the father of Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series.
My name is James and I like my name mostly because its in the bible.
One of the best names a male can have and no need for nicknames - it's strong, classic, women seem to like it (apparently it's one of the sexiest names), it won't lead to bullying and it can suit any age, from a toddler to an old man - the perfect name.
I love this name because of James McAvoy!
A classic name that fits a man of all ages. I really dislike the nickname Jimmy though.
James is a nice BOY name.
I honestly can barely imagine this on a girl. I guess you just have to wrap your head around it a bit. Anyways, like it or not this is pretty much unisex now.
Males can't have any names for themselves now I see. Soon every name will be unisex.
The only girl I know who has the name James is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter. Otherwise, I guess James is a unisex name now.
It's sad how people decide that my name, which has been historically masculine ever since it came about, is suddenly unisex or some stuff like that. Just why? Would people like it if a man was named Betty? No? Thought so. It's the same for my name, James.
One of my favourite male names - Can suit all ages and social standings and I don't see the need for a nickname - Still popular here in Ireland till this day, not just because of the Catholic influence, but due to it being a great name! I will probably use it and adorn another James to the Emerald Isle.
I agree with Bubbles! Keep James for the boys please!
How come people are quick to reassign masculine names and feminine names but would never consider naming a boy Sarah or Angelina?
Anyways— I like this name. It’s short and easy to spell and has great associations and a few good nicknames. However, because it’s so popular, I wouldn’t consider this for a child.
Again! This name is masculine. Jamie can be for a girl (like as a nickname for Jasmine). Not James.
James isn’t a unisex name.
James Vaughan is the founder of Ndemic Creations and the developer of the game Plague Inc.
Use Jane or Jamie if you're considering using James for your daughter.
This is actually a very nice name. It's sad now how it's getting overused.
If anyone had a daughter in my family and named her James, I would die of embarrassment.
James is a strong, classic, timeless name that fits all stages of life. Bullying will not occur from this name due to its standing (although the nicknames Jim and Jimmy are awful IMO). Despite everyone seeming to know one, I genuinely can't see this name dying out as what John, Robert and Michael have seemingly started to do etc, and with good reason. There are also many things in the world that are not to be tampered with, one of them being with this name such as adding a Y in the name or even, dare I say it, using the name for females... anyone who does that shall be cast away for eternity.
James Cage White, whose real name is Cheng Xi, is a Chinese former Viner.
A great and timeless man's name that ages very well.
James Shaw is a founder and lead guitarist of Canadian indie rock band Metric.
Love it for a boy, just as wonderful on a girl! I love the spelling Jaymes as well, it freshens up a common name!
Hi everyone! My name is Beatrice and my hubby and I just had our nine pound baby son last week. In all honesty, we were really having an issue in choosing a name that was suitable to both of our tastes. Oddly enough we came to a decision right after I gave birth because the doctor, who helped deliver my son, was also named James. So we just thought, "What a nice name." And that's pretty much how we chose the first name for our special little guy.
Hey, how about that? This is my name. Lol I think it's pretty cool that people give mostly positive comments. Although, being a guy I am kinda confused by some people saying this is a gal's name. Hehe. First time I've heard of that one before! ;) Anyway, to each their own. I like my name and thanks to all the folks out there for the positive feedback. Bye! :)
This name is a very masculine name that is definitely suitable for a boy and NOT, I repeat NOT for a girl or "non-binary" individual as BookerButch continually asserts without looking for actual gender neutral names that could work for either a boy or a girl. James certainly doesn't fit into that category as it is exclusively a boy's name. Enough said for now.
Nice name for a boy. Not for a girl.
It’s amazing how I go by James now and I am a woman and I can legally do that! My whole family calls me James now! I am not trying to claim that James is not *historically* masculine but rather that your personal taste with names doesn’t mean that it *only* belongs to the most *manly men to ever man*. It’s all just sounds out of your mouth anyway. If any girl or nonbinary person named James sees this, it is a beautiful name to have and you should feel no shame in it. If it makes you comfortable and happy, I am glad for you!
Do not name your daughter James.
May I repeat! Do not name your daughter James!
Hmmm...okay name, but way too common where I'm from.
Honestly though, there are other way more interesting names besides James!
This is a cool name that belongs to my little bro. He goes by Jim rather than Jimmy as he used to. :)
The name, James, is an exclusively masculine name that has been the namesake of illustrious individuals such as Kings of Great Britain and other eminent personages. It need not be within the purely absurd assertion that it must be gender neutral when it isn't as BookerButch would have it.
I'm sure nearly everyone in The UK knows a James as it has been popular forever, but I would still name a child this as it is one of the strongest most traditional names around. You can't go wrong with this name.
I’m a nonbinary lesbian (they/them) and I’m going to name myself James and there’s nothing y’all can do about it. It’s a beautiful name for anyone who resonates with it and the only barrier in naming in regard to gender is your own comfort with your own name. I know it’s not conventional but it reduces my own dysphoria. Y’all need to relax your gender binary bullshit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
If you are considering naming a girl James, here are some feminine alternatives:

James is not a unisex name. Period.
There are Americans who actually name their daughters this?!
James is a classy name for a boy. Terrible name for a girl, however. The male-to-female name trend has gone way too far now! Naming a girl James is just going to set her up for a lifetime of teasing, bullying, and constantly being assumed a male! You don't give a name just to seem "unique" or "cool", which is quite selfish may I say.
If you want to name your daughter James, then at least consider Jamie instead.
I'd honestly love to use this name if I were to have a boy, but my father already has this name and I don't really want to name my child after my father since he's a deadbeat. However, my grandpa was named Jim, so I could name my child after him to honor him :). You just can't go wrong with this name as the user above said. It's truly a classic.
Beautiful, strong and classic, you really can't go wrong with this name.
No one names their child this to be special and cool. It's a common name, I understand people's points about names being considered feminine stop being usable, but that shouldn't stop woman who want to name their daughter James, from doing so. People name their child because that's what feels right, and if it's James then it's James. Some women resonate with James because they want to honor their relative and they aren't guaranteed it's a boy the next time or if there is a next time. In that moment, James felt right even if it's a girl and I don't respect the harsh comments about using it for a girl. It's such a classy name to have such a negative opinion about.
James "Jimmy" Hopkins is the main character of the game Bully.
A great classic that will never get old! It is easy to say, spell, and like! It’s a great name.
Very classic and timeless! I think James is a great name.
I like James on a boy because it's timeless and classic. It's honestly sad that people are trying to turn classic male names into feminine names.
Wow uh... My name is James and I had no idea it was so common. I barely know any Jameses...
You simply can't go wrong with this name.
James is the first name of James P. Sullivan, commonly referred to as "Sulley", one of the main characters in the Monsters, Inc. Films.
My middle name is James (after my godfather) and goes well with my first name. I love it. I love the many lore and historical references to the name, even the bad ones: like Jesse James. And I love James Taylor, the singer songwriter. A lady friend's middle name is Jamie -- and another friend's son is first-named James and known as Jimmy. James is so classical a name, it goes well with everything, like cooking: James Beard and music Etta James.
Usage: Spanish (Modern)

Pronounced: kha-MEHS (Latin American Spanish), kha-MEHTH (European Spanish)
Also used in Spain and somewhere in Latin America.
Please don’t name your daughter James! I am sad to see a lot of great traditional masculine names with true male history become feminine just because a bunch of parents want to give their daughters straight-up boy names, just because it’s “cute” and “different"! Well it’s not “cute” or “different” to give your daughter such a masculine boy’s name like James. James is a really gorgeous name, but not for a girl. I love this name for a boy, and I don’t consider this name feminine or unisex in any way. There are plenty of unisex names that are appropriate for girls, like Casey or Jordan, but James does not fall under the same category. You wouldn’t name a boy Alice, so don’t name a girl James. There are some masculine names that shouldn’t be given to girls. James is a handsome name for a boy, and it’s on my list for when I have a son.
I completely agree with someone else who commented. Giving your daughter a masculine name like this is not "cool" or "special" Please do not do that to them. Especially with such a traditional name like this. It is not a unisex name, and nor does it even sound like one. It is meant to be used in a masculine way, not feminine. That goes the same for plenty of other names. It honestly makes me sad that people find this "cute".
James Fox (real name James Mullett) is a Welsh singer who represented the United Kingdom at the 2004 Eurovision with "Hold On To Our Love". Being a member of the then Big 4 (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and France) he automatically qualified but did not crack the Top 10.
James "Jimmy" Franklin Wong is an Asian-American actor and musician as well as an avid Magic: The Gathering player.
James is a handsome classy name for a boy. I might even name my future son this. I know most boy names are so common, but that’s because there are limited boy names to choose from. I still like this name. I know that some people use this name for girls, but I’m not even worried.
I know it's really boring, but I also think it's one of the most handsome names in the English language.
This name never left the top 20 since 1880, it needs a break.
James puts the class in classic. I despise Jim (gym).
To protect the world from devastation: Name your son James.
James is a good proud masculine name, and Jamie is so cute for a girl or young boy.
I am named James after my grandma Murray's brother who passed away just before I was born. I've always liked the name and I like the way it sounds. Growing up if my Mom was not angry with me she'd call me Jimmy, if she was angry with me she'd call me James. I was a pretty precious kid so she called me James a lot. My wife's name is Barbara Lynn so we named our daughter Jamie Lynn.
Sgt. James Byrd (usually known as Sgt. Byrd) is a playable character from the third Spyro game. He is a flying penguin.
I love James for a boy! So strong and handsome! On a girl, I personally prefer any forced feminine form of James that you call ugly but I call unique, such as Jamesine. There are some boy names I’m willing to give to a girl like Logan, Caden, and Dylan, but names like James, Alexander, and William aren’t any of them. But James on a girl, it’s fine! I respect you naming your son or daughter James. It’s cute for you guys. I don’t have anything against traditional boy names on girls like James on girls, but personally, I would name a boy James but not a girl. What’s so wrong with Jamesa or Jamesina. Yeah, they’re kinda forced but underused. You want a unique name for your girl, Jamesette is a great example. It’s not ugly or stupid. Personally, to me, I think James sounds far more masculine than feminine because it’s a boy's name, not a girl's name.
I love this name but I hate the nicknames Jim and Jimmy. They sound so silly and old fashioned. Jay is better.
James is such a cute name.
James is a very cute and lovely name.
My sister’s middle name is James, (Emily James) after our grandfather and I think it’s really beautiful.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) James who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
James is a strong traditional name of many great people, but it is way overused and has somewhat lost its beauty as a classic boy's name that goes back to biblical origins. The only nick-name I really like is Jay. Still it's a cool, nice name though.
Handsome name, and Jamie would make an adorable nickname.
James is a wonderful name especially for a boy/man. I don't care for the new trend of giving the name James to girls. No way.
Captain James Cook (Born 7 November 1728- Died 14 February 1779) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy. He was captain of the HMS Endeavour.
Handsome, elegant, strong and classic. Simply beautiful.
Famous singer Jimmy (James) Buffet.
I don't think James is an awful name, but it is especially overused as a middle name to me but it still sounds like an okay middle name. This name also has no flavor at all to me.
James Marsden is an American actor, known for Hairspray, 27 Dresses and as Cyclops in X-Men.
For me, I like this name because it is a name that was given to most important people in the whole world. Such as American presidents, Apostles, and among others.
So, this is a name for the most important people but not ignoring other people's name's values.
Murr from the hidden-camera TV show Impractical Jokers has the first name James.
James is just one of those names that has always been popular, and still remains popular to this day. I love this name, but it is way too overused. I only knew one James throughout my life though.
I like James as more of a first name than a middle name since it is so common. I prefer Jameson though, since my brother that my mom lost had that name, and it is not so popular.
Poor girls named James. Why would someone name their daughter this? It's like naming a boy Samantha or Sarah. It makes me think that the parents wanted a son and they were so disappointed when they had a girl, that they didn't even bother to find a name for her.
James Hong is an American actor, producer and director. He has worked in numerous productions in American media since the 1950s. He is known for his roles in various Hollywood films, such as Hannibal Chew in Blade Runner, David Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China, Jeff Wong in Wayne's World 2, and Chi-Fu in Mulan. Hong is also known for playing Daolon Wong on the television series Jackie Chan Adventures and Mr. Ping in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Hong is a former president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA).
James Oliver Cromwell is an American actor. Some of his more notable films include Star Trek: First Contact, L.A. Confidential, The Green Mile, Space Cowboys, The Sum of All Fears, I, Robot, The Longest Yard, The Queen, Secretariat, The Artist and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as well as the television series Six Feet Under, 24 and Halt and Catch Fire.
James Veitch is a British comedian & TED speaker. He has been described by The Guardian as "ahead of the poetic curve", "ahead of his time" by The Independent and "a posh boy with few real world friends", by The Scotsman.
James Michael is the leading vocalist for rock band Sixx: A.M.
James, Viscount Severn is the younger child and only son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and the youngest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He is tenth in line to succeed his grandmother.
James Brendan Patterson is an American author and philanthropist. Among his work are the Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women's Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Daniel X, NYPD Red, Witch and Wizard, and Private series, as well as many stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels. His books have sold more than 300 million copies and he was the first person to sell 1 million e-books. In 2016, Patterson topped Forbes's list of highest-paid authors for the third consecutive year, with an income of $95 million. His total income over a decade is estimated at $700 million.
Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, OBE, KCSG was an English DJ, television and radio personality, dance hall manager, and charity fundraiser. He hosted the BBC television show Jim'll Fix It, was the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops, and raised an estimated £40 million for charities. At the time of his death he was widely praised for his personal qualities and as a fund-raiser. After his death, hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse were made against him, leading the police to believe that Savile had been a predatory sex offender—possibly one of Britain's most prolific. There had been allegations during his lifetime, but they were dismissed and accusers ignored or disbelieved; Savile took legal action against some accusers.
James William Middleton is an English businessman and member of the Middleton family. Middleton's companies include Boomf and the "Cake Kit Company" which can create themed cakes and cake-making kits for birthdays and other occasions. He is the younger brother of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and read the lesson at her wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.
James is gorgeous, stylish and classic. I don't care how popular the name is, because I absolutely love it. I don't think that it needs a nickname, although Jim and Jimmy are cute.
James Charles Dickinson, known professionally as James Charles, is an American Internet personality and model. On October 11, 2016, at the age of seventeen, he became the first male spokesmodel for cosmetics brand CoverGirl, working alongside brand ambassador Katy Perry. As the first male spokesmodel and brand ambassador for CoverGirl, Charles will be the face of the soon-to-be launched So Lashy! By BlastPro Mascara.
James Joseph "Jim" Parsons is an American actor. He is known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He has received several awards for his performance, including four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy.
I'm surprised no one ever mentioned Korn's guitarist, James Shaffer.

(or if somebody else did, I'll stand corrected).
James "Akio" Hong is a travel writer from Hong Kong who has traveled to more than 70 countries. He contributes travel columns on the major newspaper in Hong Kong and China such as Metro Daily, The Sun (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Economic Journal, am730 and Headline Daily. His first book 《5000 Years of Adventure》has raised HK$500,000 for Heifer International Hong Kong. The electronic version of this book was ranked No. 1 at the Hong Kong eBook Chart for a consecutive of 13 days. His second book 《10 Stunning Days in Mexico and Cuba》 was published in July 2011.

As an influential travel writer in Hong Kong and China, his followers on SNS exceeded 1 million. His travelogue is an integration of history, comparative literature, astronomy, music, politics, languages, religions, arts, economics, philosophy, humanities, etc.
James Yoshinobu Iha is an American rock musician. He is best known as former guitarist and co-founder of the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins and for his eclectic musical projects of recent years, most notably being a permanent fixture of A Perfect Circle. He was most recently a member of Tinted Windows, a 1960s/1970s inspired group with members of Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, and Hanson.
James Jagger was born on August 28, 1985 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Mr. Nice and Vinyl.
James Garland "J. G." Quintel is an American animator, television writer, voice actor, and director. He is the creator of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show, in which he also voices the characters Mordecai and High Five Ghost. He also was the creative director for The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, an animated series that appeared on television from June 2008 to August 2010, and a writer on Camp Lazlo from 2006–2008.
James Ross IV, better known by his stage name Tyra Sanchez, is an American drag queen and reality television personality. A frequent drag impersonator of pop star Beyoncé, Ross is best known as the winner of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race.
James is the real name of the absolute legendary comedian and talented actor, Jim Carrey, who was born as James Eugene Carrey.
I actually really like this name. Usually I don't like popular names, but this one is an exception. It's just so rugged and old fashioned. Very 1930's. Gosh, so much better than the overused Jacob.
James LaBrie is the singer of progressive metal band Dream Theater.
Using James as a girls name isn't common perhaps but it's not a new trend. My grandmother was named James and she was born in 1883. Her siblings called her Jim and in her later years when I came along she was "Miss Jim". She never admitted her name was James to me or anybody as far as I knew. In the 1960s she was required to get a social security card in her own name and since she had no birth certificate to prove otherwise she signed it Jean plus her maiden and married names. When I started working on, I found the original census records dating back to her childhood and confirmed that she was indeed named James. I also found a site that listed James as a popular girls name in the late 1800's and early 1900's before it morphed into Jamie. I actually named one of my son's James after her. I have personally known women named Carl and Cecil and men named LaVerne and (don't laugh) Shirley as well as Fay so all in all I'd say James sounds pretty good.
James Gordon is a character from the DC comics.
This name is noble and strong, but average. There are so many James' throughout the world, it could be anyone's name. It is just like Abigail, business-like and noble, but average and boring. And the diminutives are boring as well, Jim, Jimmy, Jamie.
Wow, people actually named their daughters James? I'm assuming those parents really wanted a son.
I much prefer James for a girl. I don't know why, I just do.
Hames comes from the Aramaic name of Hamza, it's present in Arabic in the same pronunciation and in Turkish as Gamzet, in Arabic it's حمزة The rounded t in the end is silent or Hamzeh, the J in old Aramaic can change to a Kh or a silent J "Yamza" hence the modern Arab name... Hamza has the meaning of a strong steadfast person, and is one of the names for a lion.
James is a fine boy's name (I would never call a girl James). It is a truly timeless name and works on both a boy and a man. Notable James's in fiction include James Bond, Private James Frazer and James the Red Engine. In reality you have at least 4 presidents (Polk, Madison, Buchanan and Carter), James Callaghan (Prime Minister of Britain from 1976-79) and 2 Kings as well as actors James Stewart, James Dean, James May, James Beck and James Earl Jones. A truly great name.
Sorry but I don't like this name, it's so boring. It's such a plain, bland, flavourless name. It's been getting so popular I feel like it's become too dull and unoriginal for my taste.
I LOVE this name! It sounds really masculine and noble.
Sorry, but I don't like the name James; I never loved it. It's so strange and different from the original version in the Holy Bible that is Yaacov (like the patriarch). It is a fact that James is another version of the name Jacob, but the last one is a lot better than it.
The name James was unfortunately given to 38 girls born in the US in 2015.
James Rodríguez is a Colombian footballer. He plays for the Colombia national football team and Real Madrid.
Its a good name if you want an old fashioned name, but personally to me I would use this as a middle name

My uncle's name is James but everybody calls him Jim.
Personally, I hate that I can envision the name James on anyone. It makes the name feel so dull and stale to me, like it lacks its own "flavor," if you get what I mean. It's not a bad name at all, but it's so common and overused that it doesn't stand out, and I find it extremely boring.
I think it's classic, timeless, and adaptable. You can envision a James as almost anyone. I especially like it as a middle name (it's my middle name; Annelise James).
James is such a plain, boring name.
James in Italian is Giacomo. Please enter the Italian version of the name since you have entered every single one except the Italian Giacomo.
Overused and sounds like an old man's name.
This is my name, and I think it is a cool name, but I will never call my child that. Even if my name wasn't James. I just wished that it wasn't so popular. My uncle is called Jamie, there is another 3 people called James at school, 1 is called Jamie. So I know 5 people (with Jamie) called that. And my mum knows about another 2 people called Jim. I have heard of 7 people called that (8 including me). 5 at school, 2 that mum knows, my uncle and me. I even know more people called James than William, my family name (and my middle name!) Now, back to James, I don't mind Jim, but I just don't like Jimmy too much. I like it a little tiny bit, but the y sound (ee) just got very annoying. It is just a little bit tacky. And I, for some reason, don't mind "Jamie", despite the ee sound, but that might be because I don't get called that. But the name "Semaj" is tacky and just horrible.
Not really that famous, but James Laurence is the grandfather of Theodore "Laurie" Laurence in "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott.
I abhor this name, I really do. I mean, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and it's much better than "Jayden", but the beyond rabid overuse and constant overrated-ness makes me despise it.
James Eagan Holmes (born December 13th, 1987) is an American mass shooter responsible for the 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting.
James Wan (born February 27, 1977) is an Australian film director. He is best known for creating the Saw franchise and also directing The Conjuring and Fast and Furious 7.
Great name! Better than all of these newly popular weird names like Declan, Reign, Leif, Cayden, Camden, and so on... Stick to the classics and your boy will grow up to be a good strong man and not have to prove himself because of a ridiculous name.
It's soooooooooo popular but I've loved it since I saw the Great Gatsby.
James Arnold Taylor (born July 22, 1969) is an American voice actor and author. His most notable roles are Obi-Wan Kenobi from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', Ratchet from 'Ratchet & Clank', and Tidus from 'Final Fantasy X'.
James Arnold Taylor (1969-), an American voice actor, is a famous bearer of the name.
James Bourne from Busted and Mcbusted.
UGH! I really don't like that name at all! :(
(Marvel really loves this name.) James Wesley, assistant and friend of Wilson Fisk in the Netflix 'Daredevil' series.
I like the name James well enough, even though it's perhaps the most consistently popular male name in all the United States (today it's more popular than John). But I dislike the nicknames. Jamie sounds like a kid - and also I know tons of girls named Jamie, so it has a feminine vibe - and I can't stand the sound of Jim / Jimmy. Or, God forbid, "Jimbo."
James Clerk Maxwell, 1831–1879, was a Scottish physicist best known for his theory of electromagnetic radiation.
I really love the name James, but if I named a son this, I don't think I'd really call him Jim like many James' get called... I mean, you named him James for a reason. And it's far too lovely a name to not ever call him that.
I have three:

James Hetfeild is the lead vocalist and a guitarist for the American metal band Metallica.

James was the so called "stud" in the 2011 movie The Inbetweeners Movie

Dan Howell is a YouTuber from London England who's middle name is James.
A famous bearer of this name would be James "Jim" Carroll. Anyway, I LOVE this name! I would totally name a son this name.
This is American actors Ryan Reynolds's and Blake Lively's daughter's name.
James is the name of the red engine from Thomas The Tank Engine.
James "Jamie" Dornan is a Northern Irish actor. He plays Christian Grey in the film Fifty Shades of Grey.
If I have a son, I want to name him James. It was my grandfather's middle name, and also the name of several people I like and admire. Hopefully its rise in popularity over the past few years will cease.
My name is Tiago, and that is the Portuguese language form of the name James. But for Portuguese in the site there is no Tiago. There is, however, the form Iago, but it is rarely used. Tiago or Thiago is on the top 10 names used in Brazil. And it comes from Sant'Iacumus. This form was so commonly used, that when they wanted to separate "Sant" the "t" was left, becoming Tiago.
James Aubrey who played Ralph on Lord of the Flies (1963 version).
James Hurst (1922-) is the author of The Scarlet Ibis.
Several other characters in Marvel comics (in addition to James Logan Howlett and James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes) are named James including:
James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes aka War Machine aka Iron Patriot
James Montgomery Falsworth aka Union Jack
James Proudstar aka Warpath
James MacDonald Hudson aka Guardian aka Vindicator
James Rogers (son of Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff and presumably named for James Barnes).
I have a brother named James and sometimes we called him ja-MES to piss him off, but now he really likes it as a nickname. WEIRD.
James is the character Jackal's real name (he's in the Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa).
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes is a character in the Marvel comics and films.
James McCrimmon was a companion of the Second Doctor in Doctor Who. He is the longest serving companion if you go by number of individual episodes.
James is Niall Horan's and Liam Payne's middle name (both from the boy band One Direction).
An awesome name even though it's incredibly popular.
This is Professor Moriarty's name from the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In the stories he also has a brother Colonel James Moriarty.
A fictional bearer is James (Jamie) Fraser in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books.
Name of the Day: June 15, 2013.
I love this name, and I would definitely use it if it was not so common! It has a strong sound to it, yet it's still subtle and handsome.
Middle names of both Matthew Bellamy (Singer, guitarist, pianist etc.) and Dominic Howard (Drums and other percussion) of Muse.
James sounds like a very classic and mature name.
Masculine. Strong. Confident. Refined. Honest. Endearing.

You can't go wrong with a name like this. Very dependable name in my opinion. Simple and uncomplicated. No mispronouncing here. No confusion or misunderstanding.

James is James. Give a boy a solid base to start off with a good classic name and he will make the name his own, grow into any type of James he so chooses.

James the athlete
James the artist
James the scholar

Give a boy the name James and he will do all the rest.
Love this name, and I really can't find anything bad about it. The popularity doesn't really concern me, because unlike most popular names nowadays, it deserves to be used often.
James is one of the best names, in my opinion. It definitely ages well, and the nickname jimmy is awesome, although Jim sounds a little too middle aged man to me. I knew a little boy named James and he went by Jamie, which I think is cute :)
In my opinion, this name is boring and overused.
James (1688-1766) was the son of King James II of England and his second wife Mary of Modena. He is known as the "Old Pretender" of the Jacobites.
James (1663-1667) was the son of King James II of Great Britain and his first wife Anne Hyde.
James was the son of King Charles I of England and his wife Henriette Marie of France. He later became King James II of England.
Very popular as a middle name, but makes a good first name too.
There are just some names that feel... right. And this name is one of them

It makes me feel warm and at home. It's comfortable and familiar. It reminds me of home.

A James is someone you can love. A warm-hearted, good natured boy, honest, nice and sweet

Maybe it's because I know exactly 5 James' in my life.

James makes me feel safe and happy. It's a good name. A very strong and Charming name

This name is just amazing and love.
Gorgeous and sexy actor James Spader.

I like this name a lot, it's an all time classic.
I love the name James, it's strong, undeniably male, easy to pronounce, and it has a long history of famous bearers for a boy to look up to.
I detest Jim and Jimmy and Jamie because I love James so much, I want him to be called James.
James Byron Dean was an iconic American actor.
James Barry (1741-1806) was an Irish painter.
James Basire (1730–1802), also known as James Basire Sr., was an English engraver.
James Andrews was a Civil War union spy.
Actor James Maslow. From Nickelodeon TV show and the band Big Time Rush.
The American Idol season 10 contestant, James Durbin, is a famous bearer (and is my personal favorite).
One of my favorite traditional names. It has a sophisticated sound without being too stuffy. I think the nickname Jimmy is cute for a preteen/teenage boy.
Famous Bearer: The late James Maury "Jim" Henson, creator of the Muppets.
James Scott plays EJ DiMera on the American daytime show Days of our lives.
Although James Watt a famous bearer of this name, was largely involved in the development of the steam engine, he was not its inventor. Could this please be corrected? [noted -ed]
My name is James and I always thought it a noble name but a bit formal, as such, for Americans. I do like the nickname Jim, which is more approachable and democratic. I am surprised at the widespread dislike for Jim. In Conrad's classic Lord Jim it was used as a form of acceptance by the natives. Most speakers of other languages can say the name Jim without difficulty.
I love this name. It's simply awesome.
I like the name James despite its popularity. It's kind of a family thing that your son's name has James in it. MY younger sister and I often argue over who gets to use it as a first name because cousins with the same name doesn't quite work for us.
My brother-in-law wants to name his son James Lars Kirk after his heros. I personally think he might as well name his son Metallica for what it's worth.
This is a classic name, and one I have always liked as it works nicely on a child, teenager and adult.
Actress Kirsten Stewart (Isabella Swan of Twilight)'s middle name, but spelt 'Jaymes'.
Cool, but way too common.
James Owen Sullivan, also known as The Rev (stage name) or Jimmy was the drummer of metal (hardcore, metalcore, rock etc.) band Avenged Sevenfold. R.I.P The Rev 1981-2009.
I really like this name. I like it as a middle name, short and sweet. I do not like it as a girls name, but I really like this name and Henry together. One of my favorite names.
James is a good traditional name.
Ian Fleming named his literary creation after James Bond (1900-1989), the American ornithologist. At the time of writing "Casino Royale" in Jamaica he had been reading James Bond's book "Birds of the West Indies". He chose the name because he wanted a name that sounded as "ordinary as possible" that was also short and unromantic yet very masculine.
James is the Biblical Jesus Christ's brother's name.
A very common name in England and common to a bit lesser extent in the U.S. A very nice, classic name though. It's not trendy and it would age well.
I'm sure everyone has the middle name James.
MY name is James and I like it! It's a very nice and sophisticated sounding name! Sure, I get a lot of annoying nicknames (jimbo, jimmy, jim-bob, jimmy-bob to name a few!) but it's a very good name. Annoyingly, it's also a very common name. I feel I am a nice person, but I know A LOT of horrible people with this name. My grandfather and father are both named James, so that makes me James III! I also plan on naming any male children I may have James, to continue the tradition!
James is one of those names that is hard to not like. It's timeless and classic, and it's strong as well. It's a family name, there are at least 4 people in my immediate family that are named James, so if I do use it for a child, they'd have my preferred nickname, Jay.
James Norrington is my favorite character from Pirates of the Caribbean. I've always thought James was a noble name.
James is a nice name. Even though it is common I don't really know many people my age named James. Jimmy is a cute nickname though I think Jamie sounds really feminine (I might be influenced by Jamie Lynn Spears). I don't like this names for girls and I don't like it spelt "Jaymes". To me, that is a very ugly spelling of a classic name.
This is my most favorite middle name for a boy, and if I ever have a son, this will most likely be his middle name! It sounds great with any first name. Also, I love the nickname Jimmy (but I'm not a fan of Jim, and I can't stand the name Jamie)! And, who wouldn't want their kid to share their name with the amazing late actor James Dean?!
James Doohan played Scottish engineer Scott/Scotty in the original Star Trek series.
The Wolverine (a comic book hero in the X-Men) was originally born James Logan Howlett, though he is commonly called Logan.
James Rolfe is a internet celebrity best known as the fowl mouthed "Angry Video Game Nerd".
James is a later variation of the name Jacob. Jacob means "supplanter."

In Greek, James is written as ιακωβος

In Hebrew, Jacob is written as יַעֲקֹב‎,
Oh, James! I don't care how popular it is or how "plain," I just love this name so much. It's adorable on a little boy, strong on a teen, and mature on an adult.

But please. Don't call him Jimmy.
James is the name of author James Patterson, world's number 1 best selling thriller writer. I love his series Maximum Ride.
I really love the name James. It's classy and masculine and rolls of the tongue easily. Not to mention the many great namesakes. I am planning on giving my second son the name James for a middle name.
No offense to any James fans or those with this name, but I just think this name is too plain.
James Wesley Vojtka is real name of singer, composer and actor Chip Taylor (1st January 1940, New York City, New York, USA). He is brother of actor Jon Voight.
Talk show host Jay Leno's real name is James.
James and the Giant Peach! :D
This is my older brother's name. I always thought it was funny being Jessie and James during the time Pokemon was at it's peak of popularity. It's a shame we didn't name our cat Meowth!
If it wasn't for him, I think I would find this name sophisticated, almost rich and snobby sounding, but in an okay way. Insanely popular, of course (along with most known J-names), though he's the only James I've ever known.
I think this name is very sexy for a boy. It's short and quick but it still has a nice sound to it.
I love this name. Everything from the way it sounds to its meaning. I would use it as a middle name, only because the popularity does bother me. But it really is a great name: simple, masculine, and will suit any boy perfectly and carry him into adulthood. For nicknames I like Jim and Jamie. I've also known a little girl who had this as a middle name, after a family member, and I don't think that's a completely crazy idea (middle name, that is), but that definitely does not make it a girl name. Leave this one to the boys, please.
James Haven Vojtka, actor, born 11th May 1973, Los Angeles, California.
James is my favorite boy name! It is handsome and masculine. Popularity doesn't bother me - I don't have to be "unique".

I'm very sad to see this name used on girls! And Semaj makes me *puke*.
James Madison was an American president, Founding Father, and is considered the "writer" of the Constitution. He was instrumental in setting up American democracy. He was the writer of the famous "Federalist Paper #10" concerning dissent and faction. He also wrote many other "Federalist Papers" with Hamilton and John Jay.
Number 17 for boys in 2005.
I like the name as it is. Jamie sounds too youthful on grown men, especially of the fat and ugly kind, and I absolutely cannot stand the hickish Jim and Jimmy, so I don't like the nicknames much, but the name itself is good. It's short, simple, fairly pleasant in sound, and as a monosyllabic name, it doesn't really require a nickname. It's overused, of course, but you can't reall go wrong with it, as it sounds fine on pretty much any type of guy.
Singer Gavin Rossdale and singer Gwen Stefani have a son James McGregor Rossdale, born 26. May 2006, Los Angeles, California.
Actually his name is Kingston James McGregor Rossdale.
I used to call a friend of mine James but you don't say it how you normally would. It's pronounced Yam-EZ because in German and other similar languages you say J as Y and the es on the end can easily be swapped for ez.
James is a really solid-sounding name in my opinion, you can't really imagine a person called James with a wishy-washy personality.
This is my real name, and I have always pronounced it [jei:mz], making the letter "e" silent. I never let anyone call me "Jamie", "Jim", "Jimmy", or anything else, though through grade school I had another nickname that I will not list here.

This name is by no means feminine, and I hope to never find that I share this name with a girl.

Oddly enough, I have a brother named Jacob, though we are nothing alike.
James A. Michener (February 3, 1907 - October 16, 1997) was an American author. He wrote more than 40 books, including "Tales of the South Pacific", for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, as well as being the inspiration for the musical "South Pacific".
I love this name, it is so sexy and masculine.
James Gillan, the wonderfully talented Scottish actor who gave Boq in Wicked the most amazing Scots accent and made me fall in love with the character! He also acted in numerous other things! I love James Gillan!
Name of Jim Stark, the main character in the movie 'Rebel Without A Cause' and also of James Dean, the actor who plays him.
James Sirius Potter; the eldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter.
Actress Kassie Wesley and James DePaiva have a son James Quentin DePaiva.
Famous bearer is grungey dirty-boy singer of heavy Metal band Metallica - James Hetfield.
I love love love this name! It is so distinguished which is exactly what I look for in a name. It has always been popular, so my kid will have to share but in this case it is so worth it.
James is an awesome name. There are a few people in my grade named James, but I think they go buy Jim or Jimmy.
James is a strong, firm, but old name, I think of Bible James before I think of the twentieth century James! But some people pronounce it Ja mez, I don't know who, but I'm sure some one does!
I think this is an okay name, like, I have nothing against it, but it's so popular I think it's too boring.
Spencer James Smith is Panic! At The Disco's drummer.
Do not name your girl James! This name is not feminine at all.
I adore James as a first or middle name. I would use Harry James as a combo, even though most people would think of Harry Potter.
Captain James T. Kirk of the ship Enterprise! :D (From Star Trek)
Famous bearers:
Actor James Stewart (1908-1997)
Actor and dancer James Cagney (1899-1986)
James Phelps plays Fred in the Harry Potter movies.
Slight spoiler warning for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry and Ginny's first son is named James Potter in honor of his grandfather.
I know many people with the name James. They all either go by Jim or Jimmy. I love James as a middle name.
I love this name because of the famous bearer James Morrison. All his songs are so nice and soothing.
I really like the name James, it's one of my first picks. But it is so popular in my family I might not use it just for that reason.
I love this name, but I like it more as a middle name. It is so common now. James is a family name for me, so I plan on using it as a middle name for my future son. About the nicknames, the only one I care for is Jim. I guess it's because they called my uncle (who was named after his father) Jim and his son was called young Jim.
My name is James and I like it. I don't, however, like Jim, Jimmy, Jamison, or Jamieson (honestly, who thought of these names). The nickname Jamie is OK if it is applied to a small kid, but it doesn't really sound right to apply to someone over seven. It would never, ever work as a girl's name.
Hugh Laurie's real name is James. Also, Dr. James Wilson is the best friend of Dr. House on the show House.
American James King is a female model and actress.
This name is very popular with my generation as I need three hands to name them all.
Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729) first patented the steam engine, James Watt (1736-1819) just improved the design.
James is a very common presidential name: James Madison, James Monroe, James Garfield, James Carter.
I really like this name, but not so much the nicknames. I hate Jim, and Jamie seems sort of feminine now. The old "Jem(my)" is okay but too close to Jim, and too similar to feminine names like Gemma.
The evil vampire from Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight is named James. Still, I love the name.
This is my last name and I like it for a last name. James is a good name but I know that most people who have it as a first name don't like it much and usually end up using Jim.
Great name. Common, but it has a lot of nicknames.
The James form in Portuguese is Tiago.
Believe it or not, Paul Mcartney was a bearer of this name. Paul was only his middle name.
James Brown, known as 'The Godfather of Soul'. He lived from May 3, 1933 to December 25, 2006.
The final and least famous presenter on Top Gear, James May. He's not that famous but he's really funny.
Famous bearer: Actor James Franco, who is most noted for his role as Harry Osborn in the Spider-man movies.
Famous bearer: General James Ewell Brown "Jeb", a Confederate Civil War calvary commander.
According to the popularity chart, 1900-1989 there was some use of this name for girls.
I have two uncles on both sides with this name. I have a nephew with this name. Heck, I unfortunately have a niece with this name! I HATE this name. It's so common and has an ugly sound to it. If used as a middle name it sounds like a filler. If I HAD to name my son James I would find some sort of nickname to use, like Jaime. I absolutely hate the nickname Jim, Jimmy is okay. Jamieson is another example of a horrid name. DO NOT NAME YOUR SON (or daughter, which this shouldn't even be considered as a girls name) JAMES.
Dumb. Too common.
Two famous James Morrisons:
James "Jim" Morrison, lead singer of The Doors
James Morrison, British singer/songwriter
There are authors named James Patterson, James Scott Bell and James Siegel.
I imagine someone named James as being uber-hot (tall, dark, and handsome), sweet, chill, and funny, and saying "dude" a lot. But, please, everyone, call him "James," not "Jamie" or "Jim" or any of those other tacky nicknames!
This is my grandfather's name, and my uncle is named after him. Our family being Scottish, doesn't call my uncle Jimmy or Jim, we call him Jamie. It is also my middle name. I think it's a nice name and I think it really suits my grandfather well, it fits very nicely.
Famous bearer: James Sunderland from the game "Silent Hill 2".
James Marsters is Spike on Buffy - the most gorgeous guy ever.
Famous Jameses:
James Hetfield - Singer in Metallica
Ronnie James Dio - Singer (used to be in Rainbow and Black Sabbath)
Maynard James Keenan - Singer in Tool.
I really do love this name. In England, it's quite common, and yet I don't know many Jameses. It's a very strong name that should only be used with caution. I named my son this, and have every bit of confidence in him that he'll live up to it like his father.
I hate this name! I don't know why. It goes with every name imaginable but I still don't like it. I know someone that isn't a nice person, that's probably why. I don't know, just don't like it. With a passion too!
I love this name! I am so naming my kid James! Awesome name, go for gold!
Not one kid in class is named James which sucks because I really like that name.
A famous bearer is James Earl Jones, who lent his amazing voice to Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies.
I like Jim or Jimmy as nicknames for James, but Jamie sounds like a girl's name. Above all, I prefer the original, James.
This is the first name of Commodore Norrington on Pirates of the Carribbean. I advise you with this name comes strong character and mysteriousness.
Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, his real name was James Patrick Page.
I don't think James is really all that common, at least not where I live. I only know one James under the age of twenty, and he's pretty cool. He has a horrible temper and gets in a lot of trouble, but I think he does care about people. I like this name, and not just because of him. James and Jacob are two of my favorite names for boys.
James is an awesome name for a boy, I also would keep it as James, not Jim, Jimmy or Jack. I also like Jameson/Jamieson, Jamie isn't too bad while they are young.
Two members of the alternative rock band, the Smashing Pumpkins, were named James: guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain.
I prefer this as a girls' name.
To the previous commenter who prefers this as a girl name: PLEASE! Let's leave some boy names their dignity by not giving them to girls! Especially classic names like James!
It's such a cool name! I've decided to make it my future boy's name! All the James in my school are super cool, like James Bond, lol, and very nice, and some are really hot, LOL!
I like this name! It sounds so high-class and cool, like James Bond, but to me its nicknames, Jim and Jimmy, kind of kill the feeling. Who thought of those nicknames?
James is a wonderful name. Very masculine, but in a sophisticated rather than a 'macho' way. Reminds me of royalty. All voiced sounds and no plosives, smooth and soothing. Connotes a gentleman; a deep thinker, a man of perhaps a little mystery, whom a lover would need to pursue. It’s the only name I know of that sounds like a plural.
James is a nice, timeless and classic name but not one of my favorites. It's ideal for a character. A nickname of my choice (that would be only sometimes) would be Jay which is ok for a nick.
I agree James is a timeless, classic name. But yes please just leave it as James, I dislike the nicknames Jimmy or Jim. Even Jamie sounds silly. I've also thought that if James has a second name such as say, Marcus or William then he go by "J.M" or "J.W" pronounced as the initials of the first name.
Six famous bearers are presidents James Madison, James Monroe, James A. Garfield, James K. Polk, James "Jimmy" Carter, and James Buchanan.
I think this makes a fine, respectable middle name, especially if it has familial significance, but as a first name I don't care for it much because of its unattractive nicknames.
Another famous bearer of is James Abbot MacNeill Whistler, who painted "Whistler's Mother".
Yes, the name James has been a popular name for generations but it is a timeless classic. I don't know of any in my kids' classes at school. I wouldn't shorten the name though, I would keep it as James. Jamie as a nickname isn't bad but not Jim or Jimmy or Jack.
This the name of a character in my story. He has a middle name (which I won't say) but he is nicknamed "Jacey." He lives in a fictional seaside town during the Depression-Era in 1931. His age is 13 years old, such smart-aleck and a cynic (well, to put it nicely...he is cynical, intelligent, laconic, witty and somewhat sensible yet he needs to learn to grow up...complex isn't it?). I was inspired to name him this because James is a biblical name and means "held by the heel" and this James really is held by his heel because he won't try to grow up yet he acts too dull and mature and won't see past his nose. The only way he has grown up is by cynism, aloofness and arrogance, not by natural choice or real maturity. There was also a James in the New Testament who didn't believe in Christ (which explains the character's disbelief) but later on repented, in which the character does as well. My story also has many metaphors on this, too. Loosely, I fairly based some of his traits on the sneaky, know-it-all Edmund Pevensie from C.S Lewis' series: The Chronicles Of Narnia, but this character is obviously different in many ways yet I compared some similarities. Overall, James is a versatile name and I am proud to name my character this.
James McAvoy, who played Mr. Tumnus the faun in "The Chronicles of Narnia", is a famous bearer of this name. He also stars as Nicholas in the upcoming "The Last King of Scotland" in the UK.
James sounds a very heavy name to me.
Famous bearer is James Monroe, the 5th President of the United States.
It is my favorite boy's name, by far.
James is the real name of actor Jim Carrey.
Another famous bearer was Sir James Douglas (the Black Douglas), who was one of Robert the Bruce's closest friends and supporters. Barbour's 'The Bruce' is about Robert the Bruce and James Douglas. After the Bruce died, James Douglas carried his heart on crusade.

It's one of my favourite male names.
A famous bearer of the name is singer/songwriter James Blunt.
The name James is way overused and really gross.
James Watt did not actually invent the steam engine - he merely innovated it enough to receive a patent and be credited as an inventor. He and his partner Matthew Boulton were granted the patent in 1775. The original steam engine was built in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen, decades before the birth of either man, although designs for the steam engine were present as early as 1663.
I think James is a very sexy sounding name - you can't get any sexier than James Bond.
I really like the name because even though it is extremely popular it sounds very strong and I like it. My dad's name is James, but when he was a kid everyone called him Jimmy and now everyone calls him Jim.
James Augustine is on the Illini basketball team.
Although it's an old name, I wish people would stop calling their kids this. No kidding, I know at least nine James's. It's a cool name but give them a name that not everyone will have.
A famous bearer of this name is author/playwright James Frey who is well known for the book "My Friend Leonard" and the book and film "A Million Little Pieces" which recall the time James spent as an alcoholic and drug addict and his time in rehab. "A Million Little Pieces" reached #1 on New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publishers Weekly book lists.
My son James was named after my deceased father. Needless to say he is well loved by myself and my family (living and deceased - those are his angels).
Daniel Radcliffe's middle name is JACOB. Harry Potter's middle name is JAMES and his father name is JAMES. JAMES and JACOB have the same root in Greek, Latin and Hebrew. This is very interesting. Also, my love's middle name is James and his father name's James. I love this name.
The playwright James Matthew Barrie is well-remembered for his classic "Peter Pan."
James (Jamie) Denton (born January 20, 1963) is the name of the mysterious "plumber" Mike Delfino on the popular soap-dramedy "Desperate Housewives".
James Bond, the British superspy shares the name. [noted -ed]
James Ford was an American civic leader and business owner in southern Illinois at the turn of the 19th century. Despite his clean public image, he was also secretly a river pirate and the leader of a gang that would come to be known as "Ford's Ferry Gang". His gang was the river equivalent of highway robbers; they would hijack ferries and flatboats with tradable goods from local farms coming down the Ohio River. One nick-name he was given was "Satan's ferryman".

The real name of Sawyer from LOST is James Ford, somehow these two are connected.
In a series of books for kids called The Stink Files, the main character is a Bengal cat named James Edward Bristlefur. The Stink Files are written by Jennifer L. Holm and Jonathan Hamel.
Famous bearer: 1950's actor James Dean.
James Joyce, author of Ulysess, was a famous bearer of this name.
Succinct, pleasant and masculine, my boyfreind's name.
Although his level of natural intellect augmentation may appear to be subordinate when judged against his surrounding associates, his level of common sense is of high ability and he finds it effortless to create companions. Although a minute amount aggravating at times, he is a true friend when thought upon.
A famous bearer of this name is American folk singer James Taylor.
Famous bearer is James Potter, Harry Potter's father.
Also Harry Potter's middle name is James. Harry James Potter. After his father, of course.
From the Bible, the name James means "catcher of the heel."

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