I am obsessed with this name so much i´ve literally changed my name legally to Mia lol. As a very girly girl I love it so much and I think it´s perfect. I associate this name with the color pink. I don´t like the name Maria or Amelia though, I don´t see Mia as a nickname...Also I like how the nickname for Mia can be Mimi (slang for cute in french)
To the commenter below, congratulations on your new name! Mia is so cute and adorable!
I love this name! I personally like it as a stand-alone name, with the exception of Amelia as a “parent name”. I have never been a fan— although they have their perks— of the names Miriam and Maria, which are two of the names “Mia” stems from. However, Mia is NOT a plain name. I prefer to call it TIMELESS, relating to the cute nickname of Mimi, which is simply adorable for a little girl. It also has more formal names attached to it, such as Amelia. It also sounds very nice as Mia Marie, Mia Elizabeth, and Mia Lily. To finish, I believe that Mia sounds fantastic as a middle name, such as Hailey Mia (American child singer).
Good nickname for Maria, not so much as a first name!
It's amusing to see people with plain names say that Mia is plain.
Too plain!
It's so cute and pretty in my opinion, it's very friendly and nice. I like it.
It's a wholesome nickname. I don't like nicknames turned names, as it's the case of Mia, but the name isn't ugly at all. I don't think it's childish, either. I remember actresses called Mia, and it never crossed my mind that the name doesn't suit them because they aren't children anymore. I'd never choose this name, simply because it's not a Christian name. A child of mine would be named Maria, and maybe I'd call her Mia sometimes.
My name is Mia and I'm sick of the negative comments. It's ok to not like the name, but give good criticism not just "ugly". Not sure why so many people have a problem with the meaning, I think it's cute. And about the name "not aging well" it can be said about many newer names that were popular in the 00's and 90's since not many people over 30 have the name.
Mia is a name for a 5-year old. Mia is unprofessional and childlike. This name is nice for a child but can NOT be used on an adult. I get it's a cute nickname for Maria, Miranda and Miriam. Well guess what, children grow up someday so Mia will not work anymore. I suggest Mary, Mira. Amy for Miriam. There way better nicknames then Mia.
Wow. People really are mean with this name. I love Mia and I don’t see what the problem is with the name. I’m looking to legally change my name and this is one of the options. It’s short and simple but also has a lot of character to it. I also suffered from eating disorders and yea Mia is used as a code name for Bulimia in the online ED communities but even after suffering years and years of that I still find the name beautiful.
"Titanic" star Kate Winslet named her daughter Mia.
My own name is Mia, and I'm going to give you a couple reasons why you shouldn't name your child Mia.

1. Mamma Mia. My entire family has spent my entire life singing the song whenever they say my name or are even within close proximity to me. I like ABBA, I don't have an issue with the song on its own, it's just that when you have to endure people singing it around you so much that it might as well be the theme song to your life, it can get pretty frustrating. (It doesn't help that I'm Swedish like the song)

2. Maya/Mya. Every year on the first day of school, I have to go through the same thing with all of my teachers (and throughout the year with substitute teachers) - pronunciation. For some reason (I really don't know), people look at Mia and say Mya. Not sure where they get it from, but I've had to deal with this forever and I don't correct people anymore. I just raise my hand and say "here".

3. The way it sounds. It sounds REALLY annoying. I'm not sure if you've ever known anyone named Mia, but if you have, you've probably twitched every time you heard their name. That "eeee" sound in the middle makes me want to slam my head off something hard. It's the most obnoxious noise ever, and I have to hear it almost every time someone talks to me.

4. It's not a name. It literally started out as a nickname for Maria. It's not a name on its own - it's a nickname and has been from the beginning. All of these comments saying it sounds like something is missing are justified because IT'S A NICKNAME. It's not intended for use as a name, and it never was.

I think Mia is beautiful! Yes it's short, but simple. I love it.
I dislike this name on its own, I guess it could be short foe something else.
It could be full form of Mia is Euphemia, Miranda and Michaela.
No offense at all to any Mias but I can’t imagine a Mia younger than 5 or older than 12.
Short and sweet. :)
Could be short for Miami.
I did not know there was a campal battle for this name. I'm going to give my opinion so I hope nobody is offended, since I think most of the comments are not offensive and I see a lot of sensitive people. Interestingly, the Mia's that have commented on this section are the most educated and less concerned about the opinion of their name.

I agree that the name is too short and gives little name feeling. I'm sorry, but it seems more a nickname. Actually there are many names that could combine for Mia as a nickname, like Amelia, Emilia, Miriam or Michele. In particular, I prefer the names that have at least three syllables precisely so that this does not happen. Mia is fine as a loving nickname, but as a full name, do not you feel something incomplete? It looks so simple and basic... Boring.

In addition, perhaps it is related but also sounds a little childish. I like girly names, but not if they are childish. Names like Lily, Daisy or Ivy are not my style, but I respect them. I feel that Mia enters this category. Honestly I can not imagine a woman over 40 with this name.

Finally, I don't like the fact that it is such a popular name, because I feel that it takes away its charm. The truth is that I do not understand why there are so many people who love Mia as a name, but I respect the tastes of each other and after all it is not something you can control. I agree that Mia is not a bad name and that there are a lot of worse (Everleigh, Oakley, Haelynn, Kadynce, Emersyn are an aberration, for example) but it is true that there are many better and I recommend looking a little more before putting this name to your daughter.
To everyone that is saying that Mia is a boring name, do you want her name to be Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff? I believe that you should all be very ashamed of yourselves… Mia is one of my best friends so don’t say anything about her name. It’s probably more beautiful than your name. Your name is so boring. Is that what you want me to say?
It's nice to see that Mia has so many comments and receives so much attention. She's in the spotlight right now! Some other names are so boring they don't have any comments written about them at all.
I completely associate this lovely name with Mia in the Princess Diaries. So to me it seems like a name for a princess. Beautiful! I would just ignore the negative comments about this name.
Mia is one of the most popular names in the world right now for a reason. In Germany it's the #1 baby name for girls.
Sorry Mia’s, but I agree with a lot of the comments here. I can appreciate how short, simple, and sweet it is, but it’s just so... boring. There’s little to really nothing to envy about this name. I think the spelling is pretty, but the name is slightly overused and the meaning is a little eerie. All in all I think there are much better names out there.

I prefer Mia to Maria though. I’ll give it that.
I've never liked this name and don't see the appeal at all, so many prettier names out there!
Mia is the CUTEST name in the WORLD! I LOVE IT!
My name is Mia, and I absolutly ADORE it. I think my parents named me very well. An idea to go with the name Mia? Mia Elizabeth is one of my favorites.
Too short and so overdone as of about 10 years ago.
I love the name Mia. Mia is perfect, elegant and precious.
I’ve always disliked this name pronounced MEE-ə. I know lots of Mia’s, it’s overused in my area. I prefer Mya.
Hello Everyone my name is Mia. I hate my name and I will be changing it. Here are several reasons why you should reconsider naming a child Mia. (I am 24 years old btw)
1. Mama Mia. I absolutely hate this and I hate that people call me this (it's like I have no personality outside of this because of my name)
2. Mia means Mine and I hate that it sounds possessive and uncreative.
3. Mia is a pet name and I have met more pets named Mia than I have other Mia's.
4. People constantly miss-pronounce my name for "Maya" so often that I have stopped correcting people entirely.
5. People associate my name with being "not very intelligent"
6. Mia is a nickname for Maria. Not a name.
7. No-one can hear me say my name on the phone. And then I *have* to say "like mama Mia" so people can hear that it's not Lia, Leah, Nia, Kia, Gia, Tia or anything else. It's so unbelievably frustrating.
I fell in love with the name Mia when I was 15 years old back in 1980. My Mia was born in 2004, so I had it as a favorite name for over 20 years when she was born. When I first heard the name, back in the 1970's, it was not popular, trendy or over-used. In fact, you never heard it. It may be common now but that is very recent. Actually, it actually first starting to become popular a few years before my Mia was born. I almost didn't give her the name because it was becoming so popular, but it was the only name me and my husband could agree on. Besides that, it is not popular or common where we live. As a matter-of-fact, my Mia is 18 now and she has never gone to school with another Mia, and she goes to a big school, so that's something to keep in mind when you blame people for being unoriginal is that the name may not be common where they are from. As for being too short, I like short names and don't see anything wrong with them. I personally can't stand long, flowery girl's names. I find it amusing that people suggest Maria as an alternative to Mia because Mia is too common when Maria is actually an extremely common girls name in the United States, and has been for the last century.And there are lots of names that are real names in their own right that were once nicknames.
I don't like this name for a child, too short and looks like a nickname.
I can not imagine Mia on adults.
Maybe I will give this name to my cat.
Mia Winters is the wife of protagonist Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7 and 8.
Don't like it at all. Dull, too short and sounds like a nickname.
My name is Mia and I like it a lot :) Though it’s one of the most common names, there was only one other Mia in my entire elementary school, and I also never had to go by Mia C or something like that throughout my whole school life. Also I’m super in love with Mia Fey from Ace Attorney.
I like Mia for a name, I think it's super cute. Its meaning “mine” is really sweet, too. It also ages pretty well, in my opinion. I think it's a good name.
I suppose it is nice, would never use it but maybe for a character or pet.
Good name for a Mama.
Mama Mia.
Mia is a younger, more stylish and contemporary version of Maria.
I prefer Maria.
Some pretty variations with Mia:

Mia Camilla

Mia Violetta

Mia Valentina

Mia Nicoletta

Mia Olivia

Mia Vanessa.
The name Mia seems soft, sweet, pretty, gentle and cute. Irresistible!
Quite boring.
Some middle names:
Mia Maria
Mia Iris
Mia Adrienne.
I've never liked this name and don't see the appeal at all, so many prettier names out there!
I don't understand what all of the negative comments are about. It's very pretty; just too short. When I think of the name Mia, I picture an outgoing girly girl.
I notice some of the prettiest actresses and models right now are named Mia! Supermodel name.
Just ugly!
Not a fan at all! Just ugly!
I'm amazed by how many people envy Mia.
I think Mia is an ugly unfeminine name. It is something I would name my pet not my child. I can't believe that this name is so popular given how unattractive it is. I think Maria is a lot better, Maria sounds complete and like a full name. Mia is too short and incomplete and sounds like a nickname. Also Mia sounds like "Me a" I'm getting me a sandwich. Mia also sounds too cutesy and childish like a name for a child, I can't imagine a grown woman wanting to be named Mia.
Dull, unattractive and incomplete name.
I can't stand this name! It sounds so whiny and childish. There are so many similar yet better names like Maria and Amelia.
So cute! I love it, although I would probably never use it on a daughter.
I think this name is very unattractive Maria is a lot better.
I do really like this name it's very feminine and cute and I strongly disagree with those who say it's boring and surely if it's common then loads of people are naming their child it then that shows I'm not the only person who likes this name.
I’m called Mia and it’s not my favourite name or a particularly memorable one, but the three letters came in handy when I had to learn to write my name and it’s simple which is good given I have an especially long last name.
If you are thinking about calling a child this, I think you should choose a longer name with Mia as a nickname.
I’ve never liked this name and don’t see the appeal at all. There are a lot of fancier names!
Kinda boring and plain.
I quite like this. Really sweet.
Some people are so desperate to insult the name Mia. I feel sorry for them and their average, boring names.
I love this name, it's youthful, elegant and very sweet.
Miasma: a disease that people thought it came from an unpleasant smell.
I like Gia, I like Tia, I don't mind Kia, but I don't get the appeal of Mia. To me, it sounds weak and whiny. I don't like the combination of sounds. Also, it's really trendy and will probably sound dated in 10-15 years.
Really cute name! There's NO reason for people to HATE it. It's just a little short, but that's no big deal! There are many short names that are beautiful, like Ava, Zoe, Eve, etc.
I don't like this name at all it sounds like "me a" like she's getting herself something like a pizza. It just sounds unattractive.
I like this name now, but only on a ginger.
It sure does sounds like "Me a", like Mia is getting herself a sandwich...
I'm kinda over the "ia" names like Tia, Nia, Kia, Mia, Gia--they all sound the same to me.
Meh. I’ve heard worse.
I've always hated this name! A real unattractive name! If you name your daughter that you have bad taste or no taste at all! There are so many prettier names out there!
I see a lot of people with "common" and "boring" names saying the name Mia is "common" and "boring" haha. Oh the irony.
Extremely boring and common at the moment.
Ditto Amy.B

This one is quite boring.
I find it hilarious that the name Mia is now referred to as "common", I literally laugh a little inside every time I read that. Born in the 1970s I never met almost ANYONE with the name Mia. I felt like I was the only person in the whole world with that name. Even a well known movie star from the past uses it as her nickname, it's not her actual name. So now seeing it at the top of the charts in multiple countries never fails to amuse me.
This is my name, and I don’t really know what to think about it. I like that it’s short and that I don’t get any nicknames, and I like the letters and spelling, especially the ‘M’. But I also find it pretty boring and way too common, and sometimes I wish I had a name that’s way less common :/ but it’s alright, and fairly cute.
To all the Mia's out there you are beautiful and I think a girl named Mia is so beautiful and lucky to be named Mia. All Mia's are models. I wish my name was Mia. Mia's I am going to invite you to the next concert I have. Always remember that there is a lot of jealousy in this world when there should not be and that's why all the people that are giving hate comments to the name Mia are sadly just insincere but remember, if you are jealous just try to write something down in the mirror that motivates you and say every day say that you are beautiful don't hate and be mean to others! Everybody is beautiful so, be kind.

Sincerely, The real jlo.
Too short for my liking. It's missing something.
Mia fizz is a really famous YouTube star.
My name is Mia and I think it's cute and feminine.
Lovely name, but how is this a short form of Maria? I don't understand.
Probably one of the most boring names. Why not just give a similar name like Maria, which looks more complete and sounds also better. Feels like sound is missing. Just boring.
TBH this spelling more looks like My-uh. So if your wanting to name your kid Mia do Meah instead.
Sounds like "me a", I'm getting me a sandwich. Mia says "Wut?". So yeah..
The name Mia may be short but it is very cute yet simple.
Awesome name. My only 2 complaints are that it looks too short and to be honest, it does rhyme with diarrhea.
Trashy junk, NEVER name anyone this and never bestow as a pet name, nobody deserves to be called this.
Don’t like at all. Maria is 10 times better.
I don't get why this name is so popular. It literally rhymes with diarrhea.
Also Hungarian: -- mention Mia as a short form
I can definitely understand why this name is popular, it’s a nice name. I just think there alternatives to Mia that are better in my opinion like Mila, or Malia. Just saying.
Soooo overused!
People are saying that the name “Amy” is overused, but in fact this name is even more overused, it’s plain and boring and I prefer the pronunciation “my-a” better than this. I’d rank Amy as an uncommon name, especially in 2020.
Kind of a name for a show off- intelligent girl with glasses.
The first name Miya(美夜)can also mean "Beautiful night" in Japanese.
Mia (Μία) also means "one" in Greek.
Not a fan. I would hate being stuck with this name throughout life!
I really like Mia, and I see its appeal. Mia is so stylish and it works on all ages.
Not to mention adorable.
Also used in Slovene: [noted -ed]
Also used in Estonia:
While the name Mia is lovely, it's getting too common. If you want to name your child Mia, try going with Amelia, Maria, Marie, or Mary instead. These names are still fairly common, but not as common as Mia. :)
Mia Jeal is the name of a Youtuber.
Mia is also used as a short form of Amelia.
MIA - can’t hear this name without thinking ‘missing in action’.
Never liked it so much. I always thought it was just too common.
As a child I used to sort of like this name. But I don't like the sound of this or Nia. But it's a good name, and it's popular for a reason.
Can be a nickname for Amelia.
Mia is the stage name of a member of the K-pop girl group EVERGLOW.
Mia is a beautiful name! Mia has so many wonderful meanings in different languages, for example, Mia means MINE in Spanish. If you name your child Mia you will know that she is yours forever.
Mia is a nice enough nickname for the more formal Maria.
I know I’m a minority, but this name doesn’t even sound good. There is too much of the M sound. (and long E) It’s so short and extremely common.
Pretty but overused.
Well I have read a lot of your comments and I have to say that a lot of them I disagree with. My name is Mia and from where I live I don't hear the name that often. I am the only girl in the grades above and below me with the name Mia. I love the name, it is so rare and beautiful. I hope that people will continue to use the name throughout the generations after me.
This is an incomplete name. It's fine for a nickname. Give your child a real name, such as Maria.
It's sweet, and I DO like this name... but, it's just waaaay too popular. Stop and ask any Jennifer, Sarah, Heather, Ashley if they thought their name was all that great to grow up with. That's how I feel about any of these top 10 names; it's cute now, but, it won't be in high school.
The only reason this name is overused is because it is beautiful and feminine. And by the way, it is cheaper to get a personalized sign off Amazon because it's only 3 letters.
I don’t like this name at all. I have a million friends named this, and it is so overused. I have a really good friend (well, she thinks so) and she is so annoying and her name is Mia.
Quite a common name. I really don't have any opinion on this name. I mean, it's nice, but it's not something I'd use.
Extremely common, hear it everywhere.
This is the name of my cousin, who is a toddler. She is so adorable and bubbly, and her name fits her so well. She loves to laugh, and she makes this name so much better. This name is short and sweet, but I wish it wasn’t so common. I do love this name though!
This name is so adorable, but it's overused sadly.
My name is Mia and it's pronounced Mya, everyone calls me MEE-A and it annoys me so much, also it can be pronounced as Mya as well because when two vowels are together it makes the first one long so in my name my I is long which is why I say Mya but it's spelled Mia. I'm also Italian and Hispanic.
My name is Mia Rose. I personally love the name and I think it is beautiful. It means ‘mine’ in Italian.
Mia has recently become trendy in Poland. It was unheard of before.
I'm Mexican and Mia is my name and it is a beautiful name, honestly, and where I live there is no one else at my school named Mia and I don’t know any others with the name Mia as well and by the wway in Spanish Mia means Gift from God♥️ So when I was younger I wanted my name to be Ashley but then I kinda started to not like the meaning and I searched the meaning in Spanish and it simply means Gift from God so I like my name better.
My name is Mia Nightingale and I personally like and dislike the name itself. Having a short first name is good to go with a longer last name. Do not be ashamed if you have this name, people call me "MY-AH" and it gets me irritated if they say it like that more than once especially if they use it to annoy me. Mia means beautiful Asian in Japanese (which I think is a brilliant meaning) and in Spanish it means Mine or My, there are many other meanings too! This name will not suit me in my older years but I am glad to have it now. Have a great day to all of you fellow Mias and do not care for those comments that say they hate the name, you are you and that is beautiful.
Mia... it's a pretty name. When I hear it, I think of a beautiful pre-teen girl, small and slim, with long dark brown curls and stunning almond eyes. I used to know a Mia who looked like that when I was very small, and I thought she was amazing. The name is derived from Mary, which most likely means 'beloved' or 'love', and it doesn't mean 'mine' or 'my' at all.
This is such a sweet simple name! Good for a baby but ages well too.
So, my name is Mia. I used to like it a lot, but it's gotten popular and is now fairly common. And so because of that and also the other negative associations it has I've really started to hate it. I feel because of all this it no longer fits who I am.
So, I am shocked at the bitterness and rudeness some have said over a name. My daughter's name is Mia, I love it! She was born in 2002! So, got most of you all beat, lol. She is of a mixed race, stunningly beautiful, talented, and an amazing young lady. Her name fits her. It's far from boring, Dan is boring lol it was very unique and unused when I named her. I hate now it's so popular. I actually know a guy I dated in high school had a child and he named her Mia but different spelling. I have 2 sons whose names start with an M as well. To all the other Mias out there. Be you, be proud of your name. It's beautiful. Oh and bulimia is 4 syllables! Not sounding alike, and definitely don't make me think of it knowing the beauty behind the name Mia! Dummies say that because it has the name at the end. Idiotic. And the porn star, she probably made up the name, saw it was popular, and she did so you say within the last 4 or 5 years. Again, 2002 here. So so many common names out there, plain Jane. Don't expect people to not be bothered by rude comments. Kids do look on here. Grow up and have some respect. Funny how rude your comments are but don't put your name on the post, and hide behind a pc being a troll. Be kind!
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Mia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 462nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Mia and everyone has got this wrong. I travel all over the world and every place I go to they claim my name is originally from their country and they are all correct. My name does come from many countries, it is just interpreted in different ways. It firstly came from The Latin language and has been adopted by nearly all the countries in the world now over time. So if you're called Mia and when on holiday they say your name is a Greek name for example they aren't exactly wrong cause they all have different meanings. Also, I read all of these comments and there is no need to say it means bulimia and it's ugly or it's a porn star name. It has beautiful origins and meanings- be proud if you're called Mia.
Really some people think of Bulimia when they hear Mia? Talk about grasping at straws.
Simple and short, but still cute for a girl name.
So boring and short. Won't age well either. Already sounds horribly distinct to this particular period in time. Not a good sign!
Ugly, over used and prissy porn star name!
Mia (宮, miya) means "princess" in Japanese. ❤.
Mia is such an adorable name. And the meaning, mine! So cute! Too bad it's so high on the charts now.
My name is Mia and I personally have mixed feelings about the name. I feel that it doesn’t roll off the tongue well and I feel the name Maya would suit as a better name for all ages. I have been made fun of many times for my name, kids in school would deliberately call me MAYA! IT IS PRONOUNCED MEE-YA. Not to mention all of the abbreviations of Mia.
MY name is Mia, it's pronounced "Mee-ah" not "Maya."
My name is Mia and some of these comments are really disheartening. For the people saying that it’s short for “bulimia”, we get it! We also know it means “Missing In Action”! We’ve had this name our whole lives you know! We’re obviously not going to associate the common terms “Mia” and “M.I.A.” with our “Mia” and in my personal experience, no one has ever reminded me what my name stands for, or what health problem it's a shortened version of. I pronounce mine “Mee-ah” and I’m generally called “My-ah” by people when I first meet them (which I don’t mind, I tell people to call me “Mamma Mia” to remember the correct pronunciation) but either pronunciation is fine! And if you think it means “mine” in Spanish, fine! If you think it means something else, fine! It’s a name people, and it’s a beautiful name. If you want to use this name, go ahead! It’s a great name and it leaves people with a smile on their face :)
I named my daughter Mia in 2013. I didn't hear it anywhere but movies until the week before I delivered. It's short but beautiful! I grew up with a very long name so naming my daughter something short and sweet was nice. It's a pain to spell long names in kindergarten lol. I don't care what anyone says. MIA IS A GORGEOUS NAME AND I'M IN LOVE WITH IT. She gets compliments all the time!
My name is Mia. When I was in 6th grade I always wanted it to be Sky or Isabelle, but as I got older I loved it more. It is a VERY beautiful name and you should think of it as a name on your list for children :D.
Mia is too short... I feel there's not enough name really. Milena, Mira, Miranda, and Mina are better. Plus, it's so common, and it literally is a word meaning my.
Beautiful name. Becoming wildly popular but it is a great name. Short, sweet and simply Mia.
I like it. Short, simple, and sweet. I think Mia also suits a dog.
Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista, is a Lebanese American social media personality and webcam model, best known for her successful, albeit brief, career as a pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015.
Personally I love the name Mia. It is my name and I think it is beautiful. I think it can be pronounced either way and I have also seen it spelled Miea.
Mia Di María is the daughter of Argentine professional footballer Ángel Di María. She was born April 22, 2013 and was three months premature and survived after treatment at an intensive care unit at the Hospital Universitario Montepríncipe in Madrid.
Mia just feels so graceless and boring to me. There are few short names I really like, and Mia is not that name.
My name is Mia and I think these comments are really good because I like to hear what others have to say.
Least favorite name. So overused and prissy.
Mia (Μία) also means "one" in Greek.
Also short for Miranda, Madelina, Emilia, Mila, Milena.
The name "MIA" is not annoying. Even though in Spanish/Italian it means "mine" or "my" it also has other meanings in other countries. I just think that other people can get irritated when they hear the name Mia because it's too popular. Well yeah, Mia is too short and simple for a name, but I think it's adorable and I love it.
My 5 hour old grand daughter has been given the name Mia. I think it is wonderful just as she is.
My name is MIA! I started reading these comments and felt there was no need to do this when Mia is such a beautiful name! When I was younger I was not happy that my parents had given me this name because I didn't like the way it sounded. Now that I am much older I truly think that Mia is a beautiful name for children and adults. In the comments above that I have read it says it's a great name for 5 month old baby's? I believe that it is very strange to just name your baby Mia and when it gets older than 5 months change it. But I think whoever is given the name Mia is a very lucky person and will be for the rest of their life. But the name you are given shouldn't change people's likes of you. It doesn't matter if you have a strange name, it is all about how kind you are to other people and not making mean, nasty comments about people's names on social media like most of you are doing! It can be a nickname and it can also be a real name- there is definitely no need to judge, just stick with your own name.
The main character in children's series 'Mia and me' is Mia.
I like Mia. It's for a simple and loving girl. I think that if you have girl twins they could be Pia and Mia. It could also be an only name or second name.
Also used in Hungary. Pronounced: MI-aw.
It means "My "in Italian. It's really not a name. It's silly.
Not bad, but I prefer the spelling Meah.
I named my daughter Mia and she is now 12. I loved the name after traveling though Norway and meeting a very nice young woman named Mia and it stuck with me ever since. My husband and I are of Norwegian heritage so we went with it. My daughter is very sweet, polite, considerate, smart, talented, and everyone's friend so people insulting the name makes me think you have never personally met a Mia before. The only thing I find annoying about it is people who do not pronounce it correctly. The "ia" in a word is pronounced "EE-ah" not "EYE-ah" Think about Sophia, Criteria; hysteria - all "EE-ah", so why would Mia be "m-EYE-ah"? Even after all the hate on here for the name, I don't regret naming her that and she loves her name. To each their own. I am sure your names are not liked by some people too.
Not a bad name, but it's a bit too short for my taste. I prefer Maria.
My daughter is named Mia. All my life I've have never met someone named Mia and it's shocking that such a pretty name is hardly ever used! I think the name is cute.
Mia, written as "MiA", is the stage name of the (male) guitarist of Japanese Visual Kei band MEJIBRAY. Because of him, I can associate this name with men as well (though I certainly discourage against naming boys "Mia". Poor kids will be bullied for life!).
Mia Velaz-Cruz is a member of the Cupcake Club in Coco Simon's The Cupcake Diaries book series.
I have just called my daughter Mia and think it's a lovely name! Although it annoys me when people pronounce it wrong like 'Mya' it's pronounced 'Meeya' and is Hebrew, not Spanish or French or Italian!

For people saying it is a child's name and can't imagine it for an old person, that's silly. Think the other way around- for example, how could you call a baby 'Dorothy' or 'Bob' or 'Dave' now that's crazy!
I'm a proud Australian with an Italian background. I named my daughter Mia = Made In Australia and we love it.. it suits her now and will still suit her as an adult...
My goodness, how judgmental some people are. I think it's okay to say you don't like a name, but to criticize others for giving it to their child is not okay. I think it is a lovely name. I like its meaning in Greek - the one or the only.
My name is Mia, I'm 17 years old and I like my name. My name has stood out and has fit in with each aspect of my life. In work it's professional and pleasant, in school/college it's been different so it's been easy. When I introduce myself it's unique and I love the fact it's Italian. People are saying that it only suits toddlers, however, I like my name. My boyfriend adores it, and it's overall a lovely name. I recommend it. It means such beautiful things and is majorly revolved around love. I don't see why this name wouldn't be perfect for a child. Also, I've never heard that my name is "boring" before, as I'm the ONLY Mia I've ever come across:)
I had a baby girl in 2015 and named her Milania pronounced like Milan (Italy) with ia at the end. Her nickname is MIA and I love both.
This name sounds so cute. I would totally use it for my daughter (if I ever have one).
Mia Fey is a fictional character in the video game series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She is a very wise, mature, intelligent woman who often assists the protagonist when he gets into a sticky situation.
I only like this name for a girl under 8. I will not name my daughter Mia because I can't imagine an 80 year old lady called Mia.
The name Mia is commonly linked to the Hebrew culture and language. It is roughly translated to "rebellious woman."
I've never really liked this name, even as a kid. I understand that it's a classic, but I'm not a huge fan of classic names. They seem overdone and worn out to me. Anyway, I don't hate this name, but I most certainly don't like it.
My name is Mia and I absolutely LOVE my name! I've really appreciated growing up with a name that people stop and think about! It's nice to be original, especially as, when I was born Mia was very uncommon. I have had issues in the past with people pronouncing my name though, I got Mya a lot which is my absolute pet peeve! However, I wouldn't change my name for the world!
Mia is also a slang term for Bulimia.
It sounds very whiny. It does not suit an adult.
My name is Mia and I LOVE my name. I am 12 years old and I feel that my name is short and sweet. I hate how people always pronounce my name as my-ah it just doesn't sound right. I pronounce it mee-ah and it sounds unique and elegant and if someone doesn't like I'm sorry, I love it.
Not my favourite. Sounds a little whiny.
I love the name Mia. Anyone who doesn't has no taste!
Be wary if you name your child Mia. People suffering from Bulimia Nervosa often refer to their sickness as Mia, especially online and especially on pro-ana and pro-Mia websites. I don't use those websites, but even I often refer to my Anorexia Nervosa as Ana.
When I named my Daughter "Mia", 15 years ago, it was unique! I LOVE the name and it has a few meanings, "My love" is one and when we chose to name our Daughter, Mia Arianna, we wanted an Italian name, as both of us are Italian, so that is the name we picked. I have not regretted it for a single moment! We have received NOTHING but compliments.
My name is Mia, and growing up, yeah, I realized a lot of terrible things ended with Mia. Even being an acronym for 'missing in action', but at the same time I liked my name, because it was unique. Growing up I've only met like maybe three other Mia's in my age group. It's slightly sad to me that it's getting popular, though it had to happen. Though, funny enough, my name derives from both my grandmothers' names smushed together. Even funnier out of all the names my parents could have possibly picked out by merging the names together they chose the smallest name possible! XD!
Mia Sasha McKenna Bruce, an English actress, best known for her role as Tee Taylor in the British children's TV series, Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.
I think this is a short & simple yet cute, adorable, girly, sweet and pretty name. :)
Dull as dishwater. Terrible name.
K. For all of you people who are dissing the name, Why are you even on here, do u just look up a random name and say mean things about that name and the people associated with that name? My name is Mia. And whether you like it or not some people are named Mia and you can't just suddenly say that their name is ugly. I may not like your name but I'm not going to judge a person by their name. Second, Mia does mean mine. I had a sister before I was born, but then she died two weeks after she was born. My mom named me Mia because it means mine, to show that I was hers and not the angels to keep. There may or may not be a story behind your name, but PLEASE think about how what you are saying might affect others before you say it. Thank you.
I have 2 sisters, Tara and Mia (and my name is Avery, I'm a girl) my sister Mia's name is pronounced m-y-a not m-e-a so many people always pronounce her name wrong, it is suitable for any age, my sister Tara is 17 and Mia is 14 1/2. She loves her name! Especially loves it because she is the middle child, I'm the youngest! It's totally up to you how you pronounce it, I think m-y-a Sounds nicer with our last name, and it is more suitable as you get older as well.
My name is MIA & I'm very proud of my name.. Ive had it for 13 years already & some of my teachers have called me "Maya" but I really don't understand since maya is maya & MIA is "me-huh" there is no other pronunciation unless you named your child Mia but you wanna say it like Maya.
"Mia" is pronounced MEE-ah peepz, NOT MY-ah. (: If you like saying MY-ah, the correct way to spell it would be "Maya". "Maya" has a completely different meaning from "Mia".
No one should name their child Mia. Yeah, it's a super cute name but people who have an eating disorder called bulimia have a nickname and guess what it is called? Yup, Mia. I used to suffer from this and I absolutely hate it when they're people with the name of Mia and it makes me sad.
British equestrian Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne and second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, recently gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Mia Grace Tindall.
My name is Mia and your meaning/origin is all wrong! Mia is Spanish/Italian, the meaning means "Mine" as anyone who speaks Spanish, they will tell you what Mia means. I have no idea where this Scandinavian meaning of the name came from but for the past 21 years that I can remember Mia means mine and is Spanish/Italian.
Such a cute, short, and sweet name. Also a name that would work just as well on a young girl as it would on a middle aged woman. Love it. :)
The name Mia was actually given to 10 baby BOYS born in the US in 2012.
I would be concerned with Mia being an acronym for Missing In Action. Adding a fourth letter would avoid this acronym & make it more substantial of a name. For those who like Mia, I would consider the alternatives of Mila, Maya, or the less dated Mira!
I love this name, but people really need to stop saying that Mia is said as 'My-ah.' If you want it said that way spell it Maya. Mia and Maya shouldn't be so confusing, but Mia is a really nice name. Its sweet and short. The name can suit pets and humans which is nice as well.
If this is for the pronunciation "Mee-uh", then I really dislike this name. If you say the name "Mia" over and over and over, it actually sounds painful to the ears. Also, when I imagine a girl saying "I'm Mia" or "My name's Mia" she automatically sounds annoying. It's like you can't take a "Mia" seriously. It's not even professional, I can't imagine someone named Mia as a lawyer, teacher, doctor, even a salesperson. It's just not a nice name. I now have a headache from saying Mia over and over again...
My name is Solomia and I usually go by Mia. I think it's a lovely name.
Mia Goth (who is famously known for being a Nymphomaniac and being Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend; and also a model) bears this name.
Mia Talerico is a four-year-old child actress who plays the title character on Disney Channel's comedy "Good Luck Charlie." It will be interesting to see where her career goes after the show ends, or if she will continue acting.
Sounds really stupid and really, really childish as a full name. My friend's little sister Maria goes by Mia, I like it way more as a nickname rather than a full name given by parents trying to sound Italian or something.
Mia is a brilliant name for a girl!
Mariel Margaret "Mia" Hamm (born 1972 in Selma, Alabama) is an American soccer player. She is one of the greatest female soccer players of all-time.
Mia Farrow (born 1945 in Los Angeles, California) is a famous American actress.
Mia Michaels (born 1966 in Coconut Grove, Florida) is an American dancer and choreographer.
I like this name. It's simple and sweet. I think I'm the only one who feels this way, but screw it.
Simple, but pretty girls name.
This name is too short and childish to be a real name. It's cute, but it's almost too cute- it wouldn't work well on anyone over the age of 10.
This name is just boring. I hear it everywhere here in Australia, because it's exploded in popularity most likely thanks to the Princess Diaries. I find it pretty as a nickname for Maria or Amelia, but on its own it's insubstantial.
Mia Rose, a Portuguese born singer.
Mia Wasikowska is an Australian actress, known for (for example) Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland.
Mia is also a common abbreviation of "bulimia," which is what I think of almost every time I hear it. Keep that in mind.
I named my daughter "Mia Andria". It's meaning is "My Love". Her great grandma, a great lady, was named "Mimi". This was a way for me to pay homage to her.
I'm naming my expecting daughter Mia Rose. Not MY rose, just Mia Rose because the name Mia and the Spanish word mia are NOT RELATED. I repeat NOT RELATED! I also go to Spain quite a lot. Why? Because I'm Spanish! It's home to me and the name is not a problem there.
Mia can be a Japanese name.
This name irritates me because the people who bestow it on their offspring always seem to have the idea that it means "mine" or that it is Italian or Spanish in origin. Or that it can be used as a nickname for almost name with an M in it. As a result, I associate with stupid and annoying parents who I imagine speak in a whining yet forceful way.

I'm completely bored with it; wake me up when the Mia craze is over please.
I'd like this name as a nickname for Amelia or Melinda or some other name, but not just on its own. It's too short just for a first name.
Beautiful name, but rather overused.
Maya Arulpragasam goes by her stage name M.I.A, or Mia.
I admit it's cute, but it's too common. I don't like when people say that this name means "mine" in Spanish, since it doesn't. It's not Spanish at all, even if a lot of Hispanic Americans have named their daughters this.
Also a popular girls name in Croatia for the last 30 years.
I have a daughter called Mia and think it is a beautiful name. As well as being very cutesy and sweet on a young girl I think it is very beautiful and classy for adults too. It is becoming quite popular which is sad to see but I don't blame people as it is such a lovely name. At least it isn't like a lot of recent popular names that have a modern trendy feel to them. Mia still sounds classic.
My best friend's name is Miranda, and her nickname is Mia.
I think it's a very pretty name. I like it better than Mimi.
My name happens to be Mia, and I pronounce it MEE-UH. I've never met anyone who pronounced it MY-A.
This name is also used in Japan, although I don't know how popular it is. The Japanese mangaka Mia Ikumi bears this name and writes it like –¢ˆŸ.
"Mamma Mia, here I go again, My my, how can I resist ya?"
Gasp! Not ABBA!
Mia is also used in Finland, though it isn't quite as popular as the form Miia. Here it's pronounced MEE-ah.
I love the name Mia even though it also means missing in action, but it's cool if your daughter's name is an acronym! I would name anything Mia. The name is just flexible like that. I could name my daughter, my fish, or even my calculator Mia!
I used to like this name, but the more I look at it the more I think Missing In Action.
Yes, it is also pronounced 'My-ah', as it is my name. In fact, every girl I've known with the name has pronounced it the same and ABHORS 'Mee-uh'. 'Mee-uh', now THAT is just wrong. But yes, I do love my name. When it is pronounced correctly.
"Mia" is used in the online pro-eating disorders community as a short form for "bulimia". Like "Ana" for "anorexia". I've had an eating disorder for 11 years, so trust me on this one. Kind of a shame, as I think both names are rather pretty.
This name is also very common in Limburgish, where it is a short form rather than a diminutive of Maria.
Okay. For everyone out there complaining that this name means "my" or "mine," LOOK AT THE *MEANING* OF THE NAME AND THE *USAGE!*

It's a SCANDINAVIAN, DUTCH, GERMAN, or ENGLISH diminutive. It is *NOT* Spanish. Yes, there is a Spanish word that is spelled the same way that DOES mean "my" or "mine." However, the name Mia and the Spanish word Mia are NOT RELATED so quit the ugliness already!

One more time, say it with me, people, the name Mia and the Spanish word Mia are NOT RELATED.
I like the name Mia very much because, as others have said, it's short and sweet. I agree it sounds better on a little girl than on a teenager but not so much as other names I've heard. I hate the Mia in Princess Diaries but she doesn't ruin the name for me at all.
I think Mia is a beautiful name as a matter of fact. That's why I looked it up. My husband and I have decided to name our daughter Mia, which I absolutely adore and cherish. For all of the people who posted such negative and rude comments. Why did you even bother to look up this name and then go through the trouble of posting a comment on it? It seems mundane to do so IMHO.
It's a pretty name, but very common.
I love this sweet little name. I plan to name my first daughter this in the future, possibly Mia Lily. I hope Mia's popularity won't slip by the time I'd have a little girl because I don't want old-fashioned names for my children, but "in" names.
I think of a pretty Italian girl when I hear this name. It's a pretty name, nice and simple, without pretensions. Not prissy, but very feminine.
I love this name, it is simple and sweet sounding. Not much room for anyone to misspell it. Although my daughter goes to school with a Mia, and a lot of people call her Miya at first and sometimes spell it either Miya or Mea, but after one time, they always get it right. And sometimes they think twice and think that the way they had it spelled doesn't look right and spell it as it is supposed to be. Mia.
My daughters name is MIA. As far as I'm concerned, it does sound upperclass, short and sweet, it's arty and sophisticated even though it's short. And the name sounds even better for a fully grown woman, especially if she's a head turner. As far as the name being "just a word" ? check out all the other names out there? Most of them are (just a word) and sound very much just like words. The name Mia means "the Greek feminine version of (the one)" and in Latin languages it obviously means "mine". The name Mia is a shorter version of the name Maria, in many languages. It's also a shorter version of the name Euphemia. Im sorry but to me, the name Mia is a short, sweet, beautiful name, which means a lot more than any word. To me it means that this little girl was loved from the day she was born, and that love will always be with her, as a subtle reminder (to all who choose to see it that way), in the form of her name.
Mia Begovic : a stunningly beautiful and famous Croatian actress.
Mia Corak : a famous ballerina, made it big in America and was known for her beauty and grace.
Mia : Vin Diesels sister an the film "fast and furious".
I think some of the comments on here are a little harsh, I have a daughter named Mia, I think it is a lovely name and picked it because I thought it was a name that would grow with her and still do. It is a simple feminine name, I don't think it is a name that is neither here nor there, and certainly not a name I would give to a pet! I am hoping my daughter will grow into a strong independent women and I don't think this name holds her back from doing this!
Mia is also commonly used in the Netherlands as a pet form of Maria. [noted -ed]
This name sounds so weak and unremarkable. Maybe if its pronunciation was MIE-ah. But MEE-ah? No, no, no.
Mia, a name you would give to a cat or dog - maybe even a rabbit, but a child?
Miguel A. Núněz & Yulanda Simon have a daughter Mia, born 1995.
Too short. Not very attractive. There's nothing to it. Avoid.
Also a girls name in Slovenia.
My daughter is named Mia and I love it! It's beautiful and different and is your all-around perfect name for a girl. People need to understand that when a mother is naming their child, it's something that is special to them and they don't need people with bad attitudes to make fun or criticize the name. It's a special thing. Don't take that away from mom's like me!
It's cute but boring.
If I have a 2nd daughter, I'd like to call her Mia Angela and it is such a nice name. I know that my daughter would love it.
I love the name Mia! It's simple and cute. But, I would rather name my daughter Amelia and call her Mia because it doesn't sound like much of a name for an adult. I always associate it with the adorable book, A Mango-Shaped Space, too and that makes the name even better to me.
I don't like this name. It's too short and plain. Name your daughter Amelia or Maria, not Mia. It's not a name that's built to last.
Mia is so common, I've been called Mia G every single year in school, even when one of the other Mia's moved out of town. There was 4 Mia's in total, just in my class, and made the name totally uninteresting. It's ruined every thought of naming my child Mia something, even though my husband insists if it's a girl.
I strongly dislike this name, and I would no more consider it for a child than I would my, mine, or mi. It's indicative of possession, not a name in its own right. I admit it has a cute, nicknamey sound. As such, I think it would be better to select an actual name such as Amelia, Mary, Maria, or Michaela and just use Mia as a nickname.

And Mia does not mean "my love." Mia on its own doesn't mean "my anything." It just means "my."
I think this is an simple, yet somehow elegant name. It reminds me of someone who's uperclass and social, with maybe just a little bit of a wild side.
I think Mia is an adorable name for children under five, but I think it sounds a bit wierd for teens and adults. Name your child Amelia or Maria. You could call her Mia as a nickname. (I dislike Mia from Princess Diaries, pretty or not.) In my opinion, Mia sounds a bit too simple, and too goody-goody.
I think Mia is a cool name, maybe I've just been reading too much Green Arrow.
Mia is very poular in Norway. [noted -ed]
Mia Hamm is the most famous member of the US Women's soccer team, credited with inspiring a generation of female athletes.
Also short for Amelia and Amy. This was the name of the girl in the Princess Diaries.
No offense to anyone but I just don't like this name. I don't like the sound of the name.
Beautiful actress Mia Kirshner ("Exotica", "The Black Dahlia") is a famous bearer.
I think my name MIA is a wonderful name! It's so cute and short. It works for kids and adults. And by the way, be nice, other people have feelings too.
I've always found this name to be sappy and simple, almost sickly sweet. It sounds okay for a 2-year-old, IMO, but once you reach puberty, it sounds like...ugh...unpleasant.

I'm sorry, but if you MUST name your daughter this, name her Maria so she'll have something to go by when she's 13.
Mia has recently become extremely popular with Hispanics in the USA because of a telenovela called _Rebelde_, which featured the very popular young Mexican actress Anahi in the role of Mia Colucci.
The name Mia Colucci that clevelandkentevans mentioned previously was also used for the same character in the original version of "Rebelde" made in Argentina that was called "Rebelde Way". The character was played by Luisana Lopilato.
Mia... A sweet but ordinary name. I mean, it attracts attention, but everyone loves sweet names. It isn't a harsh name, it's easy to say, quick to get through with, but mostly adorable. I love it.
Mia also means "my love". My name is Mia, and I love it! And it IS NOT just a word!
I named my daughter Mia and I think it's a beautiful name. It's simple but it's different enough that you don't hear it everyday. I would love to see the name of this person that thinks it's so stupid, but it couldn't be any worse than their screenname. lol.
Steven Tyler has a daughter named Mia.
For your info, Mia also means MY LOVE! My name is Amelia and I mostly get called Mia. Put your head on right and respect other peoples names, please! It's a good name! You don't have to agree with me, but you don't need to insult all the innocent Mia's out there!
I think this name is beautiful and I have decided to name my daughter MIA.
Australian actress Bec Cartwright and tennis star husband Leighton Hewitt's daughter is named Mia.
I don't like this name. It is rather stupid sounding and too simplistic. Is it Mia's or is it Youra's? Put your head on straight when you name your children!
Uma Thurman played a character called Mia Wallace in the film Pulp Fiction.
Famous bearer is Mia Farrow, born Maria.
The name 'Mea' in Greek Orthodox means 'my only one'.
Kate Winslet has a daughter named Mia.
My friend named her daughter Mia but thinks it can also be pronounced "Maya". I disagree - Mia is simply Mia.
This is the name of Mia Thermopolis, the central character in Meg Cabot's 'The Princess Diaries'.
Mia is simply cute. And I have to say MEE-a is the right way to pronounce it. But spellings don't always follow the rules. Personally, I like to pronounce it MEE-a in some names, and MY-a in others.
This can be a pet form of the name Amelia.
The name Mia is pronounced "Mee-ah". I don´t like it pronounced like Maya "My-ah" that´s just wrong.
This name is from Italy. But in Spanish the definition is "mine". Some people don't believe that it should be considered a name, just a word showing possession.

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