Names Categorized "cloud"

This is a list of names in which the categories include cloud.
Aanakwad m & f Indigenous American, Ojibwe
Means "cloud" in Ojibwe.
Anan 2 m Biblical, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Means "cloud" in Hebrew. This name is mentioned very briefly in the Old Testament.
Anani m Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Means "my cloud" in Hebrew. This name is mentioned in the Old Testament as belonging to a descendant of King David.
Bulut m Turkish
Means "cloud" in Turkish.
Hodei m Basque
Means "cloud" in Basque.
Houa f Hmong
Means "clouds" in Hmong.
Mahpiya m & f Indigenous American, Sioux
From Dakota or Lakota maȟpíya meaning "cloud, sky". This is the first part of the names of the Dakota chief Mahpiya Wicasta (1780-1863), known as Cloud Man, and the Lakota chiefs Mahpiya Luta (1822-1909), known as Red Cloud, and Mahpiya Iyapato (1838-1905), known as Touch the Clouds.
Mazin m Arabic
Means "rain clouds" in Arabic.
Mega f & m Indonesian
Means "cloud" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit मेघ (megha).
Nefeli f Greek
Modern Greek transcription of Nephele.
Neifion m Welsh (Rare)
Welsh form of Neptune.
Neil m Irish, Scottish, English
From the Irish name Niall, which is of disputed origin, possibly connected to the old Celtic root *nītu- "fury, passion" or the (possibly related) Old Irish word nia "hero". A derivation from Old Irish nél "cloud" has also been suggested. This was the name of a few early Irish kings, notably Niall of the Nine Hostages, a semi-legendary high king of the 4th or 5th century.... [more]
Neilina f Scottish
Feminine form of Neil.
Nephele f Greek Mythology
From Greek νέφος (nephos) meaning "cloud". In Greek legend Nephele was created from a cloud by Zeus, who shaped the cloud to look like Hera in order to trick Ixion, a mortal who desired her. Nephele was the mother of the centaurs by Ixion, and was also the mother of Phrixus and Helle by Athamus.
Neptune m Roman Mythology (Anglicized)
From the Latin Neptunus, which is of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Indo-European root *nebh- "wet, damp, clouds". Neptune was the god of the sea in Roman mythology, approximately equivalent to the Greek god Poseidon. This is also the name of the eighth planet in the solar system.
Neptuno m Roman Mythology (Hispanicized, Portuguese-style)
Spanish and European Portuguese form of Neptune.
Netuno m Roman Mythology (Portuguese-style)
Brazilian Portuguese form of Neptune.
Pilvi f Finnish, Estonian
Means "cloud" in Finnish and Estonian.
Sky f & m English (Modern)
Simply from the English word sky, which was ultimately derived from Old Norse ský "cloud".
Skye f English (Modern)
From the name of the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. It is sometimes considered a variant of Sky.
Vân f & m Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (vân) meaning "cloud".
Xia m & f Chinese
From Chinese (xià) meaning "summer, great, grand", (xiá) meaning "rosy clouds", or other characters that are pronounced similarly.
Yawen f Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "elegant, graceful, refined" combined with (wén) meaning "cloud patterns". This name can be formed of other character combinations as well.
Yun f & m Chinese
From Chinese (yún) meaning "cloud" or (yǔn) meaning "allow, consent", as well as other Chinese characters that are pronounced in a similar way.