Names Categorized "ends in -anne"

This is a list of names in which the categories include ends in -anne.
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ADRIANNE f English
Feminine form of ADRIAN.
ARIANNE f French
Variant of ARIANE.
BREANNE f English (Modern)
Feminine form of BRIAN.
BRIANNE f English (Modern)
Feminine form of BRIAN.
BRYANNE f English (Rare)
Feminine form of BRIAN.
CHRIZANNE f Southern African, Afrikaans
Combination of CHRISTINE and ANNE (1) used in South Africa.
DIANNE f French, English
Variant of DIANE.
JANNE (2) f Danish, Norwegian
Danish and Norwegian diminutive of JOHANNA.
JEANNE f French, English
Modern French form of Jehanne, an Old French feminine form of Iohannes (see JOHN). This has been the most reliably popular French name for girls since the 13th century. Joan of Arc is known as Jeanne d'Arc in France.
JOHANNE f French, Danish, Norwegian, Medieval French
French, Danish and Norwegian form of Iohanna (see JOANNA).
LEANNE f English
Combination of LEE and ANNE (1).
Combination of LISA and ANNE (1).
LUANNE f English
Variant of LUANN.
Variant of LISANNE.
MARIANNE f French, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
Originally a French diminutive of MARIE. It is also considered a combination of MARIE and ANNE (1). Shortly after the formation of the French Republic in 1792, a female figure by this name was adopted as the symbol of the state.
MARYANNE f English
Combination of MARY and ANNE (1).
ORIANNE f French
French form of ORIANA.
OSANNE f French (Rare)
French form of OSANNA.
REXANNE f English (Rare)
Variant of ROXANE influenced by REX.
ROSANNE f English, Dutch
Combination of ROSE and ANNE (1).
ROSEANNE f English
Variant of ROSANNE.
ROZANNE f English
Variant of ROSANNE.
RYANNE f English (Rare)
Feminine variant of RYAN.
SANNE f Dutch, Danish
Dutch and Danish short form of SUSANNA.
SUSANNE f German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
German and Scandinavian form of SUSANNA.
SUZANNE f French, English, Dutch
French form of SUSANNA.
VIANNE f English (Rare)
Meaning unknown, perhaps a combination of VI and ANNE (1) or a short form of VIVIANNE.
Variant of VIVIANE.