Names Categorized "lunar"

This is a list of names in which the categories include lunar.
Aikorkem f Kazakh
Means "elegant moon", derived from Kazakh ай (ay) meaning "moon" and көркем (korkem) meaning "beautiful, elegant".
Aisultan m Kazakh
Derived from Kazakh ай (ay) meaning "moon" and сұлтан (sultan) meaning "sultan, king" (of Arabic origin).
Aizhan f Kazakh
From Kazakh ай (ay) meaning "moon" and жан (zhan) meaning "soul".
Alcmene f Greek Mythology (Latinized)
From Greek Ἀλκμήνη (Alkmene), derived from ἀλκή (alke) meaning "strength, prowess" combined with μήνη (mene) meaning "moon" or μῆνις (menis) meaning "wrath". In Greek mythology Alcmene was the wife of Amphitryon. She was the mother of Herakles by Zeus, who bedded her by disguising himself as her absent husband.
Ayaru f Kazakh
Means "beautiful moon", derived from Kazakh ай (ay) meaning "moon" and ару (aru) meaning "beauty".
Aykorkem f Kazakh
Alternate transcription of Kazakh Айкөркем (see Aikorkem).
Aykut m Turkish
Means "lucky moon" in Turkish.
Ayym f Kazakh
Means "my moon" in Kazakh, derived from ай (ay) meaning "moon" and the possessive suffix ым (ym).
Berkay m Turkish
Derived from Turkish berk meaning "mighty, firm, solid" and ay meaning "moon".
Chan m & f Khmer
Means "moon" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra).
Chandrashekhar m Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Odia
Means "crown of the moon", derived from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra) meaning "moon" and शेखर (shekhara) meaning "crest, peak, crown". This is an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva.
Channary f Khmer
Means "moon-faced girl" from Khmer ចន្ទ (chan) meaning "moon" and នារី (neari) meaning "woman, girl".
Chantrea f & m Khmer
Means "moonlight" in Khmer.
Elay f Azerbaijani
From Azerbaijani el meaning "country, society" and ay meaning "moon".
Hala f Arabic
Means "halo around the moon" in Arabic. This was the name of a sister-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ilargi f Basque
Means "moon" in Basque, a compound of hil "month" and argi "light".
Lúa f Galician
Galician form of Luna.
Luna f Roman Mythology, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English
Means "the moon" in Latin (as well as Italian, Spanish and other Romance languages). Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon, frequently depicted driving a white chariot through the sky.
Mähri f Turkmen
Possibly derived from Persian مه (mah) meaning "moon" or مهر (mehr) meaning "friendship, love, kindness".
Menodora f Ancient Greek
Means "gift of the moon", derived from Greek μήνη (mene) meaning "moon" and δῶρον (doron) meaning "gift". This was the name of a 4th-century saint who was martyred with her sisters Metrodora and Nymphodora.
Minodora f Romanian
Romanian form of Menodora.
Nilay f Turkish, Azerbaijani
From Turkish and Azerbaijani Nil, the name of the Nile River, combined with ay meaning "moon".
Nima 2 m Persian
Persian name of uncertain meaning, possibly "just, fair" or "half moon".
Phoebe f English, Greek Mythology (Latinized), Biblical, Biblical Latin
Latinized form of the Greek name Φοίβη (Phoibe), which meant "bright, pure" from Greek φοῖβος (phoibos). In Greek mythology Phoibe was a Titan associated with the moon. This was also an epithet of her granddaughter, the moon goddess Artemis. The name appears in Paul's epistle to the Romans in the New Testament, where it belongs to a female minister in the church at Cenchreae.... [more]
Rahu m Hinduism
Possibly means "seizer", from the root रभ् (rabh) meaning "to take hold, to clasp". In Hindu astrology this is the name of the ascending node of the moon, personified as an asura (demon god) responsible for eclipses.
Sarantuya f Mongolian
Means "moonbeam" in Mongolian, from саран (saran) meaning "moon" and туяа (tuyaa) meaning "ray, beam".
Selena f Spanish, English, Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Selene. This name was borne by popular Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995), who was known simply as Selena. Another famous bearer is the American actress and singer Selena Gomez (1992-).
Selene f Greek Mythology
Means "moon" in Greek. This was the name of a Greek goddess of the moon, a Titan. She was sometimes identified with the goddess Artemis.
Selina f English, German
Variant of Celina or Selena. As an English name, it first came into use in the 17th century.
Selini f Greek
Modern Greek transcription of Selene.
Ziri m Berber
Means "moonlight" in Tamazight.