Names Categorized "supervocalic all five vowels"

This is a list of names in which the categories include supervocalic all five vowels.
Aurelio m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Aurelius.
Coatlicue f Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Means "snake skirt" in Nahuatl, derived from cōātl "snake" and cuēitl "skirt". This was the name of the Aztec creator goddess who gave birth to the stars (considered deities). She was also the mother of Huitzilopochtli, who protected his mother when her children attacked her.
Eudocia f Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of the Greek name Εὐδοκία (Eudokia), derived from the word εὐδοκέω (eudokeo) meaning "to be well pleased, to be satisfied", itself derived from εὖ (eu) meaning "good" and δοκέω (dokeo) meaning "to think, to imagine, to suppose". This name was common among Byzantine royalty. Saint Eudocia was the wife of the 5th-century emperor Theodosius II.
Eudokia f Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek form of Eudocia.
Eulogia f Spanish
Spanish feminine form of Eulogius.
Eunomia f Greek Mythology
Means "good order" in Greek, ultimately from εὖ (eu) meaning "good" and νόμος (nomos) meaning "law, custom". Eunomia was a Greek goddess, one of the Ὥραι (Horai), presiding over law.
Eustachio m Italian
Italian form of Eustachius (see Eustace).
Eutropia f Ancient Greek
Feminine form of Eutropios (see Eutropius).
Gualtiero m Italian
Italian form of Walter.
Jean-Louis m French
Combination of Jean 1 and Louis.
Laurentino m Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish form of Laurentinus.
Leocadius m Late Roman
Masculine form of Leocadia.
Scholastique f French (Rare)
French form of Scholastica. It is more common in French-speaking Africa than France.
Sequoia f & m English (Rare)
From the name of huge trees that grow in California. The tree got its name from the 19th-century Cherokee scholar Sequoyah (also known as George Guess), the inventor of the Cherokee writing system.
Xochiquetzal f Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Nahuatl
Derived from Nahuatl xōchitl "flower" and quetzalli "quetzal feather, precious thing". This was the name of the Aztec goddess of love, flowers and the earth, the twin sister of Xochipilli.