Biblical Spanish Names

These names appear in Spanish versions of the Bible. See also about biblical names.
Bilha f Biblical German, Biblical French, Biblical Spanish, Biblical Dutch
German, French, Spanish and Dutch form of Bilhah.
Habacuc m Biblical Latin, Biblical French, Biblical Spanish
Latin form of Habakkuk used in some versions of the Vulgate.
Jaasiel m Biblical, Biblical Spanish
Means "God is my maker", derived from Hebrew עָשָׂה ('asah) meaning "to make" and אֵל ('el) meaning "God". This is the name of two minor characters in the Old Testament.
Jaír m Biblical Spanish
Spanish form of Jair.
Jasiel m Biblical, Biblical Spanish
Variant of Jaasiel appearing in some versions of the Old Testament (notably the King James Version).
Jezabel f Biblical Spanish, Biblical Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Jezebel.
Jonatán m Hungarian, Biblical Spanish
Hungarian and Spanish form of Jonathan. This is the form found in the Spanish bible, while the unaccented form Jonatan is used as a given name.
Noé m French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Biblical French, Biblical Spanish, Biblical Portuguese
French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian form of Noah 1.
Timeo m Biblical Spanish, Biblical Italian
Spanish and Italian form of Timaeus.
Zilpa f Biblical Spanish, Biblical French, Biblical Italian, Biblical Dutch
Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch form of Zilpah.