Flemish Names

Flemish names are used in Flanders (the northern half of Belgium where Dutch is spoken). See also about Dutch names.
JAAK m Estonian, Flemish
Estonian form of JACOB or JAMES, and a Flemish short form of JACOB.
KRIS m & f English, Flemish, Danish
Short form of KRISTIAN, KRISTOFFER, and other names beginning with Kris.
LIEVEN m Flemish
Flemish form of LEOBWIN.
LIEVIN m Flemish
Flemish form of LEOBWIN.
LUDO m Flemish
Short form of LUDOVICUS or LUDOLF.
SEPPE m Flemish
Flemish diminutive of SEBASTIAN.
VAAST m Flemish, Norman, Picard
Flemish, Norman and Picard form of VEDASTUS.
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