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This is a list of submitted names in which the person who added the name is lilster.oop.2010.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ayaansh m Telugu
Means "The Ray of Sun," "Part of Parents," "God Gift".
Barbz f Various
Diminutive of Barbara or other names beginning with Ba(r)-.
Dishyanth m Indian
From Telugu meaning "cute".
Gadhi m Indian
Perhaps from Hindi meaning "thick" and Indian meaning "one who seeks knowledge".
Jaagruthi f Hindi
Means "awakening" in Hindi.
Jeemooth m Hindi
Means "cloud" in Hindi.
Jeeta m Hindi
Means "invincible", "unconquerable", "winner".
Jeval m Hindi
Means "life giving", "full of life".
Kaaro m Estonian
Short form of Kaarel.
Kameeka f Various
From the name of the main character in The Hula Hoopin' Queen, who had to set up Mrs. Adeline's birthday party and was in a hula hooping contest.
Labhika f Indian
Means "profit" in Indian.
Laltesh f Indian
Means "love" in Indian.
Lavya f Indian
Means "renowned for her devotion to her teacher" in Indian.
Laxsha f Indian
Means "beautiful loving memory" in Indian.
Leeladhar m Hindi, Hinduism
Means "capable", "Lord Krishna", "Lord Vishnu" in Hindi.
Lekya f Indian
Means "mathematician" in Indian.
Lerusha f Tamil
Means "princess," "Lakshmi" in Indian.
Lochni f Indian
Means "eye" in Indian.
Loukika f Telugu
Means 'intelligent" in Indian.
Lovisha f Indian
Means "love" in Indian.
Nomia f Greek Mythology
From the name of the teen girl in The Revenge Of The Gods whose name was "Nomia".
Raabiya f Arabic
Variant of Rabi'a or Raabi'a.
Rubrat m Indian
From Assamese meaning "light".
Saadiya f Western African, Indian (Muslim)
Form of Sa'dia used in Western Africa and India.
Sadeeka f Arabic
Feminine form of Sadiq.
Sadeep m Indian
From Indian meaning "eternity".
Sântion m Medieval Romanian
Contraction of the Latin phrase Sanctus Ioannes "Saint John".
Saptharsha f Indian
Means "social person", "great companion", graceful".
Soraye f Korean
Perhaps from Soraye Takahashi, who was a fourth-grade girl in SRES.
Sten m Estonian
Even though this name was originally an adoption of Swedish Sten, this name is now considered a variant of Stefan in Estonia.
Zaahirah f Arabic
Variant transcription of Arabic زاهرة (see Zaahira).
Zaaida f Arabic
Means "shining" or "bright" in Arabic.
Zaain f Arabic
From Arabic "zaain" meaning "beauty".
Zaakira f Arabic
Feminine form of Zakir.
Zababa m Near Eastern Mythology
The name of a Mesopotamian war god.