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Abnoba f Celtic Mythology
The name of an obscure Gaulish goddess, thought to be connected to Celtic abona "river" (source of Avon). The second element may be derived from either Proto-Indo-European nogʷo-, meaning "naked, nude" or "tree", or the verbal root *nebh- "burst out, be damp".
Achachak m Siksika, Algonquin
Means "spirit" in Siksika.
Akecheta m Sioux, Popular Culture
Means "soldier" in Lakota. From the Lakota akíčhita "soldier, army, military, troops, police".... [more]
Angpetu f Sioux
From the Lakota aŋpétu "day, daytime".
Aranck m Siksika
Means "stars" in Siksika.
Arnemetia f Celtic Mythology
Arnemetia's name contains Celtic elements are, meaning "against, beside," and nemeton, meaning "sacred grove." Her name is thus interpreted as "she who dwells in the sacred grove," suggesting Arnemetia may be a divine epithet rather than a name in its own right.
Canowicakte m Sioux
Means "good hunter of the forest", from Lakota čhúŋwaŋča "forest", waókA "good hunter", and kté "to kill".
Capa m Sioux
Means "beaver" in Sioux.
Cetanwakuwa m Sioux
Means "attacking hawk" in Lakota, from Lakota čhetáŋ "hawk" and wakhúwa "hunter, to hunt or chase".
Chankoowashtay m Sioux
Means "good path", from Lakota čhaŋkú "road, path, trail" and wašté "to be good".
Chatan m Sioux
Variant of Chaytan.
Chogan m Siksika
Means "blackbird" in Siksika.
Chumani f Sioux
From Lakota čhumní "dew drops".
Enapay m Sioux
Means "roars bravely in the face of danger" in Lakota. From the Lakota uŋȟnápi, from ȟná 'to groan, snort, growl, grunt, utter like a bear (as an expression of emotional excitement or self encouragement in meeting pain or danger bravely, also anger, sorrow)'.
Eyota f Sioux
Means "greatest", from Lakota iyótaŋ "most, greatest, best, special, important".
Genessee m & f Seneca, English
From Seneca fen-nis'-hee-yo "the beautiful valley". It is also the name of many locations in the United States.
Hantaywee f Sioux
Means "faithful" in Sioux.
Hotah m Sioux
Means "grey" or "brown" in Sioux.
Howahkan m Sioux
Means "in a very strong voice" or "in a sacred voice" in Lakota. From the Lakota hówakȟaŋyaŋ, from 'voice' and wakȟáŋ 'sacred, spiritual'.
Hurit m & f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "good, fine, beautiful, handsome" in Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by Lenape people. This is not used as a name by the Lenape.
Icovellauna f Celtic Mythology
meaning is unknown, name of a Celtic water goddess
Kangee m & f Sioux
Means "crow", from Lakota kȟaŋǧí.
Kanti f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "sings" in Siksika and Algonquin.
Keme m Algonquin
Means "secret" in Algonquin, derived from the Algonquin kiim.
Kohana m Sioux
Means "swift; speedy; rapid" in Sioux.
Mahkah m Sioux
Means "earth; ground" in Sioux.
Mahpee m Sioux
Variant of Mahpiya.
Mapiya f Sioux
Variant of Mahpiya.
Mato m Sioux
Means "bear; fiercely angry" in Lakota. From the Lakota matȟó 'bear; to be fiercely angry, to be a shark at'.
Matoskah m Sioux
Means "polar bear", from Lakota word matȟó meaning "bear" and ska meaning "white".
Mika m Omaha-Ponca
Means "racoon" in Osage and Omaha-Ponca.
Nahimana f Sioux
Derived from the Dakota Sioux word nahmana meaning "secret".
Ogaleesha m Sioux
Means "wears a red shirt" in Lakota. From ógle 'shirt', iglúzA 'wear clothes', šá 'to be red'.
Ojinjintka f Sioux
Means "wildrose", from Lakota uŋžíŋžiŋtka 'wild rose fruits, wildrose, rosehip, rosebud'.
Onatah f New World Mythology
In Iroquois mythology, Onatah was one of the Deohako (the Life Supporters, or Three Sisters.) Onatah represented the spirit of the corn, while her two sisters represented beans and squash. In one common Iroquois legend, Onatah was stolen by Tawiscara and hidden underground, causing a great famine until she was found and freed... [more]
Oota Dabun f Siksika
Means "day star" in Siksika.
Sintemaza m Sioux
Means "iron tail" in Lakota. From the Lakota siŋté 'tail' and mázasapa (mah'-zah) 'iron'.
Snana f Sioux
Means "to jingle, ring", from Lakota snásna.
Sokanon f Wampanoag (?)
Meant "it pours, it rains" in Wampanoag or Massachusetts (an extinct member of the Algonquian language family).
Sucki m Siksika
Means "black" in Siksika.
Tahatan m Sioux
Means "hawk, falcon" in Lakota. From čhetáŋ 'hawk, falcon'.
Taheton m Sioux
Variant of Tahatan.
Tatonga m Sioux
Means "large deer" in Lakota. From the Lakota tȟáȟča 'deer' and tȟáŋka (ton'-kah) 'to be large, big, great'.
Teetonka m Sioux
"talks too much; big lodge"
Tokota m American
It's widely spread meaning is "friends to everyone" in Sioux but there's no evidence that it is a genuine name or word. It's likely an invented name, a variant of Dakota.
Wamblee m Sioux
Means "eagle, golden eagle" in Lakota. From the Lakota waŋblí (wahm-hel'-lee) 'eagle, golden eagle', sometimes used as a generic term for both golden eagles and bald eagles.
Wanahton m Sioux
Means "one who attacks, charges; charger" in Lakota, from the Lakota waánataŋ. This was borne by Chief Wánataŋ (ca. 1795-1848), also known as Wanata and Wanataan, a leader of the Yanktonai, a tribe of the Dakota.
Wapun f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "dawn" in Siksika.
Washta f Sioux
Means "to be good; pretty; handsome; attractive" in Lakota. From the Lakota wašté (wash" tay).
Wawetseka f Algonquin, Siksika
Means "pretty woman" in Siksika.
Weayaya m & f Indigenous American
Derived from the Dakota word wiiyaye meaning "sunset".
Wichahpi f Sioux
From Lakota wičháȟpi (wee-chahk'-pee) "a star, stars".
Witashnah f Sioux
Means "virgin" from Lakota witȟáŋšna úŋ (wee-tahn-shee-nah) "to be a single woman, unwed woman, virgin".
Zonta f English (Rare)
The popularity of the name is likely due to the Zonta Club (International), a women's aid association established in Buffalo, New York in 1919. ... [more]