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Subject: Re: Make a favorite alphabet (and a least favorite, if you want to)
Author: PantheraVirgo   (Authenticated as brilliantblue)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 10:06:33 AM
Reply to: Make a favorite alphabet (and a least favorite, if you want to) by Caprice
Awww, poor Shlomo and Zipporah. :( I adore both. But I have to look at it from a Jewish point of view, so there's that. I tried to narrow mine down, but I just couldn't let some go.


Alice and Aaron
Bridget and Benjamin
Chaya / Charlotte / Caroline and Calvin
Dorothea and David
Eloise and Evan
Florence and Frederick
Georgia and Gideon
Hazel and Henry
Isabel and Isaac
Jennie and Joel
Katerina and Kyle
Louisa / Linnea / Lillian / Lucinda and Laszlo / Lachlan (I love L; it's such a lovely vibrant emerald)
Margaret and Miles
Naomi / Nina / Nora and Nathan / Nikolai (love Ns too)
Ophelia and Oliver
Paige and Philip
Quinn and Quintan
Rosalind and Rupert
Susannah and Samuel
Twila and Theodore
Ursula and Uri
Violet and Valeriy
Winifred and William
Yael and Yuri / Yishai
Zehava and Zachary


Addison and Abednego
Burgundy and Balthasar / Barnaby
Cadence for either gender in any spelling
Dorcas / Dymphna and Damon / Damian
Ethel and Eugene
Frances and Francis
Georgette and Gaylord
Hesper and Hermogenes
Irmtrud and Ichabod
Jayden for either gender, Jasper for a boy
Kendall and Kade
Lola and Lancelot
Mildred and Maverick
Norma and Nebuchadnezzar
Oighrig and Oswald
Pomona and Pankraz (pancreas, anyone?)
Queen and Quirinus
Roberta and Rafe (I'm sorry, if you don't hear "rape" you're not listening)
Shirley and Satchel
Thelma and Titus
Urd and Urh
Viola and Vespasian
Wanda and Waldo
Yente and Yngvi
Zelda and Zephyr

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