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Subject: Re: Your least favorite popular names
Author: Kinola   (Authenticated as Kinola)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 7:34:54 PM
Reply to: Your least favorite popular names by Lily

Isabelle, Isabel, and Isabella - All sound too "heavy," and the last one makes me think of the depressed teenager from "Twilight."
Emma - Just too popular.
Mary - I know, I know, this name is slowly decreasing in usage and popularity, but I think it's the most bland name in existence.
Elizabeth - Too overused. Don't like nicknames Lizzie and Eliza, either. But I am tolerate of the Beth, Betty, and Betsy nicknames.
Chloe - I don't like it, but I don't hate it, either. Just like Emma, it's too popular.
Sophia and Sophie - Too overused.
Genesis - Weird.
Delaney - Weird. Plus, it sounds better on a street than on a girl (DeLANEy).


James - Too bland and overused.
Mason - I automatically think of Charles Manson; this name will turn your kid into a delinquent.
Ethan - Indifferent, but it's just too popular.
Gavin - Sounds like "gavel," which is what a judge uses.
Angel - Really? Moms are using THIS NAME on a boy? It's too feminine!!
Eli - Too short.

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