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Subject: Your least favorite popular names
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 3:03:36 PM
Are there any popular names (either in the top 100 or rising very quickly) that you just don't find attractive at all? I dislike many of them, but with most I at least understand why they're popular. I don't like Ella, for example, but I can see why it's popular. It is a classic, it is short and simple, it combines popular sounds.

Are there any names that are common but you simply don't understand why? Post them and let the others reply to the names you listed. Maybe they can tell you what is really awesome about them.

Please don't take it personally if your name makes any of these lists. It's just for fun.

I'll start:

In the top 100:

Abigail - I just don't get how this is so common. My guess is that people want an Abby but think it's too nicknamey as a full name. Gail seems dated, Abigail reminds me of an unattractive old witch. To me it's in the same category as Bertha and Beulah, only that I find Bertha and Beulah more attractive.
Mia - this is just so flimsy. It doesn't seem to have any weight or substance. I know its simplicity probably attracts people to it, but to me it is very different from other simple names such as Ava or Eva. It also has a screechy sound.
Brooklyn - Brooke is attractive but I don't see the appeal of Brooklyn. Lynn is dated by itself, Brooke is on its way out of the top 100. Even though the place in NY has become more attractive lately it's still mostly seen as a lower class part of town.
Amelia - all I hear is that awful MEEL sound. Yes, it's a classic but there are so many more attractive classics than Amelia.
Aaliyah - this looks so odd to me. I know a singer had this name, but she died over ten years ago and she was never that popular to begin with. It looks so messy with all those extra letters. Alia is much more appealing.
Kimberly - how is this still common? I know it was attractive in the 60s but it seems more dated than Lindsay or Courtney which have been out of the top 100 for quite some time.
Andrea - see Kimberly


Hailey - I will never understand why this is more common than Hayley. I thought people were into trendy Ys.
Makayla - how is this more common than Mikayla? I understand it being more popular than Michaela because it looks more like Kayla which is popular.

Cooper - this just makes me think of poop
Brayden - I understand why Aidan, Jayden etc are common. The AY sound is just very trendy right now. But Brayden? This just reminds me of donkeys.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of names I dislike more than the ones listed above. Nevaeh and Genesis come to mind. But with them I can at least understand their popularity somewhat (religious reasons).

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