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Subject: Zombie's Question Congrats - round 8
Author: zombieoftheweek   (Authenticated as zombieoftheweek)
Date: February 26, 2013 at 8:45:30 AM
Welcome back!

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SugarPlumFairy has been dropped after missing three rounds. Anybody dropped can catch up later if they wish.

Now, an apology. I meant to ask how many additions you wanted per round, rather than strictly just grandchildren. I will be taking the answers last round as the additions wanted. At any time, you may ask for more, or fewer additions per round. Those who didn't answer get two additions a round until they request otherwise.

SO Rules
First name must be dated, but have a quirky nickname.
Middle name should be a very unusual place name.
Surname must be very common - top five in the country from which it originates.

First name should be shared with a strong/significant historical woman.
Middle name should honor one of her parents.

First name should be French.
Middle name should start with the same letter as the first.

Question: Which would you prefer next round - initials, namebank, rules.


UN: A (2)
LN: Pozzi
H: Ulysses Sage Pozzi
W: Guinevere Melissa Petrescu Pozzi

S: Vincent Asa Pozzi

S: Ian Blaine Pozzi
D/S: Desirae Melena Pozzi "Desi" / Alexander Manek Pozzi "Lex"
D: Daphne Annabelle Pozzi
S: Toriano Erich Pozzi
D: Sienna Lane Pozzi
D: Sophia Cecilia Pozzi


UN: Alkahest (3)
LN: Schwarzenberg
DW: Zoticus Benedict Schwarzenberg
DW: Zeniba Victoria (Rasmussen) Schwarzenberg

DS: Vincent Asa Schwarzenberg

ADD: Andromeda Tamar Schwarzenberg

DS/DD: Cornelius Raoul Schwarzenberg / Isidora Carmen Schwarzenberg "Sid"
ADS: Oscar Ignacio Schwarzenberg (adopted from Colombia)
DD: Penelope Tihana Schwarzenberg
DS: Adam Sean Schwarzenberg
DS/DS/DD: Henry Thomas Schwarzenberg / Quentin Florian Schwarzenberg / Astrid Victorine Schwarzenberg


UN: Betsabe (3-4)
LN: Snowdon
DH: Selwyn Cook
DW: Nora Katelyn (nee Edison)

DD: Agnes Martha

ADD: Julianne Sarah

DS/DS: Christopher Walter // Julian Percival
ADD: Olive Araceli
DS: Edward Placido
DD: Violet Georgina
DD/DD/DS: Dorothea Mabel / Celine Miranda / Etienne Noah


UN: bex (3)
LN: Forrester
SOI: Ignatius Sage
SO2: Sadie Elizabeth

DD: Isadora Yvette

ADS: Henry Etienne

DS/DD: Emmanuel Barnaby / Wilhelmina Audrey
ADD: Daphne Adelaide
DS: Nigel Archibald
DD: Violet Rosalind
DS/DS/DD: Conrad Charles / Alastair Miles / Iris Camilla


UN: CarolinW (3)
LN: Stone
DH: Napoleon Calamondin
DW: Molly Mary (nee MacCoinnich)

DS: David Joseph

ADD: Sarah Mizuki

DD/DS: Alexandra "Alex" Konstanze & Christopher "Chrissy" Belmonte
ADS: Theodore Giovanni
DS: Edward Yaron
DD: Sienna Lynne
DD: Theresa Rachel


UN: Catalina (2)
LN: Foy
SOI: Aurelius Benedict
SO2: Kitty Alexandra (Fitzwilliam)

DS: Arthur Lucian

AD: Eva Lavender
DS/DS: Theodore Emile / Jasper Marius
ADD: Philippa Alice "Pippa"
DS: Spencer Leopold
DD: Hazel Eugenia
DS: Neville James Basil Giles Henry Simon Ambrose Godfrey Owen Sebastian


UN: CN (2)
LN: Vanderzee
DH: Athelstan Caesar "Stan"
DW: Julia Catherine [nee Mattisson]

DS: Elias Valentin

DS: Henry Rufus
DS/DD: Julius Arthur and Louisa Britannia
DD: Ophelia Seraphina
DS: Isidore Amon
DD: Violet Josephine
DS/DS: Benedict George and Edgar Felix


UN: Diamante04 (2)
LN: Silva
DW: Laura Madeleine (Thompson)
DH: Joseph Michael

DD: Kathryn Anna "Kate"

DS: John Gray
DS/DS: Nicholas William 'Nick' / Oliver Benjamin
DD: Rebekah Ophelia
DD: Julia Salomé
DD: Violet Cristina
DS: Alexander Joseph 'Xander'


UN: Eris (3-5)
LN: Lake
Bbf: Athelstan Kale Lake
Dgf: Anna Melissa Anderson

DD: Ada Kathryn Lake

ADS: Henry Janek Lake (adopted from Poland)

DD/DD: Jessamine Violet Lake / Josephine Anna Lake
ADD: Aurelia Nadezhda Lake (adopted from Bulgaria)
DD: Rosalie Zola Lake
DD: Ione Amabel Lake
DS/DS/DD: Alexander Tristan Lake / Jack Willard Lake / Emma Louise Lake


UN: estel (3-5)
LN: Lakeford
DH: Michelangelo Sage "Mike"
DW: Sarah Margaret (Wilson)
DS: Joseph Elias "Joey"

ADD: Ariana Jelena (adopted from Latvia)

DD/DD: Theodora Irene "Teddy" and Thomasina Jane "Tommi"

ADS: Noah Miles (domestic adoption)
DD: Katherine Tajana "Katie"
DD: Viola Adelaide
DS: Andrew Stephen "Andy"


UN: findthesea (3)
LN: Bryson-Rangeley
DW: Thecla Harvest
DW: Tiffany Lauren

DD: Martha Valentina

ADD: Joanna Marigold

DS/DS: Albert Amos "Ally" / Winslow Friedrich "Winn"
ADS: Edmund Tobias
DD: Virginia Zola
DS: Mulberry Obadiah
DD: Avis Theophania


UN: **Hiddlestoner_26** (4)

LN: Bergström
DH: Hadrian Sage
DW: Natasha Michelle (Thomasson)

DD: Kathryn Idun

DS: Henry Adam

DS/DD: Christopher Tristan/ Josephine Eliza
DD: Sarah Adelaide
DS: Thomas Elam
DD: Violet Matilda
DD/DD/DS: Ava Grace/ Olivia Scarlett/ James William


UN: Jessamine (2)
LN: Schoonenburg
DH: Quintilian Basil Schoonenburg "Quin"
DW: Tiffany Elizabeth {Fitzwilliam} Schoonenburg

DD: Nina Kathryn Schoonenburg

ADD: Laura Julianne Schoonenburg
DS/DD: Christopher Marius Schoonenburg "Chris" / Alexandra Cosette Schoonenburg "Lexie"
ADS: Caleb Mikhail Schoonenburg (adopted from Russia)
DS: Elliott Darnell Schoonenburg
DD: Violet Anneliese Schoonenburg
DS/DS/DD: Benjamin Henry Schoonenburg "Ben" / Jacob Mitchell Schoonenburg "Jake" / Grace Caroline Schoonenburg


UN: Julia Elisabeth (2)
LN: Lindberg
SOI: Eleanor Apple Lindberg "Ellen"
SO2: Romeo James (Johnson) Lindberg

-D1: Idun Lucia Lindberg

-D2: Lex Dalisay Lindberg (adopted from the Philipines)
-D3/D4: Deanna Satine Lindberg & Henrietta Cosette Lindberg "Etta"
-S1: Theodore Valentyn Lindberg "Theo" (adopted from Ukraine)
-S2: Jonah Leopold Lindberg
-D5: Iolanthe Maria Lindberg "Io"
-S3/S4: Jacob Levi Jethro Giovanni Jabez Joseph Seth Zachary Lucas Curtis / Emerson Edmund Oliver Dudley John Foster Harley Harrison Tristram Dexter


UN: kayla xo (1-3)
LN: Fields
W: Eris Clementine
W: Veronica Jennifer (Mackenzie)

S: Augustin Leonardo "Gus"

AD: Rosemary Clara "Rosie" (domestic adoption)

S/S: Jeremiah Oliver / Desmond George
AS: Theodore Ezra "Theo" (domestic adoption)
D: Alison Valencia
S: Roderick Amadeus "Ricky"
DD/DS: Charlotte Audrey / Marcus Benjamin


UN: Kelsey (2)
DH: Hudson Jack Calder
DW: Camille Victoria (McCabe) Calder

DD: Kathryn Hanna

ADS: Samuel Jet
DS/DD: Gracen Ramiro / Alexis Juliette
ADD: Lauren Catherine
DD: Alexandra Mirna "Lexie"
DD: Violet Catherine
DS/DS: Jordan Austin / Christian Noah


UN: LadyBug (3-5)
LN: Hanley
H: Bonaventure Basil Hanley "Ven"
W: Anita Alexandra (Fitzroy) Hanley

S: Luther Linus Hanley

D: Vanessa Violet Hanley

D/S: Edwina Eponine Hanley / Emmett Enjolras Hanley
S: Tobias Theodore Hanley
S: Darnell Declan Hanley
S: Rhydderch Remigius Hanley "Rhydd"
S/D: Cillian Casey Hanley / Sadie Susannah Hanley


UN: luvmonkeezz (3-5)
LN: Rivers
DH: Caedmon Graham Rivers

DW: Victoria Nicole {O'Reilly} Rivers "Tori"

DS: Asa Vincent Rivers

ADD: Ariana Daniela Rivers (adopted from Colombia)
DS/DS: Laurence Adam Rivers / Isaiah Aaron Rivers
ADS: Fabian Theodore Rivers (adopted from Poland)
DS: Christopher Darnell Rivers
DD: Violet Adelaide Rivers
DS/DD/DS: Elias Benjamin Rivers / Genevieve Emilia Rivers / Anton Levi Rivers


UN: miakendall1075 (5)
LN: Lake
DH: Amos Berry Lake
DW: Lily Jessica Jackson Lake

DD: Ada Josephine Lake

ADD: Eve Scarlett Lake "Evie"

DD/DD: Charlotte Louisa Lake / Alexandra Maria Lake
DS: Theodore Jacob Lake "Theo"
DD: Rosalie Raz Lake "Rosie"
DD: Violet Eleanor Lake
DD/DS: Madeleine Adele Lake / Blaise Jackson Lake


UN: Millie (3)
LN: Everest
H: Tully Jack
W: Venelope Amanda {Lesson}

-S: Elias Vincent

-AS: Henry Denys adopted from Ukraine

-S/D: George Oliver and Roberta Annie
-AD: Mei Bo adopted from China
-S: Gene Tihomir
-D: Violet Ariane
-S/D/D: Roland Finn , Antonia Kay and Marlena Katy


UN: Ninor (3)
LN: Everest
DH: Quintilian Caesar Everest "Quinn"
DW1: Kara Elizabeth (Johnson) Everest
DW2: Olive Hannah (Mackenzie) Everest

DD1: Isadora Valentina Everest

DD2: Ariana Scarlett Everest

DD2/DS2: Josephine Audrey Everest / Mackenzie Oliver Everest
DS1: Theodore Noah Everest
DS1: William Zephaniah Everest
DS2: Adam James Everest
DD2/DD2/DS2: Elodie Zena Everest / Eden Anais Everest / Elliot Milo Everest

UN: rubymay92 (2)
LN: North
DH: Ptolemy Basil North "Tolly"
DW: Margaret Sarah [Johnson] North "Meg"

DS: Arthur Joseph North

DS: Henry Moss North
DD/DD: Charlotte Eponine North "Lottie" and Philippa Liesel North "Pippa"
DS: Jude Emmett North
DD: Eleanora Zola North "Nell"
DS: Rufus George North
DS/DD: Rex Lucius / Lila Maren


UN: Serel Channah (2)
DH: Wolfgang Benedict Meadows
DW: Mei Jennifer [Samson] Meadows

DS: Vincent Asa Meadows

ADD: Ellie Yin Meadows (adopted from China)
DD/DD: Josephine Cosette Meadows / Charlotte Dorothy Meadows
ADS: Theodore Chandra Meadows (adopted from Nepal)
DD: Lillian Serena Meadows
DD: Ianthe Elowen Meadows
DS/DD: Eva Michaela Meadows / Julius Ezra Meadows


UN: Sigrid (3)
LN: Scandes
DH: Ptolemy Felix Scandes
DW: Alma Melissa (Hansen) Scandes

DS: Arthur Valentine Scandes

DS: Henry Flavius Scandes

DS/DS: Elliot Friedrich Scandes & Leander Kurt Scandes
DD: Ophelia Annabelle Scandes
DD: Vera Tihana Scandes
DD: Ianthe Theresa Scandes
DS/DD: Wesley Rowan Scandes & Hermione Clio Scandes


UN: six1seven (3)
LN: Bay
DH: Ptolemy Wellington Bay
DW: Gisele Christina [Markovic] Bay

DD: Emilie Lucia Bay

DS: Cameron Reed Bay

DS/DS: Beckett Flynn Bay / Grayson Kelly Bay
DD: Adelaide Isabelle Bay
DS: Declan Galen Bay
DS: Jasper Drew Bay
DD: Beatrix Charity Emerald Geneva Grace Matilde Rose Elizabeth Zella Ava
DD: Matilde Christina "Mattie" Bay


UN: Sugar (3-4)
LN: Caspian
DH: Jehan Baker Caspian
DW: Eponine Sarah Olafsson Caspian "Nina"

DS: Yves Joseph Caspian

ADD: April Lakshmi Caspian(adopted from India)

DS/DD: Romolo Enjolras Caspian / Francesca Carmen Caspian "Cesca"
ADD: Josephine Titrit Caspian "Joey" (adopted from Morocco)
DS: Nicolas Raz Caspian "Colin"
DD: Cerise Ling Caspian
DS/DD: Benjamin Calvin Caspian / Estelle Sarah Caspian


UN: ursa (2)
LN: Lindberg
DH: Laurentius Benedict Lindberg
DW: Lydia Elizabeth (Hopkins) Lindberg

DD: Martha Valentina Lindberg

ADS: Robert Lev Lindberg
DD/DS: Charlotte Carmen Lindberg / Stellan Magnus Lindberg
ADD: Seraphina Padmini Lindberg
DD: Isobel Shanti Lindberg
DD: Scarlett Tess Lindberg
DS: Soeren Evander Felix Ronan Ciprian Axel Maximilian McKinley Declan Fintan


UN: ValerieK (3)
LN: Meadows
DH: Rudyard Pippin Meadows
DW: Holly Melissa {Paulson} Meadows

DS: Joseph Wilhelm Meadows

ADD: Jana Violet Meadows (adopted from Taiwan)

DS/DS: Galen Roscoe Meadows / Julian Hugo Meadows
ADS: Tobias Jude Meadows
DD: Ruby Serena Meadows
DD: Viola Eleanor Meadows
DS: Oliver Paulson Meadows


UN: Viatrix (2)
LN: Douglas
H: Jolyon Reuben Douglas
W: Cora Elizabeth Douglas {nee Jenson)

-S: Arthur Leonardo Douglas

-D: Eve Iseul Douglas (adopted from South Korea)
-S/S: Bernard Kenneth Douglas / Conrad Sebastian Douglas
-S: Malachi Ezra Douglas (adopted from Latvia)
-D: Audrey Leto Douglas
-D: Violet Theresa Douglas
-S/D: Reuben Marcel Oliver Samuel Simon Jack Sol Jay Michael Saul / Ava Maya Magdalen Olivia Charlotte Abigail Zenobia Thomasina Anais Zora


UN: Wandering Moon (3)
LN: Langbroek
DH: Hannibal Reuben
DW: Yvaine Elin [Vincze]

DS: Linus Gregor

ADS: Isaac Yuriy (adopted from Ukraine)

DD/DD: Jamesina Christine 'Jamie' & Wilhelmina Cosette 'Billie'
ADD: Philippa Adanna 'Pippa' (adopted from Nigeria)
DS: Oskar Darnell
ADD: Calfuray Maiara 'Callie' (adopted from Canada)
DS/DS: Simon Ezra & Jacob Maxwell


UN: Weirwood (3)
LN: St. Lawrence
DH: Tarquin Curry St. Lawrence
DW: Francis Elizabeth Ericson

DS: Luther Vincent St. Lawrence

DS: Thomas Indigo St. Lawrence "Tom"

DS/DS: Cato Flynn St. Lawrence "Cate"/Miller Tevye St. Lawrence "Milly"
DD: Olive Catherine St. Lawrence
DD: Alexandra Leto St. Lawrence
DD: Sorrell Emilia St. Lawrence
DS/DD: Milo Francis St. Lawrence / Miranda Tara St. Lawrence


UN: X Mar (2)
LN: Bosco
DH: Sargon Sage Bosco
DW: Scarlett Jasmine Bosco-DeLuca

DD: Valentina Isadora Bosco "Valley"

DS: Dashiell Crimson Bosco "Ash"
DS: Castor Toulouse Bosco "Cassie" (Polly's twin)
DS: Pollux Augustus Bosco "Polly" (Cassie's twin
DD: Philomena Seraphina Bosco "Phil"
DS: Cameron Tybalt Bosco "Ronnie"
DS: Tyrian Percival Bosco "Tyr"
DD/DD: Davina Isla "Davey" / Regina Victoria "Reggie"

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