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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: brynnash   (Authenticated as brynnash)
Date: March 12, 2013 at 9:32:48 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Moirrey
H (75) : Dennis Jerome Boothe "Denny"
W (72): Maryann Renee (Ruffin) Boothe

D1 (45): Nancy Caroline Boothe
S1 (43): Stephen Thomas Boothe "Steve"
S2 (40): Richard Michael Boothe "Rick"
D2/S3 (38): Elizabeth Joan Boothe "Liz" and Edwin Julius Boothe "Ed"

D1 (45): Nancy Caroline (Boothe) Greenlee
H (48): Demitrius Mark Greenlee

D (24): Danica Celeste Greenlee
-BF (23): Donovan Neal Rigby
--S (1): Conor Rhys Rigby

S1 (43): Stephen Thomas Boothe "Steve"
W (45): Susan Anne (Hill) Boothe "Susie"

D1 (17): Molly Alexa Boothe
D2 (14): Kathryn Isabella Boothe "Kate"

S2 (40): Richard Michael Boothe "Rick"
W (39): Lauren Jeanine (Cunningham) Boothe "Laurie"

D1 (12): Stella Millicent Boothe
D2 (10): Hazel Delia Boothe
D3 (9): Georgia Natalie Boothe
S1 (5): Charles Philip Boothe "Charlie"

D2 (38): Elizabeth Joan Boothe "Liz"
W (39): Carlena Simone Hartley "Lena"

D1 (14): Grace Amity Hartley-Boothe
S1 (10): Michael Jadon Hartley-Boothe

S3 (38): Edwin Julius Boothe "Ed"
W (35): Naomi Vera Johnson-Boothe

D1 (10): Sophie Nadia Johnson Boothe
S1 (9): Adair Ira Johnson Boothe
S2 (7): Micah Darian Johnson Boothe

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