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If it wasn't for Anita Bryant, this name would be pretty, but alas, the bigoted, obnoxious Bryant has soiled this name for me.
-- gaelruadh19  4/20/2005
It's a beautiful name! In Portugal Anita is the main character of a famous collection of books.
-- Mary-Rach  5/14/2005
There is a character in the musical West Side Story named Anita.
-- SamuellaAnabella  7/5/2005
Character named Anita Blake in Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" series.
-- Ciarda  7/14/2005
A famous bearer is Swedish actress Anita Ekberg. This name is also used in Italy.
-- else_dk  9/19/2005
This name can also be Aneeta and it is Indian (pronounced the same).
-- Anonymous User  9/22/2005
Anita is the wife of Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau (The Netherlands).
-- Anonymous User  11/16/2005
Pet name form of Spanish Juanita. Considered to be an alternative form for Joanna. Quite widely used in Poland.
-- Ryan  4/8/2006
Anita is my mom's name when she changed it. Her name used to be something eles before Anita is what I'm saying. I like the name. ^_^
-- roxyblues  4/21/2006
I think this is an elegant name, one that a child could easily grow up with and it isn't over used.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Origin is Indian as well.
-- Anonymous User  8/22/2006
I don't agree that Anita Bryant has ruined this name. Yeah, she's a bigot and not very concerned with hiding it, but her star has fallen and been fallen for many years. She's not much in the news anymore, I cannot recall the last time I heard her name in the press.
I think Anita is a very pretty and lively name. My problem with it is it just cries out for a moronic pun to be made out of it: Anita Mann, Anita Hooker, Anita Beer, Anita Beaton, you name it.
-- Starla Roxanne  9/12/2006
A famous bearer of this name would be Anita Carter who had an absolutely beautiful voice. She was the sister of June Carter Cash. I'm a big fan.
-- Cyneburga  3/7/2007
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/3/2007
Americans, do your daughter a favor and do not name her this, as the name will inevitably lead to bad puns, especially with the wrong type of surname. In other countries, the name works quite differently, as it doesn't sound like ''I need a''.
-- slight night shiver  4/19/2008
Anita Briem - an Icelandic actress who plays Jane Seymour in the Tudors and stars in Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.
-- greenfairy  5/29/2008
This is my name, and I can definitely say I have heard the "I need a" pun many, many times. However, as I've gotten older I've come to appreciate it. As an adult I've had many people tell me that it's a beautiful and unique name. Don't worry about teasing too much if you're considering this name, because children will find a way to make fun of any name if they try hard enough.
-- ScruffyPrincess  8/20/2008
Anita Jeram is a well-known English illustrator of children's books.
-- Jonquil  8/31/2008
It's also the name of Roger's wife in Disney's 101 Dalmatians. Heh.

It's a beautiful name too. Very classy.
-- Linden  9/4/2008
Anita Page was a silent film actress who died recently at 98.
-- bananarama  11/15/2008
Italian assistant director Alessandro Casale and Slovak actress Barbora Bobul'ová have a daughter Anita Casale, born in August 2008.
-- Emilie007  1/14/2009
I adore this name and would name my daughter Anita. It is so perfect for a little girl just like Nina or Anya. It is feminine yet doesn't sound weak.
-- mare  4/9/2009
I think that Anita is in Spain used as a nickname Ana, it means "little Ana" in Spanish.
-- 10Katta12  4/21/2009
Anita is also an Italian name, not only Spanish and Finnish.
-- Fantafree  6/5/2009
I love this name. It's also used in Croatia, and it's pronounced ah-NITT-ah. It doesn't sound like "I need a".
-- enchy  9/7/2009
Anita is hideously ugly and dated.
-- Anonymous User  11/19/2009
I think Anita is a beautiful name! It is short & sweet, while being strong & independent:)
-- Anonymous User  10/20/2010
This is name in Slovenia too. [noted -ed]
-- ursa  9/2/2011
Anita is a very dull and dated name.
-- rowan826  3/6/2012
I really don't like this name. It's worn out, sets itself up for a bunch of "I need a" puns, and worst of all, it reminds me of one of those bratty police cadet sisters from El Tigre...
-- ChaoticBlastoise  8/22/2012
Actress Anita Louise (1915-1970).
-- moonbaby9307  12/29/2012
My name's Anita. I was born in the early 90's and have never met any one else with my name. However, I've never met anyone unfamiliar with it.

And despite what other people say about those 'I need a' puns, I've never had anyone tease me. It gels nicely with my Italian surname. My only complaint is, on occasions, when someone in my proximity has said 'I need to (insert action here)', I have turned around thinking they were saying my name.

I also once had an Indian man ask me why my name was Anita. He didn't know it was European name as well as an Indian one.

I really appreciate my name now that I'm older. It's unique. And despite it being not in common use, it's still very pretty. I think it needs a comeback.
-- Anonymous User  2/1/2013
My name is Anna. A guy at work who is of Mexican descent called me "Anita." He said that it meant "Little Anna".
-- Annea Lieseza  2/9/2013
The name Anita was given to 149 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Usage should also include: Sanskrit, Hindi, and other languages with Sanskrit origins. Meaning is similar to what is already displayed. [noted -ed]
-- thesteppinrazor  9/11/2014

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