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[Games] Choose an Aesthetic 1#
Choose one of the pictures/Aesthetics for the parents:

[I wonder if anyone will get the lady and the peddler reference]2)

1) Luna Estelle Estere Emunah Dua Faith Media Andremaria Delilah Helenie Fatin Euphoria Fiamma Fiammetta Jadis Anastasia & ... Aster Olive Lou Junis Blessing Arden Prayer Mahlah Rio Athens Laurel Farah/ Demeteria Ayat Jumanah Nilah Lilith Jezebel Angella Dafnee Theia Olympia Andrea Roza Adeline Narcissa Annemarie Ghaliya Yentl/ Anwar Amschel Yohannan Laurentius Florijan Beloslav Vitus Conleth Clovis Emerens Lawrance Angelo Osiris Jericho Yosef (You choose the Gender of the partner) LN: Edelmann, Burns, Volkov, Kadish, Bellerose, Romanov, Flores, Lavrov2) Prima Pandora Gloria Medusa Regina Roxanne Joliette Ayla Victory Lyn Lua Primrose Layla Lexi Talulla Starla Lowdie/Loveday/Lovdie Berlinde Aaliyah Deja Alexis Adorée Desita Febronia Grace Stella Maxine Gracelyn Asterope Mamie Hedda Lynda Djenna Chelsea Ilma Francine Xenia Margot Amna Annelle Lyonesse & Nawel Felix Aryeh Emyr Thorn Adonis Alistair Alphaeus Amadore Obediah Amis Amal Kofi Malik Eros Brixx Lovemore Egypt Dallas Jordyn Salem London Adriel Ismail Indigo Amethyst Leonard Sayyid Emil Lord Elvis Enrique Altair Aquillius Eudes Marius Edgar Dara Cairo Leonidas Lincoln Victorious HeliosLN: Princeton, Davis, Wallace, Berlin, Franklin, York, Burns, Starlight, Cents
3) Trixie Delta Meila Lynx Candis Mitsuki Ice Asia Emi Helve Mei Apple Désirée Heidi Chen Mao Melissa Plamena Rio Gilda Blossom Rin Kayla Sheba Bloom Rina Mika Enna Joliette Hanako Issa Malina Pacita Mitsumi Aya Mara Dulce Pamela Esti Katida Reema Reina Glykeria McKenzie/Mackenzie Mercy Cherry Sua Dulcie Brenda & Lux Casimir Hilel Alex Birdie Lou Fortune Beau Clover Art Willow Cat Nazaire Jericho Ziv Lowell Sol Maddison Dakota Alpha Sam Paz Flowerette/Flower Nieves (Dear Partner, DP)LN: Mercer, De Fiore, Carson, Lloyd, Feng, Hines, Yokota, Hino, Aldebrand4) Alethea Lorelai Iris Nemesis Nymphea Dolores Joan Larissa Discorodia Hadassah Ethelle Dorothy Norma Donna Pacífica Regina Delicia Portia Divina Genesis Nymphodora Elda Cordelia Olizabeth Otteline Odessa Venus Romedia Persis Roza Clara Elenore Jasmine Fleurette Era Annestine Clarissa Invidia Jezebel Capricia Athaliah Lyssa Ethelinda & Ira Renatus Cassiel Percy Lucius Gabriel Clarence Norbert Calidore Volislav Spurius Rune Theodore Solomon Eros Vladimir Olympos Clemens René Vives Assar Florence Ampelio Carmi Ilai Ladislaus Sempronius Tomislav Thomas TerranceLN: Edwards, Thomas, Solis, Fitzgerald, Wise, Maxwell, Norman5) Alexander Theodore Sabbatius Martin Solomon Miroslav Cleste Callum Romeo Ezra Janus Anastasius Caleb Edmund Dominic Miles Peter Alfred Ethan Zachary Victor Clarence El Laurus Malachi Eliazer/Elie Ferdinand Walter Star Gilbert Wolfe Alder Caspian Linus Levi Modeste Casimir Jonah Lawson Hamlet Olivier Salutius Apollo Paris Odessos Percy Clovis Elias Milo Saturn Baltazar & Tranquille Salvatore Luther Michael Connor Amore Maximilian Otto Damocles Sylvester Rowen Amadeo Lawrance Eli Asher August Gabriel Charles Obed Lazarus Francis Isaiah Luke Albert William Forrest Nathaniel Sabbatio Edwin Odilo Darius Lothar Samuel Theodoric Anselm Hermann Saul Ludwig Boaz Constantine Jozef Wolfgang ValentineLN: Borgh, Edwards, Wood, Elemers, Elliot, Sterling, CohenIt took me a very long time to make this CAF and the mood boards for this CAF and I am very nervous because I've never hosted anything like that before,
Should I continue? Also, do you like the variety of families in this CAF? please share your thoughts with me and I hope this game isn't confusing

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DPartner| Xenia Asterope Lyonesse Berlin
DPartner| Leonard Alphaeus Burns
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W: Reina Désirée Aldebrand (nee Mercer)
SO: Clover Dakota Aldebrand
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DW: Mitsumi Yokata
DP: Sol Nazaire MercerMitsumi and Sol
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DW: Anastasia Delilah Volkov
DH: Dakota Willow De Fiore
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DW1: Anastasia Fiammetta
DW2: Theia Narcissa
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W: Fiammetta Laurel Volkov
W: Annemarie Narcissa Burns
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DH: Linus Baltazar Borgh
DH: August Edwin Sterling
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W: Xenia Asterope {Princeton} Starlight
H: Altair Obediah Starlight
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I will continue, guys! I am working on the second part for a few days I might post it tomorrow
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this is so much fun - please continue!Edmund Alexander Sterling
Constantine Anselm Elliot
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DH: Alder Solomon Edwards-Wood
DH: Luther Anselm Edwards-WoodAlder & Luther Edwards-Wood
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DH & DH: Alfred Gilbert Cohen-Borgh and Charles Wolfgang Borgh-CohenPlease, do continue this board series; it's loads of fun! Also, I love that story of the lady and the peddler!
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3DH: Sam Alex Dakota Mercer
DW: Trixie Mei Mitsumi Mercer (nee Feng)
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DH: Lincoln Dallas Davis
DW: Maxine Margot Franklin-Davis
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DH: Edmund Alfred Sterling
DH: Luther Anselm BorghEdmund & LutherThe mood boards are fabulous, and so are the names! This seems like a lot of fun. Definitely continue, if it's fun for you and you have time.
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DW: Iris Clara (Solis) Maxwell
DH: Percy Eros Maxwell
I love the moodboard idea and I think these are amazing. Please do continue!
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DH: Yosef Amschel Flores
DW: Theia Estelle Olympia (Romanov) Flores
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Please continue, this seems fun! I love how much effort you've put on the mood boards and the name banks :)*DH: Percy Clarence Wise
DW: Iris Dorothy Wise, née Edwards
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the lady and the peddler (האדונית והרוכל) by Agnon?DBF: Samuel Charles Elliot
DBF: Victor Gilbert Edwards
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yes 🙏
it's such a good story
I have read both the Hebrew and the English versions and they're both fire
It is so unfortunate that this story isn't well-known outside of Israel
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It's fun to play a game that's new and different. Thanks for creating it, and keep going!DH: Rowen Theodoric Elemers
DH: Gilbert Clovis Wood*****
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I like it! The mood boards are very fun.H: Marius Emil Leonidas Princeton
W: Roxanne Gloria Starlight Marius & Roxanne (Roxy).Roxanne is keeping her last name because how could you not want to be called Roxy Starlight?
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The Princeton FamilyDW: Pandora Primrose Princeton
DH: Emyr Amadore YorkI love the moodboards and the names are all beautiful! You should definitely continue.
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DH: Alphaeus "Alphie" Lovemore Victorious Starlight
DW: Adorée "Addie" Gracelyn York Starlight
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DH: Felix Alistair Davis
DW: Stella Roxanne Berlin
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DP: Sol Jericho Yokota
DW: Mitsuki "Mitzi" HinoSol and Mitzi

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I LOVE this, Israella! Keep them coming!THE STERLING-WOOD FAMILY
Casimir Wolfe “Cash” ❤️ Lawrence Michael[Cash & Law]
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DH: Sabbatius Edmund Edwards
DH: Hermann Otto BorghThese moodboards are amazing, and I love just how well the name banks fit the aesthetics. Please continue!
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H: Jonah Edmund Wood
H: Luke Samuel Cohen I love the mood board/vibe check idea for a CAF! I definitely think you should continue. I'm good with the variety of families. It was a nice surprise when I got to my namebank.
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H: Cassiel Gabriel Fitzgerald
W: Cordelia Joan [Solis] Fitzgerald
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DH: Jonah Zachary Wood
DH: Valentine Anselm BorghJonah & Valentine
I like it and would be very happy to do more. Thanks :)
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DW: Elda Invidia Jezebel (Edwards) Fitzgerald
DH: Ira Ladislaus Solomon Fitzgerald
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DH: Leonard Obediah Berlin
DW: Dara Jordyn Berlin

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I fixed it in case that you want to re-play
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Oh no, I forgot to add the rules! You're supposed to choose one of the pictures for the parents, sorry

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