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Subject: Re: February top 10
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: February 4, 2011 at 12:03 PM
Reply to: Re: February top 10 by Chanel

Alice Cordelia - I personally don't like either name, but I wouldn't be opposed to a person being named this. It's nice for other people, just not my style.

Lucy Marigold - Cute!

Katherine Grace - Yawn... Sorry, but Katherine/Catherine is overused, and Grace is on its way.

Philippa Maisie - Another cute name! I'm not normally into Maisie, as I think it' a bit "young," but I think it works as a middle name here.

Penelope Iris - GORGEOUS!

Emmeline Daisy - Emmeline is a beautiful name, but I just find Daisy ditzy and infantile. Sorry.

Georgiana Sophie - Very Victorian.

Beatrix Victoria - Another very Victorian name, although this one sounds a little harsh.

Olive Annabel - It's a bit of a tongue-twister to say.

Calla Maeve - Simple and beautiful. I love it.

Clemence Nell - Not something I would use, but very intriguing nonetheless.

Gwendolen Lyra - I like both names, but I don't think they go together.

Elsa Juniper - Not my style, but cute.

Felicity Violet - Very elegant and graceful.

Henry Alexander - Traditional to the point where I think it lacks individuality. What I mean, is that Henry Alexander sounds like he was merely named after two men, presumably in his family.

Arthur Barnaby - There is no way anyone can ever convince me to love Barnaby, no matter how much I may like "Hello, Dolly!" And whenever I hear Arthur, I usually think of Dudley Moore, or the kids' show. So... no, sorry, I can't get behind this combo. :-P

Peter Gabriel - It's a good combo, but a bit of an "obvious" honoring. :-P

August Victor - Too harsh.

Alasdair Rhys - Delightfully Celtic!

Linus Edmund - Very sophisticated. Good combo.

Oscar Sebastian - Ditto.

Emrys Orion - Emrys doesn't sound masculine to me at all (even though I know it is), and Orion is too OTT for me.

Milo Felix - Too much 'l' in such a short combo.

Dexter Merit - Not my style.

Cillian Josiah - Two great names that unfortunately don't go together (mixing genres).

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