Subject: Mathew Elias & Anabelle Dalia
Author: Story   (Authenticated as MasonThursday)
Date: April 15, 2021 at 10:24 AM
Reply to: Generation Count-Along CAF [3 of 8] by PeachyGirl86

DH (53): Kellen Jonathan Chaney
DW (56): Ali Jazlynn [Jacobson] Chaney

DS (33): Adrien Leo Chaney
-DW (34): Makayla Adrienne [Bennett] Chaney
--DD (14): Tatum Kaleigh Chaney
--DS (11): Mathew Elias Chaney
--DS (7): Brenton Bronson Chaney
--DD (3): Addison Emma Chaney
--DD (3): Shayna Eve Chaney
--DS (0): Kolten Andy Chaney

DS (30): Karter Jeramiah Chaney
-DW (28): Anabelle Dalia [Cunningham] Chaney
--DD (8): Litzy Alexa Chaney
--DD (4): Elsie Zoey Chaney
--DS (3): Dylan Tripp Chaney
--DD (1): Ashlynn Mariela Chaney

Kellen and Ali Chaney with Adrien and Karter
-Adrien and Makayla Chaney with Tatum, Mathew, Brenton, Addison, Shayna, and Kolten
-Karter and Anabelle Chaney with Litzy, Elsie, Dylan, and Ashlynn

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