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Subject: Ishild's NTNB - round 7
Author: ishild   (Authenticated as ishild)
Date: May 3, 2021 at 11:50 AM

Thank you for all replies last round. So many amazing ideas.

3 years later

DH [52]: Benjamin “Ben” Garrett Murphy
DW [52]: Kinzee Aemilia (Bartoletti) Murphy

DS [30]: Kylo Brooks Murphy [NobodyOfConsequence]
-DW [31]: Marilyn Ruth (Kleine) Murphy [Belphoebe]
-DD [5]: Rosalind Jayne Murphy [Darkbone]
-DD [2]: Dorothy Mae Murphy [Darkbone]
-DS [exp]:

DD [25]: Navy Gianna (Murphy) Wright [skinnyminnie]
-DH [25]: Jean-Philippe “JP” Sebastian Wright [Belphoebe]
-DS [exp]:

DS [21]: Shade Axel Murphy [cher529s]
-DGf [21]: Jessica Aya Maeda [Princess_Shireen]

DS [17]: Creed Hudson Murphy [skinnyminnie]
DD [14]: Larkin Rosalia Murphy [Wordsmith]

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Kylo and Marilyn are expecting a little brother for Rosalind and Dorothy. Navy and JP got married recently, they are expecting a son as well in five months time.

Kylo and Marilyn’s son should have an old-fashioned first name that is coming back into fashion. His middle name starts with B.

Navy and JP’s son should have a word first name. His middle name should be Italian.


DH [54]: Fredrik Nils Åke Wiklund
DW [52]: Cressida Florence (Hamilton) Wiklund

DS: [26]: Oscar “Ozzy” Björn Hamilton Wiklund [Belphoebe & Darkbone]
-DH [26]: Ravi Amrit Korrapati [Wordsmith]

DD [24]: Flora Sigrid Juno Wiklund [skinnyminnie]
-DBf [25]: Harry Timon Capp [molly]
-DS [2]: Ollie Ebbe Capp [Story]
-DD [3 mo.]:

DD [21]: Jessamine Gaia Ingrid Wiklund [molly]
-DBf [24]: Jago Charles Fitzroy-Montague-Stuart [Belphoebe]

DS [16]: August “Gus” Ebbe Rooney Wiklund [molly]

Location: London, United Kingdom

Ozzy and Ravi were married a month ago, they are considering adoption to grow their family. Flora and Harry had a daughter three months ago, they are in no hurry to get married. Jessamine and Jago have recently moved in together.

Flora and Harry’s daughter has a first name that is commonly used as nickname. Her middle name ranked 10-19 in Sweden in 2020 (


DH [68]: Darren Anthony Pollock
DW [59]: Erin Sydney (Ludlow) Pollock

DH’sDD [41]: Olivia Grace (Pollock) Somerville [Quicksilver]
--exDBf [42]: Vincent Avery Jepson [cher529s]
-DH [41]: Lyndon Kenneth Somerville [molly]
-DD [17]: Maisie Victoria Jepson [Princess_Shireen]
-DD [7]: Layla Clementine Somerville [Rubyrock]
-DD [7 mo.]:

DH’sDD [40]: Sage Antonia Pollock [Princess_Shireen]
-DH [47]: Liam Jason Petrov [Julia]
-DS [8]: Caspian Alexander Petrov [skinnyminnie]
-DS [5]: Israel Nicholas Petrov [Princess_Shireen]
-DS [2]: Everest Maksim Petrov [Julia]

DS [23]: Wyatt Luke Pollock [RowenaRavenclaw]
-DGf [25]: Fleur Amanda McDougall [cher529s]

DS [20]: Colton Ezra Pollock [Julia]
-DGf [20]:

Location: St.Paul, Minnesota, USA

Olivia and Lyndon had a surprise baby in their forties, their second daughter together. Colton and his girlfriend have been together for the past nine months, they both study medicine.

Olivia and Lyndon’s daughter has a frilly first name. Her middle name honor’s Lyndon somehow.

Colton’s girlfriend has hyphenated first name, both of the names are no longer than 4 letters. Her middle name is a classic. Her surname starts and ends with consonant.


DH [60]: Anthony “Tony” Shun Zhou
DW [59]: Andrea “Drea” Lindsay (Koch) Zhou

DD [25]: Bella Yun (Zhou) Jones [Princess_Shireen]
-DH [27]: Tristan Somerled Jones [RowenaRavenclaw]
-DS [1]:

DD [25]: Cecily Iris Zhou [Wordsmith]
-DBf [26]: Samuel Avery Kokkinos [Julia]

DD [25]: Delilah Gray (Zhou) Sepúlveda [molly]
-DH [25]: Hugo Leandro Sepúlveda [Laura B.]
-DD/DD [2]: Paloma James Sepúlveda & Rafaela Parker Sepúlveda [molly & Laura B.]

DD [20]: Emmeline Blair Zhou [Quicksilver]
-DBf [21]:

DD [20]: Freya Quinn Zhou [Nyx]
-DGf [23]:

DDog [dec]: Tuck [Bitey]

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Bella and Tristan are happily married and welcomed a son thirteen months ago. Cecily and Samuel are traveling the world and do not plan to settle down any time soon. Emmeline and her boyfriend have been dating for year after they met at a frat party. Freya and her girlfriend have been together only for three months, but she is smitten. They met at concert of Freya’s favorite band.

Bella and Tristan’s son’s first name comes from this list ( His middle name is Chinese.

Emmeline’s boyfriend has alliterative initials.

Freya’s girlfriend’s first name ranked 31-40 in USA in 2013 ( Her middle name is related to nature. Her surname is 7 letters long.

My name list
top Felix & Oliver flop Lujza

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