Gender Feminine
Usage English

Meaning & History

This name was first brought to public attention in 1966 by the child actress Anissa Jones (1958-1976) [1]. In her case it was a transcription of the Arabic name أنيسة (see Anisa), given to honour her Lebanese heritage. Other parents who have since used this name may view it simply as an elaboration of Anna using the popular name suffix issa.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAna, Anisa(Albanian) Anisa, Hannah(Arabic) Anna(Armenian) Ane, Anne(Basque) Anna, Hanna(Belarusian) Anna, Hannah(Biblical) Anna(Biblical Greek) Channah(Biblical Hebrew) Anna(Biblical Latin) Enisa(Bosnian) Anna, Annaig, Annick(Breton) Ana, Anna, Anelia, Aneliya, Aneta, Ani, Anka(Bulgarian) Aina, Anna(Catalan) Ana, Hana, Anica, Anita, Anka, Jana, Nensi(Croatian) Anna, Hana, Aneta(Czech) Anna, Anne, Hanna, Ane, Anette, Anika, Anita, Annette, Anni, Hanne(Danish) Anna, Anne, Annelien, Hanna, Hannah, Anika, Anita, Anke, Anneke, Annet, Annette, Annie, Annika, Annuska, Anouk, Anoushka, Anouska, Ans, Antje, Anuschka(Dutch) Anna, Anne, Anneli, Anni, Annika, Anu(Estonian) Anna(Faroese) Ana(Fijian) Anna, Anne, Hanna, Anita, Anneli, Anni, Anniina, Annika, Annikki, Annukka, Anu, Hannele, Niina(Finnish) Anne, Annette, Annick, Annie, Anny, Anouk, Ninon(French) Antje(Frisian) Ana, Anano, Ani, Anuki(Georgian) Anna, Anne, Hanna, Hannah, Anelie, Anika, Anina, Anita, Anneli, Annelie, Annett, Annette, Anni, Annika, Anuschka, Hanne(German) Anna(Greek) Chana, Chanah, Hanna, Hannah(Hebrew) Anna, Hanna, Anett, Anikó, Anita, Panka, Panna, Panni(Hungarian) Anna, Hanna(Icelandic) Anisa, Annisa(Indonesian) Nainsí(Irish) Anna, Annetta(Italian) Anna, Anita(Latvian) Ona(Lithuanian) Anke, Antje(Low German) Ana, Aneta(Macedonian) Ann(Manx) Anna, Anne, Hanna, Anette, Anita, Annette, Anniken, Hanne(Norwegian) Anna(Occitan) Anna, Hanna, Aneta, Anika, Anita, Anka, Hania(Polish) Ana, Anita(Portuguese) Ana, Anca, Ancuța, Ani, Anișoara(Romanian) Anna, Ania, Annushka, Anya(Russian) Anna, Annag, Nandag(Scottish Gaelic) Ana, Anica, Anka, Jana(Serbian) Anna, Hana(Slovak) Ana, Hana, Anica, Anika, Anita, Anka, Ankica, Anuša, Nuša(Slovene) Hana(Sorbian) Ana, Ani, Anita(Spanish) Anna, Anne, Hanna, Anette, Anita, Anneli, Annelie, Annette, Annica, Annika, Hanne(Swedish) Ana(Tongan) Enise(Turkish) Anna, Ganna, Hanna(Ukrainian) Henda, Hendel, Hene, Henye(Yiddish)
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Sources & References

  1. Evans, Cleveland Kent. The Great Big Book of Baby Names. Publications International, 2006, page 346.
Entry updated May 29, 2020