Rose is certainly a name that I’ve always liked. It sounds so gentle, all while having a secret punch! I like that. Also, the Rose flower is really pretty.
I love this name! I have heard people call it "old" or "boring", but many people seem to confuse timeless/classic with bland/boring! SO WRONG! I find it very hard to believe that anything that has a proper place in this world could fully go out of style- like flowers. Flower names like Lily have taken their rightful spot on the charts, with Violet not far behind. Why shouldn't Rose be on there too?!In addition, it has the added benefit of being a very feminine name. Rose can be a delicate flower, or it can be someone who ROSE higher than the rest. Rose has the pluses of being a short name with a nickname (Rosie) or being a nickname for Rosalind, Rosemarie, Rosalie, etc. It can be a timeless name/nickname or a modern middle name. Rose has the benefit of going nicely with any name from Rosalie to the double barrel Lily-Rose.
I don't particularly like this name as a whole, I think it is cute as a nickname especially for Rosemary or Rosemarie. I know a Rose who is INCREDIBLY annoying so I associate the name with her (obviously not every Rose is like this so I would never judge someone by the name their parents gave them). I do think Rose does have a lot of class and elegance in it though. :)
I like roses but as a name for a person it's lackluster, bland and unimaginative, very basic and boring.
The most common middle name along with Marie. Might make a good nickname for Rosaline, Rosalie/Rosalia, etc.
Such a beautiful name, but a little over used. Would sound great as a middle name though!
Gorgeous. My favorite flower name.
Beautiful name, beautiful flower. This is my middle name. It's short but sweet, and St. Rose would be a good person to be named after. I like Rose and Paul as sibling names.
In negative opinion. I still dislike it. Makes me ruined this name because I think a vain, cold, and unkind girl.
In positive opinion. I think Rose is a good name. It's such a beautiful, nice and sweet name.
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
Seror, Simon "Les noms des femmes juives en Angleterre au Moyen Âge"
So lovely and classic. I know TONS of people with Rose middle names and I still loved it enough to legally add it as a middle name to honor my great-grandmother Rose from my dad's side, and great-great-grandmother Rose from my mom's side. I adore flower names and almost all variations of the name Rose! So special as a first, middle or last name! Or even a pet's name! It's just perfect!
This is actually my SURNAME, and I'm a guy, but I love it. It's short and simple but strong and so classic. I also think it sounds quite romantic! And roses are actually NOT my favourite flower, but as far as flower names go, I think it's one of the best.
Lots of people hold this name; for example, from the book, "Posted", Rose (Rosalin) is one of the main characters.
I'm not usually into flower names as much as other names, but I've always loved Rose. For one thing, roses come in many colors, there's variety. I don't normally judge off of people and their names, but I feel like I should with Rose. The Rose I know is strong and has been through a lot in her life. She still continues to make it better for other people. So, I get the impression of a cool, amazing, kind, and very strong person.
I love it! It’s a name to grow with and very pretty.
- Rose Elizabeth
- Rose Arabella
- Rose Camilla
- Rose Blanchette Goes with every name!
My name is Rose and I love it! It's not common (where I live) and it's a beautiful flower. I think the name is elegant, sophisticated and it suits all ages.
One of the most gorgeous names ever, whether used as a first or middle name. It literally pairs with almost every single girls name out there! I just don't really get why there is so much hate on these names.
This might be one of my favorite names ever. It checks off all the boxes for me... it's pretty, classic, great association with the flower, and so much more... and although I do consider it as an overused filler middle name, it's one of the better ones to me. It's not very common for a first name though, it ranked in the top 200 last year but it still feels underused. I would definitely use this someday... and you should consider it too!
It's pretty! I prefer Primrose a bit more though.
I love it a lot, since it's my middle name LOL! I also like Lily and Jasmine and Violet!
I think Rose is a gorgeous name. It's a beloved timeless classic with a melodically sweet and romantic charm. I also love that roses represent strength, love, romance, beauty and flourishing new life.
Overall, I love the beautiful name Rose.
I think this name is really pretty! I like the name Rosie too. Both of these names aren't common where I live.
I love Rose as a first name or middle name!♡ However, I don't like how it's labeled unisex. The name clearly has a feminine meaning. If a boy was named Rose, he will encounter incidents like teasing, bullying, and constantly being mistaken for a girl.
“What is in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Rose is a lovely name, first or middle. The Rose is a beautiful classic flower, and what girl wouldn’t wanna have the name of a flower? Here are some middle names for the name Rose!Rose Annelise
Rose Vivienne
Rose Arabella
Rose Gabrielle
Rose Juliet/Juliette
Rose Anastasia
Rose Briar
Rose Genevieve
Rose Natalia
Rose Madeline
Rose Guinevere
Rose Dahlia
Rose Isabelle
Rose Athena
Rose Azalea
Rose Evangeline
Rose Elisheva
Rose Emmeline
Rose Coralie
Rose Zinnia.
This name is so pretty! I love love love names from a flower!
Rose is charming and sweet.
Rose is pretty but I know too many people with this as a first name because it is common where I live. I prefer it as a middle name because it will go with any girl's name.
Beautiful, both as a first AND middle name!
Very common as a middle name. I met like 5 Rose's in my life. The name is lovely and so is the flower :).
You mostly see this name as a middle name. I adore it as a first name and you hardly ever hear it!
Has anyone thought of the association with the word? As in, "The sun Rose in the sky".
I love it, this should really be used as a first name more often.
I absolutely adore this name (in my top 3 of Willow, Rose and Marnie). You may have seen my comments on the other two. If I have a daughter, I would name her Rosalie, Rosie for short!
This name is sweet, soft, but also mature and strong at the same time. Rose has class. Not one of my favorites, but the name is alright. Just alright.
I love the simplicity and boringness of it as a middle name.
Actually, it's great as a first name too. Cutie flower name!
It’s really beautiful and girly.
I like it as a middle name or hyphenated, it just looks nicer. I know someone with Rose as a first name, they were nice though. Rose goes with any name in the world as a middle name which is what I like about it.
My middle name. Sounds bad as a first name but cute as a middle name. Otherwise cute:)
I now love it as a hyphenated name.
Best as a middle name and it works with everything.
It's a beautiful name, just like the beautiful flower Rose.
It’s okay as a middle name and you can put anything with it but it is a bit common, but I don’t mind.
I love the name Rose! My cousin's name is Lily, the other is Rose, my little sister is Hazel, and I am Violet. So whenever we are together, we are Lily, Rose, Hazel, and Violet! Everybody always thinks it is adorable. Anyways, I love the name Rose and would definitely use it for my daughter if I ever had one!
Solid middle name type.
Rose Nyland from the Golden Girls! Played by the beloved Betty White.
I know 28 roses in my life, too overused.
I actually prefer it as a middle name ;-; I don’t like it as a first name.
Sooo overused.
New Zealand actress Rose McIver is a famous bearer of this name. She is known for playing Liv Moore in iZombie and Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time.
English actress Rose Reynolds is a famous bearer of this name. She is known for playing Alice/Tilly in Once Upon a Time.
Pretty basic and unoriginal as a middle name to be honest. But as a first name, it’s nice. You don’t need a middle name, and there are plenty of middle names to go with Rose.
Rose is a lovely name, first or middle. I do agree it is used way too much for middle names but I don’t think it’s just some middle name filler, or the parents didn’t have time to come up with something more original. It’s a really pretty and nice name.
I only like it as a first name, as a middle name Rose is extremely bland and unoriginal- kind of like Marie and Grace.
Ouch. I'm sad that so many people hate it as a middle name.
My name is Evangeline Rose.
I was named for my mother, Rosalind, who died when I was little.
Sure, I get that I may dislike it as a filler- whats' wrong with it as an honor middle name?
When all else fails, name your daughter after a flower. Flower names are gorgeous and fit any girl. Rose is no exception!
This is so common as a middle name it’s not even funny, lmao.
Singular, few and far between and beautiful. First rate.
Roses are one of the most beautiful and admired flowers. Cleopatra is said to have attempted to seduce Antony with roses and had a Rose-petaled boudoir. She used fresh roses and slept with Rose petals in her bed. So there's history there. A whole lot of history, and that's just the beginning. Rose is gorgeous and symbolic and historical. It's romantic, yet strong. Powerful and beautiful.
I find this name really overused and common. I think flower names are gorgeous but there are so many more unusual flower names that are beautiful.
Rose is gorgeous.
It is a short and strong name whilst also being sweet, feminine and romantic.
The name Rose is perfect for your little girl. It is overused as a middle name but rare as a first name. Roses symbolize many things, from friendship and purity to everlasting love and passion. It is a beautiful and poetic flower, the most iconic flower of them all.
Use it as a first name. Please.
Boring and overused as a middle name, but very charming and refreshing as a first name. I really like it! This name is growing in me.
When I think of a Rose I think of a refined, mature, and pretty woman in her 30s/40s. Such beauty... I really like this name.
Lol, my dad named my baby sister Rose (she's 10 now.) I was 8 when she was born, so I had to change her diapers. It sure didn't smell like Roses, Lmao. Rose is a wonderful name, and I think it's good as a first or middle. My sister is a wonderful, cheery, person. All of the Rose's I've met are wonderful people. I totally suggest this name.
So pretty! I like it better as a first name.
A name that doesn’t require multiple syllables to be pretty. I prefer it as a first name as I feel it is overused as a middle name.
A simple classic. Rose is a short yet pretty name that sounds cute on a young child but still sounds nice on an elderly woman. It's quite bland as a middle name, however.
My name is Rose and my sister's name is Aurora, (no we'rre not named after Princess Aurora, they were my great grandma's first and middle name) a lot of the people I meet think Rose is a very pretty name. When I was little a lot of my family would call me Rosie, but now a lot of my friends call me Ro and a couple people call me Red because roses are red.
A simple classic, what appeals to me is that it doesn't have many nicknames besides Rosie. I am smitten by this name and it's really the first time I've considered it for a first name. It's perfect for a young child.
Works with any first name in this world. Seriously. Considering it - it’s pretty!
This name doesn't come from the Germanic elements. It comes from the Latin word "rosa" meaning "rose" (the flower). At least many other sites, including NameBerry and others state that. It also seems like a more logical explanation for the origin of this name.
Also the past tense of rising (arose).
Chairman Rose is one of the new characters who was recently announced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.
I feel like Rose is just one of those names that goes well with everything. Like Emma Rose, or Elisabeth Rose, or, like me, Hekate Rose!
So common it’s off-putting. I feel like half the girls I know have “Rose” as their middle name simply because it’s so — well — simple. Now whenever someone says Rose is their middle name I instantly forget it because it’s so unmemorable.
A poetic name that inspires images of a beautiful flower.
Rose Latulipe is the name of a Quebecois legend. In the legend, Rose is condemned to Hell because she dances during the season of Lent.
Rose Summerspring is a character in the movie Bad Times at the El Royale. Portrayed by Cailee Spaeny.
My middle name is Rose and I think it’s just lovely and classic. My dad named me this because of his friend Robert. He died in a car accident before I was born and my dad wanted to honor him by giving me a middle name that sounded like his name. Apparently Roberta just wasn’t going to cut it.
My mum's name is Rose. I think it’s a beautiful name. But it works much better as a nickname or middle name. It could be used as a short form for Rosily.
Rose is a beautiful name in my opinion. It sounds better as a middle name though. And it works as a surname too.
A major Steven Universe character was named Rose Quartz!
I have loved this name since I was a child because it works both in English and French with lovely pronunciations.I remember that Titanic was one of the first films I saw in my life and was and still is my favourite movie. Rose De Witt Bukater is a wonderful character and I always think of her when I hear Rose. She is a beautiful, even tragic example of strength and courage.
According to ISTAT in Italy were born 8 Rose during 2016.
I would not feel sorry for a girl named Rose. It’s a beautiful and elegant girl's name! I love it as a first, middle, or last name! I love seeing full names like Alexandra Rose, Amelia Rose, Julia Rose, Julie Rose, Juliana Rose, Aurora Rose, Amy Rose, Morgan Rose. I wish this was my surname! I would use it for a pink character who has that personality born in February or something, even my daughter’s first or middle name.
Famous Bearer: Mary Rose Byrne (born July 24 1979) is an Australian actress. Byrne made her screen debut in 1992 with a small role in the film Dallas Doll. In 2000, she played a leading role in the Australian film The Goddess of 1967, which brought her the Volpi Cup for Best Actress. From 2007 to 2012, she played Ellen Parsons in the cable television series Damages, which earned her two Golden Globe Award and two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Along with co-star Glenn Close, she appeared in all of the show's fifty-nine episodes. Byrne has also starred in the films Troy, 28 Weeks Later, Knowing, Insidious, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as the comedies Get Him to the Greek, Bridesmaids, The Internship, Neighbors, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and Spy.
It's refreshing to see someone named Rose in this generation.
This is a bit short, giving it a rough tone, and the longer versions are more poetic. Honestly, though, this name is pretty tease-free, but even though I don't recommend it, there's good stuff in it, so basically it's okay.
Boring and old-ladyish.
In 2018, 56 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rose who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 198th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is my absolute favorite name! It's not my middle name or anything, it just holds a special place in my heart. When I was little my sister wanted to give my brother and I "wolf names" (whatever that means) and I chose Rose and my brother chose Briar. My brother has abandoned his name, but I still love mine! My username on almost everything is "Rosebud" or something along those lines. I just think it's a beautiful, elegant, pure, angelic name! It's even a natural name on top of all that. Want a longer name? How about Rosanna or Rosabella? I just think this name is perfect in every way.
Simple but a classic beauty... Rose.
My second middle name is Rose and I like it. I don't think I would like it if it wasn't paired with another middle name or as a first name. Even though I like it as my second middle name I'm a little disappointed I got such a common name.
It is one of my favourite names. It is beautiful. It is lovely. It is feminine. It's classic and most of all, not a lot of people have this name any more, mostly other variations. All flowers especially roses are so beautiful that it's difficult not to consider this a name of beauty. It can also be considered a biblical name. I find this name utterly wonderful and one of a kind :)
Rose West is a woman who marries Reverend Meredith in Rainbow Valley.
This name is so cute, and I love the nickname Rosie. I do prefer it as a first name or perhaps a nickname for Rosemary or Rosalie though, as it is very common as a middle name.
Lovely name.
So my middle name is Rose and I’ve always been inspired by it. To me pink, red, white and purple are Rose like colors.
So my name is Rose, and growing up I didn't like it because I didn't have a flouncy name like girls in my class (Eg: Arabella and Jasmina)
But as I got a little older I realised it is not only elegant but also really feminine. I think it is overused as a middle name and fresh as a first name. Saying that, it is still pretty as a middle name if you (weird, I know) have two middle names. (Eg: Catherine Ella Rose.)
Anyway, it's super pretty and kind of fun, and not old-ladyish at all. Many think it is dull, but whatever.
Pretty, but doesn't stand out much.
I absolutely hate this name! It is the ugliest name I have ever heard. It is so tacky and boring. Also I think it is okayish for a kid (but still pretty ugly), but for an adult... Bleeeeeeh. I would hate being an adult named Rose! It would be so boring and childish! I feel so very sorry for anyone who is named Rose, has a close friend named Rose, or even has to hear this awful name on a daily basis.
Rose is a great middle name.
Rose is an amazing name and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's a beautiful and elegant, and NEVER goes out of style. If you are thinking of naming a baby girl, you should consider it.
I like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.
The name lost its life for me when I found out that everybody and their sister, cousin, and friend have this name as a middle name. I just don't like it anymore simply because it is overused. It's like listening to a song on the radio over and over and over again. Eventually it just doesn't have that magic to it anymore.
Rose is my favorite flower name. It's delicate, but not overly delicate. The initial "R" gives the name a touch of strength. The nickname "Rosie" is lovely. Why the hell do people just put Rose as the middle name? Rose as a first name is classic and refreshing at the same time.
I absolutely love the name Rose. I'd like to name a daughter Rose. I think Rose is so beautiful on its own. It annoys me how often Rose is tacked behind a first name because it's so common that way which kind of makes it less pretty. One of my best friends is named Rosie (not Rose, just Rosie) and roses are my favorite flowers. I just think it's so pretty!
I really can't think of a middle name that flows well with Rose, which is why I think it's mostly used as a middle name.
My name is Mikayla-Rose so it's kinda my first name. In my family we have this tradition that every 11 years a girl's middle name or first is Rose. So my mum's middle name is Rose and my aunties and cousin etc...
And I don't think its 'dull' I don't think any name can be 'dull' or 'boring' when you meet the person then you can decide if they are 'boring' or 'dull'.
Rose is nice but I like the longer names with Rose in it. So these are the ones I know:
So yeah, it's a nice name but I like the longer versions.
"Rose Tint My World" is a song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I think it's beautiful, but it's so boring and bland as both a middle and first name I'm tired of hearing it. Rosaline, Rosalie, Rosamund, Rosalind, Rosalba, etc would be a much better, more original alternative to just plain Rose, both as a first and middle name. To my surprise, I met a guy who went by Rose once. It was his last name, but he preferred it to his first name. And I liked it; I thought it sounded surprisingly great on a male. He'd probably get teased endlessly, but as a nickname for something like Rosario or Rosaire I still like it.
Predictable for a middle name, boring for a first name.
This name is way too common as a middle name. It's basically the modern Marie, Ann, or Lynn. If I ever meet someone 17 or younger, it's pretty safe to guess that their middle name is either Rose, Elizabeth, or Grace. I think it works well as a first name or paired with a second middle name, but on its own and in the middle, it's simply a bland filler name that can essentially work with any first name.
My name actually is Rose, I think it is a hood name to have. Anyone who knows me or even anyone I just met, they always say that is such a beautiful name to have. I have also never known a single person yet in my life with the first name Rose. For a first name it's unique because it's uncommon. Having a unique and different name is just amazing and makes you feel special because you're not like every other person in the world who had the same name as you. You have a special name which no one else has, no one can ever mix you up and it's an easy name to say and to remember. I love my name and I say anyone who doesn't know what to name your baby girl and you want a name that is unique and uncommon, pick Rose.My first name is Rose and middle is Margaret such a cool name to have. Its an older name but I love my name and I'm only 17 yrs old.
I don't know why, but Rose always makes a good middle name.
Simple, short, sweet and pretty. Personally, I think it could compliment any first/second name nicely.
Rose is a beautiful name and it is simple, yet classy and it works great for a middle name as well.
Rose Nylund is a character from the Golden Girls portrayed by Betty White.
It's pretty, but horribly, horribly bland. I can see why it's such a common middle name; since it has no personality of its own, it blends well with just about any other name.
While it seems a bit dated and not-exciting, it is still the most popular flower. Only problem though is that roses have thorns.. hmm.
Rose Brier is a character from Regina Doman's Fairy Tale Novels.Rose Tyler is a companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors in the TV show "Doctor Who."
Rose is a main character in Brian Selznick's book Wonderstruck.
My name is Rose. I've always loved it. It's so unique as a first name I've only meet a few people with the same first name. Personally I do feel that it is over used as a middle name because you can find probably half a million people with the middle name, but so few with it as a first name. I think it should definitely make a comeback as a first name because it represents something beautiful and sweet. Plus I love the flowers, oddly though, they're not my favorite.
I love this name. Roses are my absolute FAVOURITE flowers! :D It's girly, sweet and pretty at the same time. ^^ I would use it as a first name if I had a daughter in the future because it's a totally overused middle name. I don't care if it seems old-fashioned. At least Rose isn't trendy sounding like Ariana, Bailey, Mackenzie etc.
Update to my previous comment: Now I'm thinking about using this as a middle name. I don't care about it being an "overused middle name" anymore as I don't let popularity waver me from using names I love. ^_^
Amy Rose is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
I don't like it at all. I prefer Jasmine.
I named one of my triplets Rose back in 2010. I absolutely adore this name, and I like that it's not very common for girls her age. She definitely stands out from the crowd of Emma's, Isabella's, and Sophia's. I do not think this name is 'old ladyish' at all, and if you think it sounds too grown up, you can always call her Rosie, which is very cute :-) I'm a big fan of vintage names that are in need of revival, and everyone who meets my daughter loves her name. It's simple but so elegant and timeless, and that's what I love about it. It doesn't have to be a frilly, four syllable name to be girly and romantic. Rose has a sort of humble beauty to it, in my opinion. Though I agree that it is well beyond overused as a middle name. I've had too many mothers tell me that Rose is their daughter's middle name. I think it's time for overused middle names like Rose, Marie, and Anne to make a comeback as first names, they're all absolutely beautiful and so unfortunately underused at the moment!
I've never liked this name. It sounds too 'old lady'.
I love this name! It's short but beautiful, classy, elegant, and timeless all at once. Rosie is cute, but I prefer Rose. It's sad how uncommon this name has gotten, as it was so popular once, and it seems like a lot of people like it. As a middle name it's a little overused, but I think it would be adorable as a first name on a little girl and would age very well. This is one of my favorite names, and I like a lot of similar sounding names like Rosalie, Roslyn, and Rosemarie, too, which you could use as full names if you feel Rose is too short. All of them are beautiful =)
It's pretty but I would never use this name. It's boring, too.
This is my name, and I feel very lucky to have it. It is a very romantic and beautiful name that not many have for their first name, though it is overused for a middle. I am called Rosie by family and friends. Some characters with the name I like are Rose Weasley from Harry Potter, Rosie Cotton from Lord of the Rings, and Rose Brier from the Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. I love roses too, especially red ones.
Rose Brier, a character in the Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. She is a modern day Rose Red (from Snow White and Rose Red) and Briar Rose (from Sleeping Beauty).
This is my middle name, and I hate it. I turned out to be the rare sort of person who is disgusted by flowers completely and hates them with a passion, and honestly I'd rather not have any kind of middle name at all than be named for a flower, so you really need to think things through before naming a little girl after an object such as a plant or gemstone, even if it's regarded as an object of beauty. What if she turns out to hate flowers, like me? What if she's allergic to roses? Even if it sounds unlikely, it can happen. Even if you doubt it would happen, I'd advise you to really think things through anyway, even if you think that your daughter won't mind being named after a flower, or that she will like them. It seemed unlikely that I would mind being named after a flowering plant when my mother picked this name for me. But that's just what happened. I understand that parents risk choosing a name that their child will come to hate every time they give a name to their newborn baby, but my advice is to simply really, really think things through before naming a baby after a physical object, even if it's an object that people usually find lovely.
My name is Rose and I absolutely love it! I have never met another Rose before (I am 23 years old) which makes me love my name even more! I get complimented on it all the time which makes me feel special. I love my name :)
Rose Leslie, actress. She was the servant Gwen in the English drama Downton Abbey.
Like it, although most think it's for the elderly!
Rose is beautiful.. I also love Rosa, Rosemary, Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosette... it's pretty both as a first and middle name! ;) In reply to Merilwen, a child could grow up to 'hate' ANY name you could ever give them. You don't know. So if you really dislike your name that much, then introduce yourself as something different. (I did this for a while, as I was ashamed for being named Galadriel, after the elf in Lord of the Rings.) And besides, why would you dislike such a beautiful and classy name? ^.^
I like the name Rose but after Titanic people always think about Rose Dawson from Titanic so it's kinda depressing. And people always use it as a name filler when it comes to middle names there is a lot with the middle name Rose.
Rose is my #1 favourite name EVER! I love it, it's simple and elegant, and timeless, classic and just wonderful. It's so beautiful!
I plan to name my first daughter Rose, After Rose Dewitt Bukater in Titanic, which is one of my favourite films of all time! The rose is also my favourite flower!
As someone who's had this name for 16 years, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone considering it for their daughter. What if they grow up to hate their floral namesake, as I do? I hate that there are no decent nickname options aside from "Rosie", which is likely to be outgrown by a certain age.
I admittedly narcissistically looked up my own first name. I really do like it a lot. I do occasionally get the "Oh! Your name's Rose? My middle name's Rose!" That does not bother me. My impression of it really is of an old Jewish woman, but that's because I was named after my great grandmother. Nobody likes their name as a child, and for me, I thought it was too feminine to suit me. It is a very feminine name, with little to no gender ambiguity. That being said, it's stopped bothering me. I think the name induces respect and implies intelligence. The fact that it is monosyllabic makes it efficient to say and write. The usual nicknames lengthen it, which I find counterintuitive and discourage the use of. The most common adjective used to describe it is "beautiful," which does not suit me, but I think the name does suit me in its own way. The age of the name doesn't make me feel stuffy, but worldly instead.
Rose Lalone of Andrew Hussie's MS Paint adventure, Homestuck.(It's also a last name, like that of the main character of Aaron Alexovitch's webcomic, Serenity Rose [the character sharing the name of the title])
My middle name is Rose, as is my grandmother's and my little cousin. One of my nicknames as a child was "Roe." It's kind of disgusting now that I think of it considering that there's cod roe, and salmon roe, etc...
This is my first name, and I have to say I find it incredibly awful. First of all, I believe that no matter how pretty the flower, the name of a plant does NOT belong on a person. It also does not suit my personality, because I'm rather wild and loud and it comes across as extremely dainty.I also absolutely hate the nickname Rosie, because it's childish.
Rose Veronica Coyle was Miss America 1936.
Rose means "pink" in French. Just thought that that would be a cute little fact to know.
This name is nice, because roses are so lovely, and therefore, it's easy to treasure, and not too cheap or trashy.
I am one of them sad people who had a child born 1997 and christened Rose, after Titanic.
This is a fantastic name, overused as it is. It's way too common as a middle name, but it's very refreshing to hear it as a first name or a nickname for Rosalie or Roseanne.
This name is very overused for a middle name, but never in my life have I met a girl with the first name Rose! I mean, what the heck?
I wish this was my name instead of Serena! It's so elegant and classy and I love the diminutive Rosie. Like everyone else says, it's extremely overused as a middle name, so I would be much more likely to use it as a first name. Gorgeous name!
"Rose" is (as overrated as it may be) a sweet name, nothing more, nothing less. I must admit that I associate it with women who have lived their lives (meaning: geriatric). It is not an incredibly professional firstname, either. "Rose" is leaps and bounds nicer than "Lily" (I beg of you not to name your daughters that trendy/fad combination)."Rosie" is a decently tolerable diminutive.
Napoleon disliked this name. His first wife, known to history as Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763–1814), was called Rose until she met him at the age of 32. He renamed her Joséphine from Josèphe, her second name (she was born Marie Josèphe Rose).
It's my middle name and I think it's an awesome name! I share a name with my favourite character Rose Tyler!
Simple, traditional, pretty, and feminine.
I don't see why this isn't more common as a first name! It's so versatile and beautiful! As a middle name it's very overused. It's common for book characters, but not for people. I love this name!
Rose is a pretty name. I like the name and I love roses. I am happy to have the name Rose in my last name which is Bellerose.
My middle name is Rose, as the name runs in the family. My grandmother's name is Rose, my aunt's name is Rosemarie, and my mother's conformation name is Rose. Even my dog's name is Rosie. :) But I really do like my full name, Julianna Rose; it flows nicely.
This is my middle name (after my great aunt) and I must say it's filler but it sounds pretty, I suppose. Better than Marie, at least. (No offense to you with the middle name Marie.) As a first name it's... nice, but kind of dull.
Even though this name is very common I love it! I love the name Leilani Rose=)
I named my little girl Rose as I think it's beautiful and elegant.
I know that lots of people consider Rose to be a "filler" middle name, but I would use Rose as a middle name not because I couldn't think of anything better but because I happen to honestly love the name. It's beautiful and classic and it evokes lovely imagery every time I hear it. I would also use Rose as a first name.
I quite like this name, I think I'd use it as a middle name rather than a first name, though. I think it has really nice connotations, it reminds me of a traditional, English girl (an English Rose). :)
My middle name and family name. All the daughters in my family have some form of "Rose" in their name. I like it.
Rose Sheedy is the name of one of the four main characters in the anime (Japanese animation) Red Garden.
Rose Porteous (b. 1948), Filipina-Australian socialite.Even this trashy gold-digger can't ruin the name for me!
I love it as a middle name. Like my sister in law's middle name is Rose. Beautiful if you ask me. (:
I love this name but if I used it on a child it would be a middle name which I know is a 'typical filler' but it's too dated for me to be a first name. I disagree that it's that you haven't given the middle name enough thought because it is beautifully irresistible, I can see why so many people use it.
Rose is super cute! I also love Titanic. I'm using this name in a story I'm gonna write. I don't like it as a middle name though.
Like Claire, this name is really pretty and sweet in its simplicity, and who doesn't like roses? It's also very refreshing to see it used as a first name, since, for the last decade or so, it's been majorly overused as a middle name, the Marie and Anne of its generation. I'm happily surprised that this name hasn't surged in popularity in recent years as the girls who saw that hideous Titanic movie over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again have grown up and started having kids of their own. Madison didn't get so hideously popular as a girl's name till a generation after 'Splash!,' and Jennifer stayed so popular well into the Eighties in part because the younger girls who had seen 'Love Story' apparently remembered that movie and wanted to use the name all of those years.
When I have a daughter, I would love to name her Rosalie, that way she can use Rose as a nickname! :DD
Both of my great grandmothers were Rose, and my middle name is Rose. To pass on the legacy, my daughter is going to be Briar Rose. Rose is a sweet, delicate, attractive name. It may be slightly overused as a middle name, but it's still very timeless.
Rose is a beautiful name, but overused in the middle name spot. I really love as a first name. It sounds so elegant while remaining simple.
As I do love my middle name, it is slightly overused. I'd use it as a first name! It's very pretty and not many people have it as a first name.
Rose is such a beautiful name! It gives an impression of sweetness but strength, like a rosebush has tough branches and thorns to protect itself. It's hard to pair with a middle name, but breaking up popular variations can have success, i.e. Rosemary, Roseanne, and Rosalyn become Rose Mary, Rose Anne, and Rose Lynne.
I absolutely LOVE the name Rose! It's so pretty and elegant, and it's feminine without being too girly. I think it is great as a first name, and I wish it were my name. There are many variations (Rosa, Rosalind, Rosemary, etc), but the only one I like is the French one Rosalie.
I love the name Rose! It's so classic and sweet. It's my grandmother's name and it's also my middle name.
I love my name now (my name is Rose), but I used to hate it. The one thing I used to hate is when people would buzz the s (as in pronouncing it Ro-zh, aaah!). Since my dad has the same name as just about everyone in his generation and nobody can pronounce my mom's name right, they wanted to name me something that everyone could pronounce but not everyone would have. I haven't found many people with my name as a first name which is awesome (I have 6 friends named different variants of Erin and it's horribly confusing). People always come up to me and tell me they love my name, which is also awesome. I was so excited it might have been partially derived from German as well - I love the German language!
Rose is a lovely name. I can picture the name Rose on a baby, little girl, teenager, young woman, middle aged woman, and old woman. I think Rose can work for all ethnic backgrounds as well.
Rose is graceul, beautiful, dark, mysterious, yet strong and independent. And the name's history is so interesting. The German language is usually rough and unattractive, no offense to those who are German/of the heritage! I am primarily of German heritage.The name has to either be a middle-name or it has to be a name combo to get by, otherwise, just Rose by itself is prententious.
My middle name is Rose, and I don't care if it's common. For a first name, I find it a bit old-fashioned, but still pretty. I just think it's better as a nickname for something like Rosalind, Rosanne, Rosette, etc. But hey, that's just me. I also like the flower; it's pretty.
One of my great-grandmothers was named Rose. I think it is a really beautiful name. I always think of her when I hear it. Unfortunately, it's gotten popular as a middle name, like Anne, Marie, Lynn, and Leigh. I like this name way better as a first name.
Actress Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a daughter Rose, was born 7th July 2008. She weighed 3,04 kilogramms.
In the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", the three fairies call the Princess Aurora by "Briar Rose" while raising her in the cottage in the forest.
A very pretty feminine name. It makes a great middle name too. I obviously think so because I chose this as my Catholic Confirmation Name, so if included with my name, makes it sound more feminine, if it wasn't already. The rest of my names are complex and unusual, so it works well.
My middle name is Rose, and I used to think it was very harsh. Some girls had Lynn as a middle name, which I thought was simple and could be paired with anything. Others had Marie, which I thought was very pretty but also very common. Still others had Jane, which to this day I think is gorgeous. And I had a harsh one-syllable middle name: Rose. It's a family name.Now that I'm a little older (16), I have grown to appreciate my middle name, as well as the flower behind it. I think that is beautiful.
I LOVE this name, so simple, classic and elegant.
Roses are nice, and the name isn't exactly ugly, but it sounds quite plain and dull on its own, and it is way too common as a middle name. The name also reminds me of Rose McGowan, who was wacky enough to almost marry Marilyn Manson. Not a good association. However, the name does make me think of attractive women with reddish-brown, long hair, dewy, green eyes, full, red lips, pale skin, and an hourglass figure. This isn't much of a blonde name to me.
Sweet and rich and glowing with life.
I love Rose as a first name, as it can be quite sweet and romantic. As a middle name though, all the originality is drained away. I feel as though half the girls in America have either Anne, Rose, Grace or Marie as a middle name. To me the middle name Rose seems like the parents gave no thought at all to it and just tacked it on because they felt she needed a middle name but couldn't be bothered to think of anything interesting. But as a first name it is gorgeous and refreshing. I'd much rather meet a girl with the first name Rose then yet another girl who is _____ Rose.
St. Rose of Lima was born in Lima, Peru, in 1586 and died in 1617. She is the patroness of Latin America and the Phillipines. Her real name was Isabel, but she was called Rose and the name stuck.
I think "Rose" would make a great middle name.
Hopefully someone named Rose would be as pretty as her name.
My granddaughter's name is Megan Rose which I think is very pretty. She is named after my mother and her great-grandmother Rosemary which is also my first name. By the way, for those who think movies are "real" and don't like the name because of it, besides my granddaughter being named Rose, my daughter, son, 4 siblings and I are all "Rosemary's baby".
Rose and Mae are one of those filler middle names for people who don't really want to put the time into thinking of one.
Rose Heart is the real name of the character Redd Heart in the trilogy by Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars.
This is a very nice name! I didn't used to like it very much but now I do. Lots of people in Brazil are called Rose, but you pronounce it HO-zee. Rosa is used a lot too, since it is Portuguese for the flower rose. It's pronounced Ho-za. I prefer just Rose as a first name only, I don't really like the combinations like Rosemary or Roseann or Gracie-Rose or something like that.
Famous bearer includes famous author Rose Wilder Lane, daughter (and only surviving child) of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband Almanzo Wilder.Rose's character was in the later of the 'Little House' books, portrayed by multiple actresses (only much later in the series around the time it became "Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning") in the famous '70's-'80's television series, and also in many miniseries and movies based off of the life of the Ingalls Family.Rose Wilder Lane was born in December 1886 and died in 1968, at the age of 81.
This name sounds simple and sweet to me, but I speak French and I would never name my child this because rose means pink in French, and I would never name my daughter pink.
Rose Tyler was the companion to the Doctor in the first two series of the revamped "Doctor Who" TV show produced by BBC.
Rose Wilder Lane was an American journalist and political theorist, the daughter of writer Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Rose is my middle name, it's a variant for my mother's name, "Rosie." I think it compliments my first name beautifully: Christine Rose.
I love the name Rose, it's feminine without being too girly. I like it as a middle name better.
Rose Dewitt Bukater (played by Kate Winslet) the co-star of Titanic is a famous bearer of the name.
A simply sweet name. Old fashioned, like Pearl, but absolutely beautiful.
This is my favourite name. I think it has an elegant air to it and so would be good for anyone, no matter what your age. Though the pet form is Rosie, I would associate this more with a little girl or a dog. Overall, I think this is a nice name (even if it's thought to be a little over-used)!
Spoiler warning for those who have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Ron and Hermione's daughter is called Rose Weasley.
This is my name, I got it when I was born! From now I love this name very much, I will never change it in my whole life!
Very over-used as a middle name. Rarely used as a first name anymore. I don't know why, it's so pretty and elegant!
Briar Rose is the name Aurora is called when she is hiding from Millicent in SLeeping Beauty.
My jumping mouse was named Rose. I named her after Rose in Titanic, because I was crazy about "Titanic" and Kate Winslet at that time.
Rose is a great name, but I prefer it as a middle name because it usually goes great with any girl name.
A lot of people have probably already said this but, I like Rose better as a middle name. I know tons of people (which includes my little sister whom I helped name) with the middle name Rose. Along with Anna, Lynn, and Marie, it simply sounds good in the middle.
This is a very elegant name. I love it!
I love this name. If my last name didn't start with an "s" I'd use it. As it is I'm thinking of using Rosalie. I seriously doubt the Greek connection, though I love horses so it wouldn't bother me.Literary: Rose is the main character in Louisa May Alcott's books "Eight Cousins" and "Rose in Bloom."
I love the name Rose! But I think I would use it as a middle name though.
Exorcism of Emily Rose. Pretty name, scary movie.
I just started really liking this name today. It's a nice twist because everyone has it as their middle name (along with Marie, Grace, etc.) and for a girl to have it as a first name is nice. Plus, Titanic's not a bad movie. ;]
The Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Windsor is the youngest child and daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (Prince and Princess Richard).
I'd prefer it if it was paired with something else like, Helena - Rose, Tallulah - Rose, Rose - Leigh.
I think it's pretty, and it would've been my name if I had red hair (thankfully not -- the name hardly suits me), but I think that this best belongs to the flower. It just doesn't sound all that appealing to me.
It's a beautiful name. Rose could be nickname for Rosanna, Rossana or Roseann.
Madame Rose represents the stock character of fortune teller and medium in "Cluedo Master Detective." (Related to the "Clue" board game.)
Actor Johnny Depp's daughter's name is Lily-Rose.
I like this name better as a middle name. It goes with almost anything!
Rose has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's. It was hugely popular from the 1880's to the 1950's with its most popular year being 1910. In 2005 it ranked 333.
I like the name Rose. It goes well with many current names.
In Fullmetal Alchemist, Rose Thomas is a girl who was tricked by the prophet Cornello, but Edward and Alphonse Elric helped her defeat him. Later, she reappears as an important figure called the "Holy Mother".
Rose is a beautiful name. Makes a great middle name.
I think this is a lovely name. I wouldn't name my child it, unless it was for a middle name, though.
"Rescuing Rose" is a novel by Isabel Wolff.
Nice but pretty boring.
Rose is my middle name and many of my peers think that it is better than my first name. I don't think that. My teacher says that she wants Rose as the middle name of her first girl. It does roll off the tounge. It is also the name of Betty White's character on the old TV show "The Golden Girls".
In Titanic, the main female played by Kate Winsellet is called Rose.
This is my middle name, and is thoroughly overused as one, but goes well with just about any name. I don't think I've ever been the only one in my class who has this middle name! I think it sounds especially sweet with Emma or Ella (or my name, Lauren!)
Famous person with the name: Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and a famous writer and traveler of the world.
Numerous etymological works point out the German use of Rose as a form of Mary. In fact, that is often given as the origin. Also, the Catholic Church seems to accept it as a thusly valid "Christian name" for this reason.
Comment on this comment: The lady that does my hair/eyebrows/owns the tanning and hair salon in town, she's from Germany, and her name is Rose. So. yah.
Rose McGowan is an acterss who stars as Paige Matthews Halliwell in the popular TV show 'Charmed'. Also, Rose Casson is one of the main characters in Hilary McKay's series of books about the Casson family: "Saffy's Angel", "Indigo's star" and from not so long ago "Permanent Rose".
Famous bearer: Rose Byrne.
Very beautiful, not too long, not weird or difficult to pronounce and sounds good in any language. It is one of my favorite girls names.
Rose Tyler is the current companion to the ninth Doctor in the television series 'Doctor Who'.

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