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Every Sarah I’ve met is usually a bubbly personality.
Between the May 1970 and October 1972, Sarah Weddington argued the case that became Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision guaranteeing a woman's right to an abortion. The decision was handed down in January 1973; Weddington was just 27 years old.For the last fifty years, abortion has been a consistently hot-button issue. Pres. Ronald Reagan actively campaigned to outlaw abortion, and pledged to nominate Supreme Court justices to invalidate Roe v. Wade. His supporters were outraged, then, when justices like Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Reagan's much ballyhooed first woman on the Court, turned out to be fairly moderate on most social issues. (She would be denounced as a "radical feminist" for years, particularly by the religious right, with very limited justification.)Abortion is under assault in an unprecedented way in 2022, with the Supreme Court seemingly poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. States have issued anti-abortion legislation in states like Texas and, most recently Oklahoma. In my home of Ohio, at least one GOP gubernatorial candidate has campaigning on appointing what he calls an official "Pro-Life Advocate." It could prove to be an interesting coda to abortion legislation.By January 1973, when the decision was handed down, Weddington had embarked on a political career of her own. She would win three elections to the Texas legislature.In 1977, she joined the Carter administration, first as a counsel to the Department of Agriculture, and then as the WHite House Director of Political Affairs.Weddington's appointment can be seen as something for feminists, lukewarm on Pres. Jimmy Carter from the outset, to support. Carter was personally opposed to abortion but believed it should be legalized. (This is not a particularly uncommon stance: public figures from Gov. Mario Cuomo (D-NY) to "The View" cohost Sunny Hostin share the same perspective.) Her effectiveness in the role was debatable.Sarah Ragle was born in 1945 in Texas to a Methodist minister and his wife. She graduated from high school two years early and pursued a degree in English from McMurry University. A McMurry dean told her, "No woman from this college has ever gone to law school. It would be too tough." This lack of faith motivated her to attend law school at the University of Texas. In 1967, Ragle became pregnant by Ron Weddington; she traveled to Mexico for an illegal abortion. She graduated from law school the same year, and married Ron Weddington the next year. (She is referred to as Weddington going forward)Weddington struggled to find a job with a law firm. This struggle became the opportunity she needed to make her mark with abortion. Wedding had begun making a name for herself in fighting anti-abortion statutes locally.The story of Roe v. Wade began when a pregnant woman named Norma McCorvey visited a local attorney to see about getting an abortion. The attorney worked with McCorvey to help her find an adoptive family for the child, and then referred McCorvey to Weddington and Weddington's associate Linda Coffee.In March 1970, Weddington and Coffee filed suit against Henry Wade, the Dallas district attorney responsible for enforcing anti-abortion statutes. McCorvey became the plaintiff, covering her identity with the alias "Jane Roe."In May 1970, Weddington argued her case for the first time before a three-judge panel in Dallas, Texas. The court agreed with Texas abortion laws were unconstitutional. The state appealed the decision, and it landed before the Supreme Court.Weddington argued the case twice before the Supreme Court. The first time was 13 December 1971. After initial discussions, it was decided the case should be reargued, which it was 11 October 1972. At the time of her first argument, Weddington was 26 years old and had never tried a case.In January 1973, the Court decision was handed down, overturning Texas' anti-abortion law by a 7-2 majority, and legalizing abortion nationwide.Weddington's ethics in the case have often been questioned. In 1993, Weddington stated in a speech, "My conduct may not have been totally ethical. But I did it for what I thought were good reasons." This was further complicated by McCorvey. McCorvey claimed that she had been raped at the time of the arguments, though she recanted that; rape was never a factor in the case as argued. She publicly became a vocal part of the anti-abortion movement, but then recanted her involvement, claiming she had been used and misled by the movement's leaders. In 2018, Weddington said of McCorvey, "[...] the problem I had was trying to tell when she was telling the truth and when she wasn't. [...\] I was very careful in drafting the materials that were filed with the court to be sure I only put in things I was sure were accurate."In the fall of 1972, around the time of her second oral arguments before the Supreme Court, she successfully ran for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat; future Texas governor Ann Richards worked on her campaign. She was reelected in 1974 and 1976. She resigned from her seat in September 1977.She then joined the Carter administration, as the general counsel for the Department of Agriculture. She then became the White House Director of Political Affairs, beginning in mid-1979. Carter had alienated feminists, particularly with his January 1979 firing of former Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY, 1971-1977) as head of the National Advisory Commission for Women. She served through the end of the Carter administration.Weddington joined the faculty of Texas Women's University as a lecturer, serving there for nearly a decade. She also taught at the University of Texas at Austin for nearly three decades.Weddington remained an active part of the women's movement through her life, often venerated as an icon of the movement.Weddington struggled with health issues for the last two decades of her life. She died 26 December 2021, just 25 days after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the case that saw the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Sarah Cameron, from the show Outer Banks.
Sarah Geronimo is a Filipina singer and actress. Geronimo rose to prominence in 2002, after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night earning her a recording contract with Viva Records and released her debut album Popstar: A Dream Come True (2003). Billboard hailed her as the “Ultimate Pop Superstar.”.
Sarah is really pretty but extremely typical and common, I don’t care for how it’s close to harass when it’s backwards and I think most people don’t know that.
Not that exciting anymore.
Now that I think about it, I quite enjoy Sarah in a way. Though I prefer the spelling Sara, this one is just as good. Sarah reminds me of beautiful sunny days. I believe Sarah is timeless, regal, and approachable. Boring, dull? Maybe. But I really love that meaning and the inviting humbleness of Sarah. It has a feminine, graceful simplicity you don’t see in too many names nowadays. I enjoy Sarai as well. But nonetheless when all other names go wrong, you can always go for a timeless classic. I would like to use this as a middle name.
Not bad, but it's too common for my taste. Simple and a bit boring, if I'm honest. I prefer other names, but it's good although it would be good that parents give this name a break, al least for a while. However, I see Sarah as a better middle name, because it combines well with any name.
Really beautiful.
Not a great name to name your child this now, but it used to be really popular and known as attractive.
Sarah Beaupré is a character in the book series The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier. She is Léa's archenemy from her hometown, and Thomas's girlfriend.
Sarah Harding (1981-2021) was one of the singers of Girls Aloud, a girl group that was active from December 2002 until March 2013. She died of breast cancer on September 5, 2021 at the age of 39.
Personally, this name looks better with the "h" (sorry to anyone who spells it with Sara) though it still looks pretty either way.
Give this name a break already.
I like this name, despite its commonness (is that a word?). I might use it!Fun fact: this name is banned in Morocco.
I have a younger cousin named Sara, and I also have a cat named Sarah. I think it's a pretty name, however it's spelled.
Sarah is a gentle-sounding and particularly feminine name. I like it better with the "h", because the spelling looks nicer, but it works without it too.
“Sara Smile” is the name of a 1975 song written by American musical duo Hall and Oates.
This is my first comment on this website. My name is Sarah, pronounced Sair-ah. I live in the American South, so it’s notable that people here often pronounce this name as Say-rah. My grandfather said Say-rah and also called me Sam. I enjoy my name, even though I have met too many Sarah’s my age to count (I was born in the 90’s). Having friends with your name isn’t always a bad thing— I had a friend in college named Sarah and we walked around campus being known as “the Sarah’s.” Pretty fun to have another Sarah by your side sometimes. Commonness doesn’t always mean a name is awful— it means it is beloved for a reason. So many people bear this name that I’ve never stereotyped it. As a little girl I absolutely loved the meaning “Princess.” Its Biblical origins and simplicity make it a classic. Nevertheless, I could see why parents might want to give Sarah a break for a while. The Sarah population is quite numerous at this point. I agree that it pairs well with many kinds of unique middle names. One commenter mentioned that Sarah spelled backwards is close to “harass.” I was a very rambunctious toddler and was actually jokingly given this as a nickname, along with “Sarah the terror.” Now we look back on this as a funny memory. If someone used Sarah in 2022 or beyond, I might suggest a unique middle name used in a double name kind of situation— something to set a very common but classic name apart.As a side note I would add that I am not blonde and keep my hair tucked behind my ears at all times.
Sarah Ashley Hunt born 2005 is a dancer best known for Dance Moms.
Sarah Camilla Georgiana (b 2007) is a dancer best known for “Dance Moms” season 8 and “Kobra Kai”.
My grandma’s name is Sarah, as well as two of my friends, but I like the name. It’s nice and simple.
Also Judeo-French:
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
This name gets on my nerves. It’s overdone and I picture Sarah as a blonde with one piece of hair in front of their eyes.
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
As a Sarah, I've noticed a lot of variation in pronunciation online. My name is Sir-ah. Sir rhymes with air, bare, bear, care, dare, fare, fair, hair, her, mare, pear, per etc...It is also a different name to Sara. Sara is generally not pronounced like Sarah where I live. Sar- rhymes with bar, car, far, jar, par, tar etc...
I love Sarah. It's classic and beautiful. You can't go wrong with it.
Name of the day 11/11/21, very pretty name.
Today's Name of the Day (11/11/21)!Sarah isn't really a name I think about, as a name. I've known a bunch of people throughout my life named Sarah, even a cousin - it was ridiculously popular in the 90s. Its ubiquity sort of made me ever discount actually considering using it in the future.The sound of Sara / Sarah itself, though... is hardly objectionable. I mean, I can see why it caught on so much: it can be pronounced in almost any language, and even by small children learning how to talk. But it is quite wispy, and also often feels like Sarah is a name parents decide on when they can't agree on anything else.That said, I've always preferred the Sara spelling, myself.
Pretty, though it's a bit basic.
I prefer the spelling Sara. The h is unnecessary and makes it seem like an Arabic name rather than western (even though that's probably the name's origin).
Very basic.
This is my favorite of the "common" classical names. When I hear the name Sarah it just feels so sweet, and free spirited and happy. Possibly in part due to A Little Princess's Sara Crew, though I prefer the H spelling myself when it is a stand alone. I think at the root of it this name is so popular because it is so sweet, probably the most sweet and personable of the feminine Biblical names so I attribute that to it's industrial usage. I think that if you have no qualms with popularity in a name it's an excellent choice, and to go for it! :) at the moment my favorite names to go with it are Sarah Olivia, Sarah Calina, Sarah Michelle and Sarah Delilah.
Like a breath of fresh air.
Might be a little biased considering this is my name but honestly it's quite a solid name. Definitely isn't the best sounding name out there but I don't think it's the worst either. It sounds a little rough at first glance because of the R consonant, but I'd say it can be pretty delicate as well. It's been popular in many countries since pretty much the dawn of time and because it was so common there used to be an "issue" with having multiple Sarah's in a class, or knowing multiple other Sarah's apart from yourself, which can get annoying. In the 2020s, the "popularity problem" has moved onto names like Olivia, Ava and Everly, so I'd say if you really want to name your kid Sarah now, that wouldn't be as big of an issue as it would have been in the 80's and 90's.
I've thought about changing my name as a child because it was so common, but I've grown to love it. It's surely common for a reason.
Also Dutch: [noted -ed]
"Said Sara... you're the poet of my heart". Absolutely beautiful song for an absolutely beautiful name. I like all spellings too though Sarah is my favourite. I have even seen it spelt Cera once.
I absolutely LOVE this name! It's not that common, at least in the country I live.
Beautifully timeless.
With 67 821 bearers, Sarah is the 10th most common feminine given name in Israel (2014 Data).Source:
It's a classic for a reason! A few reasons, actually... It may not be the edgiest or trendiest name, but there's something to be said about not being trendy. It almost certainly won't ever make any "outdated names" lists. Sure, there have been times when the name was super popular, but it's never dipped too low when it wasn't at its peak. Timeless names tend to be pretty solidly good sounding lol that's why they're timeless. There are a lot of trendy names I absolutely love, but I see most of them seeming dated 10 years from now, 20 years from now...And the name Sarah will serve the person well. What I mean by this (to be blunt), is that it will never affect the person's life chances negatively. For instance, if someone sees it on a resume without seeing the person, the person viewing the resume won't have any immediate negative feelings or preconceived notions about the person (whereas someone might assume someone named Ruth is older, or that someone named Candy isn't intelligent, or that a Brittany was born in the 80s... people shouldn't stereotype, but it does happen, sadly).And the name won't ever be mispronounced (you have to feel sorry for people with such unique spellings that they have to spell out their name every time they meet someone for all of eternity). It's a very beautiful name and stands the test of time across the globe. There are a lot of great feminine names for girls and a lot of great androgynous names for girls, and this one happens to be a very pretty feminine one without sounding delicate. So it's a very pretty, timeless, and safe name you really can't go wrong with. It's not edgy, but it's quite nice and is never going to be bad either.
PRETTIEST NAME! Honestly, when I think of the name Sarah I think of a pretty girl with beautiful eyes and hair. It truly is a beautiful name!
Very nice name.
Sarah is a pleasant name. I love the way it looks and the sound.
I am one of the few people who encounter the "probably" in rule 5.
I have a pandemic niece named Sarah. The “h” was added to her name because it is the first letter of her mom’s family name, although she has only her dad’s family name. I did not like it at first, over time it seems the name fits her personality. She is strong, almost never cries, she is happy, healthy and a beauty!
Great classical, timeless. Sarah means princess and is universal. Best name for a girl.
I changed my mind; this has been kind of growing on me! I like it, but still prefer Sarai and Sara.
Sarah Midori Perry, also known by her stage name, Sarah Bonito, is a part of the indie pop band, Kero Kero Bonito.
A little plain, but better than Sara.
I changed my mind about this name. It's actually kinda pretty, and Sara isn't that bad, either.
Much prefer Sarai.
I don't know why, but it reminds me of Syrup. I hate the taste and feeling of Syrup.
I LOVE this name! I am not sure why many individuals in the comment section despise it. It truly is beautiful.
My idea of a basic girl name. Sarai is prettier.
I hate it! Sarai and Sara are much better. The "h" just adds adultity (I know that's not a word) and frustration and tiredness and this is not a good name at all!
Sarah Jezebel Deva is a British vocalist. She is best known for her work in the gothic black metal band, "Cradle of Filth" and the symphonic metal band, "Angtoria".
It's honestly okay but a bit bland and has dulled over time. This name is pretty common and overused. It wouldn't be surprising to find anyone in your community with this name.
A notable bearer of this name is Sarah Thomas, the first female NFL referee.
I like the name Sara better with no H cause H’s are Ew!
Agree with anonymous user who commented yesterday. This name is terrible, especially the h, Sara is way better!
Sarah spells Haras backwards... add an ‘s’, there you have it! ‘Harass’.
I'm a Sarah, yes with the infamous H. I'm 15, going on 16 this year, so we're not all 35 as some of these comments suggest. In my birth year this name was fairly popular, I'm guessing top 20, 30? Reading these comments I surely wasn't expecting much, but I've noticed some people tend to stereotype others based off of their name, which is utterly ridiculous and unheard of and this name is definitely not the only one with such comments. We've all heard of the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover", but in this case the phrase applicable would be "Don't judge a book by it's title". I believe it is comical to take time to write an angsty lengthy comment on an etymology website ranting about how much you hate somebody else's given name, as if it isn't your choice to just not use it. I'm all for free speech, and I think expressing your opinion is a very important value which society wouldn't work without, but it's just a name, it's not that big of a deal! There is a big difference in talking negatively about a name; and talking negatively about the PERSON whose name is such. It's just like disliking somebody's outfit, and simply because of that, you dislike the person wearing it. My name was given to hundreds of thousands of women across the globe and no stereotype could ever accurately depict all of us. Apparently, in light of some older comments, I am supposed to be a poor, "white trash" young adult with a teenaged mother. I apologize sincerely if my name, which I had no control over, makes you feel this way, but if you will take the time to write a nasty comment about it, maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. A name does not make a person.Apologize for the broken English, as it is not my first language.
Sara or Sarah both dull and boring, sorry.
Don't like it. Sara is better, but Sarai I love.
This name is pretty shite to be honest. Not as bad as Jennifer though.
Such a classic and great name. Historic and good quality. Still popular as many years ago and that's good, because this name deserves to be liked. Beautiful.
Pretty, even though I actually know loads of other Sarah’s, they’ve all been nice.
Dull and boring.
This is a name that you can't really go wrong with. Works with a middle name and without one, popular in most places. A great choice for people that travel or move often.
Great name with a gorgeous meaning. Though often times this name becomes a permanent “Sarahwithanh” during introductions.
Plain but saucy.
Sarah (called Sarah Brown Eyes by her lover Coalhouse) is one of the main characters of the Broadway musical Ragtime. She is a poor but beautiful young Black woman in the early 1900s but she sadly dies before the 2nd act. She was originally played by Audra McDonald.
My eldest daughter's name is Sarah. I love its simplicity and grace. It also means Princess which is sweet, and I don't think too royal or overbearing. My little Sarah is as rough and tumble as they come! I know there are a lot of people who think Sarah is boring, but it really isn't. Pair it with a snappy middle name and your little girl is all set to take on the world. :)
Meh, not bad. I get a very positive vibe from this name.
Also used in Estonia:
Honestly I am glad that I read some of the other comments posted below. It's made me realize that there are some people who have very negative feelings towards the name "Sarah", "Sara", whichever way it's spelt. I actually find that to be a bit comical. My name is Sarah, yes with an H. Nothing negative that was said about my name made me feel mad or even bad but rather I was somewhat shocked. It's interesting that a name, a person's name can actually cause someone to feel some sort of negative feelings. I wonder how people can get so emotionally attached to someone else's name, wow. In my opinion Sarah has always been somewhat annoying to me, but only in school & only because it was guaranteed that there would be at least one other student in my class with the name Sara, spelt without the H & that used to cause some issues with multiple Sarahs. So in class I'd always hear "Sarah with the H it's your turn", or something similar. So when I was younger I really disliked my name, ESPECIALLY having the H at the end. As I got older I grew to accept it. Also add in the fact that my sister's name is Tara, we are only a year apart in age but 2 years apart in grade, but regardless Sarah & Tara REALLY got annoying really fast, lol... Now as an adult I truthfully couldn't even imagine my name being anything other then Sarah, not that I totally love my name but I defiantly do not dislike it. Truthfully I don't have any particular feeling towards it for me personally. It's neither here nor there. I'm not at all bothered by it. I will add that I do like it being spelt with the H. The H just looks better when written. I love art, I love painting letters in all kinds of unique ways & having the H adds a lot to it artistically in my opinion. As far as the name itself for today's day & age, I feel it's had its fame & glory. Its popularity was DEFINITELY IN THE 80's & 90's. I can't guarantee that was the "most" popular time for the name Sarah but I think that opinion is pretty accurate. Sarah was, is, so common, it's somewhat overplayed so to speak. I like unique names, uncommon names, names that very very few if anyone has. Now as far as what some of the comments below say about my name, as far as being boring, or that people with the name Sarah are spoiled, or snobby, etc., How can anyone ever judge a person solely based on their name? That is absolutely impossible. No one can EVER know what a person will or will not be like based on their name alone. That's what I meant when I said that "some" of the comments are comical, that aspect as well as the comments about how people have such hatred for the name. I just can't understand how anyone can be so judgmental especially when they have nothing to base their judgments on beside a person's name. There's simply no substance in that kind of judgement. Also hating something, especially a person's name, that's rather negative. I don't know, having such an emotional reaction based on a name alone to me is way too much energy wasted, not to mention it's so toxic having such negative emotions. I personally don't "Hate" any person's name. Names are a part of what makes us who we are as individuals. Not everyone will be overjoyed about the name that was given to them but it's a part of who we are. So I say embrace it and continue to live positively. It's just a name, you can always make up a nickname and go by that or even further there's always the choice of legally changing your name if so desired... Anyways, Sarah or Sara was at one point in our past very popular, today not so much, regardless the name Sarah, Sara, is here to stay, it'll definitely be here long after my demise. Have an awesome day everyone & may everyone be engulfed with immense health & positivity, especially in these scary times of Covid-19.
I’m 100% with you. Despite my username, my first name is also Sarah, with an H, and I think it is a just fine name, and very pretty with the H at the end. Growing up, I learned in school that women named Sarah or Elizabeth were most likely to be successful and perceived as strong as well. This was like 2nd grade and 3rd grade that teachers taught this, so, no, non-Sarah readers, I don’t have a reference for it.
At its worst, it’s an innocuous name. At its best it looks and sounds appealing and is inarguably classic. People who said its time has passed I think are confusing Sarah with Jenny or Jessica, also fine names, but with higher peaks and more precipitous crashes.
I also don’t understand how people can take personal offense to A NAME. Unless they have had a prior and unexamined bad
experience with a Sarah.
I’m a physician, a professor of medicine at Harvard and one of the snarkiest and hilarious people I know.
I’m definitely not princess material- too many summers playing in the creek on the farm in rural Maine for that, but my name has never slowed me down.
So, put that in your collective pipes and smoke it, Sarah-Bashers.
Actually, don’t smoke it. Save your pleural cilia for protecting you from COVID.
My name is Sarah- although I go by my middle name to avoid having two Sarahs in the family- and I am named after my mom. I have not met any Sarahs in my age group- 50. I have taught two Saras in 20 years. No H was on their names. My mom says the H is a chair. So, if she meets someone named Sarah, she asks if it is with or without a chair on the end. Ha! I love the name! It is shared in our family for its biblical nature. It may have been common at one time, but I just have not come across many people named Sara or Sarah. Also, people can’t be judged for their names only.
Harsh ugly name for an egotistical person who sits around painting her toenails and putting on make up all day. She cuts hair for a living.
Please, let the name 'Sarah' fall into obscurity. It's my own name and as a child I HATED that half the other girls in school had the same name. Even as an adult, it's ridiculous how many Sarahs I meet from any age group. I'm usually not the only Sarah in any of my workplaces, sometimes I'm not even the only Sarah with my last initial! It feels very impersonal, like the parents chose the name randomly out of a hat, rather than carefully choosing it. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, the meaning is pretty, both in literal translation and biblical roots. But there are just too. Many. Sarahs.
I like this name. It’s quite pretty and isn’t common where I’m from.
Sarah Neufeld (born August 27, 1979) is a Canadian violinist who was in the Canadian indie band Arcade Fire. She has also released several solo albums.
I changed my mind. Sarah is a very pretty name. While it is kinda popular, it does seem to be declining in popularity.
Sarah is a really basic name.
I never liked the name Sarah, my own name, it just sounds so mean spirited for some reason. And most people associate the name with stereotypical popular girls that wear pink and act entitled, when that's not me at all, I was more nerdy and boyish. Maybe when I was younger but not as an adult. I hate it when I have to introduce myself because when they hear my name they automatically assume I'm not nice.
The name Sara (without “h”) is extremely common in reformed Christians (not Orthodox or Catholic) churches from West European Countries, like Romania. In a church of 100 people, 7 girls out 10 are named Sara. My parents named me like this and during my life time I met over 20 girls with the same name as me. The name has lost it’s originality and many people don’t even know what it means, they just pick it because it’s a biblical name.
Also one of my friends from Jordan said also in her country the name is terribly common.
So if you’re looking for a unique and special name, this is not the right choice in my opinion.
My parents named me Sarah and I have never liked it. It is very harsh sounding to me, and when I was younger a kid I was playing with told me "sssarah is a sssnake name!" and I could never shake that idea. Plus, it was never fun to be forced to sit through sermons when the preacher would talk about a character with your name (usually an exciting thing, just because that's your name!) and the only significant thing she did in her life was be jealous of not having kids (yes, I know that was her only worth back then) and eventually have a kid.
I'm not trying to come off as too rude about this, since some people clearly like the name or it wouldn't have become so popular, but I plan to legally change my name at some point and I can't wait :'D.
I love the name Sarah because it's my name and sometimes when I hear a character's name or a person from any TV show or real people I get excited but I think it's a very common and overused name but I like it all the same.
It sounds pretty nice.
For all you Sarah haters, it's just unnecessary to say that you hate it, or that you think it's ugly. You are not even giving a reason why you think it is horrible. In my opinion, you can say absolutely whatever you want just as long as you include a reason why. Please help stop Sarah abuse, and call 1800 - SARAH - 1234 now.
My name is Sarah and I get called Saz by my cousin. I also get called this or Sass by a Spanish Spanish teacher in my school which I quite like.
My name is Sarah and I have never liked the meaning, especially when I was little. I don’t like that it comes across as snooty or prissy. Also it annoys me when people pronounce Sara as Sarah and for some reason when I was younger people would spell it Shara or Sahrah but that’s 8 year olds for ya. It’s only especially popular with people who were born in the 80s, more so in America.
Sarah means ‘ princess’ or ‘woman of high rank’ because Sarah in the Bible was spoiled.
Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) from the Terminator movie franchise.
I really like Sarah as a name because it's a universal name. You can find bearers of this name in the US, Europe, Mid East, East Asia, South East Asia, North Africa, pretty much everywhere. So if a person named Sarah moves a lot, she doesn't need to worry that people will misspell her name.P. S in Japan there is similar sounding name Sara, even tho it has different meaning.
I prefer this spelling to Sara. It seems more elegant and fresher in comparison. Sarah Daisy sounds like a great name to me.
I am afraid there is a typo in this entry:"[...] until she unexpectedly became the pregnant with Isaac at the age of 90." [noted -ed]'the pregnant' does not make sense, or at least, I can't really tell what you must have meant originally. Perhaps 'then pregnant', but even then it doesn't seem quite right to me (as in: there is no need for 'then' when there is already 'until' and 'age of 90', which both refer to a certain point in time in this context).
I prefer this over Sara.
My name mostly is Sarah. I love my name, my name is awesome. I feel so happy, I don't ever want to change my name. Sarah is a special name in my opinion but Sarah breaks the sorrows of the people's minds.
Plus I'm a singer, so ya.
Such an ugly name, way too overused. I hope I didn’t offend any of you Sarah gals, it’s just so plain and hideous.
I like this name because it is common, classical and awesome. It is different from other names and means lady in Hebrew.
I think the 'h' makes it seem more classic, and it without the h (Sara) seems more modern. Just my opinion, I prefer Sara.
I believe Sarah is a BEAUTIFUL name- it's nerdy and a classic name. It appears in many different religions. So a girl named Sarah sounds amazing. Fun Fact: In The Trials of Apollo there is a Dracaenea (a Greek Mythology monster) named Sssssarah with five S's.
Sarah Carpenter is an Instagram star and sister of American actress Sabrina Carpenter.
In my top 3 least favourite girls' names. It had its time but not sure why it’s still used. It’s so plain and boring, I’ve never met anyone under 40 who actually liked the name. All opinions on names are personal, please don’t be offended.
Common and overused, but not exactly bland or boring. It does have a nice sound to it, and in a way, it's actually kind of feisty!
Not really a fan, there's no translation of it into other languages, which has always kind of annoyed me. It's also super duper common and I cannot understand why. I think it's kind of boring and plain.
Sarah Georgiana is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” season 8 with her Mom, Michelle.
Sarah is banned in Morocco because it "is not indicative of Moroccan identity". However the Arabian form, Sara, is definitely legal.
Sarah Brightman is a British-American singer.
Sarah is a beautiful name!
Too Aristotelian.
Sarah is the name of a Wii Sports opponent Mii.
Also spelled Sora. The Hebrew diminutive Sarit has the alternative Sarita (which can also be considered a combination of Sarah and Ita)
Sarah Ashley Hunt is a dancer known for starring on the reality show “Dance Moms” with her Mom, Christy.
I think that the name Sarah is very beautiful and in case you didn't know it means princess.
If I named my daughter Sarah, her name would be Sarah Barrow. Or Sarah Barah lol! (last name pronounced bear-oh).
I have heard this name a lot and while it is common it is a very sweet, classy name which is used in the Bible. I have always felt sorry for the Biblical Sarah, being not able to bear a child and then seeing her husband have a son with her slave at a time when having children was one of women's only roles. She eventually had her son, so she got her happy ending.I also prefer the Sarah spelling, as it was the original one used and it has so much history being spelled that way.
Sarah is also beautiful! This is one of the names I was thinking about legally changing. Sarah is simple, sweet and for some reason, reminds me of an African savanna.
Years ago I might have had a less than positive comment regarding this name, but now, however, my stance has changed significantly in light of how other names like Emma, Charlotte, Olivia and Sophia are now more common place. So if Sara is a name that you really like and think it would suit your little bundle of joy, then by all means choose it and be happy. :)
At first I was thinking this was a typical popular girl name, but that is just because of bad connotations with others. This name sounds beautiful and although it is common, it’s pretty and classic.
Good Name.
Everyone hates this name so much and I don't know why, lol. To me it is one of the prettiest names ever and I don't even have a name similar to this so you can not say: "Oh you're just saying that because it's your name!"
I actually find it beautiful and don't care if it's overused, because Emma is the most overused name in the world (it's my name, I can say this.) And it doesn't get half the hate Sarah does.
Tacky Hebrew name that seems to be dying out in America. Buhhhhbyeeee.
Has fallen off greatly in the U.S. since the decade of 1980 to 1990, but still is popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I sure wouldn't want a Prissy pot name name that means "princess", but this ugly mid eastern name doesn't even mean that anyway. The ugly name Sarah means force, or forceful.
This name is pretty boring, but I don't really understand all the hate comments. Also, Anonymous from 1/6/2019, Sarah does NOT mean "forceful". Where did you get that from?
Sarah is a lovely name, even if it is quite overused. The reason Sarah has been a popular name for a long time is because of the meaning. Who wouldn’t want to name a girl something that means “princess”? There are plenty of lovely feminine names that mean “princess” or “queen”, but eventually, Princess and Queen become actual names and people call them ugly and tacky when they are unique.
Boring and insignificant.
Meaning is strong hog. Its Bosnian.
The name does not mean strong hog in Bosnian, I am Bosnian and I can confirm it.
The spelling SERA means blood serum, rather the PLURAL OF, i.e. several blood serums. Ugh. Ugly name anyway, from Iraq.
Have always hated it and it sounds Arabic.
Ugly old name for a mean person who was spoiled by her teenaged mommy.
Lest we forget Sarah Jessica Parker, the horsefaced actress of Sex and the City, which I've never watched, even once.
The name Sarah reminds me of ugly rough peasant women, maybe in Russia or Poland, working out in the field.
There's a semi-famous blues singer at the club in Chicago called b.l.u.e.s. and her name is Big Time Sarah. She weighs around the 4 or 500 lb mark, just guessing. Everyone else I've met with this name is also huge. This person is not very talented but being a blues singer of that size who has been around Chicago forevermore, she is considered a draw for the club and is more of a personality than a singer, imho.
Sara is an old ugly Bible name for a huge woman with a cartoon cow face who thinks she's pretty.
Not too overused. There are way more used names like Victoria, Emma, Sophia etc but no one comments on those names saying: OVERUSEDDDD!
I like it and find it lovely.
This name just shows the stereotypicality behind popular names.
People associate a girl named Sarah to be a stuck up white blonde girl that is part of the "popular crew." Some other names with that same stereotype are Tiffany, Courtney, Emma etc... My name is Sarah and I am the complete opposite of the name's stereotype. I am a laid back brunette that is very introverted, but also strive for good grades.
My name is Sarah and I am about 50-50 with this name. I like the meaning but hate the overall sound of it. I find it a bit rough and spiteful. Luckily my middle name is Maya so that kind of fixes it. I have learned to appreciate my name and now I love it. I like it because we travel a lot and this is kind of an all-around-the-world name.
Sera is the I only spelling I don’t hate of this name.
It's okay, I just prefer Sara.
In 2018, 28 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Sarah who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 37th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is my name. I was named after a great grandmother of mine. I love my name. One of my best friends who also has a "common" name calls me Say-Say. I call her Emya. I understand why many people don't like this name, but please, if you have met Sarahs who are stuck-up, do not immediately associate all Sarah's with that stereotype. I have met many Sarah's, but only one of them has been stuck-up. It is an old and classic name which will be used for generations to come, so if you don't like the name, get used to it, because it isn't going anywhere for a long time. There is a girl in my class who pronounces my name sAR-RAAh, if you know someone like that, I feel sorry for you, because I know how it feels to have your name pronounced incorrectly. My teacher spelled my name Sara, and almost my entire class laughed at my teacher and I. And if you don't like the meaning princess, I was told by someone at a camp I went to that it can mean argumentative.
Overused, boring and trendy.
I'm surprised at how much its popularity has decreased. I'm excited to see how much further it will drop down the charts, because then maybe I can consider naming one of my daughters it without sounding boring. I think is a lovely, soft sounding name that sounds like a soft hush of an ocean wave.
Extremely boring, overused and one of the ugliest names. Every girl I've met with this name were plain, boring and rather dumb.
This is a nice name, although very overused. I personally wouldn't name my daughter Sarah because of this reason, but it still sounds nice in general.
Sarah Knauss (September 24, 1880 – December 30, 1999) was the oldest American ever and the second oldest verified person ever.
Sarah Palin was governor of the state of Alaska & ran for Vice President but lost to Joe Biden on Tuesday, November 4, 2008! She was later a contributor to Fox News!
On the animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy, Ed’s little sister’s name is Sarah.
Sarah Gillis is one of Ruby's older sisters in Anne of Green Gables.
I don't care for this name. All the Sarah's I have ever met have been mean so the name makes me think of a snotty girl.
The Russian form is spelt as Capa pronounced as Sarah.
It is also another Biblical character in the Book of Tobit, which is not part of the Protestant Bible. Sarah had had many previous husbands but they were all killed by a demon on their wedding night. The Angel Raphael guides Tobias to marry Sarah, to burn a fish's liver and heart to drive away the demon. Raphael binds the demon, and Tobias and Sarah have a happy marriage. For this reason Catholics pray to St. Raphael for healing and to find your spouse.
Despite its popularity, I'm quite fond of the name. Then again, my area doesn't have too many Sarahs. (I've only met one I can definitely remember, and she's moved out of the state.)
Most people with the name Sarah I've met are pretty unique. But, of course, if it's used on every 5th girl it loses its charm. A shame, honestly.
I think Sarah is a very plain name. Knowing it means princess is a little better, but it's still very overused.
Sarah Jane Brown, usually known as Sarah Brown, is a British campaigner for global health and education, founder and president of Theirworld, a children's charity, the Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education and the co-founder of A World at School. She was a founding partner of Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, a public relations company. She is married to the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown.
Sarah "Sally" Hemings was an enslaved woman of mixed race owned by President Thomas Jefferson. Most historians believe she was the mother of six children fathered by him, of whom four survived to adulthood; and were given freedom by Jefferson. Hemings was the youngest of six siblings by the widowed planter John Wayles and his mixed-race slave Betty Hemings; Sally and her siblings were three-quarters European and half-siblings of Jefferson's wife, Martha Wayles Skelton. As an infant Sally came to Monticello as part of Martha's inheritance of her father's slave holdings.
It's an okay name. But Sarah is such a typical name.
Sarah, Duchess of York is a British writer, charity patron, public speaker, film producer and television personality. She is the former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She is the younger daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Barrantes. Sarah has two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, who are respectively seventh and eighth in the line of succession to the British throne.
Sarah is a beautiful, classic name. It is the name of a main character in my novel - younger sister of the protagonist, Lucy. The name suits her because she is kind, sensitive, and feminine. I also love the names Sally and Sadie, which originated as nicknames for Sarah. I don't view Sara as an alternative spelling of Sarah. It is a separate, related name, pronounced differently - rhymes with Cara, Lara, Tara and Zara.
I'm not a fan of either pronunciations SAIR-AH or SAR-RAH. The name just seems to be a bit ugly. I'd defiantly prefer to call my daughter Charlotte or Samantha.
OK name. That's it, really.
Sarah Margaret Qualley, known as Margaret Qualley, is an American actress and model best known for playing Jill Garvey on the HBO television series The Leftovers. Qualley was born in 1994 in Montana, the daughter of Andie MacDowell, an actress and model, and Paul Qualley, who is a model, musician, contractor, and rancher. Her sister, Rainey, is also an actress, dancer and model.
We all have a name that everyone loves but that we hate passionately.
For me, Sarah is that name.
Sarah to me is the epitome of boredom and lack of inspiration. I do not find the sound beautiful. I do not find writing it beautiful. I don't understand the eternal hype.
Sarah Kawahara is a Japanese-Canadian figure skater and choreographer of Japanese ancestry. She won an Emmy Award in 1997 for Scott Hamilton Upside Down and was the first skater to win the Best Choreography Emmy. She won her second Emmy in 2002 for choreographing the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. She joined the Ice Capades at age 17 and skated with them for seven years. She currently lives in California. She is married to actor Jamie Alcroft, with whom she has three children: Alysse Alcroft, Hayley Kiyoko, and Thatcher Alcroft.
Sarah Huffman is an American former professional soccer player who last played for Portland Thorns FC of the NWSL.
This name is extremely common! There's six girls at my school named Sarah/Sara. I'm surprised people still name their daughter this.
Sarah Catharine Paulson is an American actress. After beginning her acting career on stage, she starred in the 1990s television series American Gothic and Jack & Jill. Paulson later appeared in comedy films such as What Women Want and Down with Love, and had dramatic roles in films such as Path to War and The Notorious Bettie Page. From 2006 to 2007, Paulson played the role of Harriet Hayes in the NBC comedy-drama series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, for which she received her first Golden Globe Award nomination. In 2008, she starred as Ellen Dolan in the superhero noir film The Spirit.
Sarah Brandner is a German model. Brandner attended Obermenzinger Gymnasium, where she completed her abitur in 2010 with the main subjects being mathematics and economics. She then started studying sociology and history of art at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich but dropped out.
Sarah Jane Hyland is an American actress. Born in New York, Hyland attended the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan, followed by small roles in the films Private Parts, Annie, and Blind Date. She gained her first major role as Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family, for which she has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades and nominations, sharing four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series with her cast members and garnering a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.
Sarah Hassan is a Kenyan actress, model and TV host. She has appeared in more than a dozen films and television series. She is notable for her role in the Citizen TV comedy-drama, Tahidi High and The Wedding Show.
This name is WAY too common. I've never even thought of it being pretty or anything like that. Not my favorite.
A girl I danced in a holiday show with had this name but she spelled her name Sarrah, which I thought was way more unique than overused Sarah.
I was born Sarah Elizabeth and was Sarah until I was 18, because my parents refused to call me anything else all my life. I liked it when I was little. When I got older I realized how extremely and disappointingly common my name was. I was also often called Sah-rah, which I didn't like at all. My name was Sair-ah, NOT Sah-rah! That pronunciation was part of the reason I didn't like it. I also went to school with 7 other Sarahs, which got very annoying and very confusing over time. One of them even went by Sadie because there were so many of us! I changed my name at 18 and it's the best decision I've ever made!
Back in 1966, while my mom was pregnant with me, she & my dad wanted to name me Sarah, if I was a girl.
My mom even checked-out a book from the library that had a character named Sarah.  Well, as the story goes, about 2/3 of the way through the book, the character Sarah's name was misspelled as Saraah. My mom thought that would be an unique spelling of that name!So, I was a girl, and my parents named me Saraah. I am always asked how to spell my name - ugh!I have 2 boys in college now, and I spelled each of their names "normal" (Michael and Andrew).I have always been curious if there is anybody else with the same spelling of their name.
Indonesian celebrities who use the name are Sarah Azhari (Actress, Model, Singer), Sarah Shafitri (Model, Actress), Natalie Sarah Sianipar (Actress), Aulia Sarah (Actress, Model), Sarah Sechan (Actress, Host), etc.Note: Sarah Sechan is a nation-wide famous Indonesian host, she has her own TV Program with the same name as hers and people often call me Sarah Sechan for having the same name as hers.
Sarah is also generally used in Indonesia, as my given name is also Sarah and I'm an Indonesian. Please don't confuse my name with the one I use in my username, as it's only a character name in one of my story.Sarah is used in Malaysia too, as the name is considered an Islamic name both in Indonesia and Malaysia, though the Christians use that name too here. Sarah is flexible I think, it can be considered as an Islamic or Christian name. Many countries use the name, though I can't explicitly mention names of countries that use the name since I'm afraid that I might be wrong.That being said, my name is Sarah and I'm a native Indonesian born in an Islamic family.
Sarah Connolly (born 1963) is a famous British mezzo-soprano.
Out of all the Biblical names, this is a very common one. It also has been popular for a long time, like Emma, so there are many people with the name, making it even more plain. I prefer the less common and similar meaning Sarai, meaning "My Princess."
I'm surprised Disney hasn't made a new princess with this name.
Sarah is a very lovely name. I wouldn't mind naming a daughter that or even if my own name was that.
Overused and boring.
I can't stand the name Sarah, I imagine her to be stuck up and rude.
Sarah comes 49th in popularity on Canada's popular name list and that's pretty unique. But on the Behind the Name comments for lots of other names that are more popular than Sarah there is not this much hate! Avery is 6th! And it doesn't get a bit of hate on its popularity neither does Evelyn (21st), Isla (30th), and Brooklyn which is 32nd! So before you go on Behind the Name and blab on how common a name is, do your research first and if you know so many Sarah's the fact is it was probably just luck. Mila the name is 14th no hate there! And actually specify where Sarah is popular. And in America Sarah is 58th.This is for 2015.
Where did all the 'Sarah' hate come from? This is my sister's name and I find it very beautiful and pretty. She's never had any trouble with it being overused and although I do know a lot of Sarah's I don't see how it's really that bad!
Never liked the name, very boring... I haven't met a lot of nice Sarahs either, lol.
Sarah Manning is the badass main character of the television show Orphan Black. She is one of several clones, all portrayed by actress Tatiana Maslany.
There is only one word I can think of to describe this name: boring. It bores me to tears. It sounds like something that the parents merely picked out, putting no thought into it. Now, I know this is often not the case, but that is the impression the name initially gives to me. I'd find it to be a perfectly nice name, if it wasn't so common and bland and BORING.
I have a sister and her name is Sarah, but she goes to school with 5 other Sarah's. Sometimes it's overused.
My name is Cera and it is said like Sarah.
I like it, but it seems like a Sarah could easily get lost in the crowd.
On Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen) was a journalist from Croydon before she began traveling with the Third Doctor. She stayed with the Doctor when he regenerated into his fourth incarnation, and is considered one of the best loved companions in the show's history. The character went on to have adventures with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, and starred in her own spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Interestingly, while most other characters call her Sarah Jane, the Doctor will sometimes refer to her simply as Sarah.
Sa/ra... the first a is a long a pronounced like the a in apricot.. The second a is pronounced like a u in up or umbrella...The name means Princess, the one in authority or it can be an endearing term like my little Princess..It can be spelled Sara or Sarah or in other ways in other languages..
Okay name, but it's plain and overused.
It's the name of one of my best friends. I like both this name and its meaning. My friend has grown to like it, but still doesn't love it like some people do. She finds her name boring. The good thing about this name is that it's short and people in any country can spell it quite easily.
I don't like this name. It's weird, because I have no reason to not like it, but I just don't. The overall sound, the "h" at the end, the connections I have to it, I just hate all of it. Maybe it's because the first Sarah I ever knew was bossy and a know-it-all. It doesn't help that everywhere I turn there are 3 Sarah's I bump into.
Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and pianist. She has a song called "Angel".
Also named after my Great Grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth I've loved my name since I can remember. It's just a very pretty, old fashioned, simple, yet also classy and elegant name. My parents have great taste.
Hi my name is Sarah. I was named after my great great grandmother I love my name. It's so cool you learn new spellings everyday.
The German pronunciation is hideous. I much prefer the typical sair-uh way of saying it. Anyway, this is a very common name, but I do like it, despite knowing a girl named Sarah that I don't care for...
I don't like this name. I know WAY too many Sarahs, whether they're my age or in the generation above me. Plus, I don't know why, but the name itself gives me a headache. I'm sorry to all of the Sarahs out there, I'm sure you're all lovely, but I'm tired of this name.
Way too overused and also rather dull I think.
Happy to see that Sarah is moving downward on the social security list for most popular names of 2014. Was #48 in 2013, #50 in 2014. It's so much better to choose a name for your baby that is trending downward instead of upward so that child will not have 6 others in her class with her name (i.e. Emma or Charlotte). Sarah is a classic that will never be dated or time-stamped. 2-3 decades ago it was overused, but very few newborn girls are named Sarah today. It's a Biblical name--one of the oldest and most loved in the Bible.
My new baby granddaughter was named Sarah in 2014. Her parents are a bit older and have moved beyond the "teen mom" trendy names with the you-neek spellings that are so popular with today's young parents. Names come and go over the decades, but the traditional classics are never out of style. Biblical names are especially eternal -- you simply can't go wrong choosing one of them for a son or daughter. If you want to date your daughter to a certain decade, go ahead and name her Ashley, or Brooklyn, or Kynsleigh. But Sarah? Was Sarah born last year or 2000 years ago? It's a forever name, along with Elizabeth, Mary, and many others. Don't forget that the cute baby named Paizleigh is going to grow into a senior citizen named Paizleigh. If you are a Sarah, you are blessed indeed.
You can't really go wrong with a classic. I may have thought it boring when I was lindamaree but we always come back to the classics. Its' really rather pretty.
This name always makes me want to tear through paper, lol. I have no idea why.
Sarah-Jane Crawford is a British television and radio presenter.
The meaning of the name is not lady or princess.
In Hebrew, srara (שררה) means authority, force, power. Hence, Sarah is a woman who has authority, force, or power. Female lord, if you will.
Nowadays, in Israel, the word just means minister in government (female minister, Sar for male).
Has such a lovely meaning and is so beautiful sounding! (^^)b. Sally is a sweet nickname. ♡ ☺.
Certainly not unique, it's a common name everywhere, but still one that people often seem to like.
This is my name :) As a child I enjoyed meeting other little Sarah's in the playground. In my teenage years I did look for something more unique. I now go by Sar with close friends.
I think no matter what your name is, embrace it. Lots of people talk about unique names and there is a reason why they're unique. Lol.
I'm glad I'm Sarah. It's beautiful and I don't have any problems with it.
This is my name. I love it, and it didn't matter that I always had at least one other girl in my class every year with the same name. It means princess. One book of names said Sarah was the little black dress of names, a classic. I prefer it spelled with an H at the end, but it doesn't matter if people misspell it. Almost every Sarah I meet has been very nice and we usually become very good friends.
Sarah is my name and I have always loved it. I chose it myself and had my name legally changed because I found it to be a great name for many reasons, including that it's classic, biblical, and the sound and spelling. Sarah was in the top ten names in popularity from '78 - '02. I was born in 1992 so I come across other Sarahs my age but don't care because I've made it my own. There are no other Sarahs in my circle of friends, however my sister in law named her daughter Sarah Marie in 2014. I was surprised since it is much less popular now, so is Marie for that matter.
I have always hated this name, but now I think it's the worst one. Sorry to write it, but that is only my opinion, and I beleive, you won't change your impressions.
Sarah is a good name, and has a lot of strength when you pronounce it.
I don't know why this name is so popular. It is plain and lacks anything special to me. It's really common too. I have an aunt Sarah (she's in her 50's), she named her daughter Sarah (who's in her 30's) and my other cousin married a 'Sara' (without the 'h'). I went to school with at least 5 Sarahs (grade school, middle school, high school) and have worked with 2 Sarah's. It's really, super popular.
Dr. Sarah Page was a character from the British TV show Primeval. She was portrayed by Laila Rouass.
This is a gorgeous name, Sara. And the meaning is good. My second name is Sara but it's not why I love this name. I just love it. It's an ancient and timeless name of a woman of faith. Ancient is just so powerful.
Good meaning behind it but it doesn't sound very pretty. Just sort of plain and dull. But pretty in its own way.
Sarah is such a beautiful name. It goes well with every age and it has a cool meaning. And it's biblical which I love. Don't hate it because it's common.
It reminds me of someone who would wear heavy jewellery, for some reason. Very metallic sounding.
Such a common, boring name. It reminds me of a middle aged secretary, for some reason.
I like this name but I prefer Sara.
In the Septimus Heap novels, Septimus' mum is called this.
I don't care how common this name is, I absolutely love it! :)
British actor Tom Hiddleston has an older sister named Sarah.
My name is Sarah (pronounced sair-a) and my middle name is Jane. I think my name is nice enough but it is too commonly used. My friends don't care and just call me Sarah but my family know I think its too common and call me Sarah-Jane as just one name. It realy annoys me when I go into a class and a new teacher does the register, they always ask is it sair-a or sah-rah. Especially when the person sat next to me is called Zara (similer to sar-rah). I get really annoyed and confused.
SARAH is the "smart house" owned by Sheriff Carter in the Syfy series Eureka. SARAH is voiced by actor Neil Grayston.
This name is just as classic and pretty as can be. I knew a few Sarahs growing up in the 80's, but I don't hear it much at all anymore.
A variation of the name has been used for a secondary character in Final Fantasy XIII and a main character in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah Farron, who is the sister of Lightning and fiancee of Snow Villiers.
Nice name. I also like the meaning (princess).
This is my name but I spell it Sareh sometimes. And, yes with an "e". I pronounce it "sair-rah".I've moved a lot and wherever I go, there's a million Sarahs. I love the name, but it's WAY TOO COMMON. I went to a very small high school and there were 3 Sarahs in my class alone and at least one other Sarah in the other grades. Someone would yell Sarah and I'd turn my head and realize they weren't talking to me.
Sar'rah in Arabic means pleasing woman.
I love this name. It's one of my friends' names. I love how it means "princess in her own right" like someone above me said. My favorite combinations are Sarah Charity, although it sounds pretentious and the meaning is pretentious it just flows nicely, and Sarah Maris "lady/princess of the sea" i.e. mermaid or royal mermaid. :)
I forgot to mention how I also like the Salem witch trials assosciation. My friend whose name is Sarah has the same name as one the witches! That's how I found out about the every-other-witch-was-named-Sarah thing; I googled my friend's name on a whim. This name is lovely! I personally pronounce it Sair-uh but I like all of the pronunciations.
Sarah is the name of my older sister. And although it's quite overused I really love it, it sounds great and trendy:) xoxo
I can't stand the name, I think Sarah is an ugly name.
The name is quite common and boring, but when you consider the meaning and the language it comes from, it makes you think of fantasy, like a genie princess or something.
Sarah Madelaine Martineau was a goldsmith.
Sarah Vida is the main character in two of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' novels, Shattered Mirror and All Just Glass. In Shattered Mirror, she is a Witch of the Vida line, known for their Vampire-hunting prowess. In All Just Glass, she is a Vampire of Kendra's line.
"Sarah Smiles" is a song by Panic! At the Disco.
Sarah has got to be one of the ugliest names I've ever heard of. I have no idea why it's so common.
This name is too common and, frankly, quite boring. It sounds to me like one of those names that parents would bestow upon their child because they're too lazy to think of other names ("Oh, to hell with it! Just name her Sarah.").
I commented a long time ago that I thought Sarah was overused, and I left it at that. Do I still think it's overused? Yes, to an extent. It has never really fallen out of fashion, and I know *several* girls of my generation named Sarah. However (like Emily in a way), I can understand the popularity very well: it's a beautiful name, yet simple enough for everyday use.I used to prefer the spelling Sara over Sarah, but I now find Sara kind of incomplete. I now want the 'h' at the end.What can help spice up Sarah is an atypical middle name. Sarah Elizabeth seems to be a popular combination, but both names (while beautiful) are very common. The middle name needs to be something different... I quite like the combo Sarah Gillian.
I think it's nice! It can fit any sort of person, and it's not trendy nor dated.
I really dislike this name. It is WAY too popular these days. I also know too many trashy, snobbish, annoying, unpleasant people named Sarah. Would have been a good name pre-1980, but all of the revolting Sarahs I know are younger than this. "Princess" indeed!
Sarah Patterson is an actress that is best known for playing Rosaleen in Neil Jordon's 'The Company of Wolves'.
Ugly, ugly name. Call me strange, but for some reason it reminds me of vomit in hair.
Sarah is one of my least favourite names. It's plain, completely overrated and sounds strange. I don't understand why so many people like it.
It's a beautiful name. It makes me think of a pretty young girl who works towards her dreams and encourages others to do the same. It's a little too common, but it really is a good choice for a daughter.
This name is nice and simple but a little plain. However, you can't go wrong with this name.
I'm sorry, I just don't like this name. The meaning is okay, but not very real. Everyday girls aren't princesses, they should have more unique names with better meanings, meanings that actually mean something that isn't stuck up like 'princess'. And I know people can name their kids whatever they want and all that blah, it's just frustrating. Sarah just really does sound plain and boring to me, and in America, if you yell 'Sarah!' anywhere (especially at school) probably 5 or more heads will turn around. I agree with the comment 'Sarah Plain and Tall', because it really does sound just like a plain, normal girl with no ambition, and parents, naming your daughter Sarah doesn't really seem to me like someone who wants their child to succeed, it just seems like they had to other name options and are unoriginal. I think there are much better, much more prettier names with more unique meanings than 'Sarah'. Uggggh. And I understand wanting to name your child something biblical, but really? Sarah? Again, even with biblical names there are more unique names than 'Sarah'.
You must really, really hate this name. I mean, yes, Sarah is dull, but you are saying that my parents didn't want me to succeed because they named me Sarah, a name they absolutely loved. It meant a lot to my parents. But what do you care? And somehow my name makes me have no ambition. How does that even work? I totally understand that people doesn't like this name because it's sooo common (I'm not so fond of it either - my taste in names are very different from my parents'), but you're just plain rude.
I know like a zillion Sarahs (and no I am NOT kidding). It is annoying. I yell out "Sarah!" at school like 3 girls turn around. It is annoying I hear this name way too much. Be more original parents!
In The Netherlands is it custom to call someone's 50th birthday Sarah for a woman and Abraham for a man.
Sara was also the name of the main character in the Andean maize legend. Sara Chojllu was a young woman who died due to a battle, but gave life to the maize plant from her heart watered by his husband's tears.A little summary of this legend can be found here:'s a beautiful name.
I like the meaning behind the name and the Biblical association but it is way too common.
I prefer Sara. It looks much better.
My littlest sister's name. Very pretty and feminine. She pronounces it "SAI-rah".
Sarah is graceful and pretty I think of a koi pond with fish in it when I hear this name. I get a good vibe from I girl that I know, named Sarah, around her.
I love this name! Loads of people have said this name is very common, but for me I've only known one Sarah. This is a lovely, sophisticated name for me and I would love to name a future daughter this, then again I say that about most names, but I have loved this name since I was young so this one might stick!
It's taken me a long time to appreciate my name, which is Sarah and we pronounce it "S'air-Rah": but I really don't mind when people pronounce it Sah-rah. I think that Sarah is one of those names that can just hold so many meanings for people, and for me in particular.My mum liked the name as soon as she heard it, and it held family significance. She also was rather fond of its meaning - "princess".My Dad's Italian so sometimes he'll pronounce it as Sah-rah or even drop the h at the end when he writes to me. In Italian, to pronounce it as S'air-Rah is the same as the Italian word 'sera' which means "evening/night". When he first wrote my name in a photo album he spelt it as Sera, accidentally or intentionally I'm not sure. He had an Aunty Serafina and sometimes I get that too.The origin of the name Sarah is religious, and because my Dad's parents are Christians they particularly like it. My Nonno (grandfather) also gives me the nickname "principessa" (pronounced Prin-chee-pess-sah) which keeps in with the name's meaning.This is one of the beauties of the Sarah/Sara name and how it can be pronounced. It holds so many meanings to so many people, and when its combined with other names (eg: Sarah-Jane) its meaning expands.
Who cares if it is overused? It's a wonderful name! And I like the spelling of Sarah better than Sara.
Well, Sarah's popularity depends on the decade. Some decades, it's more popular than others. The thing about Sarah, is that it's Biblical and classic. Besides, you can pair Sarah up with a not so common middle name if you're worried about popularity, but still want to use it. Popularity shouldn't deter you from using a name. I agree with whoever said to think about Emily. It's popular, and yet, still gets used. I'm trying to pick a name I think everyone can agree on and that my cousins aren't likely to use. Sarah is a good name that everyone in my family can agree on.
I think the H is quite unnecessary. The spelling Sara is much prettier.
A famous bearer; author, essayist, historian, and radio personality Sarah Vowell.
John Connor's mother is called Sarah in the Terminator films. I don't really like the films, but she is quite a cool character.
I really like this name. It's short and sweet. But I know so many Sarahs/Saras/etc., I've lost count and it's quite frustrating.
A very pretty, classic name. However I've started to associate it with Sarah Palin, defender of Alaska from Putin and other Russians who want to "sneak in" and it is extremely popular. Still a pretty name though.
I never really cared much for this name, whenever I hear it I think of either little girls licking lollipops that just seem sickeningly sweet or I think of a real plain and boring person. I would actually kind of like it except for the fact that it's so popular, in my opinion it would make kids feel unoriginal to have the same name as millions of other people. I don't have kids yet but when I do there is no way I'm going to name any one of them anything popular, I want them to have unique names that only they would really have. Although I don't want to give them a name that they would get teased about.
I've always liked the name Sarah. It sounds so sweet and innocent.
I agree with the earlier comment. You can't judge someone just because of their name. There were two Sarah's that I graduated with. I'm best friends with one and can't stand the other one, yet they have the same name. Doesn't mean they are the same person.
I can't resist adding Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, born in 1964 as Sarah Louise Heath.
Ashley, Emily, Hannah, Sarah, and Tiffany all have one thing in common: overused.
A noteworthy bearer was British actress Sarah Siddons (July 5, 1755 – June 8, 1831), well-known for her portrayal of Lady MacBeth in Shakespeare's "Macbeth", as well as other Shakespearean plays including "Othello", "As You Like It", "Hamlet", and "Coriolanus". She is remembered in the name of the Chicago, Illinois-based Sarah Siddons Society, a group that yearly awards the Sarah Siddons award for distinguished contributions to Chicago theatre.
It's a pretty name, regardless whether or not it has an H in it, but it's too common for my liking.
I have four bothers and no sisters, I am a Sara(h)the fact that the name means princes is not exactly a good thing- people already accuse me of being the princes seeing as I am the only girl.
I think the name is way too overused! It is however a very pretty name and I do like being named Sarah because it is such a timeless name. It is always fun when I meet anther Sarah (no matter their age) and ask- do you spell your name with or without the H?. It is a good choice overall.
Sarah is way too over-used.
This name is extremely common, true, but I love it. I can't help it. It's a beautiful name. As a child I always wished I was called Sarah, because I grew up with a name that is pretty unusual for my age group (Susanna), and wanted a common, but pretty name. Now I've come to appreciate unusual names, and actually like my own, but I still named my first daughter Sarah. She's 16 now, and rather fond of her name.
I am a Sarah, proud of it! Although, to be more original, my parents ended up naming me Sarah-Marie Elizabeth. Which is a little weird, to use three VERY common names together, but while I've met other Sarah Marie's, and Sarah Elizabeth's, I've never met another Sarah-Marie Elizabeth!Growing up, I went by just Sarah, usually having to be Sarah S. With my last name, because of the multitude of Sarah's I've gone to school with. In high school, people tended to just call me by my last name, Storm, because it was so unique, and everyone knew who they were talking about that way. I got tired though, of being referred to as Storm, or Sarah Storm, so in college I've started going by Sarah-Marie, which sets me apart a bit! Still, beautiful name! I love having it! It's actually kind of cool to share the name with other people, especially if you become good friends, it becomes part of the bond. In my church actually, there are the "four stages of Sarah" because there is a Sarah that is in her late 20s and married, there is me, the college-aged Sarah, there is a middle school Sarah, and a baby named Sarah. It's all kind of cool! :)
On June 15, 1905, Triplet sisters Annis, Sarah and Frances Waggoner are born in the United States. The three sisters each celebrate their 93rd birthdays in 1998 to earn the honors of oldest living triplets in the U.S. Sarah passes away on January 24, 1999 at 93 years, 223 days.
I used to hate this name because it's fairly common and a lot of people used to call me Sarah (I'm a Rachel) because I just 'look like a Sarah'. Which, obviously, bothered me.I'm quite fond of this name now, I know a lot of nice Sarah's that have made me like it these days. In Australia it is pronounced Ser-ah, generally speaking.But in my year at school we had two Sara's, one pronounced it like Sarah the other Sar-ah. So that was interesting for the poor teachers!
Bah, this name is SO overused! It's not a bad name, but classical and overly common names like this often make me think that many people who bear them just weren't wanted children. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that some people are named after relatives and famous people, but even that can be a way of not bothering much. Then there are the people who did want the child very much, but just got lazy with the name choice. On a positive note, the name doesn't sound like a trailer trash name, and it doesn't sound infantile either.
Sarah also means "pure, happy" in Sindhi, a famous fictional bearer of this name is Sarah-Jane Smith, who was a companion in Doctor Who, and also had a TV series on CBBC, called The Sarah-Jane Adventures.
I personally really dislike my name. When I hear other people with more unique names, I get extremely jealous. And wherever I'm going, one second, I hear someone call "Sarah" and I turn around, and they're not even calling me! It is extremely annoying. I think I'm just going to go by my last name when I get to college.
Sarah Bolger - the older sister of Emma Bolger - is an Irish actress and was in "In America" just like her sister.
My name is Sarah, it is an okay name, but I would rather be named something more unique.
Actress/comedian Sarah Silverman.
Sarah Lancashire is an English actress who played Raquel Watts on Coronation Street.
Too common and blah for me. I know probably about 10 Sarahs.
I love the name Sarah and I plan on using it as a middle name for my second daughter. I live in Holland and Sarah isn't as popular here as it seems to be in America, so I don't think it's boring at all. I think a little girly-girl named Sarah would be really pleased when she found out her name means princess. I prefer the spelling Sarah over Sara because without the h it just doesn't seem complete to me.
I can't stand this name. Not only because I just don't like it, but every time you meet some one and ask her her name and it's Sarah, you say, "What's your middle name?"
"Grace." UGGHH! I know 4 Sarahs. 2 Sarah Graces. But my children all know about 3 different Sarahs and most of them are Sarah Graces. It's starting to get on my nerves.
My name is Sarah, and I don't like my name too much, it's too lady like for me (I'm a total tomboy), so my riends call me Aranel. It means 'Sarah" in Elvish (JRR Tolkien's language).
My parents named me Sarah-Louise but started to call me just Sarah after people started calling me Sarah-Lou which put them off the Louise part. I'm from Ireland and I pronounce it SAIR-ah and I have never had someone call me SAH-ah. I think the name is lovely, it's a classic but sadly overused which really annoys me. There are 7 Sarahs in my school year alone! I would like to change my name someday in the future but I wouldn't know what to change it to! Or I'd like to be known as Sarah-Louise again!
To me, it has always seemed that Sarah was a name you could never go wrong with. It's classic, elegant, and beautiful.
I was named Sarah Elizabeth. This has already been said to be a very popular conjunction. I'm from the south so they put the names together for the double name effect. I've always been known as Sarahbeth. I love this because it makes me special, unique. All the other Sarah's were just Sarah.
My parents chose to call me Sarah because it's a name that never seems to go out of fashion etc. And I didn't mind it when I was very young. But I grew up to dislike it more and more, not helped by going all through my school years with at least one other Sarah in my classes! To make things even worse I have a horribly common surname as well, one that many Sarah's seem to have.Someone mentioned about Elizabeth seeming to be quite a popular middle name to go with Sarah - I'm one of them, though I prefer Elizbeth as a name.Interestingly, I do like the name Isaac and would seriously consider it for my first son - and that was before reading the info in the entry for Sarah on here!
I love the name Sarah. My daughter just had her second child and named her Sarah. It took the 7 years to conceive Sarah. I think it is very becoming that she named this child Sarah because, as in the Bible, Sarah had faith that God would allow her to conceive and she did while very much up in age. I believe that we should appreciate our birth names because they may very well hold a great significance to who we are and who we become. God does say that He knows us even in the womb so He has to know what names we would bare, right?
Arabic should definitely be added to the usage list of this name. It is a common name amongst Arabs and Muslims elsewhere. In Arabic script, it is written as سارة. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer is Australian House DJ Sarah Main.
A classic biblical name that will never go out of style. Not too trendy, yet not thought of as an old lady name, either. A great name to go with, and one that will leave you content with your choice.
Sarah is a pretty name. I don't think of it as plain or boring and the meaning is gorgeous. Too many Sarahs out there, that's true, but I still like it.
Well my name is pronounced Sair-a and is therefore spelt Saira! Nice thinking on my parents' part. :-) But people get confused sometimes. I've had sah-ra and sah-ria and sye-rah. My friends and I put bets on when we have substitute teachers who attempt to pronounce it.
I think the meaning is more 'dutchess' than 'princess', dunnow, in English they might be the same thing. My impression is that 'princess' is someone young and pretty and 'dutchess' sort of more mature character.
Can also be spelled Serah. Serah bat Asher was the first person to point out that Moses would be the redeemer and was the only one who knew where Joseph was buried so they could take his remains out of Egypt. According to the Talmud, she did not die but like Enoch and Elijah she was taken to heaven without death.
When I was pregnant with my daughter twenty-five years ago, it never occurred to me to name her Sarah, although it is a pretty name. I'm so glad I didn't because I've never in my life known so many people with any one name as Sarah! And they are all in their mid-twenties. It's the only instance I can think of in which meeting so many people with one name has actually caused me to hate the sound of it! But, objectively speaking, I admit that it's pretty sounding and it is a classic.
By the way, Swarrah, saying "the popularity of the name Sarah actually makes it unique" makes no sense and is a complete oxymoron. The meaning of "unique" is "one of a kind". People misuse this word on these boards all the time, employing it when what they really mean is "fairly or somewhat unusual." I'm sorry, I'm just a stickler for the English language.
Too Jewish or alternately, too Puritan American. Sarah Plain and Tall? Well, plain anyway.
I think it's becoming too common but it's a pretty name.
I think that Sarah is a lovely name, no matter its pronunciation. It has an air of sophistication and beauty. Although many people share this name, it isn't really what you would call a 'common' name.
I found this website that lists Bible verses in association with each name. The actual denotation of each name is generally nowhere near as accurate as
BTN, but I thought the verse thing was cool. Verse for Sarah is Isaiah 62:3. See result by searching for Sarah at
or, for an easier translation of the Bible verse, search for Isaiah 62 on
Also a unusual feminine name in Slovenia.
A Slovene name? The Slovene nation will break out by using such horrible foreign names.
Sara is far more popular in Slovenia.
I love this name! Simple and pretty. It is kinda common, but it still sounds nice.
My name is Sarah. I like the name abstractly- I mean, I think it's a pretty name- but do not like having it at all. I dislike how common it is, and sharing it with two girls who are in most of my classes. When I was young, I hated the meaning "princess", feeling it did not suit me at all. I've tried various ways of changing my name (spelling it Cera as in triCERAtops, which got me teased and I wound up hating, being called by my last name), but never really liked any of them. I might wind up legally changing it to something completly different.On the other hand, with the recent trends of kr8tiff spellings (such as my third-grade Cera, but give me a break. I was in third grade) and cute-pie names that won't age well, I'm starting to become less annoyed with my name. I would rather be a Sarah than a Kaeleigh! (No offence to anyone named Kaeleigh, I don't want to start a fight. Having the name just would frustrate me.)
I think Biblical names should make a standout in their own right. Sarah is a lovely name and has a great history. I like the meaning and I'd name someone (a daughter or niece maybe) this one day. :-)
My sister's name is Sarah. And I think it suits her well. She is a modern woman with classical style. She is proud, yet gentle. A thinker. A great big sister, mom, and teacher. When she was born everyone asked why our parents used an "old grandma's name." I realize there are many with the same name, but if you look at the world around you there aren't too many names that are not overused. Honestly, I think it is a perfect name, for a wonderful sister. I highly recommend using it.
When I was younger I never really cared for this name but now I love it. It's pretty, sophisticated and has a great meaning 'princess', quite a lot of girls in their twenties and thirties have it but not so many little girls now and it's a name that lasts. Sarah is the name of my lead character in a story I have written and ever since then I just love the name!
I think this name is very pretty. It is much prettier with an 'h' at the end.
I don't care about how beautiful this name is. I don't like it, because I think it's too common. It's my opinion. I don't like it because I've known way more Sarahs in my life than Emilys or Marys or whatever else and I've never had a good experience with them, including my own sister and cousin.
I don't get how this name is overused and boring. In my life I have only met one Sarah and I am nineteen years old. I have met so many Emily's and Olivia's though, way more than Sarah.
Also how is this name boring? It has a nice, pretty sound to it and it may not be elaborate and so unique but Emily isn't either. I could say Emily is boring since it is the top of the list almost everywhere.
Did you ever think that maybe the name is so common because it appeals to a lot of people for its beauty and unique meaning? Sara no matter how you spell it is a classic name and has always been popular. Every little girl dreams about princesses, so it strikes a cord with women especially. Just look at how many comments the name has! It's a good name. By the way, Emily is a really popular name too so if you were looking for an alternative that might not be the best one, but I do like that name too.
My sister's name is Sarah. I think this name is way too common. I also have a cousin named Sarah. My boss is named Sarah. Another one of my manager's name is Sarah. The AP officer is named Sarah. Do you get what I mean? Too common.
The name (no offense) is way too overused and way boring. I prefer Emily or Olivia or something. If you are going to have a girl, don't name it Sarah. It's too boring, simple, and overused.
I think Sarah's a nice sounding name and it has a timeless quality about it. I like the name Sarah and I plan on using it for a book I'm writing.
Sarah (in my opinion) is pronounced Sair-ah. Sah-rah (in my opinion) is spelt Sara.
I like this name, but I didn't realise how popular it is until recently. I go to school with probably a dozen Sara(h)s.
It's a nice enough name, but I guess I was just turned off this name because I knew a really mean Sarah.
Here in New Zealand a very famous bearer is Sarah Ulmer, a Gold medalist at cycling.
I think it's a horrible name. It is so wierd. I don't know why it's popular. I've always related that name to girls who, let's just say, I don't get along with or a VERY annoying.
This name may be very popular in many countries, but in modern day Israel it's considered old fashioned. Outside the orthodox or religious community, it's very rare to find little girls named this way. Other versions like Sarit or Sarai are more common - there's a famous case of a popular singer who was originally called Sarah Hudadov, but changed it to the more attractive and modern-sounding Sarit Hadad.
I love the name Sarah, with an H, sounded out Saira. It is my favorite name. I have known people or observed people named Sarah--some have been more feminine, others tomboys. I identify the name more with tomboys. I've also seen Sarah's who are hyper, or Sarah's who are gentle. My favorite combo is Sarah Leanne, named after my friend Sarah Leanne, who is an example of the tomboy version of my connotation of the name. She can be both hyper and gentle. I like this name so much that I am using it in my novel in progress.
I have a neighbor named Sarah, and she looks very delicate, and I think the name suits her. I also know someone else named Sarah, and she neither likes nor dislikes her name. She doesn't care. That's the smartest way to go. Ok. Ramblings over. Good name 9/10.
My name is Sarah and I pronounce it s-air-rah.
My name is Sarah, and I am acquainted with a girl named Sara. One day she said to me, "Do you spell your name the right way?" I, not knowing how she spelled hers, answered in the affirmative. "Without the 'H'?" she asked. I laughed and answered that no, mine was spelt with the 'H'. I thought it was amusing that we both thought our name was spelled the "right way". Really, though, since this name is from Hewbrew, which uses an entirely different alphabet, there is no "right way", even if you want to name your child after Sarah in the Bible.
I've already commented on this name. I have this name and I despise it with a fiery passion. DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD SARAH if you want her to feel like an individual. I'm officially going by a variety of nicknames at the moment, my favorites being "Mo" and my last name. Sarah is a beautiful name, but extremely overused. I can't believe my parents stuck me with such a horrible name!
A friend of mine was named Sarah, naturally, after the famous 80's song 'Sara Smile' by pop/rock duo Hall & Oates. She hates every mention of the song because she was constantly tormented by it growing up. For me, however, it's one of my favorite songs by the group, and I was almost named after it myself (before the decision was changed to Olivia by my mother at the last minute).Each Sarah I've known has always been a good friend to me. All of them try to understand any issues I have and want to help me through them.
I like this name. It sounds delicate. My best friend's name is Sarah so this name has a whole new meaning for me. I pronounce it sair-uh. It looks better with the "h".
There is an author named Sarah Lovett.
Sarah Sadler is a Christian music artist.
I love the name Sarah-Jane, it's the best name for a girl! I've only known 2 Sarahs in my life, one spelt her name Sara the other Sarah, but I think with the h it is nicer!
Sarah Williams, played by Jennifer Connelly, is the main female protagonist of the 1986 Jim Henson movie Labyrinth. After wishing away her younger half-brother, Toby, Sarah must make her way through a complicated labyrinth to take him back from the Goblin King.
I love this name. It is biblical, and has a wonderful meaning.
As a "Sarah" myself, I think this name is just wonderful. It's used in almost every language and sounds good in all of them. The different accents always make the name seem more flavourable, lol. That's how I see it. Two of my best friends are Sarah's and one of them doesn't really like the name because of it's popularity. I told her that that's what makes it more attractive for me. So what if it's very common to the extent that when you turn around to face the person who called you, you realize he/she is looking at some other Sarah. I don't get annoyed or feel confused in these situations. I think it's highly amusing especially when some mom behind you is yelling and scolding her daughter (who, of course is also called Sarah). That's what makes the name not boring and plain. I mean, how many people have their name used in some services and on some products? (okay, maybe there's many, but still). Also, those "confusing" incidents can sometimes make your day more interesting (which is not boring).Ironically, the popularity of the name Sarah actually makes it unique. As if you're in a special organization or have a VIP card. Even though that may sound immature and insane, that's how I feel about it. The only annoying thing about the name is that it can get your hopes up. For example, you're waiting for the host to call out the winner of the prize: "And the winner is Sarah..." But then he says her last name and you know it's not you.Anyways, I guess my rambling shows how much I this name.
The girl's name Seren, which means "star" in Welsh, could be an alternative if you like Sarah but want a name that is more unique.
Sarah has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's. Its most popular years were the 1980's and 1990's where it ranked 5.
It's a beautiful name, but sadly overused.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sarah here:
Beautiful model Sarah O'Hare is a famous bearer.
My best friend's name is Sarah so I like it a lot and I don't think it is boring. All the Sarahs I know are all funny and crazy like me.
During the Salem witch trials of 1692 a number of women with the name Sarah were accused of witchcraft. Among them were Sarah Osbourne, Sarah Cloyce, Sarah Wilde, Sarah Bishop, and Sarah Goode.
Don't like this name, it's so boring! My impression of Sarah would be this boring plain girl that nobody likes.
I've always thought Sarah was a bit boring and goody goody sounding. Although it is a sophisticated name, I don't favor it much.
Well I do think the name is very pretty, but sometimes too popular. My name is Sarah and so is my best friend's AND my sister-in-law (oh boy! haha). Whenever people call our name we both look so it gets really confusing which is why I'm starting to put down my real name anymore which is Sarahjean.
I like the name Sarah, but I think spelling it Sara and pronouncung it sair-ah is prettier. It's common yes, but after reading A Little Proncess, I would use Sara. Definitely. I have a little 7 year old friend named Sarah, and she's so adorable!
Too popular!
In my opinion this name is rather plain and too popular.
British fashion guru Trinny Woodall was born Sarah-Jane Woodall, but adopted the name Trinny at school.
Sarah Beeny is a successful British property developer who presents the TV shows Property Ladder and Streets Ahead.
This is my big sister's name and I really like it. I agree about it being common and being used in loads of big films like The Terminator but I really like it and suits my sister very well.
My name is Sarah and I think my parents were waaaay too boring with the names they named my siblings and I. The girl next to me in lockers is named Sarah too and things get very confusing when someone's trying to get our attention. I would advise all of you parents to pick a different name. Yes it is classy, timeless, or whatever but it's so sfe. Pick something unique or something different for you daughter. Trust me she will be glad you did.
I think the name Sarah is too plain. It has a nice history and meaning, but I know way too many Sarahs.
A famous bearer of this name is Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP.
In Spanish, this name is pronounced SAH-rah.
There is a book titled "Sarah, Plain and Tall." There is also a set of movies based on the book.
A very beautiful classic name. I have only known of 2 girls named Sarah, none in my boys' classes at school.
I like the name Sarah but it's overused. Otherwise I would use it, perhaps!
Sarah is a refined name. It's popular here in England but it's not as common as say, Emily and Laura. We tend not to use 'Sara'. Apart from my sister's name *Claire* I think Sarah is the prettiest.
My younger sister is called Sarah and I think it's a beautiful name. It's feminine, classic, and charming. Sarah sounds great for a person of any age, I really like it.
Pretty, sweet and lively.
I also have this name. And I disagree that the name sounds like "a snobby cheerleader", because it is just a name, and a name does not necessarily make a person. I do agree it is very overused these days, and I prefered when it wasn't. But I am also glad to hear people comment about my name and how beautiful and lucky I am to hear it, and it is my name, so it makes me proud. I was named after a character from Wind In The Willows however, and not a princess - haha.
When I hear "Sarah" I think of a very sporty girl but that might very well be from my experiences with Sarahs. My cousin's name is Sara and I think that Sara is a good twist on it, more uncommon than Sarah.
My name is Sarah, and I like it, but there are too many Sarahs, and I'd like to be more unique.
I'm bilingual, and in German they call me SAH-RAH, but in English it's SAIR-AH. I can't stand being written Sahra.
My name is Sarah, and when I was younger I was quite pleased with the meaning "holy princess". Now, I've realized how common the name is. There were four Sarah's, just in my science class in the 7th grade. FOUR! Sarah S, Sara S, Sarah I, and Sarah P. I'm an individual, it drives me nuts when teachers and strangers say, "Oh, yet another Sarah!" when they meet me. I never thought of using a different name in class (kids often go by their middle names or nicknames) because my middle name is also common (Kaitlin). I don't have any appropriate nicknames. I've grown up being called Sarah, and when I meet people with more unique names that seem appealing (Jadyn, Morgan, Keylan), I can't help but feel jealous. I've taken to changing the spelling to get people to remember me as an individual instead of yet another Sarah. I now spell it "Sarha", 'h' being silent. I pronounce it "sair-uh", not "SAH-RAH", which sounds nasally and annoying. I'm in the 9th grade, it's impossible to get people to start calling me by my last name, but when I start college I'm just going to go by my last name.If you want your daughter to be unique, feel unique, and come off to others as unique, the biggest mistake you could make is naming her "Sarah". It's a beautiful name, but sadly overused.
A nice name. Pretty, not too flashy, common in many countries and cultures, a classic. It'll sound just as nice when she's a little girl as when she's older. My mother's cousin's daughter (so that would make her my uh...second or third cousin?) bears this name. She pronounces it SAH-RAH, but it sounds nice however you pronounce it. I like the spelling Sara, too.
Sarah Brightman is a British singer.
Not a while ago, I met a Sarah. She wasn't one of my favorite girls. But it dosn't mean that I can't love the name, can't it? I just hate it when people say that if they hate a person, they hate there name too. It just bugs me. The name Sarah makes me think about nature, I really don't know why though. It is a beautiful name and when I was little and playing princess, I would be named Sarah. Its an elegant name but at the same time a strong one too.
I love the name Sarah, it is pretty and delicate, very feminine. It is a timeless classic, no wonder this name has remained popular for so many years.
I like Sarah much better than Sara. Of the Sara(h)s I know (and there are a lot), many have the middle name Elizabeth, which I think flows really well.
Sarah was the name of that stuck-up lady who had those annoying Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. Aunt Sarah...brrrr!
Famous bearer is Sarah Hughes, an American figure skater. She won the gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
Famous bearer is Sarah Michelle Gellar, an American actress.
Sarah is a very lovely name and for those who don't like it that's not my fault. It's better than most of the names I've seen and or heard.
This is my name and I love it! I'm so glad my mother named me this. I have never known many other Sarah's, every friend I have is named Ashley!
My impression: not very girly, despite meaning "Sarah." I know 2 Sarah's. One is a tomboy, the other is gothic. So, yeah. None of my friends fit their name at all.
I totally despise this name with a passion. Not only is it too overused, it gives me the vision of a rich snobby stuck-up cheerleader.
I think this name is nice. It is my name.
Sarah is the name of the fictional character Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in JAG.
My sister's name is Sarah. It fits her well. I think the person has to be somewhat soft and sweet to carry the name.
"Sarah" sounds beautiful and has a lovely meaning. It's a classic name that never seems to go out of style and although it's annoying to constantly have to specify the spelling, I've never regretted having it. It's fun to meet another Sarah or Sara and it's helped me to made friends in unlikely and helpful places - sharing a name gives you an instant connection.
Sarah is the real name of Fergie - the Duchess of York.
I think it's really cool and pretty.
I don't think Sarah is too common, but if you shout it out in a crowded place there are bound to at least be 20 heads that will turn.
I think Sarah is the most beautiful of names. I like the sound of it and the spelling is unique.
In Gone with the Wind, Aunt Pittypat's real name is Sarah Jane.
Sarah came from Sarah in the bible who's name was originally Sarai. Sarai means "my princess" (denotes belonging) wheras Sarah means basically "princess in her own right" i.e. she needs no kingdom to be a princess, she is one by nature. Some people believe that as Abraham (formerly Abraam) was given the extra letter 'h' in his name, so was Sarah. The 'h' comes from part of God's name Yahweh. And to my mind brings to mind the breath or spirit of God.
My name is Sarah. I like it better than I did when I was younger. I have always liked the meaning "princess".
I like the name Sarah. It is a nice Biblical name, and it means a lot to me. It means peace, love joy, and how to make a difference. It is my name, but it describes me. It makes me who I am.
It's a very classy name, I think.
My mother couldn't decide who to name me after, so I am lucky enough to have the first name of Sarah Emm (short for Emma). It has set me apart from all of the other Sara(h)s I have ever known. And all together it means Universal Princess. (not TOO much of a power trip for a little girl, now is it?)
I love the name Sarah. Although I’ve heard it pronounced a variety of ways I still prefer the SAH-RAH way of saying it. With the name Sarah it sounds as if you’re destined to make a difference big or small. Sarah is a name of royalty and class, sophistication. In my experience Sarah is a very common name. In my graduating class alone there are about 5 Sarahs. All Sarahs should be proud with their name and flaunt it like a priceless diamond.
Although it's common, espescially at Church, I think it's pretty and it's very lady-like. This name has been in my family for a long time (around the time the Revolutionary War ended). My ancestor, Fredrick, married a girl named Sarah.
This name in my opinion has always been a bit plain. Then again though, people have not always favored their birth names.
I pronounce it Sair-a. And you have to remember: names don't always follow the rules (i.e., Sean is pronounced 'sHawn'.) You can also spell the name (Sara, Sarah,) Cera. I think it's cute.
My name is spelled Sara yet pronounced Sair-ah. it makes for all sorts of confusion. I think it's just one of those things left over from the days when people spelled and pronounced their names whichever way they felt like at the time.
It's a name used in Hollywood films.
This name is pronounced sah-rah in Hebrew.
My name is Sarah and you pronounce it SAR-RA.
In German this name is pronounced sah-rah.
In Holland we do use the SAH-rah pronunciation.
In Ireland I have never heard Sarah pronounced as SAH RAH! I have heard the name Sara (no 'h') pronounced SAH RAH. It can also be spelled Saragh (apparently Old Irish).
In English Sarah is indeed SER-ah (which may be also be written SAIR-ah). As far as I know, virtually no one says Sarah like SAH-rah here in Canada or the US.

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