Names Categorized "giants"

This is a list of names in which the categories include giants.
Anzo m Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic element ant meaning "giant".
Gerd 2 f Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Norse Mythology
From Old Norse Gerðr, derived from garðr meaning "enclosure". In Norse myth Gerd is a beautiful frost giantess. Freyr falls in love with her, and has his servant Skírnir convince her to marry him.
Goliath m Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
From Hebrew גָּלְיָת (Golyat), possibly derived from גָּלָה (galah) meaning "uncover, reveal". This is the name of the giant Philistine who is slain by David in the Old Testament.
Skaði f Norse Mythology
Means "damage, harm" in Old Norse. In Norse mythology she was a mountain giantess associated with the winter and skiing. After the gods killed her father, they offered her a husband from among them as compensation. She ended up marrying Njord.
Talmai m Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Means "furrowed" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this name is borne by both a giant and also the father of King David's wife Maacah.