Names Categorized "top 10 in the Basque Country"

This is a list of names in which the categories include top 10 in the Basque Country.
Ander m Basque
Basque form of Andreas (see Andrew).
Ane 3 f Basque
Basque form of Anna.
Ibai m Basque
Means "river" in Basque.
Iker m Basque
Means "visitation" in Basque. It is an equivalent of the Spanish name Visitación, coined by Sabino Arana in his 1910 list of Basque saints names.
Irati f Basque
Means "fern field" in Basque.
Izaro f Basque
Means "island" in Basque, from the name of a small island off the Spanish coast in the Bay of Biscay.
Jon 1 m Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Basque
Scandinavian and Basque form of John.
Julen m Basque
Basque form of Iulianus (see Julian).
June f English
From the name of the month, which was originally derived from the name of the Roman goddess Juno. It has been used as a given name since the 19th century.
Laia f Catalan
Catalan diminutive of Eulalia.
Lucía f Spanish
Spanish form of Lucia. This is the most popular name for girls in Spain beginning in 2003.
Markel m Basque
Basque form of Martialis (see Martial).
Mikel m Basque
Basque form of Michael.
Nahia f Basque
From Basque nahi meaning "desire, wish".
Nora 1 f English, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Latvian, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
Short form of Honora or Eleanor. Henrik Ibsen used it for a character in his play A Doll's House (1879).
Nora 2 f Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic نورة or نورا (see Nura).
Oier m Basque
Meaning unknown, of Basque origin.
Uxue f Basque
From the Basque name of the Spanish town of Ujué where there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Its name is derived from Basque usoa "dove".