Algonquian Submitted Names

Algonquian names are used by the Algonquian peoples of Canada and the United States (not to be confused with Algonquin, a subgroup).
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aanakwad m & f Ojibwe
Just means "cloud." inini (man) or ikwe (woman) can be added to gender the name. Adjectives can also be added, like "meskwa," which means red.
Aawohkitopi m Siksika
Means "rode the enemy's horse" in Siksika.
Aazhawigiizhigokwe f Ojibwe (Anglicized)
Meaning, "goes across the sky woman" or "the hanging cloud."
Abedabun f Ojibwe
Possibly means "she/he sees in the distance" in Ojibwe, from Ojibwe waabi "she/he has vision, sees" and debaabam "see at a distance".
Abequa f Ojibwe
Variant of Abeque.
Abeque f Ojibwe
Possibly means "she stays at home" in Ojibwe, from Ojibwe abi "s/he is at home, sits in a certain place" and ishkwii "s/he stays behind" or nazhikewabi/anzhikewabi "s/he lives alone, is home alone, sits alone".
Abooksigun m Algonquin
Means "wildcat" in Algonquin.
Abukcheech m Algonquin
Means "mouse" in Algonquin.
Achachak m Siksika, Algonquin
Means "spirit" in Siksika.
Aénȯhea'eotse m Cheyenne
Means "attacking/charging hawk", from the Cheyenne aénohe 'hawk' and -a'eotse 'attack/charge'.
Ahanu m Algonquin
Means "he laughs" in Algonquin.
Ahchuchhwahauhhatohapit m Cree
Means "one who has stars for a blanket" in Cree.
Ah-shah-way-gee-she-go-qua f Ojibwe
Meaning, "hanging cloud."
Ahtunowhiho m New World Mythology, Cheyenne
Derived from Cheyenne ȧhtóno'e "under, below" and vé'ho'e "trickster, spider, white man". This is the name of a Cheyenne god who lives under the ground.
Akkompoin m Wampanoag
A brother of Massasoit.
Alsoomse f Siksika
Means "independent" in Siksika.
Áméóhné'e f Cheyenne
Means "walks along woman", from Cheyenne -ameohe "go by quickly" and -e'é indicating the feminine.
Amonute f Algonquin, Powhatan
Of unknown meaning. This was one of Pocahontas's 'secret' names.
Anang f & m Ojibwe
Means "star" in Ojibwe.
Anangokaa f & m Ojibwe
Meaning: Plenty of Stars; There are many stars; Many Stars; There is an abundance of Stars; Star Abundance
Animikii m Ojibwe, New World Mythology
Means "thunder", from the Ojibwe animikiikaa "there is thunder". ... [more]
Apani f Siksika
From the Blackfoot word apaniiwa "butterfly", with the animate noun suffix -wa omitted.
Apikuni m Siksika
Means "spotted robe" in Blackfeet. This name was given to the American fur trader and historian James Willard Schultz (1859-1947), who lived among the Pikuni tribe of Blackfeet Indians from 1880-82.
Apisi m Siksika
Means "coyote, wolf" in Blackfoot.
Aponi f Siksika
Variant of Apani.
Aquinnah f Wampanoag
Means "land under the hill" in Wampanoag. This is also the name of a town on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. American actor Michael J. Fox gave this name to his daughter born in 1995.
Aranck m Siksika
Means "stars" in Siksika.
Ashwiyaa f Ojibwe
Means "arms oneself"in Ojibwe.
Asiniiwin m Ojibwe
Meaning, "rocky boy" or "stone child."
Avo-naco m Cheyenne (Anglicized)
From the Cheyenne name Ávoonenáhkohe meaning "starving bear" or "lean bear".
Áwákaasomaahkaa m Siksika
Means "running antelope" in Siksika.
Bamewawagezhikaquay f Ojibwe
Meaning, "woman of the sound (the stars make) rushing through the sky" in Ojibwe.
Biidaaban f Ojibwe
Loosely translated from Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language) it is a name meaning "daybreak," "the approach of dawn," "dawn is coming." ... [more]
Catecahassa m Shawnee
Means "black hoof" in Shawnee.
Chepi f & m Algonquin, New World Mythology
Many baby name sites and books list this name as meaning "fairy" in Algonquin but that is incorrect. It more accurately means "ghost", and it was another name for Hobomock, the manito ('spirit') of death-- a destructive, often evil being... [more]
Chibenashi m Ojibwe
Meaning, "big little bird."
Chicago f & m Algonquin
Possibly means "onion" or "garlic" in the Miami-Illinois language. From the Algonquin shigàgowinj 'onion' or wàbi-shigàgowinj 'garlic'. The name of the city of Chicago, the capital of Illinois, was likely given because garlic supposedly grew in abundance in the area.
Chogan m Siksika
Means "blackbird" in Siksika.
Cholena f Lenape
Derived from Lenape chulëns meaning "bird".
Corbitant m Wampanoag
Name of a leader under Massasoit from the Pocasset tribe who may have attempted to influence the people in a revolt against the English settlers.
Damashkawizii f Ojibwe
Means "Lady of Strength."
Danis f Cree
From Cree otânisimâw meaning "daughter".
Delsin m Popular Culture, Lenape (Modern, Rare)
Meaning "he is so, he does so". ... [more]
Gaa-binagwiiyaas m Ojibwe
Meaning, in various translations, "which the flesh peels off," "Sloughing Flesh", "Wrinkle Meat", or "Old Wrinkled Meat".
Galilhai f Miwok, Paiute, Omaha-Ponca, Algonquian, Navajo, Meskwaki, Sioux, Shonshone, Lakota
Meaning "Gentle", "Attractive".
Habbamock m Wampanoag
Borne by a Wampanoag Native American who served as a guide, interpreter, and aide to the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The name may have been a pseudonym, as it means "mischievous".
Hetiwa f Arapaho
This name was given to my grandmother in 1912 when she was born in Hammon Oklahoma. She was named by an Arapaho or Cheyenne Indian Chief. I was hoping to find out what it means and if anyone which tribe it was?
Hokoleskwa m Shawnee
Means "corn stalk" in Shawnee.
Ho'néhevotoomáhe m Cheyenne
Means "wolf robe" in Cheyenne.
Honiahaka m Cheyenne
Means “little wolf” in Cheyenne.
Hosa m Arapaho (Anglicized)
From the Arapaho name Hóuusóó meaning "young crow" or "young raven". Chief Hosa or Little Raven was a 19th-century Southern Arapaho leader who oversaw the resettlement of his people into Oklahoma.
Hotóa'ôxháa'êstaestse m Cheyenne
Means "tall bull" in Cheyenne.
Hurit m & f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "good, fine, beautiful, handsome" in Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by Lenape people. This is not used as a name by the Lenape.
Huritt m Siksika
means "handsome" in Niitsitapi
Iinisskimmaakii f Siksika
Means "buffalo stone woman" in Siksika.
Iitsstsinnimaakii f Siksika
Means "captures down woman" in Siksika.
Ipiso-waahsa f Siksika
Means "Morning Star" in Siksika.
Ítoomaawayaakii f Siksika
Means "first strike woman" in Siksika.
Iyannough m Wampanoag
Means "Captain" or "One who intimidates" in Wampanoag. It is the name of the chief sachem of the Mattakeeset tribe who helped the Pilgrims find a lost boy, John Billington.
Kâhamâxéveóhtáhe m Cheyenne
Means "wooden leg" in Cheyenne.
Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh m Ojibwe
Means "he who stands forever" in Ojibwe.
Kahkewāquonāby m Ojibwe
Meaning, "sacred waving feathers."
Kahkewistahaw m Cree
Means "he who flies around" in Cree.
Kaistosinikyi f Siksika
Means "kill for nothing" in the Kainai (Blood) dialect of Blackfoot.
Kakeesheway m Cree
Means "loud voice" in Cree.
Kamdyistowesit m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "beardy" in Cree.
Kamiokisihkwew m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "fine day" in Cree.
Kapapamahchakwew m Cree
Means "wandering spirit" in Cree.
Katonah m Lenape, History
Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from a Munsee cognate of Unami kitahtëne meaning "big mountain". This was the name of a 17th-century Native American leader, the sachem (chief) of the Munsee-speaking Ramapo people in present-day western Connecticut... [more]
Ka-wa-zauce m Ojibwe
Ojibwe word for "little child".
Keasik f Cree
From Cree ka wâsekwahk "sky blue".
Kechewaishke m Ojibwe
Means "great renewer" in Ojibwe.
Kee-a-kee-ka-sa-coo-way m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "the man who gives the war whoop" in Cree.
Keme m Algonquin
Means "secret" in Algonquin, derived from the Algonquin kiim.
Keskayiwew m Cree
Means "bobtail" in Cree.
Kiiwedinaashik m & f Ojibwe
I know Kiiwedin, or Giiwedin means North, or North wind, but I do not know the meaning of aashik.
Kisikawasan m Cree
Means "flash in the sky" in Cree.
Kiwisünce m Cree
Means "little child" in Cree.
Ksiksínopa m Siksika
Derived from Siksika ksikk meaning "white" and possibly o(n)nopa, a theoretical root word for "quiver" or "arrows".
Ksísskstakiaakii f Siksika
Means "beaver woman" in Siksika.
Küpeyakwüskonam m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "one arrow" in Cree.
Maehkiwkasic m Menominee, Algonquian
Means "red sky" in Menominee.
Maemaengwahn f Ojibwe
Means "butterfly" in Ojibwe, from the Ojibwe memengwaa "butterfly".
Mahigan m Algonquin (Rare)
Derived from Algonquin mahigan "wolf".
Mahikan m Cree
Means "wolf" in Cree, from the Cree mahihkan "wolf; grey wolf; timber wolf".
Makkapitew m Algonquin
Means "he has large teeth" in Algonquin, from Algonquin mamàngàbide "to have large teeth".
Makoyepuk m Siksika
Means "wolf child" in the Kainai (Blood) dialect of Blackfoot, from Blackfoot mahkúyiwa "wolf" and poka "child".
Makoyi-koh-kin m Siksika
Means "wolf thin legs" in Siksika.
Manabozho m Algonquian
Menominee variant of Nanabozho.
Manabush m Algonquian
Menominee variant of Nanabush.
Ma’ome f Cheyenne
Means "ice" in Cheyenne.
Mȧsėhávoo'xénéhe m Cheyenne
Means "crazy Roman nose" or "crazy hook nose" in Cheyenne.
Maskepetoon m Cree
Means "broken arm" or "crooked arm" in Cree.
Maskwa m Cree
The name comes from the Cree word for ''bear'' maskwa.
Massasoit m Wampanoag
Meaning, "Great Sachem."
Matchitehew m Algonquian
Means "one who has an evil heart".
Matoaka f Algonquin
Of unknown meaning. This was one of Pocahontas's 'secret' names. At the time Pocahontas was born, it was common for Powhatan Native Americans to be given several personal names, to have more than one name at the same time, to have secret names that only a select few knew, and to change their names on important occasions... [more]
Matsináámayaakíí f Siksika
Means "fine gun woman" in Siksika.
Matsipi’kssííaakii f Siksika
Means "beautiful bird woman" in Siksika.
Medweganoonind m Ojibwe
Means "who is heard spoken to" in Ojibwe.
Meegwun m Ojibwe
From Ojibwe miigwan "feather". This is borne by Meegwun Fairbrother, a Canadian actor of Ojibwe descent.
Meskwaopwaganikwe f Ojibwe
Anishinaabek (Ojibwe) name meaning "red pipe woman." Meskwa means red, opwagan means pipe, and ikwe means woman. inini can replace ikwe to make it a male name.
Metacomet m Wampanoag
A Wampanoag and the second son of the sachem Massasoit.
Minahikosis m Cree
Means "little pine" in Cree.
Miskweminanocsqua f Algonquin
Means "Raspberry Star Woman" in the Eastern Algonquin language of Mohegan-Pequot. A famous bearer is Miss Native American USA 2017-2018, Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua Williams.
Mis-stan-stur f Cheyenne
Means "owl woman" in Cheyenne.
Mistahi-maskwa m Cree
Means "big bear" in Cree.
Mistawasis m Cree
From Cree ᒥᐢᑕᐋᐧᓯᐢ (mistawâsis) "big child", derived from ᒥᐢᑕᐦᐃ (mistahi) "much, lots, big, great" and ᐊᐋᐧᓯᐢ (awâsis) "child". This was the name of a prominent 19th-century Cree chief.
Mon-e-ba-guh-now m Siksika
Means "young man chief" in Siksika.
Montowampate m Wampanoag
Also known as Sagamore James was a Pawtucket leader who was the Sachem of Saugus when English began to settle in the area.
Mo'ôhtavetoo'o m Cheyenne
Means "black kettle" in Cheyenne.
Mukitou m Cree
Means "black powder" in Cree.
Naawakamig m Ojibwe
Means "in the center of the universe" in Ojibwe.
Naawakamigookwe f Ojibwe
Meaning, "centered upon the ground woman."
Nahcomence m Cheyenne
Means "bark" in Cheyenne.
Nakuset f Mi'kmaq
A Mi'kmaq goddess of the Sun, currently a famous bearer is the Mi'kmaq actress, Nakuset "Nikki" Gould.
Namid m Ojibwe
Means "star dancer" in the Ojibwe language
Namumpum f Wampanoag
A Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief.
Nanabush m Ojibwe (Anglicized)
Anglicized variant of Nanabozho.
Nanepashemet m Wampanoag
Means "the moon god" in Wampanoag.
Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun m Ojibwe
Meaning, "thunder before the storm."
Nenaa'angebi m Ojibwe
Means "beautifying bird" in Ojibwe.
Niben f Abenaki, Algonquian, New World Mythology
The Abenaki word for "summer." Niben was also a figure in Abenaki myth who represented the summer season.
Niigi'o f Ojibwe
Wife of Chief Nenaa'angebi.
Niisóótskina m Siksika
Means "four horns" in Siksika.
Nodin m Ojibwe
Means "wind" in Ojibwe.
Ogimaawaatigookwe f Ojibwe
Aninishinaabek (of the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi) name meaning poplar tree woman
Oh-has-tee m Arapaho
Native name of Chief Little Raven.
Ohquamehud m Wampanoag
Name of a Nauset sachem who was one of nine sachems to sign a peace treaty with the English Settlers to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Oiguina f Wampanoag
Name borne by a possible daughter of Quadequina, brother of Massasoit.
Okeema m Shawnee
Derived from the Shawnee okema "chief".
Ó'kôhómôxháahketa m Cheyenne
Means "little coyote" in Cheyenne.... [more]
O-kuh-ha-tuh m Cheyenne
Meaning, "making medicine."
Ontonagon f & m Ojibwe
Located in the state of Michigan, this Upper Peninsula county, which features the Porcupine Mountains, is named after the Ontonagon River. The name is said to be derived from an Ojibwe language word Nondon-organ, meaning "hunting river"... [more]
Oota Dabun f Siksika
Means "day star" in Siksika.
Opechancanough m Algonquin
Means "he whose soul is white" in Powhatan. A noted bearer was a tribal chief of the Powhatan Confederacy of what is now Virginia in the United States, and its leader from sometime after 1618 until his death in 1646... [more]
O'Peqtaw-Metamoh f Menominee, Algonquian
Means "flying eagle woman" in Menominee.
Oshkosh m Menominee, Algonquian
Means "claw" in Menominee.
Otahkoika m Siksika
Means "yellow feet" in Siksika.
Otssímmokoyistamik m Siksika
Means "green grass bull" in Siksika.
Ousamequin m Wampanoag
Sachem, or leader, of the Wampanoag, and "Massasoit" of the Wampanoag Confederacy.
Ozaawindib m Ojibwe
Meaning, "yellow head." The original bearer was a "two spirit" and thus the name may be considered gender neutral.
Paahtsiinaama'ahkawa m Siksika
Means "takes the wrong weapon or coup" in Siksika.
Paksskii f Siksika
Means "broad face" in Siksika.
Pamantaquash m Wampanoag
Name of the "pond sachem" of Assawamsett.
Papewes m Cree
Means "lucky man" in Cree.
Paskus f Cree
Means "rising" in Cree.
Paskwüw m Cree
Means "the plain", referring to the prairies, in Cree.
Payipwāt m Cree
Means "one who knows the secrets of the Sioux" in Cree.
Peechee m Cree
Means "mountain lion" in Cree.
Peezhickee m Ojibwe
From Ojibwe bizhiki meaning "buffalo".
Pepquannakek m Shawnee
Means "gunshot" in Shawnee.
Petequakey m Cree
Means "come to us with the sound of wings" in Cree.
Pihew-kamihkosit m Cree
Means "red pheasant" in Cree.
Pitikwahanapiwiyin m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "pound maker" in Cree.
Popoquan m Shawnee
Means "gun" in Shawnee.
Powhatan m Algonquin
The name of the Native American confederation of tribes in Virginia, which English colonists mistook for the name of Chief Wahunsenacawh, the paramount chief of Tsenacommacah, an alliance of Algonquian-speaking Virginia Indians in the Tidewater region of Virginia at the time English settlers landed at Jamestown in 1607... [more]
Quadequina m Wampanoag
Brother of Massasoit who may have introduced popcorn to the Pilgrims.
Sahsinaimska f & m Siksika
Means "sarcee medicine pipe" in Siksika.
Sâkêwêw f & m Cree
Means "He/She comes into view" in Cree.
Sâkowêw f & m Cree
Means "He/She makes a joyful sounds" or "War Whoop" in Cree.
Samoset m Algonquin (Anglicized)
Means "He who walks over much" in Algonquin. This was the name of an Abenaki chief. He was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts and introduced them to Tisquantum (Squanto).
Saoyi'kitstaki f & m Siksika
Means "offerings in the water" in Siksika.
Sassamon m Wampanoag
Name of a "praying Indian" whose assassination ultimately led to King Philip's War.
Saswaypew m Cree
Means "cut nose" in Cree.
Sehkosowayanew m Cree
Means "ermine skin" in Cree.
Sépistòkòs m Siksika
Derived from sipisttoo meaning "owl" and okós meaning "child" in the Kainaa dialect.
Sikakwayan m Cree
Means "skunk skin" in Cree.
Síkimiohkitopii m Siksika
Means "one who rides a black horse" in Siksika.
Sinopa f Siksika
Means, "kit fox."
Sipiskomaapi m Siksika
Means "night boy" in Siksika.
Sokanon f Wampanoag (?)
Meant "it pours, it rains" in Wampanoag or Massachusetts (an extinct member of the Algonquian language family).
Soquontamouk m Wampanoag
Name of a son of the "black sachem" Tuspaquin.
Squanto m Wampanoag
Squanto is a native name especially known for the Native American tribe who helped in the Mayflower.
Stsimaki f Siksika
Kainai name meaning "reluctant to be woman".
Sucki m Siksika
Means "black" in Siksika.
Sunconewhew m Wampanoag
A form of Sonkanuchoo and the name of the third son of Massasoit.
Takhi f Algonquin
Means "cold" in Algonquin.
Tantoo m & f Cree, Popular Culture, Apache
Variation of Tonto, from Spanish tonto (“fool”), from Western Apache kounʼnde (“wild rough people”). ... [more]
Tatoson m Wampanoag
Possibly means "he passes by" or "is removed". Name of a Wampanoag chief during King Philip's War.
Ti-bish-ko-gi-jik m Ojibwe
Meaning, "looking into the sky."
Tisquantum m Wampanoag
Means "divine rage" in Wampanoag.... [more]
Tuspaquin m Wampanoag
Name of the "Black Sachem", a Wampanoag war captain who was feared by the English.
Vætildr f Ancient Scandinavian, Algonquin, Beothuk
Probably an Old Norse form of an unknown Algonquin or Beothuk name, though the second element coincides with Old Norse hildr "battle". (The Beothuk people, now extinct, were a Native American tribe who originally inhabited Newfoundland, Canada.) This was the name of an Aboriginal woman briefly mentioned in the Viking saga 'Saga of Erik the Red'.
Vassagijik m Algonquin
The name for "Greasy Mouth" an eccentric and erratic culture hero and might be derived from the Algonquin Wesucechak.
Vóhko'xénéhe m Cheyenne
Means "Roman nose" or "hook nose" in Cheyenne.
Vóóhéhéve m Cheyenne
Means "morning star" in Cheyenne.
Waabaanakwad m Ojibwe
Meaning, "white cloud."
Wabanquot m Ojibwe
Means "white cloud", from Ojibwe waabaanakwad 'white cloud'.... [more]
Wabun-inini m Ojibwe
Meaning, "man of dawn."
Wah-wah-teh-go-nay-ga-bo m Ojibwe
Meaning, "standing in the northern lights."
Wah-wee-oo-kah-tah-mah-hote m Cree
Means "strike him on the back" in Cree.
Wâpanacâhkos f Cree
Means "Dawn Star" or "Venus" in Cree.
Wāpiy-mōstōsis m Cree
Means "white calf" in Cree.
Wapun f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "dawn" in Siksika.
Watseka f Algonquin
Means "pretty girl" in Potawatomi, from the Potawatomi winsakeekyahgo "pretty girl".
Waubojeeg m Ojibwe
Means "white fisher" in Ojibwe.
Wawetseka f Algonquin, Siksika
Means "pretty woman" in Siksika.
Way-me-tig-o-zhe-quay f Ojibwe
Found academic translation is "French woman". This Ojibwe woman was married (young) to a French fur trader...
Weenjipahkihelexkwe f Lenape
Means "Touching Leaves Woman" in the Unami (now extinct but being revitalized) language of the Lenape people. A notable bearer was Nora Thompson Dean (1907-1984), a traditionalist and one of the last fluent speakers of the southern Unami dialect of the Lenape language.
Weetamoo f Wampanoag
Allegedly means "sweet heart" in the Native American Wampanoag language.... [more]
Wenepoykin m Wampanoag
Name of sachem Wenepoykin, also known as Winnepurkett, Sagamore George, George Rumney Marsh, and George No Nose.
Wenunchus f Wampanoag
Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief.
Weyapiersenwah m Shawnee
Means "blue jacket" in Shawnee.
Wīhkasko-kisēyin m Cree
Means "sweetgrass" in Cree. This was the name of a 19th-century Crow man who became one of the leading Plains Cree chiefs in the Battleford region of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Winneboujou m Ojibwe
Frenchified variant of Nanabozho.
Wootonekanuske f Wampanoag
Meaning unknown. This is the name of Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief Weetamoo's younger sister.
Wuttunee m Cree
Means "porcupine" in Cree.
Wyandanch m Algonquian
Name of a Montaukett sachem who helped to form an alliance between the English settlers and his tribe.