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Subject: Australian TV stars children {part 2}
Author: Viatrix   (Authenticated as Viatrix)
Date: September 25, 2012 at 11:19:16 PM
This list includes regulars, past cast members and guest stars – so some of them you might recognise as famous Australians (or otherwise, some of these aren't Australian!) from the world of entertainment, politics or sport.

They're alphabetised by first name in the sections I saw them. I am posting them in sections because they are lonnnngggg.

Barry Crocker has Geraldine Margaret, Martine Carolyn, Erica Christine, Barry David and Amanda Jean.
Bernard Curry has a son, Fox. Yes, Fox Curry.
Cameron Daddo has Lotus, River Tru and Bodhi Faith.
Clare Bowditch has twin sons, Oscar and Eli.
Claudia Karvan has Audrey and Albie and stepdaughter Holiday.
Danielle Cormack has two sons, Ethan and Te Ahi Ka.
Deborah Mailman has two sons, Henry and Oliver.
Denise Scott has Jordie and Bonnie.
Don Hany has a daughter, Tilda.
Eddie Perfect has two daughters, Kitty and Lottie Lux.
Erik Thomson has Eilish and James.
Gary Sweet has Frank, Sophie, Jesse James and Joe Buster.
Hugo Weaving has Harry and Holly.
Jessica Marais and James Stewart have a daughter, Scout Edie.
Julia Morris has two daughters, Ruby Charlotte and Sophie Rebecca.
Kat Stewart has a son, Archie Nicholas.
Kate Kendall has four stepchildren Clay, Elli, Marc and Tomi and Darcy (b).
Lisa McCune has three children, Archer James, Oliver Timothy and Remy Elise.
Nell Feeney has twins, Thomas and Grace.
Rachel Griffiths has Banjo Patrick, Adelaide Rose and Clementine Grace.
Rebecca Gibney has a son, Zachary Edison.
Richard Roxburgh has two sons, Raphael Jack Domenico and Miro Gianni David.
Rob Carlton has twin boys, Jim and Leo.
Robyn Malcolm has two sons, Charlie and Peter.
Rodger Corser has Zipporah Mary, Budd and Cilla June.
Sam Neill has Tim and Elena, as well as stepdaughter Maiko.
Steve Le Marquand has a daughter, Charlie.
Tammy MacIntosh has a son, Benjamin.

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