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Given Name JASMINE
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English, French
PRONOUNCED: JAZ-min (English), ZHAS-MEEN (French)   [details]
Meaning & History
From the English word for the climbing plant with fragrant flowers which is used for making perfumes. It is derived from Persian یاسمن (yasamen) (which is also a Persian name).
Disney characters, fictional characters, flora, flowers, nature, plants, Pokemon characters, princesses, trendy, white, word names
Related Names
MASCULINE FORM: Jasmin (French)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yasmine (Arabic), Jasmina, Jasminka (Croatian), Jasmijn (Dutch), Jasmin (Finnish), Jasmin (German), Jázmin (Hungarian), Jasmina (Macedonian), Yasamin, Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yasmine, Yasmina (Persian), Jasmina (Serbian), Jasmina (Slovene), Yasemin (Turkish)
United States  ranked #122 
England and Wales  ranked #48 
Canada (BC)  ranked #62 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #42 
France  ranked #197 
Ireland  - 
Italy  ranked #115 
Netherlands  ranked #420 
New Zealand  ranked #75 
Northern Ireland  - 
Scotland  - 
Sweden  ranked #66