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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is V.
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VALm & fEnglish
Short form of VALENTINE (1), VALERIE, and other names beginning with Val.
VÂNf & mVietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (vân) meaning "cloud".
VANJAm & fCroatian, Serbian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Croatian and Serbian (masculine and feminine) form of VANYA. It is also used in Scandinavia, where it is primarily feminine.
VANNA (2)f & mKhmer
Means "golden" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit.
VASKAm & fRussian, Macedonian, Bulgarian
Russian diminutive of VASILIY (masculine) or a Macedonian and Bulgarian diminutive of VASILIJA (feminine).
VEASNAm & fKhmer
Means "opportunity, good fortune, fate" in Khmer.
VICm & fEnglish
Short form of VICTOR or VICTORIA.
VIENOf & mFinnish (Rare)
Means "gentle" in Finnish.
VIJAYAm & fHinduism, Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi
Means "victory" in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the masculine form विजय and the feminine form विजया, both of which are used frequently in Hindu texts. It is the name of a grandson of Indra, a son of Krishna and it is another name of the goddess Durga. This was also the name of a semi-legendary 6th-century BC king of Sri Lanka.
VINHm & fVietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (vinh) meaning "glory".
VIVIANm & fEnglish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
From the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from Latin vivus "alive". Saint Vivian was a French bishop who provided protection during the Visigoth invasion of the 5th century. It has been occasionally used as an English (masculine) name since the Middle Ages. In modern times it is also used as a feminine name, in which case it is either an Anglicized form of BÉBINN or a variant of VIVIEN (2).
VOSGIf & mArmenian
Variant transcription of VOSKI.
VOSKIf & mArmenian
Means "gold" in Armenian.
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